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Help Make Choir 250, Male Choir
Sunday, 11 a. m., Tabernacle.
Fife Preaches, McKee Sings. Mrs. McKee at Piano.
Come Early
. . j '
CLASS, S. H. S.,
Most of the seniors of '21 have
been in S. M. S. all four years. We
Marled In thut September mora Just
four years ago, thinking we were the
most important part of S. H. S. and
Co. IMr. B. ti. Appleton seamed to
be of the same cpinlon also, for he
encouruRed the Idea the entire year.
MIs Anna May Klapporath tho't all
we lucked was Latin (and that Is
saying a whole lot). She sympa
thized strictly with the seniors in
their contempt for us. At that time
we tho't the seniors were very old
and wise and dignified excepting, of
course, Roy, George, Dick and a few
We were instructed In the ways of
Ancient History and led. or rather
dragged, thru the deep channels of
algebra, that year, by Olivp Hollings
worth. a sweet, mild little creature,
and very harmless. Mr. Brodgen,
Mr. Rives and Supt. Clark completed
our masters. However, Mr. Watson
and Mr. Garrett were always on hand
when we were In need of discipline.
We managed to lose a little of our
greenness and giggles before the year
drew to a close. Perhaps none of us
will ever forget the note John Stur
divant wrote Dorothy Chamblass,
which was read before chapel.
When that year closed, we had
lost one dear classmate, among others
that I can't recall, who was Eleanor
Fullilove. She went to Shreavesport.
where she has happily spent these
three years.
Perhaps we will never spend an
other such year as that Freshman
year, unless It be the college Fresh
man year.
Colors Red. white and blue.
Motto "Pro patrla."
Flowers Violet.
The faculty changed somewhat the
net year. Miss Craddo? was our
history teachpr, and a Jollier, better
teacher has yet to be found. Dear
little ( ? Anna King taught us the
figures of speech to outllne(?) and
make book reportst?) etc. She waa
as of the sweetest teachers In the
faculty. We had the honor this
ye;tr. of being taught by Anne Moore
Amo-Amas-Amat, or rather "All
Gaul is divided Into three parts."
She was not what you would call be-an-M-ful
but she made this up in
many other ways. Her greatest lack
ing was in senne of humor. Her ready
advice and being a good sport(??)
won the respect(?) of every pupil.
Several events bring back the
Sophomore year as the mysterious
sneezing spell that had a rage in our
room. Mr. Bryou Hari-. and his re
ceipt, also his discharge, the moon
light picnic, chaperoned by Miss
Moore. Mr. Faber and numerous
Colors Black and maroon.
Flower Red rose.
Tliitt year we lost several b'doved
classmates. Wittilu Brice. who has
her name upon the honor roll at
Weatherford. Dorothy Chambless.
who now lives at Waxahachie, Lee
Cornelius, who now resides in Min
eral Wells, John Sturdivaut. who
lives in Austin, and Exia Harvey, who
is now Mrs. Underwood.
But " 'tis better to have loved and
vu, than to have never loved at all."
The year of 1919-20 arrived
with our old crowd and n few addi
tions. By this time we were over
our fun and had settled down to
work. Teachers were hard to find
but Miss Moore and Mr. Lindsey
managed to stick It out here. Miss
McCorley also had the "leaiuref" o
teaching one brief year before she
settled down to matrimony. In his
tory we were taught by Robbie Strai
ten, Mr. Rives, Mrs. Meade. Mrs.
Kelley, Mrs. Strayhorn and Drlicks.
Mr. Weatherby was our only hope in
either math or holidays! ?). On No
vember 11 we gallantly took a holi
day to commemorate the close of the
great war. For this we were stern
ly reproved and our patriotism con
demned. But we were granted three
days to regain control of ourselves,
and also our grades were cut us
court martial.
This year we were (pleased to add
to our class Bertie Norcross. Anne
Lee Myers. Grace Periman. Floy
Worley and Bertha Curry, whom we
all thought very quiet and strange
until we knew her. also Ollie Rich
ardson, whom we firmly believed to
be bashful until we were made aware
of our mistake.
Most of us can faintly(?) recall a
picnic at Justiceburg and othr tho'ts
will at once arise in connection!!
Also a Junior-Senior party at the
Yeoman hall, a Senior-Junior picnic
at Wolfe Park. The awful day of
work we put in decorating the Senior
room while they were away. The
chloroform and asofetlda. etc., and
last but not least, the Junior-Senior
farewell party.
Colors Pink and green.
Motto "Not on top but climbing."
Flower Pink carnation.
Ou the 13th of September. 1920,
we gathered in the old red brick
building for our last year. Then we
met several new pupils who were
our class mates all year, as Babe or
Odyne Beavers. Fred Boon. Wayne
Boon, Sarah Wright, better known as
"Bob," who entertained us many
times, and Altha Fellmy, our secre
tary, and Corley Jenkins joined our
ranks from the Juniors. IIollls
Russell, D'Vern Wade, from Dunn,
Clara Pierce, who eloped, Floyd
BlakeJey, and Hattle Ditto, all of
whom left us before the first term
I.Man y happy hours were spent In
the old laboratory room downstairs,
Peering Binder Twine
Everything for the vacation and
Folding Chairs, Tents, Seines
Fishing Tackle line, tomake your
;,:il u'- plunised in many scrapes as:
T!i- (Irawins of the "Mascot" on the
back wall: the ridiculous smell of
usafetldy. etc, peanut bulls all over
the bark of the room: where were
certain seniors ut the period just
after morning recess on centain days:
the famous battle of the White ami
Gold vs. the Gold titul Black. n:id the
results. We ran never forget this last
ear of our high school life, nor can
it be lived over acn.in except In
Will the Virgil class ever forget
tin hours spent the first period In
the Senior room under the dearest
t.ai her? and the awful fire in which
p r o s e - composition books were
Many tryiug mid vexing problems
we have russed and discussed In so
ciology. Many disputes and disagree
ments have arisen but "let" all be
forgotten save our dear old friend
ship and may that grow older and
wearer." It we full in our duties as
citizens It wont be becauce Miss
Smith did not do her best to implant
the high ideals of cltlzenrhlp in our
In F.nglish v.e should not be lack
ing or in making out-llnes. You tell
"em in college youv'e read j'Vanity
Fair and "Ben Hur!" If we do
not understand evolution or "Lycid
as" it is because we are "shallow."
Perhaps no one will ever forget the
interesting history class, discussions
Claud V. Hall has directed and the
pleasant tale of his travels as the the
"very chair In which Jefferson signed
the Feclaratlon of Independence."
We should at least remember who
Basset and West were!
The noisy trig class has now ceased
it's rattling, never to revive again.
It to has served it's purpose and now
must go.
When I think of Physic class,
words fail me. Pure English cannot
describe the awful, ridiculous, funny,
terrible, sadf peculiar and wildly dif
ferent events that hare taken place
within the four walls of the "lab."
Kach one must recall the affairs, one
by on to fully appreciate 4th year
We are proud of our class of '21.
We are proud of our president, of our
Vice-President and of our secretary.
We w ill always believe that our class
was the only 100 per cent loyal, true
and full of pep the Apus 1 class that
has ever had the pleasure of gradu
ating here. Let not the 30th of May
end all our happy school days, but
may there be re-unions, let this part
ing be not a "farewell" but "au re
Class colors. White and gold.
Motion. "From evil good may
Flower. Shasta Dalsie.
By Katherine Clark.
Subscribe for the StgaaJ.
j Helpful hints to i;itU or boys uu
! ious to ascertain whether oue cer
! tain member of the opposite sex is
I responsive to tboir re-pectlve emo
! Hons ure given in "The Love Expert."
Marring Constance Tulmadge und
which will be shown at the Cozy
Theatre Tuesday and Wednesday.
This production is the workman
ship of John Emerson and Anita Loos
those former stories and adaptations
I or Constauce Talmadge trace her
ufiiliution with First National Exhi
bitors' Circuit "have been greeted by
the theatregoing public at large as
elosle gems of comedy production.
Canning the Sjuiiro Root,
As Bubs, a romantic boarding
school girl, Connie, is probably in her
most delightful characterization. Es
chewing the cut-and-dried education
al subjects she devotes herself to
self-instruction iu the science of Prac
ticul Love-Making, with the result
thut the Board of Regents stimulate
another Bale for the railroad compan
ies thus giving Bab a chance to
I try out her many formulas. The man
agement maintains nothing like it
lias ever been shown or written be
fore. The picture is from an original
scenario by Emerson and Loos.
Facts of Interest.
32nd Annual convention Christian
Endeavor has grown in Texas from
a small band of young people to
number something like 18,000 to
20,000 with about 600 societies.
Waco is convention city.
Speakers of statewide und national
leputatiou will be present among
them Dr. J. H. Burma of Waxahachie,
Lr. Wm. States Jacobs, Houston. Tex
as; Dr. Young, City Temple, Dallas,
Dr. Colby D. Hall. Ft. Worth. A. J.
Shartle, Boston. Mass., Dan A. Pool
ing. Associate President United Soci
ety of Christian Endeavors, Paul
Brown of California and others.
Mr. and Mrs. A. R Wilgus of San
Antonio and Mr. Robt. Jollr of Hous
ton will direct singing. Miss Ester
McRuer. whistling soloist, Oklahoma
City has been secured for the con
vention. Registrations asked for 2000, so
far 1500 are in and eight days more
to go.
This will be the largest young peo
ples gathering in any state in the
United States. These young people
are from all denominations.
J. E. Wilaford of Fort Worth in
here this week visiting his brother !
BtMe Wlsford.
Uncle Geo. Johnson was In town
Wednesday from the ranch at Camp
Springs. He is very optimistic tad
thinks we will make a good crop
outing. 'We have folding Cots,
and Nets and anything in the
outing a pleasure and a success.
Bros. & Co.
War.t .VU Brinsr Kesults-lUc a line each i3ue- 40c
minimum pr;:
One of the best attractions of a
decade will be the nt- rtaiument of
fering at this theatre nevt wek, be
ginning on Thursday It is "Dinty,"
in which Marshal N'eilan presents
Wesley Barry, the fr.-cklefaced by
actor, in the first starring vehicle of
his youthful career N. ila . wrote the
story and directed the production,
which Is his latest release through
Ansociu;. .1 First National Pictures,
Inc. It is the tale of a fighting news
boy, who has au old Irish mother to
support. San Francisco's picturesque
Chinatown is the locale for some of
the scenes, und the photoplay Is re
pl.te with dramatic ;.s well aa amus
ing Incidents. Amoug the unique char
niter who appear in support of Wes
Harry as "Dinty" O'SuIllvan are a
Chinese youngster and a jolly Mttle
ickuninny. In the chief rtipportln?
roles are charming Collen Moore. J.
Hi.rney Sherry. Pat O'Malley, Mar
iorie Daw and Noah R ery. Romance
pathos, humor and thrilling ndvon
tures makes this one of the most ex
traordinary cinema productions ever
filmed. Wesley Barry's smile, freck
les and Inimitable acting made him
famous in "Daddy Long Legs" with
Mary I'lckford. and "Don't ever
Marry" and "Co and Get It." but his
crowning achievement has undoubted
ly been made In "Dinty." under the
masterful direction of Marshal Nell
an. It is a motion picture triumph
for both Barry and Nellan. and can
not fall to delight every man, woman
und child, who come to the Cozy Thea
tre to see it. "Dinty" has received the
enthusiastic endorseent of critics
throughout the county. "Sough said
fiolng to Boston.
Mrs. F. L. Hutch. son left thl
week for Fort Worth to visit a while
with her daughter. Mrs. Dr. Ponton,
cfter which sh will Wve L r Boston,
to study throvfh the summer. Mrs.
Hutchison win tie gone until Septem
ber and then rifurtj to Snyder to take
up her ;t;W 'k
Mrs Vtitt-hi N-r says her work at
Snyder ha? i.iwuys ben very v leas
ant, and th : Snyder is hon?. Snyder
is worth" "f the ry best, of course,
and we arc ft. '.un ite In lovta-i Mrs.
Hutches.- -ln us.
The Altrurlan Club sold poppies,
which were chosen by the American
Legion as memorial flower of Flan
ders Felds. They realized twenty fire
dollars from the sales which has been
sent for the relief of hildren la the
devastated parts of France.
No Classified Adi Charged. It s i.aan
Edit ALE
part don.
Add re
My home place, with
balance on paymeut.
I. I -.rum ley, Cisco.
U AN'TKl) A wo:tian to help with
general S"Useork on" "r two
a week Paone 17 7. Or address
V.iw 3". 1 .siyder. Texas 51tf
FOR SALE CO00O Mountain Cedar
post dire't to consumer, 6 ' to Is
feet oa 2 to 12 Inches tops Price
F. O B sin Saba. Texas, can load
at once sni Jry post Aylor Cedar
Co. 51p.
LOST Who hts lost a red heifer
yearling, abnt IS months old? For
information ipply to Signal office.
FOR SALt: .My home place In et
Snyder. E V. Brumley, phono 1!0.
48 tt.
NOTICE Thus is t0 give notice that
anyone ttin wood out of my pas
ure without permission from me will
make themselves liable J V. Rl
lev 61
STRAYED One small brown Jersey
eow, with short horns, had halter and
chain on waa strayed. Finder phone
26." or 30. A. C Alexander SOtf.
TAKE NOVICE No hunting or fish
ing allowed by anyone In my pasture.
It is prwtei Mrs. Sallle Blnnlon. 51
(home srnn sweet potato slips.
$0.00 per tuoiwutid; cabbage snd to
mato pUntJ. 50c per hundred; sweet
and hot pepper, 20c ser dozen. Or
ders for potato slips will be filled Is
rotation aj re-'elved. We pay post
age. rh ith order. No C. O. D.
Lunbvk Floral, Lubbock, Tex.
rrevat Spriaf Bog Troabl,
Feed Matin's Blue Bug Remedy U
chickens for blue bug and other la
itecti. Satiifactioa guaranteed, for
sale by Gnyum Drug Co. lis
Sheriff W. J. Chesney of Colorado
was in Snyder Thursday-
Office in Perkins Bldff.
Phone 122 Res. Phon. 243

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