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Mr.-- and Mrs. Alex Primm, of CS
Donelson street, entertained at din
ner Sunday in honor of their sister,
Mrs. Lee Pate. The table was laden
with the delicacies of the season.
Those present were Mrs. Ed Nesby and
Mr. James Madison Primm. The
guests retired to the sitting room
where they were highly entertained by
the following young ladies: Miss
Mary E. Nesby, Maggie A. Beard and
Kate G. Berry.
Miss Willie L. Allen, who recently
left for Chicago, 111., on account of
the illness of her aunt, is expected
home in two weeks.
Mrs. Batts lost her sister, Mrs. Rosa
Burton, last Sunday.
Mrs. Jennie Nelson, who has been
very sick, is reported better at this
The many friends of Mr. Edward
Kelly, who reside in North Nashville,
will regret to learn of the swious in
jury which he received recently to one
of his eyes. His eye is so afflicted
as to cause the entire loss of ilie sight.
Mr. Henry Osborne, of Gallatin, was
rtctnt visitor to the city. - -
Mrs. Eliza Battle of South Nash
ville, who has spent quite a time with
her daughter, Mrs. Lewis Bryant, of
Sixth avenue, North, has returned
The marriage of Miss Izora Gray,
of Crawfordsville, Ind., formerly of
this city, took place last Monday even
ing. Miss Lula Outen, also of Indiana,
was the maid of honor.
Miss Wilodean Jones, of Third ave
nue. North, ha3 been somewhat indisposed.
Mrs. Scott, of Sixth avenue, North,
is very much indisposed
six o'clock. The funeral services were
held at Kayne Avenue Baptist Church,
Revs. J. C. Harding, Green Thompson,
J. L. Harding and the pastor offici-
f ating.
Mr. W. A. Anderson entertained in
honor of Mr. T. W. Maddux last Wed
nesday night. Those present: T. W.
Maddux, A. A. Underwood, P. Perkins,
David Nelson, A. L. Anderson, J. W.
DeWees, Britt and Williams.
Mr. T. G. Ewing spent last week in
Lebanon, Tenn., attending to some
very important cases in which he was
attorney for the defendant. Itis said
he won his three cases with all ease.
Rev. W. D. Chappelle is back from
the Bishops' Council.
Rev. C. H. Clark will occupy hi3 pul
pit on Sunday at Mt. Olive Baptist
Church after an absence of several
weeks, in Savannah, Ga.
Preparations are being made for
good spring revivals in all the
churches of Nashville.
Rev. Wm. Beckham left Thursday
for Bowling" Green, Ky., where he
ppcko Thursday and Friday night.
Mrs. Princo Ella V. Willlams
Abrams, of Houston, Tex., 13 contem
plating a visit to Naslivme in tne near
Bishop Evans Tyree will speak at
St. Paul Sunday morning.
Dr. E. S. Randals, of Clarksville,
Tenn., was Is. the city last week.
The lecture and entertainment at
St. John A. M. E. Church last Wednes
day night was quite a success.
Mrs. Fannie Dillihunt departed this
life last Saturday night. Srwas a
faithful Christian woman and well re
spected by all who knew her. The fu
neral services were held at Kayne ave
nue Baptist Church with Rev. A. Parr
Mr. August Caruthers, of 90G Mc
Campbell street,is sick.
Miss Bettie Ashley, who has not en
joyed the best of health this winter, is
rapidly improving.
Mr. Oliver H. Brown, of McCamp
bell street, Is quite indisposed this
Little Dayton Arabele Hart, the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Hart,
of 1726 Jefferson street, is quite sick
with pneumonia.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Cole, of Thom
son street, are in smiles. Little H. C.
Cole, Jr., smiles also when he is not
Miss Fannie Mai Rhodes and Mr.
Ernest Foster were married at Clark
Memorial Church at the close of the
future while en route East.
Little Marie McKinney Singleton, morning service last Sunday.
dnughter of Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Single- Mr. S. P. Toney, of 1700 Patterson
ton," has been very sick with rheuma- street, who has been confined to the
tism for several days, but Is improving house by sickness for some time, is
slowly. able to be out
Rev. P. H. Kennedy, Superintendent Mr. William Broyles. who has been
of Missions for the state of Kentucky at Mercy Hospital for several months,
and General Missionary of the Baptists Ms rapidly improving,
of the proud Blue Grass State, spent Little Merrill Work, the son of Mr.
two davs in Nashville this week, look- and Mrs. J. W. Work, attended church
ins after some new work along Mis- Sunday morning for the second time
slon fields for his stale, of his life.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Napier left Wed- Miss Sallie Ezell, of East Nashville,
nesdav evening for St. Louis, M.O., is suffering with neuralgia,
where they will remain for two weeks Miss Bessie' Matlock, of Thirteenth
visiting relatives. Mr. Napier will avenue, North, who has been sick for
,: V" , n.m fnr. spend a while with his mother and about two weeks, is able to attend to
ml. O.UU 1I1IO. 1 i-il uuvuuuvu, iw. ,U' Hfrn VTorl.lt. HtMI ffVIYI 0 1 tl V, or. r. V Dill. r..V.11V!
morlv of 1?.aat Main afreet havfi Sut, unc mia. ' " . ur. uunta at uic j.usi uunsuiug
'J " " v.-., ' - 1 1. 1 . kn ininat ilT hop I IInn
LMUUlcl U.UU uia uc, mi. ouu i.i.. i iina. cuci ouu mai uu 13 oiutt. a, I, iiei
D. Langston. home on Hynes street
Hundreds of children attending the Miss Sallie McBride, of East Nash
grammar schools as well as the high ville, is still seriously sick,
school, were promoted last week.
The Fifth Avenue Baptist Church is
showing signs of much improvement
under the pastorate of Rev. J. W. Gard
ner, who has only recently taken
Mrs. Ed Nesby, of Hamilton avenue,
entertained a limited number of her
friends at dinner . Monday. A tempt
ing two-course menu was served.
Those present were Mrs. Lizzie G. Rid
ley, Mrs. Lucy Brown, Mrs. Anna
Montague, Mrs. Lee Pate and Mrs.
Alex Primm.
erf East
Mr. Samuel Williams,
Franklin, is on the sick list.
Miss Sallie B. Williams is the guest
with Miss Gertrude Lewis, of First c5nse. "id 19 be n?Jly ,asils
avenue, North. "7- " " of her sister, Mrs. Felix Southall, 811
uTra TWa AWro nf st T.onia Ma S. L. Ownes, the three trustees, who ,. . .' . ...
,cifw Tra TUznrh p.iovpa nf 254 arc giving yeoman service.
wnwVa cwt Mr. Elmo Bond and Mr. Preston
MiM flpnrHafihPlhv. of Fourth ave- Scales, of Murfreesboro, were in Nash
ua Brwntii iiaa rotnmpH tn her wrtrk ville Tuesday, Jan. 22
Rt. t'hft Rantisr Publishing House. Miss Molly Sheppard, of South Nash
Preston Taylor.
Telephone QJ5.
Funeral Directois and
449 Forth Avenue, North,
Nashville, - Tenn.
1 Vir. i --'
: - v I .wi
Zrm!- .. ait
si.- .WlA
' " v. HI
son, Mr. Idela Maybervy, Miss Sou.
Chears, Miss M. B. Rogan, Mr. John
Mayberry, Mr. Geo. Darden and Mr.
John W. McColum.
Isaac Wallace, who lives on North
Second street, and who worked in the
market, was struck by a First street
car in East Nashville Wednesday
morning and received severe injuries
about the head and hips. It is thought
that he received serious internal in
juries. He is, however, at this writ
ing resting easy.
The regular bi-monthly meeting of
the Fleur-de-lis Club was held on
Thursday evening, January 17, at the
.residence of Mrs. D. A. Hart, 1726 Jef
ferson street. A goodly number of the
members were in attendance. Mrs.
W. R. Baker, the president, stated
that there was no special topic for
discussion, consequently the ladies
discussed the leading topics of the
day. Many interesting talks were
made, all the members evidencing un
usual familiarity with the live ques
tions before the country at this time.
The members of the Club are doing
Battenbuirg this season, and each- lady
present was working some beautiful
1 Mrs. Lizzie Harper, of Montgomery
City, Mo., cousin to Mrs. Hart, the
hostess, was a visitor, and was intro
duced to the Club. She made an in
teresting talk and expressed In the
highest terms her pleasure in meet
ing the ladles engaged in sucn a
grand work. After the business ses
South street, Nashville.
Mr. Tom Doyle was in Nashville last
Miss Sandy Mayberry. of West fion the ladies repaired to the dining
Franklin, was in town this week. room and were served to an elegant
tvt- n rwi f -r. vt n vr,,.,! 1,, IT, o I vonn ct
- """I' - - I . . .. m 1 111. mill 1113. HI. V-,. Ul vi""'"
Tia Marv A TiimRnn of Ninth ave- ville, underwent an operation lues- , , xui v Tho rinh hna bepn in existenpo sev-
j '- j T 00 j I . i' tauniiu, yvcio iu iiuu vine luis wceiv.
nue, North, is suffering from the el- Kay, Jan. u, and is resting niceiy. ReVi R M Seymore was in Nashville en years, and has accomplished much
rects or a coia. "ls". uw"' Sundnv in art ana tne nome
Mr. Wymon Brady, representative Nashville n Williams, of House
of the Nasnvine uiope spent &unaay c """" Z ,bl(ir;T avenue, was in Nashville Wednesday,
in Murfreesboro, with his parents, Mr. Ky., left Friday night for Chicago to D Willlam3 wag Iq Mount
and Mrs G B Brady. spenu a lew iiiuuiua wiiu uei auui ui
There is to be civen at Pleasant that city.
Orppn Church. Mondav evening. Jan. Miss Frances Walker left Wednes
28. one of the most promising con- day morning for Courtland, where she
certs ever worked ut ny the choir. will teach music at the Baptist Semi
Mrs. Ann Collins, of Cedar street, nary.
whn Borne months azo was stricken Look out for the Murfreesboro foot-
with naralvsis. is still very sick. ball team of 1907. They will be in the
Mlsa John D. Thomnson. of Nash- field with a No. 1 good team. They
Pleasant, Tenn., Sunday. Mirs. Bettie Phillips is on the sick
ur. Miller, or Fogg street, Nasnvine,
was out last week with Dr. A. G. Mc- Rev. James Finnell and wife, Mes
Kendey. srs. Geo. W. Voorhies and Ed. Bills
Mrs. Mary A. Southall and little drove overtoPlsgah last Sunday eve
son, Frederick u. soutnaii, or sn ning to administer sacrement to Mrs
South street, Nashville, were the guests Leah Phillips, a sick member of
of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. N. C. Brook's Chapel M. E. Church.
Rev. Allison Ridley, of Waynesboro,
Gto. 0. Boyd, Jr
J. f'rauk Kittle.
Fist-Class Horses and Buggies To Let
Our Raggage Wagon will call for
and deliver 3 our parcels.
Short Wood and Coal Orders promptly dellrered.
Horses Beught and Sold,
900 Joe Johnston Ave., Nashville, Tenn
7 20 '06 tf
CH110 & Gordon.
410 UMm Street. Thone 1285.
The Rest Variety and the Most Reliable
Shoes Made.
I All tT.1. I II III IUIIIlI. LIU 111 U, V ,
rrt 1 1 1.-1 Avrif - n nir rt A rr ' AT T n rt ll G c n- I '
Vine, lenn., nas ueen visumg uu r? u w !, a, uuc , Mrs. Hnzel Dovle. of South Franklin, nvnn r.roheA n verv IntfvreRtine
Air. Josepn vv. uevvees bpem a lew 14ft mt,---. Rfrppt Nashv 1 ft. L'ninMr m lnct Hnnnv
aunt, Mrs. M. L. Brown, of Pratt City
She was entertained Friday by a num
Amnns the number was Mr. Lucius Damon Lodge, K. of P., installed
Foreman Jeweler. Miss A. I. Purcell its new officers Wednesday night. Dr.
and Miss J. Bradford. Miss Thomp- J. C. Crawford, G. C, officiated. The
son is very much pleased with her stay following are the officers: C. C, J.
at 11
Britt, 140 Thomas street, Nashville, o'clock a. m., last Sunday and also at
7 p. m.- After the services Mrs. J. C.
Crawlev Dresented a very nice BiDie
IIPPRIP PARTY LU Paotl UUU mciilkcio vii, muuuo
M. E. Church, which was
HT TVT TaV Tnfnfla nf 1111 I , l U 1 -lrt4-
..." " ri i..t- T itr ni-i n tti t Hff P I U1. ttuu AUio. uuiiii uaiuw, vi miiiuy d. V U I CWilLCU.
in tne cuy. -me wmmynw v. ""'"M Pearl street, gave a surprise birthday Mr. William Watson, our wide-a-
vorter. w., wm. Boger; m. or r ., s. J. unanct
Miss Carrie B. Page, who nas Deen ler; M. or tlx., J. h. liatte; m. at A., u.
party Thursday, Jan. 24, in honor of wake farmer, has just purchased a
the guest of her brother Walter Page E. Gee ; I G Willis Jones , O G For th , the house a nt of i m
M Hf.. aa V rt n vf-ii ir fin Trt thfl I I ' ri net Til rl Inl rC 'I'f 11 otnnO lfllllt-l I ' .
of Murfreesboro. has returned to the Ernest McGuire; Trustees: J. O. Bat-
city. She will leave Thursday for tie, A. W. Fite, J. Thos. Turner,
Franklin. The delegates from the various
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Shannon enter- Pythian lodges held a meeting in the
talned at their residence, 1285 Third reception room of the Pythian Tern
avenue, South, Monday night, Jan. 13. pie last Sunday afternoon and organ
was beautifully decorated with flow- cash, balance on time of 1, 2, 3 and 4
ers. The guests began to arrive at an years. We predict for Mr. Watson
early hour and throughout the even- great success in his undertaking. We
ing the spirit of the occasion was en- only wish that this country was tinea
tered into heartily. Music and games with men of Mr. Watsons make up.
avenue, soutn, wonaay mgni dan. 10. pie last sunciay arternoon ana organ- th rinclpal features of the Mr. Whitfield Phillips, of Nashville,
Those present were Mr. and Mrs Ben i,cd by electing A. W. Fite, cha rman, evening thJ music navlng been fur- visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. An
Reeves, Mr. and Mrs. Scales, Dr. D. B. b1 A. A. Benn-tr. Secretary. All the nigned0'by Messr3i Wm. Brook, D. J. thony Phillips, last Sunday.
Clothing, Hats, Etc.,
PHONE 3223-L.
Varley & Bauman.
8i5 Union St. Phone 600.
The Beit Variety aid the Most Reliable Place
in the City.
Dry Goods, lotions, Cloaks, Etc.,
Bob Robertson.
PHONE 3223-L.
The Castncr-Knott Dry Goods Co.
200 Fifth Are., N. Phone 020.
The Largest and Pest Stock to Select from
In the City.
To the Madam of the House:
Heed Servants
Call Main 2160
Hunt's Employment Office.
Miller, Miss Mary Tage, Dr. Kershaw, lodges excepting Harmony were rep
Miss Hattie Cantrell, Mrs. Narcissa resented
Jenkins and Lou Brook. At a late
M. M. TWIl Tovlnr f.nt nT1 u.. T ...I.,. iuuuwui& menu aa vu.
iJlsiiup, mi. aim inia. jjnuiii mr. wiiuuu nuu misa ma.ij' LJUUla" nfivllpd Vinm Sandwiches
av. aiiu luiii xi iiu o,ilx mio. uu. uiii-iiauaii. ui ox xaiiiiciu avenue, aim
Music was furnished hy Mr. Clark ana a few of their friends cave their cou
Mr. Shelton. At ten they retired to sins, Miss Mary Myrtle and Mr. George
the dining room and were served sal- Drew, a surprise party last Monday
night. Music and games were enjoyed
and fruit and cakes were served
Messrs. James Cannon and Will Gip'
Tnon salad, cheese, crackers, fruits
cream, cake and wine.
Mrs. Jesse Smith., formerly or
Nashville, but now of Louisville, Ky.,
is in the city on business matters. She I. t.
will probably remain auout two or Rev. w. S. Ellingto
three weeks. pastor of the First Baptist
Green peas.
Cream cheese.
The Women's Baptist Missionary
and Educational Union will hold its
regular monthly, meeting Friday,
February 1. at the Third Avenue
Rnntist Church at 3 o'clock. All are
Ice cream. Mints
,ir0w Micooa Vpirnn Dskcid to be present as business of im-
uies duuuu aim vvmuip- muac i'tu .v wvB , .... - i,..... vl
son left the city this week for Weok), Moscly, Clara Prierson, Bessie uarrett, pui u w -
I 1 . IVAi Mno 1 Ann I o vn OQ MQriO f tLLlUll Ul w 111 v, v 1 w-nv w
n, the popular Stockell. Brucie Mai Ewing, Virginia fc;;7 ".
iaptlst Church, Whittaker, Addle Fite, Mary Whitta- or Ute ill l.
Mr. T. W. Maddux, of Normal, Ala., Spruce street, is suffering from the ef- ker, Myrtle Kirkpatrick, Enma James,
is in the citv the guest of his brother, fwts of a heavv cold. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Voorhees,
Mr. J. C. Maddux of Kayne avenue. Mrs. Lucy Rhodes is now teaching Messrs. Samuel Houston, Joseph Web
Rev. Amos Parr, pastor of Kayne millinery on Thirteenth avenue. South, ster. Richard Perkins, James Hunter
avenue Baptist Church, preached a Any one wishing to take lessons will Ed Allen, Hugh Cox, Herbert McBride,
soul-stirring sermon at 11 o clock last call to see her.
Sabbath. Miss Malissa N. Wims is suffering Darden, Charles Walker, W. A. House,
Mr. Unphrus Maddux, of Ivory with her throat. A. Brock, Geo. Reid, A. Fite, H. Fite,
ctropf la kpHourIv ill. A limitod rmniW Fathered at the .Tpssp. Fite. Thos. Webster, Wm.
Rev. J. II. Lawrence, of Chicago, 111., home of Prof, and Mrs. J. B. Batte last
is in the city visiting his brother, Ilev. Tuesday evening and spent a pleas-
E. M. Lawrence, of 1027 Thirteenth ant time. Those present were Mes-
avenue, South. dames Mary Cardiman, Laura Reed,
The Willing Workers Club, of Mary Saunders, Misses L. J. Ilalfacre
Kayne Avenue Baptist Church, will and J. V. Dixon, Messrs. Randal Har-
meet Monday night at the residence of diman, Taylor Saunders, Edd Buford
Mrs. Lucy Amos, of Overton street. and Mack Buford.
Mr. E. G. Lawrence, of Ament street. Mr. Geo. Gibson is slightly indis-
who has been slightly disabled, is able posed.
to be up again. Br. II. T. Johnson, who visited the
Mrs. Annie Dillihanty, of Edgehill bishops' Council, passed through the
avenue, who has been sick for some city Monday en route to the Florldo
time, died last Saturday evening at Conference.
to be held on our first quarterly meet
ing in March. Do come and elp to
make this great movement a success
nnd a credit to the Union. Several
have subscribed and we hope others
MA ien uuga , ie Um likewise. Please bring your
Fr.jik Tatterson, Arthur Bell, Milton Mr1"
rtrnnka. John T. Barn 33. S. L. Mar
shall, Lee Roy Barnes and Wm. Stock
M. II. FLOWERS, President.
M. P. HADDOX, Secretary.
Mrs. Adelia Mills, of 1807 Jefferson
i,un f TPa ef MacViviiiP t t.hfi Utrppt. entertained last Sunday alter
. . . -. -.i ii m..,i I l linnnr nf her H nil "Tnt Pr-ln-iaW
residence oi Air. uiieius, mat turauaj uuuh m
nio-fct Tlmsp nresent were Mr. and Mrs. l. U amis
' 1 - i ., -
Trn C. a. Hart. A. Scales. J. O. Mat- A sumptuous amaer
thev, C. E. Garrett, Miss vvma uonn, ami umt
A mask party was given by a clab of
nresent feasted to tne
Miss B. McCol, J. Rogan, W. Douglas, health of -Mr Mattie Ml Us whose
Miss Sallie Chears, Miss Jessie John- birthday they were celebrating. The
Globe reporter did not know how old
Mrs. Mattie Mills was, but deemed it
best to forget Seated at the table
where Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Mills. Mrs.
Carrie Baily, of Chicago; Mr. and
D. A. Hart, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mills,
The table was laden with delicious
viands, and all present enjoyed this
elegant dinner to the highest.
Turkey with giblet dressing and
cranberry sauce, green peas and chick
en salad; spaghetta, candied pota
toes, celery, pickles, etc., and banana
cream and fruit, cake, black coffee
and crackers was served.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. II. Richardson,
of 1207 Phillips street, gave a birth
day party in honor of their son, Henry
D. A two-course menu was served;
the colors used being pink and white.
The hours were from 3 until 6 p. m.
The guests were Misses Enone Wain
wright, Vassa Simmons, Lena Waters,
Mary Beasly, Julia Pope, Lucile Box
ley, Ollie Young, Blood and Tennle
Perkins, Cordelia Smith, Minnie B
Davis, Masters L. T. Crosthwait, Hen
ry D. Black. J. A. Black. Wm. D.
Price, Woody Baker, William Jacob,
Andrew Allison, Alonza F. Wade, Wm.
Royster and Wm. Smith.
A number of handsome and useful
presents were received.

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