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bclongti lo him whom we have tail
ored. He h:i tho consclouaness of
being well j;r')omd at all time and
en all occasions. The fit and bet of
bin cothoa. their arproprluteneM,
Ihe lines and the designs nre dlntlnc
tlve. Ia'I in tailor you-it will he
elothen fw.onortiy tj do so.
m on i: i, t a
I. C) u s
t '.' "r. j ;Vii- : - - - i '
i";'ii)i(;i(iis srccKS
1)1' NX NKWS.
Snyder' 1U21 HullowoVn was iti
st T 8t nnil :!in'"U, ird'ed Its r.fst cr
jr Cli'P.
The Parent e.ieber Assooiuttn .e
itp much .dit for that n.eu cum
m. ity pa. i n ? and "he unl j io
tifut.es furi'iaii for the occaslrr.
Wy! but l i'ir.i was a happy tbris
.Mod ents for the fathers, Ji' 'tr
(.Se kiddles. thr.Us for the in i cm
.'ii c1 ecstncloa f)i the lovers.
IJoblins and apooks, fortune tellers
r1 chambers of borrow on ..wiy
hand. Fishing ponds, ten cent kisses,
twin camels, tho big elaphant and
the witches' iparadioo added much to
the hilarity of the evening.
Witches and jih'nts there were' a
plenty, and Innocent mrry making
tlllod the air.
If you didn't get .sui- nkloii with
confetti, you were nof there if you
didn't get your fill of delicious pies,
rich sandwiches and cream candies
you ore a "tight wad," and if you
didn't have ;i big lime u ilenerve to
At no time lu the hUtory of our
town, has Hallowe'en been observed
so fittingly. That i community spirit
an lie Injeeted i'Jt) our fe3tivitcs,
was clearly Rhowu, and tho way is
paved for a closer union of our town
people by these get together meet
ings. Reporter.
We are having some mighty fine
woather. Tho sand"is "constantly"
I blowing almost every day.
Farmers' aro nearly through with
their year's work. Cotton pickers are
leaving for the south, which proves
an early winter.
Mrs. Iiillingaey attended the 0. E.
S. (Irand Chapter at Fort Worth last
.Mrs. W. M Cunningham (nee Kth
el Kay) was visiting friends here a
few days last week before returning
to her home in Rotan, N. Mex.
Tho box supper given Saturday
right was rronounced a "Howling
The Methodist Sunday school was
rcnrcauized Sunday mornlnft. Al! are
invited t0 come had jaln. The young
people's cl.u t3 putting on a; cam
paign for new members
Tho sinking Sunday afternoon was
largely attended. Wo were glad to
have so many visiting people with us
and hope th jy wil! come again.
Yes. the spooks made their appear
ance Monday night. Everybody had n
wonderful tiire too. Mrs. Green, the
principal of our school, served us
with a nice cake when we appeared
at their home A number of games
were flayed and all went home wish
ing for such a party more often.
School ii progressing nicely. Pay us
a visit.
Supt. Maple Is back in school
Miss Strayhorn has resigned her
work hero and has accepted a music
cluss at Post. We regrelj to lose so
good a teacher, but wish her success
at Post.
Come and join the Parent-Teachers
Club and help make our commun
ity a wise and better one. You are
needed as well a you need it.
Lonnle Robinson received painful
Injuries Monday nlghtj when he fell
from a truck. He narrowly escaped
fatal injury when he was struck by a
car after falling. A doctor was sum
moned and on examination found his
injuries slight.
Dad's Girl.
We giiaiuntee our prices to b as
heup as the cheapest on same ipial-
Ity of gaods. 11 C;. Towle, Jeweler
and I onietribt. 20tf
II. Y. 1. I'. Program.
Subject, Christian Growth.
Leader, A'm.i Nell Morris.
Scripture reading 2nd Peter 1 : 1-12.
God's plan for us Is that we shall
grow. Gordon Wills.
Some means of growth which a
young Christian should utilize. T. It.
Religious Conversation. Religious
literature, Gladys Clark.
Prayer. The preaching of the Gos
pel, Marilu Rosser.
Scripture exercise. Soul Winning.
0. J. Denson.
Our Standard of Excellence. Ruby
Ivan Dodson and Miss Lila Cur
nutte, were married last Sunday
morning at the homo of the bride's
parents in Southwest Snyder.
Tho bride Is the charming daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. R. II. Curnutte of
this city and has a host of friends
among her associates and who will
bj wishing her the many joys that
she ho richly deserves.
Tho groom is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. A. D, Dodson of this city and
is well and favorably know n to every
body in Snyder. He is n younc ranch
man and h.m been associated with
hi father on tho big ranch in the
northwest part of the county.
The Signal, together with the many
friends of thoso young peoplo, wish
for them a very happy and prosper
ous wedded life,
Want Ads Brinjj Results 105 a line each issue- 40c
minimum price. No Classified Ads Charged. It's Cash
FOR SALE 4 room house, bath, on
west side, I". C. Neeley at Stlmson
Drug Co. IStfc
FOR SALE Three room houa and
two lots in Kant part of town. For
further information call at Signal
Car will trado for good cattle. Bale
r, Grnyuni & Anderson. 21
Junior F.pwortli Iiiae program.
Nov. f.. 1921. 4 p. in.
I Song.
' Subject. T;e Ten Coninun dments
1 Song.
i Scripture Readings. James Ketner
'and Fred Yoder.
! What God said we must not d-",
jweslyn Norred.
What God said we must do E. P.
' Ketner.
' Questions. Roll ca!J. Pone.
League Benediction.
j Mrs. J. R. Coker, of HermU-kh was
in me cuy .Monnay.
Kdiaon Phonographs, H G. To vile
Jeweler and Optometrist 2"tf.
Mrs. T. J. Thompson is visltinr at
Fort Stockton this week.
( 't-nt nil School Now.
Tl c following pupils have neither
hem I Kent or tardy and havti not
made below tho grade of ninety dar
ing tho past month:
Miss Corlno Troubildge, Low 1st
xrade Frank Stokes. Sarah YIo!it
Slaton. Julia nynum. Janyce Thomp
son. .T. W. Holdrldgo. Janle Irvln.
Maxino Shuler, Earl White. Hilda
Gene Williamson, Francis Clement:.
Miss Irene Troubrldr. Hgh lf
Grade IJrentz Anderson. Edna Eat I
Chapman. Charles Ella Hamlet, Ora
Pari Doykln, Ester Lambert!:. Ora
i-orseit. William Fuller. HilH" Lee
Aiirlan Itanks. Fred Swln. l'-iei I
.1. IIKl.
Miss Pearce. Low 2nJ G.i'.do--Grace
Avary, J. II. Haugh. Geraldino
Me-row. Dorthy Darby. M.i-.'i V-.kr
Tiiss Pnlmer. High 2.id Hid High
'3rd Grades Howard Robinson, ki-i
'dre.1 Swlnt. Cocil Gideon. Mildred
l)avis. Adelle Haugh. Katherine Stal'-
ings, Hazel Cauble.
Weldon Alexander, G. W. p.oswe!!.
Virginia Hudson, Meva Doak
Miss Uootie. Low .".id (irade.
ei I'.ryant. F. .1. Hrndberry.
Oleiu. Smith, llene Rernard.
Mrs. Clark. Low Fourth Marlon
Miss Ciark. High 4th and low
.t!i prades Leota Glenn. ChriMina
James. Mary Julia McMillan. N'fna
Frances Flanks. Thelma Leslie. Joe
I Miss Bolin. low r.h prade- Lols
P.elflower, W. L. Hardin. Forest
of laud north east of Snyder 5 miles
good house, well, windmill, 100
acres in cultivation, 1-1 mile to
school, if interested, write W. V. Gill
en, Coleman, Texas. 21c
Hoar and Sow for sale cheap, llonr
Major Hall' No. 3!tl0:i. Sow. Illark
Pet, No. OlTfiaO. Write or phone R.
V. Ramsour, Snyder, Texas. 21p
WANTEL- -to rent a plaee on shares
have good I'oree, mid wIU give good
reference. Write J. C. Dennis In care
of L. II. Kite, Snyder, Texas. 21p
to put up the windmill iu running or
der and windows in the 2 room house
of M. E. Hall, east of Central school
one block in order to live there until
April write Mrs. M. E. Hall, general
doll very Dallas, Tev.n.
FOR SALE -A house and lot in
Hermleigh, also farm. See t N.
Cummings, HormlHsh, Texas. 22p.
FOR SALE - Five room house, close
in, second house west of R. S. & P.
railroad on south side of street, be
tween Baptist church and railroad.
Mrs. E. J. Foster, ?"2r. Bourland St..
Greenville, Tean. 21p
the pure turkey red i-eod wheat for
sale, f 1 .60 per bushel, A. A. Stur
geon, 3 miles north and half mils
east of Hermlelgh. Jlp.
FOR SALE Car of Fresh Jersey
Milch cows and heavy springers, at
O. K. Wagon yard. Must be sold. Jlp
FOR RENT - -.Nicely furnished bed
room close In. Phono 405. 21p
FOR SALE One Duioc sow, 1 j(Mr
old, has pigs, one O. I. C. male, 1 yr.
old. podigree furnished. For sole or
trade, Seo A. P. Morris. Sltf
Ruby l!ne
Shaw, Lois Koser. Jimmi-1 Lie West
brook. Borule Tempi.'.
Miss Halley. High Rth grade Dor
is Pope Elza. Vio'et nradheriy.
Miss Jones, Sixth grade Annie
Bell Underwood, Margon-t Fell Prim,
Nora Hyrd. Danm Wilmeth, Mary
Lynn Nation, Max Brow nflld, Jesse
Clements, f'ark Robinson
Miss Giliiioie. Low 7th Grude J.
G. Morrow, Clyde Titer, Dorthy Stray
horn, Minnie Low Rithmck. Ina Ca
ton, Welma Green Hazel I-wis, Geo.
Webb, Edna Glen, Polly Porter, J.ura
B. West. Hubert Curry.
Mr. Merre'l. lli,h 7th gra.le Roy
McCurdy. Nibs Warren. Thora Ca
ton, Baxter Scoggins. Elmer Spear.
Frank Motley.
Junior (In 11 tan Endeavor.
At Presbyterian Church, Sunday.
Nov. 6: 3:3o p. m.
Sabj-vr Wha' th ' VI le wil! d for
(Consecration meeting.)
Leader: Doris nuchanan.
Song. Prayer. Song.
Scripture. Ps 113:105. Tim 3:16
Ro'l Cull Ri i.oiiie, a favorlt" Bible
17. John 5:39.
Trayer, Song. Offering presented
Short talk on Subject. Rev. C O.
Song. Clo.-lnc prayer.
N.ut- is the time to subscribe for
the Signal. 1 5" P'r .year
I l ' :
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All of them radically low priced.
Kid Gloves in ail the new shades, extra
fine quality with self and contrasting
embroidery. Prices
$2.50 to 4.50
A Special Lot of
La Petticoats
and Pettibockers
Black. Navy, Grey, Copen and Green.
$5.00 to 7.50
Leather Hand Bags
In the popular shapes, some with one,
some with two handles. There are inside
pockets, fitted with purse, mirrors and
toilet accessories. Colors black, nav ,
brown and tan.
$3.25 to 8.50
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