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Vol. XII.
Canyon, Randall County, Texas, Friday, February 20, 1909.
No. 48.
Is an old and a very true
saying, and in nothing does
it apply with more force
than in the matter of saving
money. - Everyone should
save some part of his earn
ings, as it is not what 'one
earns but what he saves
that makes wealth. Start
a savings account this month
The First National Bank
of Canyon
Citizens of Canyon City Enjoy an Evening
Spsnt With the Old Blue Back
Spelling Book.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Ecker lion N. La;
are obliged to the stork for a 'and Mrs. S.
visit to their home in this city girl. Mother and baby doing
last Monday. The stork left j nicely and the father will recover
with them a great big girl wlKmi from his pomposity in a short
they have named Janet Olive. time.
It-a, ba, k-e-r, ker, baker. That
was the beginning of one of the
most enjoyable entertainments
ever held in Canyon CLy and the
entertainment was at the court
house last Friday night when
the Ladies Aid Society of the
First Baptist church gave one of
those old time "Spellin' " bees.
When the appointed hour ar
rived the entire court room was
crowded with the young and the
old and the fun began. The lirst
spelling match was among the
older members of the crowd and
John Knight and W". E. Hates
chose their sides and the fun
began. Rev. J. M. Harder and
Judge J. C. Hunt officiated with
Webster's Blue Back Speller
and the way some of these peo
ple acquited themselves was a
revelation to the younger people
in the crowd. They all entered
into the spirit of the occasion
and when the entertainment was
all over, the crowd was almost
as large as at the beginning.
After the first contest which
was won by Mr. Knight's side,
these older people lined them
selves up for a spelling match
with the remainder of the crowd
including the young people now
attending school and the young
people had to hustle to keep up.
. j All through the spelling the
t Sunday, to Dr. j'! "ay of siclinr a sylla
R. Griffin, a tincf-ble, pronouncing it and then
pronouncing all previous sylla
bles spelled, was adhered to and
the younger people did not
therefore have quite as good a
show as those who were trained
up in this manner, therefore the
old side won.
A program of reading and
music was rendered during the
course of the entertainment, all
of which was enjoyed. The lad
ies realized quite a nice sum for
the benefit of the exchequer.
of this city, who desired his offi
cial services at a wedding. Rev.
Harder soon spoke the words
which made them husband and
wife. The young couple have
gone to Waterloo, Iowa, where
the groom is in the employ of a
real estate firm doing iu large
immigration business into Texas.
Our Sister City Vutes for Issuance of Bonds for
Fire Protection by Large Majority,
The city of Hereford to our
western side last Saturday voted
upon the issuance of bonds in
the sum of !?2",000, for the pur
pose of installing a waterworks
system for the city. The vote
stood 10s for the issuance of
bonds to s against the measure,
making a very large majority in
favor of the protection which
waterworks will give that enter
prising city.
Hereford recently suffered a
very disastrous tire and immedi
ately the waterworks question,
was submitted to the property
holding people of the city for:
Block Pasture East of Canyon Rapidly Becom
ing a Fine Agricultural Portion of County.
Years ago the International
and Great Northern Railroad
Company was granted large bod
ies of land located in the Panhan
dle country on account of the
erection of their railway line in
this state. This was done in
order to encourage the building
of railroads in the early history
of the state. Among the lands
located this company secured
about 200 sections of land in one
body in this county located just
east of Canyon City. The lands
changed hands and has been
held for .pasturage until within
tne past three or four years
Canyon City Ladies Entertain in Honor of
Natal Day of United States
First President
settlement and the result of the when the people who owned the
election speaks volumes for the
enterprise of the town. Here
ford is not the only town on the
plains that needs waterworks,
Last Friday night Rev. J. M.
Harder, pastor of the Baptist
church of this city, was engaged
in giving out the spelling for the
Spellin Bee at the court house
when a call for his services was
made. He went down stairs and
met there Leslie Cutler of Plain-
view, and Miss lona Morolanti,
C9f f
Jfk. Ml! fl If
style; the p!ain, everyday sack suit, with
s or new
I out any frill
j , i .
1 tfi.- ' peat 'i whic
' 1 i .-; A.V:.-;-.-1 j-,.-.-A .
h . V -. ' vmm 1
Hart Sch.itTner Jl Mjix
led things.
art Soiemer .. IsrH
make that kind of a sack suit
a smartnsss of style to
it that takes it out of the
commonplace class, and
gives the vsarer a "tons"
other clothes don't
ell these goods be
cause we're trying to help
our fellowmen to be well
dressed, and this is the best
way we know of to accom
plish it.
Suits $17.50 to $35.
This store is the home of
Hart Schaffncr & Marx clothes
At the elegant home of Mr.
and Mrs. Travis Shaw on West
Evelyn street in this city last
Monday night, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles P. Uutchings and Mr.
and Mrs. Travis Shaw jointly
entertained a large number of
their friends in a celebration of
the birthday of the Nation's
great hero, George "Washington.
Invitations, written on card
board hatchets, were mailed to
thoseinvited and the invitations
seein to have all been accepted
for the home was comfortably
tilled during the entire evening.
The house was beautifully and
tastefully decorated with the
national Hags, red and white
carnations and other decorations
commemorative of the occasion.
Music and various kinds of en
tertainment were provided and
the entertainment became a mat
ter of history much too soon for
t hose present.
In the hatchet contest which
consisted of pinning a paper
hatchet, while blindfolded, to a
cloth on which was painted a
cherry tree, Sterling Coffee car
ried off the honors having pinned
his hatchet to the cloth at a point
the furtherest away from the
place where George, was suppos
ed to have hacked the original
tree. He got a small hatchet.
In the hunt for the hidden
stars, Mrs. David A. Park found
the greater number and to her
was awarded the premium.
Elegant refreshments were
served during the evening and
when the time, came for the
crowd to disperse it did so
Nobraska Man Well Pleased.
land began to realize that it was
fast becoming to high priced for
pasture lands and that the farm
ing class of people were needing
this land for cultivation and they
therefore sold the land, not
through goodness of heart but
on account of the price for which
they could sell it.
.lust a year ago last Monday
the editor took a trip out east of
the city and in the main body of
the pasture found that some
man had brought out lumber for
the erection of a house and barn
upon a tract of the land. From
this point that was the only
house to be seen within the
I 'lock pasture. On Monday of
this week, just a year to a day,
the editor again made a trip
through this pasture and stop
ped at the site of the present When these hardworkin
location of that house and from I farmers from tin? Northern
that point saw, within sight of States come to Randall county
that, house just fifteen hitlises, and fully investigate the condi
dwellings, besides the large tions existing here as they al
number of barns and outhouses, ways do and then invest in some
all of which had been built with- of the soil, it certainly has a
in the Block- pasture; within the great tendency to make people
twelvemonths. They were not have more contidonce in the final
"shacks'" either for they wore outcome of the country. Last
huge and substantially built, year h W. Breithreutz came
built in such a manner that they down from Wisner, Neb., and
will become the permanent while here bought land south of
homes of prosperous farmers. this city. During the-past month
Now the reader must bear in he has been here erecting a res
mind that allthese improvements idence, barns and other substan
have been made within a district tial improvements upon his land
about six miles square and does and will have it thoroughly work
not by any means enumerate all ed during the coming season,
the improvements that have, been He was in the city last Monday
made within that great scope of on his way home and to the
land. There are other sections News reporter stated that he
of it which have seen almost as was more and more pleased with
great amount of improvement, i his investment here every time
but the writer just mentions I that he came down. While only
these improvements because of ! a small portion of the land was
the fad that he recalled that it J in cultivation last year he real
was just a year from the tirst to I ized quite a nice rent from the
the last visit. ; land and expected to have a great
Randall county is certainly deal more of the land put into
coming to the front and if the J cultivation during the coming
next two or three years shows : season. Said he, "In all my ex-
as much development as the perience I have never seen a
past, and all indications show j country develop so rapidly as
that the advance will be much j this section is now. However it
greater, the time of the Ii JO acre ' deserves rapid development for
farms is drawing to a speedy yen certainly have the opportun-
close and in their place will be ities for it. The lands are good,
eighty and IliO acre farms with ' there is plenty of water at a
good improvements anil happy shallow depth and the people are
prosperous people. ;law abiding and prosperous.
! ifi ,!k .1 1 . :.. t 1 .
line now ii nei t' uns u qi x luuut.
an excursion into the Palo Dure
canyon and the scenery is sim
ply immense. I have never seen
anything like it anywhere. Yes,'
I am going home this afternoon
but Lshall certainly return. 1
like it down here."
Preaching at Baptist Church,
Kev. J. M. Harder announces
that there will be preaching at
the Baptist church in this city on
Friday and Saturday nights of
this week and that the special
sermons might continue through
out the entire next week. Kev.
Harder has made it a custom to
have at least two special series
of sermons during the year and
this meeting is to carry out his
plans for the best church work.
Mrs. Claude N. Harrison, who
has been spending tie past two
months in Central Texas with
relatives, was to have returned
to her hifine in this city yesterday.

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