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JLi. A.
Prices to Suit
""""" " W
' 1?
. Af
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These Pianos are Double Veneered, case made in fancy fig- 2
nred mahogany fiine Circassian or burl walnut, or quarter- 5
'S sawed oak of the finest quality. ' S
.-!' " We offer as our.testimonals the people who have purchased
i and are now using our Pianos. Call on or write them for. x
their opinion: Dr. W.-Pv-Baker, ; 504 Foufteenth ave., N
J Nashville, Tenn., Bishop; Evans Tyree, 10 N. Hill street. $
Nashville, Tenn.; MrsHoYcll Landers, 1603 Harding street,, k
' 2 Nashville, Term.: Mrs';"- .'"!!. Boyd, 523 Second ave., N., 5
Nashville, Tenn.; Mt. Olive Baptist Church Sunday School,
Nashville, Tenn.
- I
For Prices and
National Baptist
R. H. BOYD, Secretary,
523 Second Avenue, North, Nashville, Tenn. g
)j A ve ry pleasant surprise six o'clock
ciinner waa given by Mr. and Mrs.
' i Caas. C. Boger, at their home 1716 Jo
Johnston avenue, last Thursday even
Ung. The occasion being the anniver
sary of the birth of their son, Mr.
William D. Boger. The following menu
was served: '-
r - Salmon Salad.
Lettuce.' Egg-nog.
Oyster Stew.
Baked Turkey. . Oyster Dressing.
Cranberry Sauce.
Cream Potatoes. June Corn.
Candled Yams.
Kentucky Pone. Light Rolls.
Celery. Black Coffee.
.. Neapolitan Cream.
Fruit and Layer Cake. Candies.
Nuts. Oranges.
-At the conclusion of ths dinner
-young Mr. Boger expressed nis appre-
'I " '-elation of the kindness of his parents
I jjk , , -and his friends who naa Dravea me
Inclement weaiuer lu f iv""v
Throughout the evening music was
ChaA hv r. strine band. Those
' J. U.L . -
present were Misses Grace Frank, Ad-
die Fite, Charley Rosenberg, Messrs.
"William Boger, J. O. Battle, ,D. W.
Miss Sallie Sneed and Mr. Walter.
Rucker were united in Marriage last
week. Rev. James Finnell, of Brook s
Chapel M. E. Church, officiated.
Mr Rucker has a neat home on the
Edroondson pike where they will live.
Mr. John Hunt, of Nashville visited
relatives and friends in Brentwood
last Sunday. ' v
Mrs. Hubbard Newsome Is on the
.sick-list.-. , . ' .
Mi Sable J. Perkins has returned
fi'om a visit to Nashville. .
at,. Thnmaa Abernathy is still
V' Mr .aiidkrs. Henry Covington spent
3.v t Sunday in Brentwood, the guest
Mrs. Lucretia Woodson, after fit--
, t davV 'pleasant vacation at home,
i'-rned last Monday to her school
v. o' W on: the Harding pike. ..
'r Woodson, - of Columbia, visited
1 u wa, Mr. Mitchell Woodson, last
"i Crockett, the Brentwood gro
rrryan, ' offered to the one buying
' the largest cash purchase a $05 sewing
ttiachine. The contest grew hot and
narrowed down between Messrs. Alex..
and Haywood Baincs. These
-two Kentlenvb.il stubbornly disputed
- .-ry S or sronnd. but Mr. Raines
ll the bassos.
rr vmj fc-i c: '.are: ssslJL
:-zVv. L-i!
Terms Apply at
Publishing Board.
finally came in on the home stretch
and won vthe machine. Mr. Raines
was highly congratulated by a large
number of friends.
Masters Denny and Eugene Perkins
and little. Miss Lillie Perkins 4ne
sented their teacher, Mrs. Cora Fields,
with a very ntce Christmas remem
brance, which Mrs. Fields highly ap
The Brooks . Chapel Sunday School
seems to be quite interested In Sunday
work since the Christmas holidays
Last Sunday a good number of tne
children came back to school who had
been absent foi some months, also
quite a number of the married ladies
came in and Joined the school, name
ly: Mrs. T. A. Thompson, Mrs. Lucre
tia Woodson, Mrs. R. E. Johnson, Jr.,
and Mrs. J. C. Crawley. Mrs. Wood
son and Mrs. Crawley entered into
an agreement with each other that if
either of them Is ever absent from the
Sunday school any Sunday she is to
pay a fine to the one that is present
(5 cents) and the money is to go to
the Sunday school treasury.
Bishop Evans Tyree will leave for
St. Louis, Mo., Friday en route to Kan
sas City, Mo., to attend the Mid-winter
session of the Bishop's Council of the
A. M. E. Church. H will stop over in
St. Louis and at other points, reaching
Kansas City by the 17th. After the
sessions are over he will return home
to spend the remainder of the win
ter In quiet rest.
A reception in honor of Messrs
James and Palmer Ransom, of Louis
ville, Ky., was given at the residence
of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Anderson, 639
Bass street, last Tuesday night. Quite
a delightful time was had by all pres
ent. Frappe was served by Mrs. Nel
lie Williams. The guests present were
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. DeWees, Misses
Maggie Hargraves, Annie Rucker, Rosa
Shelby, Tabitha Claybrooks, . eoleta
Black, Loam Alexander, Johnie Denny,
Artie Ransome, Messrs. Bias, Mem
tosh, Joyner, Jones, Fisher, Harrison
Roberts, Battle, Hargrave.
The Pythian Choral Society wil'
meet Tuesday night, Jan. 15, 1907, ai
Pythian Temple, 428 Fifth avenue
North. All members are requested to
bo present. By order
; A. W. W. UPSIIAW, President.
i MISS MARY WORKS, Secretary.
1 a; 1
m t 5 " ,
i 7 i
: r. ' 1 1
(Continued Jrom Page 1.)
hope the next legislature will sweep
every saloon out of Maury county. It
a the white man's saloon that makes
the negro rapist and other criminals.
rt-Treesw .to me that there is so much
practical work of ThlrkiadLto be done
that we ought to stop wriUnlTnwr-
paper articles about the "negro prob-
em" and "the white man's country"
and go to work and do something to
uplift humanity.
The Fisk Literary Club held the
first meeting of the new year at the
home of (Miss Lucy B. White, 218
Oarteenth avenue, North. The meet-
ng was opened by the reading of a
salm by Mrs. C. W. Brown and
prayer by Dr. Grat. The minutes of
the last meeting were read by the
Secretary, Miss Lillian Bright. Words
of encouragement to the club were ex
pressed by the President, . Mrs. C. H.
hlllips. Mrs. P. R. Burrus, Chairman
of the Art Department, presented the
ollowing programme:
Solo Mrs. Preston Taylor.
Essay Art, Mrs. P. R. Burrus.
Solo Miss Lucy B. White.
The club was favored by a short
but very interesting address from Dr.
Sarah Grant, who is traveling in the
nterest of the Orphan's and Old Folk s
Home, of Alabama. Short talks were
made by Mesdames Hadley, Bright and
Miss -Benson. At the close of the
progamme an retired to tne tuning
room where a most elaborate and ap-
etizlng luncheon was served and good
will, cheer and wit reigned supreme.
n a few well-chosen words Mrs.
Brown returned thanks for the Club
to the hostess, after which each guest
departed, expressing themselves as
having thoroughly enjoyed the even-
ng. Those present were Mesdames
H. Phillips, C. O. Hadley, C. W.
Brown, P. R. Burrus, M. J. Bright,
Misses Janie Benson, L. A. Bright,
Lucy B. White, Cerella, Brown. Visit
ors, Mrs. Taylor and Dr. Sarah Grant.
The Christmas social given by the
Misses. Hendricks Friday, December
28, was first-class in all respects. The
parlor was beautifully decorated with
evergreen, mistletoe and Christmas
bells. Music and song were interest
ing features. At 1:30 o'clock the
mother of the home, Mrs. Martna
Hendricks, invited all to the dining
room, wnicn was supplied - wim
a . It I XT-
choicest viands. The ; ladies present
were Misses Anna, Rosa and Eunice
Hendricks, Lula Thomas and Mary
Fite, Revs. R. C. McLendon and J. C.
Russell, Messrs. G. W. Haynes, J. J.
Gren and W. A. House. The latter are
students at Fisk, University. Much
credit is due Mrs. Martha Hendricks
and Mrs. Emma Dozier, who gave
much assistance in arranging for the
The Congregational ( ud C. M. E
Sunday-schools had their Christmas
tree conjointly on the evening of De
cember 28, at the Congregational
Mr. Lee Grooms was a guest at the
Second Annual Banquet of the Peo
pie's Mutual Benefit Association given
in East Nashville on the evening oi
January 2.
Mr. Mack Dozier is here visiting rel
atives and friends.
Mrs. ate Cole spent Christmas in
Mrs. Willie Finch, who is appreci
ated for active church service, and
who was among the first persons of
Goodlettsville to subscribe for the
Globe, will continue to be a subscriber.
Mr. Ernest Baker has entered scnooi
in Nashville.
Mrs. Martha Hendricks spent last
Sundav at Edeefleld Junction with
her daughter, Mrs. Nettie Gee.
Prof. Rideout reopened school last
Monday morning.
Mrs. Martha Payne visited Nashville
last week.
Mrs. Parlee Clayborne was with her
friends of Goodlettsville last Sunday.
Revs. R. C. McLendon and J. C. Rus
sell were abundantly cared for last
Sundav at the homes of Mesdames
Kate Utley and Utho Grlzzard.
..Miss Jane L. Crosswye entertained
at her' home on the evening of Decem
ber 31 a large number of friends.
Candles, nuts and cake were served
On the evening of January 3, Miss
Katie Dozier entertained a company
of friends at her home.
On Thursday Mr. Ed. Ridley and
Miss Fanny Ward were united in mar
riage by Rev. B. G. Strong.
Misses Esther B. Darden and Mary
Eliza Batey have returned to the city
after spending tho holidays at home.
Mrs. Eva Sneed left last week for
Earlington, Ky., where she will spend
a few weeks with her sister. Mrs
John Phillips. .
Mr. and Mrs. John Hill spent par
of the holidays visiting in Huntsville
Mrs. J. C. Fields spent two days las
week with the Perr'; family.
Miss E. M. Perr,f ; and Mr. L. Turner
were in the city tonday.
The fireworks &tertainment given
by the Misses 7. -er was enjoyed by
MISS J . Y1' C
Sue - Bucutan t ; i
visiting Mrs. Mj't ' '
Mr. Did: V.rn!o v.:.
with rheuueatisra, L i.
Mr. and Mrs. Will
. iy a nt day
bt-rii down
Inz slowly.
-Wl-son, ol
Nashville, spent several uiys atji2-
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ross, of Nash
ville, spent the Christmas holidays at
Mr. Alonzo Goodman, of Nashville,
spent a day during the Christmas
with his aunt, Mrs. Henry Covington.
Mr. Maners Ross, of Nashville, spent
a pleasant Christmas in Lavergne, the
guest of Mrs. Henry Covington.
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Davis, of Lou
isville, Ky., spent the Christmas here,
visiting their pareDts, Mr. and Mrs.
Dick Wade. They returned to Louis
ville Sunday morning.
Mr. Littleton Wade, of Dyersburg,
Tenn., is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Dick
Wade. -
Mr. Wllburn Covington, of Nash
ville, spent alovcly time with his par
ents during the Christmas
Miss Sylvester Wade, of Murfrees
boro, is visiting here, the guest of
Miss Janie S.' Wade.
Mr. Jno.-H. Polk spent Saturday iu
Mr. and Mrs. Ned Woods, of Nash
ville were the guests of Mrs. Dick
Wade Sunday.
Mr. Ranzy Goodman, of Nashville,
spent the Christmas in Lavergne, the
guest of Mrs. Henry Covington.
Mr. Llpskln Goodman and sister,
Miss Lena McKnight, spent the
Christmas at home. - -
Mr. Henry. Magers, of Nashville,
spent the Christmas here, the guests of
Miss Sallie McKnight,
Mr. Eddie Lyghtle, of Nashville,
spent Christmas here. '
Miss Anderson, of Murf reesboro, is
visiting Miss Janie S. Wade.
Mrs. G. B. Brady recently enter
tained at whist assisted by her daugh
ter, Mrs. R. C. Eason, of Nash
ville. Dancing and whist were
the order of the evening. The
guests repaired at a late hour to
the dining-room, where an elaborate
collation was served. Walden colors
were the decorations of the table,
The guests of the evening were Mes
dames Preston Scales, R. B. Mecks,
Jas. W. Wright, of St. Louis; R. C. Ea
son, of Nashville, Misses Ora Greene,
Gertrude Lewis, Alva Booze, Maymie
Lee Jones, Nettie C. Cox, Anna Bur-
ford, Cassie Battle, of Wralden; Misses
Mamie J. Ganaway, Florence Jackson,
Matilda Houston, Ada E. Sims, of Fisk.
Misses N. M. Manson, Melissa Ransom,
Elaia Williams, of. Murf reesboro:
Misses Carrie and Mary Page, of Nash
ville, Tenn.; Messrs G. L. Williams,
W. Hill, J. H. Gilton, Joseph En
glish, W. A. Lewis, L. T. Kelly and
Burford, of Mehurry; A. R. Ewlng, of
Nashville, Tenn.; R. C. Eason, Wymon
Brady, of Walden University; Messrs.
Preston Scales, Olden Lindsley, W. H.
Davis, R; B. Meeks, Elmo Bond, J. B.
Sublett, E. W. Greene, of Murfrees-
boro, Tenn. ,
The Harvest Gleaner Club of North
Nashville, entertained at the residence
of Mrs. Frank Sapps, 1501 Phillips
street, Monday night, Dec. 31. The
house was beautifully decorated for
the occasion with ferns, mistletoe and
bells, which presented a brilliant sight
as the guests arrived. Games and
dancing were enjoyed until a late hour,
when a four-course menu was served
In the beautifully decorated dining
room. The color scheme being pink
and white was fully carried out. Mrs.
Jacobs was assisted by Mrs. Sapp in
serving the guest, while Miss Nettie
Andrews kept the register, which
showed the following: Misses Julia
Harding, Esther Webb, Katie Polk,
Willie Washington, Tenny- Perkins,
Nona W7illiams, Maggie Cockrell, Myr
tle Parker, Nettie Andrews, Julia Pope,
Mary Beasley, Corlnne Webb, Alberta
Perkins, Messrs. David Washington,
Edd Polk, Richard Thompson, Adam
Harding, George Britton, Earnest Fri
erson, William Jacobs, Willie D. Price,
Felix Harding, Arthur Fite and Amos
Allison. Misses Sadie TIartling and
Esther Webb presided at the piano.
The ofllcers of the club are Miss Ethel
Crowder, president; Miss Emma Wil
liams, secretary and Mr. WWani
Jacobs, treasurer.
The Pythian Hr.ll Association held
its annual meeting in the reception
parlors of the Pythian Temple, Fri
day night, January 4. All the lodges
and courts that own stock in the
building were represented. Reports
of the officers showed that the year
bad been a successful one. Election
of officers for the year resulted as fol
lows: President, Preston Taylor; Vice
President, A. W. Fite; Secretary J. A
O. rough toil ; Assistant Secretary, T,
Clay Moore; Treasurer, J. O. Battle;
Bookkeeper, J. B. Batte: House Com
mittee. A. W. Fite. A. W. Cleaves, J
Thomas Turner.
1 1...
We manufacture K. P. Lodge Banners
as per illustration given above, at prices
according to quality of materials and
trimmings, ranging from $50 to $75 silk
embroidered work from $80 to $110; hand
embroidered bullion work from $135 to
$260. Specifications furnished on banners
at any price desired. :: :: ::
This thows a very popular design for
G. U. O. of O. F. Lodges. Front made
of white flag silk. Lambrequin, or Cur
tain, of red silk. Painted m gold leaf
and oil colon, back of red banner sateen.
Trimmed with imported gold lace, fringes
tassels, etc. Hardwood pole, wood cross
bar, rain cover and holster. Prices $60
to $75. Any of the above Banners will be
made for any other organization at same,
prices, changing emblems and lettering'
to suit the Order. :: :: ::
For further Information write to
National Baptist Publishing Board,
R. II. BOYD, Secretary, r
523 Second Ave N. Nashville, Tenru
Rev. Mr. Fitz, a returned missionary
from Africa, and a native of the West
Indies, will speak Sunday at 4 p. m.
A special program will be rendered.
All welcome.
Mr. Wiley Anderson, of . 609 Bass
street, was Lost to a jolly stas party
at his residence Monday evening, in
honor of several cf his friend's from
Loulsvillo, Ky. The evening was spent
in true conventional stag stvle yarns
games, cigars, cigarettes and ginger
ale. A most delightful lunch was
served dutch supper style. Those
present wore J. W. DeWees, J. O. Bat
tie. A. A. Underwood, Crow and others.
. ' . M
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