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The Randall County News
PuUlslii-il Kvt-ry Fril.iy.
cannot say hut wo do want to
'apologize for sayinjj that wo have
no tiro protection at all.
Great (?) Is Man.
The Newt Publishing: Company
It. A. Tcrrill, Manager F.tlitor
Kntt-ri-d iat posioWce at -iryon. Ten.. ns !
KCi'ond c;.is matter. OiTIre of puliltention. j
West tvolvn Mrcct.
Sutii-i rijit ion KhUh. f
t i,o enr. in ccn;nl y
One er. Oiilvtie of county
Six men;)'.
Two n)ni.i!.
J'i.l'crs VI. t tv,;i
nr.'i'iCNn! !ii CM'ir.
,.f IN
Wo have boon, from tirao to
time, requested by a large num
ber of our subscribers who live
in the country, to call the atten-
; tion of automobilists to the man
j nor in which they pass wagons
i."i-!!and buggies upon the public
"' i highways. Often these autos
jcome up from the rear and pass
a.-1 close to the vehicles to which are
! attached horses or mules which
Contrilmtom Notice.
Tl.o t r ty-.'.s j'afiT as r.xia t rivtsv .
Jr.m I'.nif to i.mo. i'i nxnini.-n.ns tri m .t
ri'isiVr. t'Kt f ri"!;:t't tl'.jl .'wi mi oh con-.-n.ii:.:o(.';Mi,s
to not 1. r i'.,!:':o;i:u.n.
t :!! tis.it wo n.:iN know the source from h:cl
the ar'.so'e eomes.
Heboid the animal called man,
as he goes forth in the morning
in all his glory, is kicked by a
jack ass and expires in the even
ing. Isn't he great?
He places his thumbs in the
arm-holes of his vest and strut
teth across the railroad track
;00 yards in front of an on-coming
train. His foot catches in
the coupling of a rail and he goes
to glory. Isn't he powerful?
He starts out driving the old
family buggy horse on a country
road; a razor-back hog jumps
become frightened at the ' gas
wagon" causing the drivers to
have much trouble in controlling I from behind a clump of bushes
the teams. The autoists should ! says "boo" the horse upsets the
use some judgment in these mat-j buggy and the man goes to join
He's a wonder!
.r. err. .:
.,;.1 :. or r ! s
oori 'i-uti c, h
o! The New s '
rrJV'o.'.or' '.ii-on the eh.irnetor,
si.t'.-n i J ar.y yers.T.. t:rn or
h iii.iv i. ) i o:i r '.r the eo'..;:i.r.
I l-o i.".;ui. orreetoti ssi't'V. its
the :ter:ti.:i of the j-iih:-M;er.
! lie placeth his mouth over the
! muzzle of a shot gun to blow
Railway Time Table.
No. ST ! CIo.N tX tr..
No. :.- Cr.hi..l :!.' a. m.
No. -X I...e: r.-e.ht "
X... :. froit. "iov: !. :
X-... -ii. -' K.ir.:. city... . .. . .'.: v. ra.
X-. i- L-e:.: l":o .ht - i I- r.:.
No. to .Mi:-.r...o i.
No. -i I. e.-. Pre :.!.. i "-
X.i iT. t 1' :. .r.:e.
X . I.oc..: 1 :...!.:
; r. N ::: t ..- :-- .:
-SC!. : 1 . I!,. : :
T-.:::-. N ' v . r. ti I. to'
tors. The drivers of the teams ! the angels
are even more human than the
autoi'.s and they and their
teams should have at least a por- j through it to see if it is loaded,
th'ii of the consideration allowed He accidently strikes the ham
them by law. ; mer against a tree; the coroner
- - - pronounces it suicide. Isn't he
The Commissioner's court has j independent":
acted in good judgment when; He whistle:
'Mysterious Twelve" Make Final Report to
District Judge With Soma Good
thev placed their order for the raises a five
"Hot Time' as he
;allon can of coal
In concluding their labors as
grand Jurors for the February
term of the district court in this
count j' last week that honorable
body submitted the usual written
report. In it are some very nice
ly worded phrases of advice
advice that, if heeded, will make
for the benefit of the city and
One particular portion of the
report especially covers ground
that some of the people, at least,
of this city know that should be
covered and if the parents would
heed the admonition there would
be less need for the grand jury
in the future especially as re
gards trouble eminating from
the young boy class of meddlers
We give below the report of
the grand jury in full:
To Honorable J. X. Browning,
Judge 47th Judicial District of
new inrmture Mr t ie court nousoiou ami pours u on mhho oi.i.mg icxas.
now in the course of completion. ! kindling, lie stops whistling We, the Grand Jury empannel
While thev did not buy the suddenly when the explosion oe-! ed at the February Term of the
highest priced furniture still : curs and is burned to a crisp, j District Court of Kandall County
they st locted a very line quality : Isn't he wise": j submit this, our final report for
:md L'r;i, ios and the dosigns pre-; He worketh very hard and I the term.
Lorxn. : seated show that the inside fur- steady for T years; saves a few ! We have carefully investigat-
f the building will be I thousand dollars that ought to rd all violations of the criminal
have been spent for the comfort l iws of the State of Texas re-
of himself and family, takes a j ported to have been committed
; "liver" in some class of futures in Kandall county and have re
mgs oi
:r .'. : 1:
in keeping with the
beauty and symmetry
t v. .
Thought Microbes
In a Drop of Ink.
"fi. r
W-- p.'itiv-o an article ;n on.1 of
o.u' e.X'-l.angfs this week stating
that one of the eiti.-ns of that
. county had killed a hog w.-igh-
ir.g pounds. People ill Han
da!! eo;;r,ty have killed several
larger than that this year---John
II. Hell killing on
" poanus wet.-!
Ad thi
and goes to the poor house
knows it all.
He worketh and denieth his
family the comforts of life for
e" years in order to save some
thing for Ins children after he
is dead. He outlives the child-
The "OUTDOOR" Herd
Strike Twenty No. 1K1,Ww (Anxiety-Hesoid)
Winsome Prince No. 172,-125 (Rose Stock-Post Obit) Imp.
Armour Dale No. 150.H43 (Anxiety-Dale)
One car load two and three year old bulls.
One car load yearling bulls.
Ten head two year old heifers with suitable bull.
Ten head yearUng heifers with suitable bull.
One hundred head cows with calves on foot.
turned four bills for felony and j
four bills for misdemeanor-
The public building and pre-1
mises have been inspected by us i
;nd we report them in fairly!
gaud condition. We wish, how- ;
ever, to recommend the building
of a fire proof jail as soon as the i
will per-1
teg rai
rAr r 1
Frf I V
ren. The administratttr and the
that weighed lawyers get the roporty. Isn't li nances of the county
before last, lie the limit to good judgment': , ir.it.
Plains country is a givat ' He goeth forth to seek an office ' We visited the public school
ir.g country anyhow. at the hands of the people. He ; building in Canyon City and find
: is th.en incorrupt and everybody, ; same to be clean, sanitary and
Some people call the plains a .' including himself, believes he is ; in good order. -On account, how
"windy country." Weil, what il ' incorruptible. The lobbyist, ; ever, of the possibility of a cal
it is': You never hear of anv representing a special interest, j amity from fire we believe that
property damages arising from dines and wines him: pays all
'the winds. The
careful inquiries
editor has made ' his expenses on several excur
. and has not yet i sionsdoans him till the money he
''found out where a single rosi-: wants without interest and final
' dencehas even been destroyed by jl.v asks a small (': favor of him
any wind or breeze that ever as a law maker. He grants it
blew here. Not many states can ' and is sold to the highest bidder,
say that. i Isn't lie loyal":
- . Man knoweth not one minute
In a short time the farmers of whether or not he will be alive
all doors upstairs should open
out into the hallway. Also the
doors to the entrance into the
hallway down stnirs we think
should ojion out as a further
precaution in case of fire.
In conclusion we wish to say
that our county is almost clear
of crime and were it not for the
loose and easy methods of pro-'
v. L.-n
thev ra:
'..l K'
i :.ore s a saau w
be hard at the next, and he knoweth not curing firewater- in our neign
their spring; today what mean triek he may I boring metropolis, our peace
the ! be guilty of tomorrow. let he officers could put in all their
wilP boasts of what he will and will I time fishing and playing check
1- O'.l I.:
if t!i- 1
r.-i,ps .f :;;-,( ;-;;-',t:'
tM iaakf a i-rei-t.-r L
IL'.L'd tbis lativt Ik
!.cr 1.:
this country will
ikt y.-oik letting in
ei'o; s. Diversification of
tilling aim planting ol crops
mean much for the farmer in not do, judging others by his
this section this year. Better ! standard and lives his life as if
plant plenty of feed crops and a die always intended to remain
few hogs. ihere. There is no doubt about
- ! it man is a great animal. Kx.
must la-.
:S the outsi 1 r
I rot'.y lively
TLus a dr-.ji ! M;wi'Ai'i::;
vi;i:' :sin(; ink is a
the t. .n.
;.joJ tL:
Even an editor of a weekly pa
per like the Kandail County News
is liable to make mistakes. For
some time we have been rearing
around and tearing our editorial
hair until we are almost bald
because Canyon City had taken
r.o steps towards the protection '
of the property of the city from
lire and now we find we have
made- a mistake. We have claim
ed that we had no fire proteetiori
at all. but we hae to take off our
tifiieial hat and kneel in sack
Te.vhne Local came out !
last week under r.ew manage-'
: merit, P.P. Haynes now being j
t the guiding spirit in the editor-j
i ial room. He has a very newsy,
! paper for his first edition and if
bv his first issue he will succeed
Salvation by Pipe Lins.
The colored parson had just
concluded a powerful sermon on
"Salvation am Free," and was
ir.ninnon(f t I i i t m .HiitIr?i
ceei.is up the standard pdaced , , .
' 1 ' ,.-..,.1,1 l... t.,p..n f.... ...nr,( t ..f
with the aper.
e wisn lorn
Did we hear anyone say that
they were dissatisfied with Kan
dall county': If we did all we
want to say is that then- is plenty
of room where you came from.
It don't take much room for a
smali one.
Have vou said anything good . , ,
, ; find out. Now
aoout ti;e town and county late
j the parson and Ids family. Up
! jumped an acutely brunette
! brother in the back of the church.
'"Iyiok a-year, pahson.' he in
' terrupted, "yo" ain't no sooner
done tellin' us dat salvation am
free dan yo' go askin' us fo'
: money. If salvation am free,
' what's do Use in payin' fo' it":
; Dat's what I want to know. An'
II tell yo' p'intedly dat I ain't
goin to gib yo notion until I
CI' '. ii
nd beg the
humble pardon of the peopk
Canytm City whom v.e
have so
A Csckroach Remed
j "Patience, brudder, patience,"
1 said the parson. "I'll 'lucidate:
: S'poso yo' was thirsty an' comej
I to a river.
We wish to call the attention
of parents to the depredations of
young Americans of the trundle
bed size who go about touching
fire to weeds, grass and almost
anything that will burn and we
recommend the prompt applica
tion of a good sound board to a
certain part of their anatomy
which best fits the board, there
bv saving residents much un
easiness and future grand juries!
valuable time. j
We wish to thank the Court,
the District and County Attor
neys and other county officers
for courtesies and kindness
shown us.
And now having concluded our
duties and finished our labors,
respectfully request to be dis
charged for the term.
L. K. Cowuxu,
Foreman of the Grand Jury.
Been There Before.
A housekeeper who w;
1 1 j a' ; g r. a n 1 1 v m a n d e red .
this week the editor has found : commended to try cucumber ; notion', would it':"
about fourteen fe.-t and three ieelings as a remedy for cock-) "Ob cou'se not.
inches of rubber hose hidden roaches st re v.-ed the floor with , what I "
under the stage at the opera ; pieces of the peel cut not very; "Dat water would
A new constable was on duty!
Yo' could kneel right i at one of the London police courts
;down an' drink yo' fill, couldn't j and was conducting a prisoner j
'"'-"iyo': An it wouldn't cost yo' j to the cells. j
i "Mind the step," he said, as
Dat's jest they came to a dark corner.
j "All right'' muttered the pris
be free," fner; "I knew that step before
house and with it w as one good thin and watched the sequel, says ' continued the parson. "Hut you were born.'" Ex.
brass noa! e for about a three- a writer in Suburban Life. The ;nosin' yo' was to hah dat wa-i " '
quarter inch stream. So far as pests covered the pet 1 in a short ', ter piped to yo' house": Yo'd j
to ascertain time so that it could not be seen, have to pay, wouldn't yo":'' '
Chance to Make Up.
the editor was abi-
there was but nineteen holes in so voraciously were they engag-
in sucking the poisonous
We understand that ed
'Yas, suh, but "
'Wal, brudder, so it is
w id
"Why so sorrowful, girl?"'
"We have parted forever. He
the hose
this hnse and r.ozy.le were mi r- nn is1 1; re f ruin it Tln second ! ..!,...;..., f...... 'writes me to send buck the
- - - - ' - - -- - - i - - - -. ituiiuii. is. miiiaiiM;i n:ii in i f
chased by popular subscription night that this was tried the i hut it's de bavin' it pii-d toyo';r'n!
.ome years ago for fire protec- j number of cockroaches was re-j y( got to pay fo'. Passde'
tion. bether or not tliere was dreed to a quarter and none
hat, deacon, pass de hat.'
"Tell him to call for it," ad-;
Kv-! vised the experienced friend.
Nigger Head Maitland Coal.
Globe Cattle Dip
Cottonseed Products,
Grain, Hay, LStc.
Crowdus Bros. I Hume Go.
Can You Play Forty -Two?
If so, alright. If not, then learn.
We have just made arrangements with the Forty-Two
Card Company for a limited supply of their NEW CARDS
and will send you a pack of "42 Cards" regular price 50c
if you will send us the names of 15 young persons in your
vicinity who are interested in a BUSINESS EDUCATION,
and 25c in stamps or silver. This is good for only one week
from date of this paper. HURRY.
The Amarillo Business College
Amarillo, Texas
BEING an "Old Timer'' here I am well
posted on values and know bargains
when I see them. I am in a position to show
you the best FARMS, RANCHES and
Real Estate Loans, Live Stook, Rentals
Office Building. North Side of Square, Canyon City. Texas
Canyon Coal & Elevator Co.
Incorporated. W. H. Hicks. Manager
Successors to Canyon Coal Company
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Coal, Grain, Hay and Field Seeds
We Sell the Best Quality at Lowest Prices.
Genuine "Nigger Head" Maitland
We Pay the Highest Prices for Grain and Hay
Strictly a Home Concern.
Office at the Elevator. Telephone 72
John Hutson, Canyon City, Texas
more of the huse at the time wej were left on the third night.
; cry body 's Magazine.
lymisville Courier-Journal.

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