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JUfJUfJU VUJiiJV jjjiJo.
Vol. II.
No. 3.
not i
Icism. A1
)f unjtj
KTt IFnc tn Tin Ifo AVlllta
the lUggcst Fragment.
Thinks iiicy Are Behind the Senate's
Agitation Over Browntille, and
U Heady for the Issue.
Special to New York Times
Washington, Jan. 19. The Repub
lican situation Is far worse to-day than
it was yesterday, and the Senate leaders
to-nignt Know tnat tney are m io
worst box of their lives. The Presl-
rfnnt and tho npnwrats have ?ot them
in a corner and are squeezing them
against the wall.
To-day the leaders, while not aban
doning their efforts to pry the Demo-
i rais on, ioiu:eiiuaieu v-uen mam ci-
forts on the President.
Every con
"7 livable sort
of pressure was resorted
tn Thav iiM tholr ntmnsit trt cot. him
to join with them and send out word
to his followers that he would like to
have them vote against the Black-
burn resolution.
Failing that they pleaded with him
to say one word drop the faintest hint
that he was indifferent, did not care
which way It came out, so that they
could use that with the insurgent Re-
publicans As a result of their efforts
the President sent out word to his fol-
lowers directlv contrary to what they
lUWeiS Ulieujr jr w
xt 4vi,v j vMn,,imia
No more pitiable and naicuiousi
. , i . . i
Dcv-iajc , Vooq QoTiaVnra
time. A few days ago tnese benators
11 nnt m0 -"w no -.,
Foraker on in his Brownsville resolu-
tion and almost openly declaring their
lntentlon to "put the rresiaent in
hole." Not only that, but tney vere
working on a scheme to 'show him up
hv introduc.inir a resolution censuring
him for Executive usurpation and then
maldnsr speeches reviewing his public
Now to-day they are abjectly com
are abjectly com
Ing before him on
their stomachs, be
RPorhlntr him to save them from being
L, .
is his
enemies, and to do it by stultifying
lutlon drawn ln his own Interest-the
very resolution in all essentials which
his friend IMm introduced in his be-
half and was induced to abandon.
mi. t u ta ho niro ho tip.
1UC wuiot ui ii 10 uiat, iv,
gro who rolled o
foot of a preacher whom he supposea
to be Whitfield, but who was not, they
"rolled their selves in the dirt for
nuffin'." The President, who on all
... . i,-- aa
PreVlOUS OCCaSlUUS lioa icawuucu 1,1
iv. u . .m,i0rv oimniv Pn
joys the spectacle they are making
r: . , u
.tnemseives ana reiusts LU uu uiuvcu.
tts ,.!, I iV,ot tria nl warntiv nna
, , 11.-1. ivi. .iinnnntin hot,
1113 View 18 Uiat ima unsaid, u
. . a . nn
or years. iuw,
i, i. ri-i.u..' ..nlnt nn
mroufiu uiauiiuuiuo
tables are turned. has them down
for once, and why should he take his
hands off?
That, ln a paragraph, is the Presl
dent's opinion of the situation
u" - -
no in vpnro has ro aroused him
,..t, ..i
this urownsvine Dusiness. u to
. fc ... TT J ..IUm
ances about how he would stand im-
neachment before he would rescind his
order show how thoroughly
v,, v,w hrrt,,o-hiv wnrkpd
behind his
lished, and
he is. But there is more
attitude than has been published
here is what it is:
lie thinks that the corporate Inter
es s on wnom ne na w
i 1 i
th dareorauackh
question of V" "fl
therefore they are endeavoring to de-
1 thp ho Tders of the negroes.
over the shoulders oi uie "fb w
it, nnt thp rare auestion, but tne trust
question over wnicn iue
YpttSdav the President was not
.... ,
the UlacKDuin
V v i i""0
, 4-n Aav TO-llflV lift tOlU 1113 SUir
he is to-day. l oaay w ww ll.
porters and iX tS lta House
when they came to the White House
r,? h
ffnVfnpf A flghthe told
:i r ho hPPn , made against him
them, had -been made .a lim
tne ltepuDiicaus cyci o.v
office, and he had never fought back
to the extent of a show-down. Now
the time had come . and the question
might' as well be settled. '
The President does not favor any
resolution which will be satisfactory
to the Republican leaders "who have
been against him on corporation ques-
tions, and who would now wrest con-
lc its old affiliations."
He is thoroughly disgusted, not only
with his Republics enemies, but with
those half-hearted Republican friends
of his who have not the nerve to take
his side. He said Lodge wa3 the only
one of the leaders who had backbone
enough to stand up for him
The Senate oligarchs tried to get at
him first through Senator Lodge,
his friend, and that failing, several Of
them went to see him themselves.
Every other argument falling, they
trotted a bogy which never befored
failed to bring the President Into line
the bogy which made him quit his
Democratic allies on the Rate bill at
the ast moment TnIg bogy a the
spiit-in-the-party bogy,
The President has always been mor
bidly sensitive to the charge that he
was splitting the party or was within
measurable distance of doing it. To
1 Trwa 7 hV listened to
avmont with an mimovable Erin
T, told hlq senatorial suppliants that
f0ja"" ea
ll lllc ija' VJ .
"yJ !SiSZ
?"""7 "vwn resolution
e siae 01 tne "iacilourn .-
Furthermore, the President tooK
every means in his power to see that
his wish about that big fragment
should be realized. He sent for his
friends and told them Just what he
thought and wanted. Tbey are full of
enthusiasm and determination, wubi
of them are rank-and-file republicans,
who have never had so mucn as a
I , .t, ant.,
' look-in at tne conclaves in tuc Qcuait
1 . . .1 ivt
ol garchy, ana ior once mey umi
. tprt voara ftiPV
rn eir lllllc uaa wmc. x ui j -
have looked up to the Sannedrim wnn
,mmM1infl tairpn off their
.Mov.edth.at the third I
drlch's committee room. Now- tney
jr compellers running
,loa an hin? the
a . mM ,rnm thft Rjtn.
MOf . mit ftf flnimos-
f"l"i3 ol1 thfl awe and mvs-
W tt" " '
lery 13 soue
The Democrats also display unwont-
Pr erit. Usually all that is necessary
to make the Democrats back out of an
- impregnable position is for Aldrlch or
- impregnable position is "
- somebody to come jmuiui
cratic side ana say: -yome,
I . , , i l VnlnfV moon Y
good ; wnats tne us ul ua
This time that and everything else has
This time that
ed in vain. Tinman stays .
of camp, and Teller ana ,
fuse to tell how they will vote out
Stone is in line and all the other Dem-
ocrats aie immovduie.
ThP npmocrats have counted noses,
i i, i
. . .
I A Tinritofi Thov io
majorny ior iu n. -w
not assert that they have it now
-though they have nearly he required
number, but the five or six necessary
;a thpv onnnt on cettins from those
yvc.-o w.v, w - - . r
- Uho do not dare fight the oligarchy
of unless sure that the President will ap-
I 0 on.i that there is a chance of
i -
- . ...
V iv tui jr .
t nrtirn oTrpr Two mierviKHS nitu iuc
iicomwn, ,... -
ho h thft JiiaCKDUm rCbUlULluu, uuw V
wr - - . , rt4 ta ponnhii.
parea to , - 7"hIg
M.UPS fellow3
in the machine, and hoisted the msur
ui iukvo " ' - . .. .
entnag. bui
. n tt. i. . rh tn urnrir frn nr.
inl noqpq and IS connaeut mat iucm
as lns noses' ailu. i u
,ni ho pnrnen iteDuomau vutco
- - ..o n," Vhm resolution.
ii u -a- ...
i'- fourteen He and the
S?un. Les' !?: t i vStorv
un fresiaeni aie nu .u-vM.
thathnrtheflgM and I bT
resolution iu
rr A Crnnnaf Tinm Tin TrlenflS
- JT7 Tanov. Knox
LILC 1 icoiuvui-i " cry - -
said yestenlay that the Blackburn res?
this writer,
wont commit himself, and the Presi-
won,1 nredicting that he
It Lot,8c-
m .,., y,aQr.A that thp
lieveriuge, uavms VI
ii-tPii that he would
C 7u V" MmflW. went to the
White. House to-day and assured the
nn. p-M jont thnt hA woman i. ne saw
,,io on piip of WashinetonLu fl'.toi ronnrt to the Club, which
Ul llliuwio "
. V,Q lT,olir,,,. pnmn
to n Vo-dayrbu7 ATddch kept in cot,
etant telegraphic and telephonic com-
by munication and was kept advised or
h t hat)I)ened. Both will bWk
J to-morrow,
Pursuant to Call Mass Meeting Assem
bles in St. John A. M. E. Church
Much Interest Shown in Coming Na
tional Endeavor League.
A representative body assembled at
rti T 1 k W f 1 TtT- s- 1
jonn a., m. m vuurcn weunesaay
night to attend a mass meeting called
to penect arrangements ior tne enter-
tainment of the National Allen En-
deavor League which convenes In this
city In July. Dr. E. J. Gregg, or Jack-
111 . "M 11 i. At X J I
sonville, Fla., the secretary of that de-
partment in tne Airican jvieinoaisi
Church, was expected, but owing to
unavoidable hindrances could not be
The meeting was called to order by
Dr. Boone, pastor of the St. Paul A. M.
E. Church, who read Romans 12th
chapter and offered prlyen The choir
sang "Nearer by God to thee.' Rev. I.
H. Welch, D. D., Presiding Elder of the
Nashville District, was elected chair-
man. D. A. Hart, President of the
iccai league, was eiectea secretary.
The President called on Dr. Halgler
to give to the meeting the information
he had concerning the meeting to be
hem m July- ne siatea mat ne
ln ful1 possessions of all particulars,
uut lua1, LUO "tt"uuuun-
aws governing national meetings out
common consent it was agreed to
hp povprned bv the lntormation in
hand- The representaUves from the
various churches were caiiea ior. ine
following named churches were repre-
sented: St. Paul, baiem, rayne nap-
el and Ebenezer.
it was moved that one or more be
appointed from each charge. Car-
Rev. Boone was elected from fot.
taui; m. juuu, -
ly; Payne Chapel, Mrs. M. J- Mar-
snaii; UDenezer, ur.- iwuwu ouuui,
I l-1 tt 1tToiia Turner Mrs. Kl-
0cucui, no. - . "
1 n..unn fin-mmittaa. ronnrton
ieu ouaLLUu. vk w
Lmn and asked for time.
v ,
Aiovea mat tn v.uuiuiit
U me to renort. Carried.
nignt in eoruary
committee's reports.
Moved that the mass meeting re-
nRSpmble at St Paul. Carried
After the meeting adjourned
were invited to the bas&ment where
. . . r..rt.A
reiresnmenis weiw bchcu,
"Roosevelt is no braver than many
. has fallen In the
But he ha3
! ',:,r a Krr efln-
' T 1) H V1MU11. . A
- fl brought to
- " 7, hv vice of any kind
a heartt sIm.
JJg JusC have combined to
pie, 'JKPVPw. falth ln
i i r;r; u a iiwuvtv - - -
God and his belief in the common hon-
I . , nmmftn man nnseared."
I ttUV mo v-ui"."" .. .
I Thus . niMiti
hig ..Roosevelt: a Dorce ior ivibuu-
.. In the February McClure's.
Successful contemporary portraiture
gQ rare an achIevement that an ar-
... nt vfr whitn's merits
licit; Htvo uiu r- - -
I 11B11Q, atfontion. Throughout he
, tne sureneS3 of touch d
...,i uiHnn that have dis-
" , of
UUKiU&ueu "ul"
I r "-- oajQrn Incn.rprl RO
nis na ssnirea inuecu. nevm '""f"
...... ... . , il
- " ior lUSUlUCe, tuuiu v,v.x,.
11 ,fA middle.aged, middle-sized figure,
ZV against pudglness, simple,
" - . , .... iv ivt
- boyish, direct; impulsive u
I A intn arofir nr wniiiii. uuuiau
rne core, wim uia uuu ' - -
' j dniooa pvpr for his
i . nfinmon fnr
menus uuu ma on-vj.v.
xio enemies a giuuy v Y"".
whom he never ha3 to blush . . .
! iv mivture of the cheerful Idiot,
"-f ..., hA v,ntnin
he and creVof the" "Nancy Brigg'-a
mn 'hn ones the undisputed thing in
T," wnv
" "J . ui.
Mr. White's, analysis
1 ,1 tt V t atti ATI fl ril 1 Q PI HIM.
caree ex-
most brilliant an
TTTT. r, im
rru womon-o Ttav Home Club met
in continued meeting Wednesday, Jan.
. " , f tho
1 I1C UUIU" W w
al cluCK lu tUT5
k'. ?on T7t'-, nuonne. .south. Tne
'', "7 t r.. 'Naoler. proi
ceede(, with the business. The Treas
tt. sorptarv renortea.
I LUC llllcliivi" v- - .
to - i,, with mnrh n easure.
Mrs A B. Carter, the Secretary,
L,,"-' ,th hP,r renort. telling of
e prospediy of the Club in the wise
COUncll of the ' wornn associated to-
gether, and predicted mat it naa coru
to stay. We have no selfish motives
I in the movement. We only intend
Sam Swana0n. a carpenter, ap-
hoi n nnr ronA T Jzt ftiA mnfflfira vhn
have small children in the neighbor-"
hood of the home send them or bring
mem to us. we are nopeiui oi our
beginning. We Only ask the help of
our mends in the work.
Dr. J. E. Wells made the report of
Ltk 1, : ,1 4- .1,. la nKi I
tiic ruaueigai ten wum, nuitu i VItr
greasing. The young ladies she vis-
ifod in connection with the. work clad-1
hv atrrw to elvA for the benefit of
w I
Home a concert on Monday night,
Feb. 4. Donations of anything that
vou can afford to give we will thank-
full v receive
Mrs T 3 the First Vice
president, made the report of the con
dltion 0f the Home, which was en-
After tne rep0rts were made and
received, the visitors were introduced
as follows: Mrs. Preston Taylor,
Mra. Jas, scruees and Mrs: Boeer.
virh PYnrpccpH herself a helne well
pleased with the work, and gave us
L donation '
Tlie election of officers was next in
0I1(jer There were no changes as all
ne member were satisfied with the
way present officers had conduct-
ed tne business. Mrs. J. C. Napier,
L.hn waA pi opted President, saiil: "La-
ri(1(ia T nm nrnlld a Bav T am thankful
that' mv work with vou has been sat-
igfactory and that we have done so
welL It ls my deslre tnat the Club
will SUCCeea tniS year ana tnat tne
public may be benefited by our efforts
in gatnering the children from the
I n, fmm horm
elevating them above crime, and help
j the mother wn0 nas to leave them
aone and g0 out to make a Ivlng for
tnem- it Is the desire of the club that
all wn0 know of parents or children
that need its benefit shall report the
factg to some member so that the case
may receive the attention it desires,
We are at present, prepared to care
for several children. Again manning
you for your confidence."
The 0ther officers elected ior tne
I r t n n i -ct t- ir
year were wira. 1. i. ocum tum
I " . . . -r -r- t-1 O A
iresiaent Mrs. j. a. uusiey, otwuu
m t? RattiA.
i vice r j coiucui, si. -...u. ,
Third Vice President; Mrs. James
-aA rhaniain' Mrs. W. O. Tate.
Treasurer; Mrs. A. B. Carter. .Becre-
tary; Dr. J. E. Wells, fnysician in
Respectfully submitted,
mu M.AMinn Tr of rial -
timoTe, Maunder dale of Jan. 19,
inn ii h fiinwine-!
1907 contained the following
ToWnr, M8tnr
1 . T ' U ? 'rhnXTh 7h,h h s
Ul. w,u ""1't r.tr.r" C r
i nirnmPV IV 1 T W HIllJl.e JUL W 0. Uu
"" P"VR 71 iri the Circuit Court
the CircuU Court
"TTJL VVfn, VTuniaw-
" , "" T August
" 'e Dr Johnson look a cm a
?t'J, 3T Z a Irrv to
i i . m r 1 1 n 1 1 ni ni iuii i.vji iiui lx j
t d the meeting of the Niagara
j f o-rv in
I iVIUVeillcIit, UUU da uiumu "
I Ihe Jim Crov c p .
f d t0 d0 s0 and wag ejectea.
IU..Undr the interpretation made by
theUCourt of Appeals in the Hart case,
lnterstate passengers are not affected
,t .L.i..i n,ia MP
i py ine IVlcliyiauu ocyaia " "
u rcin ho. hPPn to Nashville.
, n WM at one ume an employee
. lt. ri. i nnti p,-hHchinp-
01 tn.e ttLluu11
1 lioaia.
. " " , it. . , ,,1,1
The divorce suit oi Mrs. xseme mi-
liama against Clarence Williams,
wh,ch has been pending ln the Chan-
eery iiu. t
-i j. fra urn a eott prt
w m liivur ui una. 1 1""""""
uwtvu - -
Hr mnm n? n wns uuuuu uvn iu
r "
As the days grow longer the crowds
iarrpr nt PHnre Herrman's en-
SSlnmSu. Among his patrons
during last week were Lawyer and
Mrs. J. C Napier. Rev. R. H. Boyd, D,
t-iii m,.n. A
D, VV: .. f ' :, n , "5
IIL I rl Q 11 CTn TOFH I VI IS I11M1UU 1. LlkllkiJ UUU
daughter Rev. K. W. D. Isaac, D. D.,
hj. T. Noel.M. D. and wife Lawyer
- -
Ll' TS tni R,r. Dr. R.
v. Bovd. of Boyd Hospital fame; C.
I ' v ' . " ,
N. Langston and wife, Rev. wm Lrait.
nu crptorv Mat ,n Y. P. U.. and
I 1C u - , T,
li: w Ti Isanc. Jr.. oi tne Lianon. it
hs no loneer necessary to say, "Go to
- Eee Prince Herman' for everybody
has acnuired the habit. It is, how
nas acnuireu unuu. o,
tver. timely that we si
patIv." unless you wish to stand. The
.--.F ,
pn?nepmpn ,s for next, week are at
Bethel A. M. E. Church, Monday
Li2ht. Jan. 28: Sylvan street Baptist
church. Tuesday night, Jan. 29; Fif-
teenth Avenue Baptist Church Wed-
nesqay ana udy n.Su. "
and March 1 ; Braden Chapel M. E.
to I Church, Thursday night, Jan. 31.
U KJS I ,I!IMK 111
lllllinpP I PCI HI IIUHH
If 111 1 A llL llll.
rv f S4.41 T1 1
UU UllllU UCUIlil ?
CP. AffC hlCVCIl XCJirS.
' '
o i nr cur ivoAtf wi.Ua
IB am. OHAflOVii V " iinu;
Sam Swaiison, Who Kaped a Little"
fcleven-jear'ofd Colored Girl,
Out on $1,000 Iiond.
Another white man has been ar-
rested, charged with the dastardly
crime of criminally assaulting an in
nocent eleven-year old Negro girl.
Angry and determined Negroes have
been seen on the streets all day '
Thursday and Friday, and at one, time
auring i nursaay evening crowds were
very determined to find the assailant.
This is the third case that has been
reported to the authorities within the
past nve or six montns, wnicn aoes
not mean that more have not been
i-umimuuu. it mn'WB iu uc ycij
dangerous for a Negro girl to be alone,
when white brutes are In the vicinity,
inrl none ever nunishert for their
Sam swanson, a ruffian, in the im-
1e of a man., who had a wife, is the
vriiiain charged with the crime. It
appears that the child-victim, little
Georgia Wheeler, eleven years old,
waa employed at the boarding house,
no. 147 Fouith avenue, North, to do
the light chores, and at this same
place, her assailant and his wile
"Little Georgia," as she ls generally
. ... . . ,.x, iv.
1 called, reportea to ner iauier tne act
I . . .. . . ..
nI ner -moral muraerer, - ana ner ia-
Lu - v, -nraC!a
Luei at uiict; i cpui lcu uaun.itoo
crIme 0f the brute" to the officers,
cno t nnra arreted and
taken before Justice Dodd, where it
appears he is allowed to go almost
scot-free, as his bond was fixed at
only one thousand dollars, bucn an
outrage upon the children or any peo
ple ls enough to make strong men
much less ancels weeo. The aues-
tkm has been asked, How long will
the officers of the law and the guar-
hlians of the sacred sanctity of homes
countenance these shameful crimes
on the part of brutes In the guise of
men. A man has bee.n turned loose
who dares to step too farThere are
some scoundrels who are not satisfied
I .
with the assaulting of our women, but
ward the cradle-they will take our
babes to satisfy their lust. 0 God of
Justice, how long will the authorities
vink at such nefarious crime by al-
i . i
lowing such villains out on Dona ana
bond that signifies nothing?
I - ,,,, . . .
1.1 uilJ KJa fHcnrla will SPA if
tue 1 u ' f 7' , Vf 7rW
there is jus ice o be had and if crime
will be punished, when c ommittec 1 by
one who chances to be of the proud
Ane o-Saxon race.
I , , . f
It is a noticeable fact that when a
white man assaultiM ro JJJ:
or when he even is charged witn taK-
hnr -thp hahes from the cradle, he
"... n.i.
seems to get but little notice from the
reporters of the daily papers and those
who are supposed to hand out justice.
The uanner ana uie uuwicau ium
arceiy find a place small enough in
their papers to report the arrest This
i f onnofirprt tn tnp AmericiLn r ri-
i uaj .
- , ,
nenred before Justice Dodd Wednes-
: . , i j
r. ' em nf
the Criminal court in tne sum u
n,00O, to answer a charge of crimina
Ucoanlt. Swanson's victim is aliegea
To be Georgia Wheeler an 11-yearjM
colored girl. George Wheeler, father
of the girl, swore out the warrant. The
assault ls said to have been committea
at 147 Fouith avenue, North, where
Swanson and, wife boarded, the victim
serving as house maid at this place.
Bond was made by Swanson."
This could not be found unless one
would look among the reading ad's.
How different it would have been had
the color of the persons in the affair
been just the reverse.
A crazy man named Alfred Womack
was arrested by the police Wednesday
and carried to the station. A niece
of the man who came to the lockup
to make Inquiries about him, said
that although the man is out of his
mind, he is harmless. She also stated
that he frequently runs away from
his home at Chorry Valley and comes
to town. The niece will see that b.5
is sent to his home,

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