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The Snyder signal. (Snyder, Tex.) 1887-????, July 22, 1921, Image 7

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t. :
I Thomas Martin, 83 yeura
", " 1 at the home of his daugh
( -, . :. I. S. David. He veil mlls
r. x of Snyder last Friday.
I Te body wnu prepared by Under
taker H. M Stokes nnd shipped to
Lucky Tiger
Thm Hair C
4 c.i. f m
Poeitlvel "eradicates
dandruff eorracta una
ealp itops faUbi hair
baauty. health action ImmdiaM and
cwrtain. JKooar-Back Goanata.
MWII mm4
tor pMfi
uxtt ikei cs..
City, I
Lampaaaa where It was Interred
by the side of his wife, who preceded
him to the better world aome eleven
year ago. The funeral service was
conducted by Rev. Harris, pastor of
the .'Methodist church at that place,
of which rhurrli Uncle Tom was a
faithful member. He was an old
Ciil War veteran, and the service
was made more Impressive by the
fai't that feveral of tun old veteran
took charge of tho burial and paid
him the taut tribute of repct.
In the year 1877 Uncle Tom Mar
tin b'ft hi old native state of Ten
nessee, and went to Illinois where ho
remained for awhile, after which he
settled in Kaufman county, and In
189 ho moved form there and lo
cated in Scurry county about seven
miles north of Snyder where lie has
Guaranteed Pure Mebane and Lone Star Cotton Seed
for sale by the Scurry County Chamber of Commerce.
We will be glad to assist farmers needing help en their seed See the Sec'ty
been reading for the past 30 years.
He wu 4 one anion? the flrnt set
tlers of Scurry county and had seen
the country at its bent and at IU
He had been In i:! health tor ten
yearn, and for the past ear had been
almost helplwexs. but through all
this he wun patient and r-ady, only
waiting for the call to come up high
er. Five children survive him: T.
P. Martin nnd Mrs. 1. S. DavU. Sny
der; Mrs.' T. A. Lindsey, Saratoga,
Texas;. Mrs. J. K. Johnson. Spur; Mrs.
Minnie Douulaxs. San Juan. X. M.,
and Mrs. Dora Lindsey, Medor, Tex
as. All were in attnendance at the
time of bis death except the two
Mrs. Llndseyn, who could not arrive
in time. Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Davis
nnd T. P. Martin accompanied the
remains to Lampasas, and were met
there by Mrs. T.A. Lin Isey of Sarato
ga. Many sympathizing friends will
join the Signal In extending condo-
leiiets to the bereaved 0!l-.
Mrs. F. A. II. itner of Austin is here
visit in ic her parents, Mr and Mr. V.
A. Johnson.
Saving Develops Manhood
and Strength of Character
Money saved and banked is an evidence of your
stability, thrift and foresight.
Without money you cannot accomplish much. It is
a handicap that invites mental and physical
The First National Bank solicits your account and
will help you in your determination to forge ahead
to overcome your proneness to wastefulness.
RoM-mary Merridew.
Back from the California moun
tains came Rosemary Merridew, the
best blood of the old South coursing
In her veins.
Dut to her aunt In her stately old
Alabama mansion the girl was a dis
quieting element "roor white
trash" because her father had
found It more to his liking to live fa
the cloud-veiled hills of the West
than In tho stuffy town.
So when Rosemary arrvled sh
was assigned to a room In the ser
vant quarters, put to work with the
rarkles and treated with tho ghastly
politeness of an unwanted guest.
Itosomary'K cousin, the attractive
and hauty Pauline, was soon to be
married to Dr. Tom Dowllng, a
oung physician of the village, and
her only hop was that Rosemary
would never refer to their relation
ship and embarass her by her un
couthness. But!
IJless your heart if that odd look
ing It ill- Itosomary dldnt pile her
hair on top of her head and sail
through the hushed drawing roof of
the mansion and right Into the af
fections of young Doc Dowlin him
self. It was just like another battle of
(iettysburg around the Merridew
home, but it all t-nd'd happily
Just the way It was first written by
V. Hopklnson Smith In his classic of
popular literature. "A Kentucky Cin
derella." The delightful story has been film
ed by Universal with Gladys Walton
as Rosemary and Is to be seen here
next Tuesday under tho title of "Hes
perate Youth "
Card of Tlimik-.
We take this method of thanking
all those who ministered to us or
spoki words of sympathy to us. on
the death of our infant baby. Your
kindness and words of sympathy
have made our burden lighter.
'May Cod's mercUe and richest
!iesning be your lot.
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Wellborn.
Are Vou
Held Back?
For the little man who wants to grow bi
For the big man who wants to sta y bi-
For every man. evcry-where, there's nothing
more important than a friendly connect
ion with a strong bank.
School Transfers Notice.
Thosr wanting to transfi-r their
children to tho nydr school must
do so by August 1st. after that date
transfers car.not be made.
$100 Reward. $100
Tha radera of ttiu i.ip'r will ba
pltaa.d to lrn tint (hr H at tout
one dreaded dina tnit lence haj
been able to cure in all Its stages anl
that It ratarrh. "varrh b-lng greatly
Influenced by constitution il ondi'lonj
requires rnnatttutl'inil tr-tment. Mali's
Catarrh Medic. n Is tak-n Internally and
acts thru the Blood on the Mucous Sur
faces of the fiyntem ihereby degtroyin?
the foundation of th cies. glvln the
patient strength by building up th con
stltutKin and aasisvng nvur In doing Its
work. The proprietors have eo murh
faith In the curative piw.rs of Hill's
Catarrh Medicine thif tli.u- ofTer One
Hundred oll sr fur i'.v u-e ttiat it failj
to cure Send for li-t f testimonials
Addre.s F. J CHKSEY CO., Tolelj
Ohio. Sild by at: Dr.is; Ti?.
si:mioi.i: nnir ki. i i.
M m7 with Tit quelion
SKIS Dt?-i--i3 REMKD1H9
Hdofj 9i srA (- I, fail in :
th triimnl ot'Itch, tteiema,
Ripaiw jrrn.Tfttr arothrrltch
lr.t mi .i J' Try tbie
tr4aitnt t our rttk.
Si'.l by Grayum Dru? Couipaay
(:'ii r:i:,. : Drti Co.
I'.v: I'es. Phone U0
Mr. and (Mrs. A. J. Cody fte spnd
inz their vacation at Nicessity and
other points east.
havo just i ii)M-d a fi'lendid j
iiH-ftinu. U Jt-ff iiavls of Snyder J
doinu- th- riacliiii2 .ind Mis. Davis I
i onduct in u the so:u services.
.li.s l.iitluT Ksti-s o: Stanton
I layi-d t!ie jii.m i and Miss Kdna
Cobb add l much to th-; music by
playiti Hih violin in onif of thrt ,
scrvicp-". Pastor J T. Weems and I
his ps oplc of tlu Methodist church j
tendered us their hous-i and co-op-
M'ated beautifully, other denomina- j
tions also ro-operatinc in the meet- ,
i'iik. It makes our hearts rejoice to '
have this spirit exit-tina atnone; th .
Christ i, in people of this community.
We had ten addition. to the Bap
tist church, Heveu b baptism. Sem
inde Sentinel.
i K : Hi- R F PIANO
i a: itesijence of 11. P. Kiown
i s'l I e :v. Oien.ng Sept. 5. '21
Will l .! 1 S::icttier - x;eesion t'!a
B inning
Ni)A'. II SI. I
h it ML- U I.iL"
.. ..a K
$625 f. o. b. Detroit
Steady, light, alert, power to spare, economical of
operation. Watch a Fordson Tractor in action and you
will wonder how those apparently contradictory quali
ties, of strength, lightness, power and speed could ever
be combined in one unit.
The Fordson's speed is available tor hauling heavy
loads for long distances. Its power is available for drag
ging plows or disc-harrows through the heaviest soil or
for running the cutting-box, grinder or threshing
Wc take pride in handling such a campact, portable power plant
We are equipped with every facility for giving quick service for
the ford son.
As t writ- this I ran look out
of my window and se a Cloud, a
Hill, a Spire, a Hous, a Wall, a
P.oad. and a River, la just thU ord-r
from top to bottom.
Ute is not a cloud, for r'oud
has no substance, &av the mist.
I-ife Is not a hill, for a hill la
beautiful at a distant osly. whil-
life is near and dear, aai its micro
sieopir ways ar as ciarrnin? as its
Life id not a spire, for a spire
points to a happinis ia tnott'f.r
world than this; whereaa happiness
grows in but on p!ac, here, and at
oae tinie. now. Th klagdoni of Ufa
is about us.
. Life Is not a hoiia. (or a house is
permanent, while lit U infinite, and
has no bounds.
Life is not a road, f r life roams
the fields and goes where other mea
have not pone, t flies over the hedg
es as a bird, it treads tu fore.st as a
Life is a river, always the same.
yet different; always passin?, al
ways preent; fluid, yet outlaatins all
walls and houses; flowing:, yet endur
in: going yet eternal.
"The river of lifo" is a true sym
bol. The rr riseitaoin -Iluetaolnet
hoi, the river is th om natural ob
ject that U both flitin? and perma
nent. Dr. Frank Can la Farm Life.
J'Vi.' . In Wiiiirtiin Building
Sny.iT, Texn
Office in Perkins pidfft
Phonj 122 Kes. Phone L'i:j
,J 1
Maize knives and maize forks at
Bryant-Link Co.
Paysiciaa and Surgeon.
5pU! mention to disea.es of
th Eys. Eir. Nose and Throat.
FyiM t?t-l, Classes fitted.
OiTio ar Calon-Dodsotis Stc; s
Sayier, Tens
Abo Hodcers and family are visit
ing Mrs. Rodger's people at Stephen
S. L. Johnson and wife left Mon
day for a trip Into Colorado. Mr.
Johnson said they wervi go:n for a
pleasure trip and would be gone
Improbably a month.
Mr. L. T. Coadra's daughter, ho
has been ill U improring.
Th Stite Fair Avocation is send
in? out advertising coatrocts to some
Texas papers, offering them from i
l $10 for carryini; their display ad
vertisin fr the coming Fair. That
is alright and every publisher should
sisa and return the contract giving
them a.s much display as the amount,
specified will pay for at regular rates
Thea alc for use of the pnbilsher'H
columns free for their "free platt"
advertising. This is where the back
bona of the editor, will be tested.
The Texas Preas Association went on
record at MoAMen to give all fre
plats "th box", but give editorial
support to such laudable organiza
tion as th Fair and the Cotton Pal
ace, but thea ask the management of
these spieadid institutions to pay for.
what they get just like they pay for
te making of the plate and pay
sorae man for writing the copy that
goe to make jhe plate. Are the ed
itors '.of Texas going to stay oa a
busin-ss baais? We hlleve they
will. PJcairdsoa Echo.
Charley Starkey of the Snyder Na
tional Baalc has returned torn a va
cation in Soata Teias.

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