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Vol. XII.
Canyon, Randall County, Texas, Friday, February 12, 1909.
No. 46.
buy poor material. It's impossible to get a good
building out of sorry lumber.
When you buy of us you get the best.
Fulton Lumber Company
Southwest Corner Square.
R. W. OKKKI'R. ''resident
J. M. HI.At.'K. Vice president
The Canyon National Bank
If you are a stranger in this community, we
ask you to investigate the standing of the Canyon
National Bank.
Almost anybody can tell you about this institution.
Protect Your Property
Commonwealth Fire Insurance Company of Texas.
The London Assurance Corporation.
Fire Association of Philadelphia.
The Pennsylvania Fire Insurance Company, Philadelphia.
The Royal Exchange Assurance.
Philadelphia Underwriters.
Scottish Union & National Insurance Company.
Orient Insurance Company of Hartford.
The New Hampshire Insurance Co. of Manchester, N. II.
Office in the court house
Canyon Coal & Elevator Co.
Incorporated. W. H. Hicks, Manager
Successors to Canyon Coal Company
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Coal, Grain, Hay and Field Seeds.
We Sell the Best Quality at Lowest Prices.
Genuine "Nigger Head" Maitland
We Pay the Highest Prices for Grain and Hay
Strictly a Home Concern.
Office at the Elevator.
Do not take it for "granted." Demand
an Abstract before you pay out your
money. Trades are tied up every day
for want of sufficient record title. Our
business is Abstracting. Careful and
prompt attention to all such matters.
Office in the court house
Take The News
I. n. HUNT. Cashier
K. H. WHICJHT. Asst. (.'ashler
Canyon City, Texas
Telephone 72 !j h
and Keep Posted
Final Matters Adjusted and Report of Postmas
ter Hunt is Forwarded to the
Postal Department.
To Canyon City and Randall
county is to belong the distinc
tion of having the first Rural
Free Delivery route in the entire
Panhandle. Some time ago a pe
tition asking for the route was
forwarded and an inspector was
sent to look over the proposed
line. In his recommendations
he approved the route subject to
the opening of two miles of road
and a crossing on the railway
this side of Um burger.
During the past week all these
matters have been attended to
and Wednesday afternoon Post
master Hunt went over the line
and found that all the require
ments had been met and there
fore made the final recommenda
tion that the line be established.
It is expected that an examina
tion for carrier will be held at an
early date.
Sixty-seven families havesign
the request for boxes along the
route which is 29 and one-fourth
miles long. The route begins at
the postoifiee in this city, run
ning west along the upper Urn
barge r road to J. C. Colters
Northeast corner in the edge of
Doaf Smith county. Thence
South two miles to the South
west corner of Mr. William's
hind. Thence East to Umbar-
ger. Thence Northeasterly to
!the Service railway crossing,
'crossing' the railway and run
I ning east to the Arney corner.
Thenc e North one half mile to
Fdward's place on city corpora
tion line. Thence East to the
Post ofliee.
The proposed line will serve a
large number of people and it is
I thought that it will lead to the
'establishment of several other
lines from this city and other
j places in this section of the
j The greater portion of the lab
;or in getting this mail route
established was clone by a very
few people which only goes to
show that when even a few peo
ple get together determined to
accomplish a certain thing that
great good will accrue.
Small Prairie Fire.
During the high wind last
Monday afternoon a freight train
set fire to the grass in Judge
Word's pasture in the south
western portion of this city and
for a time it appeared that the
tire might reach the residence
portion of the city before it could
be extinguished. Hard work on
the part of the citizens confined
the damage to the grass however
and none of the houses in that
portion of town were burned
; though it is reported that the
fire went entirely under the res
idence owned by John Turner.
Canyon City Dramatic Club.
The minstrel which the Canyon
City Dramatic Club gave a couple
of weeks ao was a success from
a financial point of view as well
as from the artistic, the club has
about decided to put on a play in
the near future. A meeting will
be held at an early date for the
purpose of deciding upon their
work and program.
Miss Pearl Voiles of Guymon,
Oklahoma, has arrived in this
city and has accepted a position
as one of the operators at the
local exchange.
R. C.
Megargel Says Equipment Has Been
Purchased snd Work Will
Start at Once.
Roy C. Megargel, representa
tive of the Gulf, Texas and West
ern Railway, said yesterday that
that concern has just purchased
fifty miles of rails and C0,000
ties. The first work, he said,
will be to build a track from
Jacksboro west to the coal fields
in Jack county, where his con
cern owns between 30,000 and
3.",000 acres of coal land which
has a coal vein five inches thick.
"As soon as the track is laid
the intention is to open one of
the largest if not the largest coal
mines in the southwest."
Mr. Megargel declares that it
is the intention of Megargel &
Co., New York bankers, of which
firm he is a member, to build
this road further west, and that
it is hoped to have fifty miles in
operation and to be running
trains into Fort Worth within six
months. As to the trackage
arrangements for reaching Fort
Worth from Jacksboro, he de
clined to make a statement.
For the present, however, con
struction work, he said, is to be
toward the west. The company
will build from Jacksboro, where
it has a connection with the Rock
Island, at Olney, in Young coun
ty, where there will be connec
tion with the Wichita and South
ern, and from Olney to Seymour,
in Baylor county, where a con
nection will be made with the
Wichita Valley railroad. From
Seymour it is intended to build
to Benjamin, in Knox county,
where the tracks will intersect
those of the Kansas City, Mexico
and Orient.
Mr. Megargel says they have
purchased thirty-live cars this
month, besides a number of en-,
ghios, and work in that section
to extend to the coal field will
begin as soon as possible. One
of the members of the firm of
Megargel it Co., is .1. J. German,
head of German & Co., inde
pendent anthracite coal opera
tors at.Scranton, Pa.
Asked if he intended to have
this line built to Dallas or Fort
Worth, Mr. Megargel said no
conclusion had been reached re
garding this matter, and no
sta.tejn.ent had been made which
would justify anyone in the belief
that such a conclusion had been
lie said, however, that it would
be an easy matter to build to
either of the cities mentioned,
because his people have pur
chased and are now the sole
owners of the old right-of-way
of the Dallas and New Mexico,
which is partly graded already,
This right-of-way starts a few
rods from where the the Denton
branch of the Katy passes
through Letot, and runs north
west, passing within twenty
miles of Jack county. Dallas
Band to Bo Revived.
A call has been issued for a
meeting of the people of this city
who are interested in reviving
the band for the coming season.
All former members are request
ed to be present at the meeting
which is to be held this (Friday)
evening. W. E. Lair will an
nounce the place of meeting to
those interested.
Editor's Sister Dead.
Reports to this city this week
state that Mrs. C. E. Reed, the
sister of editor Frank W. Thom
ason of the Dimmitt Plainsman,
had died at her home at McGre
gor during the week. We sym
pathise with Editor Thomason in
his bereavement.
Coagregation Decide to Erect New House of
Worship at an Early Date Cost
at Least $15,000.00.
Last week we reported that
the congregation of the Baptist
faith in this city had been for
some time, considering the erec
tion of a new church building on
the site of the present building.
Last Saturday there was a
general meeting of the deacons
and members of the church at
their building and a discussion
of the entire matter was entered
into, after which it was unani
mously decided that they should
have a new building. In the
discussion of the amount of cost
there was a variance of opinion
ranging from $ir,000 to SJ.I.OOO
and we understand that it was
decided that the new building
should cost no less than !?1."),000.
Of course a more expensive
building may be erected should
the subscription which is to be
taken warrant the expenditure
of a larger amount. Talking
with one one of the prominent
members of that church this
week the reporter elicited from
him the fact that the church de
sired a large, commodious build
ing with Sunday School rooms
so arranged that the entire build
ing might be thrown into one
large auditorium in case of
necessity. The building is to be
constructed of brick according
to the present plans. Arrange
ments have been made for the
solicitation of the funds neces
sary for the work.
Among the prominent men
who were in the city during the
last excursion was John Sheri
dan who came down from Sut
ton, Nebraska for the purpose
of investigating Randall county
lands with a view of investing
some of his money in them. Mr.
Sheridan is a farmer in his home
state and to the News reporter
stated that -he was very favor
ably impressed with the outlook
for this section of the; United
States He thinks that the gen
eral conditions point to a rapid
development into the best farm
ing section of the country and
has therefore shown his faith by
buying lands near this city.
John Maerhlin of Keinbock,
Iowa, was a caller at this office
this week and to the News re
porter stated that he had been
investigating this country for a
long time and that he had so
thoroughly become satisfied that
it was an ideal country that he
decided to buy lands in Randall
county which he did during his
visit here. He thinks that it will
only be a question of a very few
years until the lands in this sec
tion of the state and will be as
valuable as those of his state. He
was somewhat surprised that
lands as good as those in this
country could he bought for any
thing like the present prices.
Peter E. Muhring of Grundy
Ciiy, Iowa, was in the city this
week for the purpose of invest
in'' in Randall county lands. He
was more than pleased with
what he had seen. In compar
ing the climate here with his
northern home he stated that we
had much to be thankful for on
account of the extremely mild
winters which we enjoy. It is
possible that he may become a
Randall county farmer soon.
R. H. Redfearn had the mis
fortune of having one of his good
horses very badly cut on the wire
last Monday night. No one was
at home and he does not know
how to account for the accident
unless it be that soma one was
trying to catch the horse in the
Books with cattle bills of sale.
Read Petitions, Official Reports and Tax Matters
Occupy Most of Time Very
Busy Session.
The Commissioners and county
judge of this county have been
more than busy this week in
looking after the matters of the
county. There have been road
petitions to look after, official
reports of the road overseers and
the various county officials to
examine and approve, county
depository to appoint, court
house matters to be settled and
then there has been a large re
tinue of agents to wait upon the
court with a view of furnishing
the inside furniture for the new
court house when it is completed.
In fact had a man desired an
audience with the court lie would
almost have had to make an ap
pointment for the time to talk
with them.
Among the most important
matters that the court has had
under consideration was the pe
tition from a very large number
of citizens requesting the court
to place a clock in the dome of
the cmrt house. The court as a
whole, seem to view the matter
in a favorable light provided the
expense is not too great. No ac
tual action has been taken on the
petitions for the reason that the
court desires to receive informa
tion from the factories as to the
cost of installation of the time
piece for the county. Measure
ments have been forwarded to
the factories and price for the
clock has been requested and as
soon as the reply has been re
ceived the court will take final
action on the matter.
Among other things the court
received the bids for the county
depository for the coming two
years. l lie i anyon iNauonai
Bank submitted a bio of .".1 per
cent per annum upon daily bal
ances while the First National
Dank went them one better and
bid 3 1--J per cent. The Court
therefore appointed the First
National Bank as being the offi
cial financial institution for the
coining two years and the bank
will lilt; their bond as such in a
few days.
While the records do not show
a large n.unber of orders of the
court as having been made, still
they have been busy. They have
had to hear all the arguments in
favor of and against the road pe
titions, examine all Kinds of re
ports, examine, cheek and ap
prove accounts against the coun
ty and attend to complaints about
The following items were
shown ou the minutes of the
court up to yesterday afternoon.
The First National Bank was
appointed as county depository
its bid having been 3 1-2 per
cent on daily balance, the bid of
the Canyon National having been
3 1-1 pel- cent.
In the matter of the road peti
tion of R. Bohnenkamp, et al. a
jury was appointed and consists
of . McCormick, John Ileman,
Irving Fulton and Wm. Homan.
The report of Frank Wurster
as road overseer of Precinct No.
3 was examined and approved.
The Jury of view heretofore
appointed upon the road peti
tion of John II. Bell, et al., hav
ing reported unfavorably upon
the proposed road the Court did
not grant the road.
The sum of $1,000 was trans
ferred from the Court House and
Jail fund to the Road and Bridge
(Continued on iaj:e Two.)

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