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The Nashville Globe.
n..i i: -l.j . t?,:.i .v.- v. evm
a. odd Fdiows iiaii. No. Fourth Ave-
nue, North, JSashvule, ienn.,
Telephone 4333-1
J. 0. BATTLE Editob
Entered as second-class matter January 10.
lyoo, ai mc pusi untie av naauviiici iiuwr
see, under the act oi Congress of March 3f
,- . . i . . ii: x K'.ni..P:h. nAMAa-
7 I
No Notice taken of anonymous contribu
One Year 1 50
One Month 15
Single Copy 06
Notify the office when you fail to get your
cents per line for each insertion.
Contracts for i.ooo lines to oc taKcn in m
' - . . t I
i . i
AvPrt;s;nr eonv should be in the office
" r .
not later than Tuesday 9 a. m. of each week,
Any erroneous reflection upon the charae
or corooration. which may appear in the
coiumns of thb NAbiiviLMS oiuutt wm
Send corresnondence for publication so as
to reach this office Monday. No matter in
tended for current issue which arrives as late
Thursday can anoear in that number, as
ThuTshdUary i.' pres. X
All news, matter sent us for publication
andihouU be accompanied by th
of the contnbutor; not necessarily for puDil-
cation, but as an evidence of good faith.
hp THE
The marchants of Nashville as a
whole are wide-awake and progress
ive; this is a fact that is self-evident,
and it seems from the many im-
movements they are making in the
way of securing larger and bet-
ter Quarters both by lease'and pur-
chase and the erecting of new ' build-
chase, and the erecting ot ne Duiia
mgs ana remoaeung structures aireaay
massive in architecture, that a
wave of prosperity is floating in their
paths Every citizen af Nashville is
proud of the city's progress and, we
.. . .. '
believe, rejoice at the erecUng of every
new building and at every improve-
ment tending to beautify their home
abode, and this is especially true of
the Negroes. They like to spend their
money with the concerns that show opportunity and loot the Island, was up and let the wori,i Bee What you caU pastor oI the new Twelfth Baptist pany was under the Insurance Com
the greatest signs of prosperity, and sufficient alona to warrant Swetten- pretty. St. Luke's Herald. Church, took a collection at his church mittee's probe, the prospective col-
since this is true, we are led to won-
, .. , i j.. i
aer ll ne acts wisely in bu uuiub-
Does the merchant with the big store
want his patronage? We know some
. I
do not, but we believe there are oth-
ers who do. We take the liberty to
mention the firms of Hirshberg Bros,
and the Timothy Dry Goods Company
on Third avenue, North, and heartily
commend them to our readers, but as
for the rest we are in serious doubt,
our patronage they would find time
to give audience to our advertising
agent sometimes, and would not al-
ways greet him with the gruff reply,
"Too busy to talk to you to-day." We
judge by this treatment that they
have all the business they want or are
only desirous of the patronage of
white people. Negroes would act
wisely to consider this point, and
particular attention to the treat
ment they receive on entering stores.
If the merchant wants your trade he
win treat you wim puuitu, iu
1 a i. 1 i-V. At!i I
will train his clerks to do the same.
We take special pride in vouching foi
those whose advertisements appear in
these columns, and as for those that do
not we merely ask you to watch the
course of the straws.
Oklahoma, which will be admitted
to the sisterhood of states this year,
providing a constitution" is adopted
that meets the approval of President
TJnncPvplf la holding: a constitutional
convention. The democrats, who are
in control of the convention, are una-
ine it rather hard to draw up an in-
.tnt thai will please the south-
xv. ,1 (nnl fartlnna nf tha.t
em aUU UIO iau' , -
party, and yet be acceptaoie w tue
x- xv..
President, If Mr. Roosevelt vetoes
the constitution, as we have stated
above, the admission of tne territory
Will be postponed.
The President with characteristic
directness sent word- last week
through the territorial representative
in Congress, that if the constitution
was adopted with a proTision to pre-
vent railroads from orotectlnff their
nnonprtv rliir'nor Jahnr tronhlwi hfl I
wuuiu vcw uio Wuui uununu.
i J j. iv. V .1 - i x a I i
This, it is said, is tne second time
that Mr. Roosevelt has Issued an ul-
timatum to the convention. The first
objection was to a proposition to die-
V. i XT .. J .I.UU.L If Jl . I 1
crow cars.
From the reports sent out recently a
appears that the opposition to the
Negro has taken fresh courage since
the Brownsville affair has been given
so much Drominence and now several
ntw BmniHAB. m
or Arncan aescent nave oeen mtro-
duced and the "Jim crow car plank
revived. The conservative democrats.
influenced by advice from the party
leaders in Washington, are trying to
er tnev will succeea is not ST;tiruenL I
. .1
- " - - m - i
Tnfl Aiirnnma ff tha innvnnf An'd 1a.
AUC wuw.uui mo puIOuUUu. "'r11' UUJCBB tu Ir -
liberations will be watched with in-1
terest, for it tne constitution is made
so as to limit the rights of the cltl-
Veit to aiscnarge tne instrument at
' If we are to- take utterances and
actg as aQ index of what constitutes
disposition or inclination of a per-
.. . ,
" ucvioiuu ui.tcu
given the Negro, If given at the hand
or a wnite man, can readily come
... ... 1
either before the fact or after the fact,
without investigation. This is a con
sideration that has long been endured
in the Southland, and whieh finally
wended its way to the executive ehair
of the nation. Is now taken up
wIth impunity by the host of officials
actinS In thelr various capacities,
While there may have been other
vaw At nnt
mat were oeneaui uie sunace in tne I
11. IV . ' M . x I
Swettenham-Davls Jamaica affair that
warranted the kicking out of Admiral
Davis, the disposition shown by him
x- . -m xv.
... ' . " 1
to take absolute control of tne
island while yet on his way, and the
statement made by him that he was
hurrying to the scene for fear tne
. ..
Negroes would take advantage ot the
ham's action. Thinking that Negroes
a,,-.r,y .nv r r,n i
Admiral Davis thought he would be
X- II J 1.1.1. J ... M
free to sail over and kiek and cuff a
few while the Negro-hating element
at home would cheer him and nomi
nate him candidate for the presidency
Admiral Davis forgot or didn't
know that the population of the
island is overwhelmingly a Negro one
and that there are over 488,000 of
them to 15,000 Caucasians and if the
Negroes were so disposed they could
loot the island whenever they desired
to do so. Instead of Swettenham be-
ing compelled to resign, Admiral Da-
vis ought to have been reprimanded
for the offlclousness which provoked
the treatment which he received.
We have noticed that there is a dispo
sition on the part of some of the white
people to disregard the separate street
car law which was enacted by the
state legisiature and known as the
.,Jlm Crow .street Car Law The
obJect of , we underfltall(j
it Ig t0 separate the colored and white
n!lssPnOTrs ftn all Htrt rnm nnpmtjui
L the state The law W6Qt lntQ ef
feet on July 5, 1905, and with but few
exceptions there has been a eeneral
acteptance of the law by Negr0a
ve have noticed that white people
are not law-abiding in this direction,
The text of the law reads about as
follows: "White passengers board'
I n c thf rar aro to RPAt from tho froni
to the rear. Colored passengers
boarding the car will seat from the
rCar to the front." This appears, and
would be lnternrp.ted. that a whit
noATurm. nn.)lni n fX-x n - .V...U
lii uuiuiu6 ouwiuu OUUUIM
i. ... .
take tne seat rarthest front, the next
passenger the next seat, and so on,
each seat, being filled toward the rear;
the colored passengers vice versa. The
colored passenger always obej tiitilon lu owa petarij. Toe rallroadi of
.i ; . I . -
law, but white passengers boarding
street cars sit anywhere except where
they belong. We have noticed cars
coming In with not more than a dozen
white passengers, .one on each seat.
while fifteen or twenty colored
naRBflnep - rs wnulrl ho r.rowded In LhflLhllo tho Thnw nnH P'plct vmirrlnr til.
uuc. iu ui car, Buwe ui uiciu uuyjr-
i. -m it.. ii. I
ing the two lengthwise seats, witn
plenty of empty seats in the trout of
the car. Borne of the conductors have
attempted to carry out the law. They
. - 1
white passengers to the front, out as
general rule no attention Is paid
to the transgressors of the law If they
perchance belong to the' white race,
The attention of the officials of the
state, as well as of the streetcar com-
nnv u hprphv nri tn t.h.A r.nndJ.
I ... , I
tions. we nope tney win De remeaiea
ere the summer returns. Some or our
DeoDle arc forced to ride on the cars:
their work demands it, and in order
to give their time to their employers
not De aone wnen tnev live ereat
m . . . . 1
- i
TonnAti nnUoa ihmr non itova I
There are hundreds of Negroes In
Nashville who have
never "bowed
their knees to Baal" (the Jim Crow
iaw - DreaKers. xney wouia, we ue-
lieve, carry out the law to the letter If
they were forced to ride on the cars,
Th0 onfn.(nff nf i,Hcio .nta n
, ,
far as concerns our people, appear.
w w
very rigid; but on the other hand the
only violations noted are when some-
rhnir Ovtrotnol opnflntl.inal npniira a
0 .
it . i .ii. , i
was uie caso vneu a wane man m
1 , . I U -- 1 .il... I
uussy im hwuuub ueiiiwrauou
ran down an aged colored woman on
Third Rvpnnft North noma timfl rn
Some one ha3 said that Springfield
has more pretty girls than any other
city in the Union. The other fellow
declares that this some one is blind.
What sayeth thou?
-Springfield (111.)
Now, if the Globe wants to show up
the "Nashville Brand" and the Spring-
field Forum would' like to show up
SnrinKfields nrettiesL why. lust rui
Snrlnrflo1fVa nrottloot- nhw ina imi .
mf. Jeffries fought Mr. Bob
have looked them over, we will show
you something from "Old Virglnny"
that Is fit to keep company with
- A
. A 4. t . t11l ,
.v ....j,.. u. viuiuuii,
,1,fnmo, nntofflnnMP
. . , which
ville Brand" of pretty girls in a
beauty contest against Springfield and
"Old VIrglnny." Fit company for an-
gels! Why, the Nashville Brand is
the nearest approach to angels that
Inhabit this mundane sphere in our
opinion! The Globe Is not backing
Hrnrn Wa ora wHIH-nor fn nnfai. o
h . . . . . ir,,. ..Jof the ereat outcrv aeainst this action
1" ' ' 6 ;
8pr ,gfield , flrSAt PV6 ,
I n rn In mil .laaa Ad f no r.4 Tn.fl rrYi
niw m uui viooo. no iixw r "t" -
on rnma fnr
v-.w --.J I 0 - - wx. vv.v
a fight."
The Temperance people of this state
seem to have old John Barleycorn on
the run. The Senate by an over
whelming majority passed the Pendle
ton bill this week, which makes the
Adams Law apply to the whole state.
The measure now goes to the House
of Ronrpfientnt Ivpq ono if it ia QQori
hv that horlv It will ho nn to aovern.nen(er
or Patterson to sign or veto. The bill
will doubtless meet with a deter
mined, fight in the House from both
the whiskey interests and the tern-
perate anti-whiskey men. It Is the
concensus of opinion, though, that
even if the bill passes It will not ap
ply to Nashville.
A report of a speech made by
President Roosevelt last Saturday
night before The Gridiron Club. . an
organization of Washington news-
paper correspondents, in which It was
alleged that he said, "All coons look
alike to me." has brought forth some
mora ovnlonotlnno Pnncoirolf nrnh.
I vx1,.l.uuu. "uu
i . . ... .. . .
aDiy tnougnt ne was speaking Delore
the Pickwick Club.
The government has been hoisted
the West refused to make a special
rate for the soldiers who are to be
transferred to the Philippine Islands,
The criminal Negro stands a very
poor chance to get a long write up
ais are m progress.
editorial opinions from thf
w w " " I
colored prfrq .
political Recognition.
The Democracy of St. Paul, with a
Negro population m tne city or z,bw
and 10'000 in state Sives to the
- - - ' -
policemen, confidential messenger to
the Governor, one State messenger
6er ana six xsegroes nning clerical
Piacea unaer democratic uovern-
v auu Avuuuvuuo uiiiiin vluvo i
C0Unty are one deputy clerk in
County Auditor s office and two bail-
Kansas uity, mo., recognizes ner
colored citizens. A clerk of the Po-
1Ice Court fiUed by Mr Nelson c.
$2,800 per year; assistant
aia-icierK. ivir. jciixuer jacivsou: a uoiureu
- 1 1 r TTtl . 1 1 . 1 1
, , , i
r ooV,i Mi,MB v, iif;
-. iioii nr,A r.rrt nL,,i.mt tA
ui xxcui auu iivo oooii3i.iuiLa. j.i i
mail carriers, five clerks in cost office,
lour colored street foremen, with 12
men in each
The ma-
Mnrlrv nf . tht RtrPPt nor trnrk lavp.rs
- . man ,naaaantrara T, ho
banks, Janitors in all large buildings,
about 50 Negro chauffeurs, at least 500
colored coachmen. Every leading ho-
lil mil. tl.lll
tel. DOth dining, kltenen ana Del
' d rf The stew-
ard3 0f an leading clubs, Kansas City,
The Elk, the Eagles and others em-
DlOy COlOrea men.
Minneanolis M
iTinnnnnin Mnn nmninun Vi ..ro
imuucauuiUi lumuii cujuiuio wet
, d - , the ' ost ofnce two
' I
man clerks, a former member in the
Assembly, four colored police, two
colored detectives, colored Fire De-
oartment Colored women and men
can be seen clerking in department
stores, etc. Two ' colored teachers.
The colored population of Minneapolis
is about 500. The Buffalo (N. Y.)
Gazetteer and Ouldc.
- ,a,,., r,aetPftnu r t
The Jamaica Catartrophe-Qov. Swet-
tenham's Act.
Th parthnnnV. ut .Tnmaipa was sad
hnrippn Tt ahncvinir in thP px-
treme. We presume the great major-
ity of those killed were colored Jamai-
cans Their brethren in this country
certalnlv have our svmoathv. The
nrf.lnlr Y,a,ra. nyyy cv)vinohir Tho
ing money to send for relief. A West
India cricket team held an entertain-
ment last night at Cambridge part of
a r. ,v,.v. vQ n cm fn,-
AZ m
last Sunday night for the same end.
Kftv. shaw is a native or Jamaica, rnei
,' xr" Ti ,x ,a.i.i
we nublish to heln the cause. We
trust the suffering ones may be speed
ily relieved.
Queerly enough, a sensational inter
national incident has attracted the at
tention of the world in connection
with the rendering of aid by this coun-
try. We mean the orders of Governor
Swettenham to Admiral Davis to auit
I fho laland with hla tl'OOnS Tn RnitP
in this country and supposedly in Eng-
land and in Jamaica, we cannot help
. . .
i auminng tne Jamaican governor ior
Lnurooa onn cafmoitv nnrt wa fppl U Is
. v.v.vx..0 "" 0 j ----
o TOhnloonmo lpoaon to our own roiin.
try. v Under the "Big Stick" policy of
President Theodore ltooseveit our
country is presuming too far with the
landing of soldiers in foreign terri
tory. The Boston Guardian.
Negro Mail Order House.
Chicago has the only incorporated
Negro mail order mercantile company
in the country, the J. II. Zedrichs &
Co. business. The Wisconsin De
Tillman Gets Right.
After all of his constitutional
meanness, nis unreasoname preju-
(lice and his vicious antagonism, Sen
tlu:B um 1113 ll'4UUO auuibnuBm,
ator Tillman of South Carolina, who
13 the most powerrui enemy tne e-
gro nas, is tne oniy one oi me ouuui-
ern statesmen that reached the real
inwardness of the Brownsville affair.
There has been a steady stream oi
senatorial verbosity coming out of
this controversy, the Southern sen
ators reviewing at length the various
phases of the geographical bugbear
hlg hatred to the Negro, destroyed
the perplexity of the immediate prob
lem by this simple declaration:
I "I have nO lOVe for the Negro
mi.,. ,x xux ,,- nno l.nnwc
i liua ia a tan mat ciwj ""
T believe that the advancement of the
t, i nTiin mnnor-p in whltpl
. t JI.1M.. V.ln
Supremacy, DUt my UlSlllve Wl uiui
ia not of such a nature as to direct
me to withhold from him an act of
i jjjm rii v i tuuvm a. i v
gipie justice. I could n?ver have
done to any American soldier,'
black or white, what the Preside:
done to these three companies
is a serious matter for the Ui
States through its executive, to
that at least one hundred men,
diers or our army, must he aepriv
01 tneir CUaracter anu nonorau
ctnnrlimr Mothlnjr en Hphasna a mail
ia the eyeg of hig C0Untiymen as a dis
.uu,a, " --"r v.iy.-v
honorable discharge from the military
service of his country."
rr mi . . i jt xi 1 J A
iinman eviaenuy uas a aeep-seateu
leeiing or repugnance against tne jNe-
gro which is cordially returned by
every Negro who ever heard the name
or the uiatant senator rroru soutn
Carolina, but the simple truth should
- L ;Z it
Tillman upon this occasion. The con-
tcntion of the Negroes in the Erowns-
vine episode is not ior tne siuy rot
or social equality or racial aenomi-
uatiuU uut u. yi ixj k,l iui juoug iaj
certain members of their race, val-
iant and patriotic members of their
race, many of whom have fought the
nation s catties ior many years.
nation's battles for many years.-
Hopkinsville Morning News,
I lie iv-yiwa u lanuiwaui
ThP Pflitnrlal whirh nnnnars imrter
(hla rnntinn In Hnllipr's last WPfik TTmst
1,"J -v..
ue pleasant news to tnose or our con-
temporaries wno accepted as a iact
the reports, coming via Atlanta, that
the MetrODOlltan Life Insurance Com-
nnnv and Collier's had instructed their
agents to have no further business re-
nations witn xsegroes. comers says:
"discriminating against tne wegro
stenia ue u. bu.iub wuiuu umeia
besides Tillman and Vardaman and
the 'Jim Crow' railroads can play.
The Metropolitan Lite insurance com-
puuy, n woiuiy iivai to oeudiui uiy-
PTi s nri 1 1 jvTi t T rn nl p. ortra.nlzat.lon in
i 1 - -
Newark for providing a poor widow
. t t i a
witn tne means to Dury ner nusDana,
issued an order to its agents to accept
no Negro risks after the first of the
year. Too many die to make tne dusi
ncss profitable. At the same time,
Mr. Jim Jeffries, champion, an
nounces that he will never meet Mr.
Jack Johnson, a husky colored gen
tleman who yearns to wear the title,
in the prize ring.' Mr. Jeffries says
tersely that he will defend his honors
against any vWte man for a purse of
$50,000. He doesn't fear Mr. Johnson-
not at all only no gentleman would
AgM a nigger.' Students of history
however, are recalling that only
however, are recalling that only eight
years ago, a year before ne b(
simmons, tne uaysseus oi.tne sq
before he became
SimmODS. tile OdYSSeUS Ot Uie SqUai'ea
Armstrong a colored pugilist. The
champion is finicky. Our sympathy
goes out to Mr Jack Johnson. If we
recall correctly the test mony brouKht
mt when Tresident Heeeman'8 com-
orea poncy-noiuer in tne netropo!-
Mr. Johnson is nenrived of. Even
Collier's has been accused of hypocrit
uiscriminauun, uy uo iusa au au-
I ,..1 H 1 I U. 1... 1 ..
thority than the newspaper which is
known to fame as the inciter of the
Atlanta riots. The News in this in
stance has the excuse that one of our
branch managers issued instructions
to his agents in language that was ca-
?aWe of misinterpretation.
Our sales'
nun are told to treat Negroes as they
treat every kind of being on business
principles solely; Anybody can get
the inestimable benefit of reading this
paper by paying cash. Credit is aj
mmnlUn rrlrtlir nf Avnarlanna 'on1 nrl
-i"-oi-iuii swuj ul Aiixtnw
fact Whether the Subscribers are
1KC1V tO ClPSerVe CTCUlt. iniS OVer
I ,
expressive agent of ours has been told
that credit is to be given to colored
niulsters, teachers, professional men,
and others whom experience shows to
bo safe risks, so to speak. For the
less responsible there is always the
rrsourpo of rnh nnd the rarp. In its
stniKsles (pace the Atlanta News)
jg not to be deprived of the vast help
0f reading this illuminating sheet."
Another New York weekly, equally
as reliable and as widely circulated as
the paper from which this rather
lengthy clipping is made, said edi
torially last week tha the Metropol
itan, too, had been maligned; that no
instructions to agents to discontinue
insuring Negroes, as was reported by
. AocoHitnil PrncQ hlr! horn iq?lirrt
Asff0(, atcd J rees. boon Issued
That it was simply another case of
'misinterpretation," this time of com
1 r
ments upon mortality statistics ap
pearing in the company's annual re
port. With this rift in the cloud which,
at first sight, seems to grow larger
and darker, wo gird up our loins and
tackle again with renewed strengtW"
the ever-present problem, praying, '
hoping and working for its final so
lution. The (Charleston, W. Va.) Advocate.
Colored Soldiers Given Certificates of
General Oliver, assistant secretary
if war hris ntunrdprl pprHfipntoa of
-.isM.lt in ll.n (nil ,...!. r. -nnn 1 : f .-. , 1 I
i m ill, hi vm.- iiiuuhihh uciuii..u cimaLCUi j
men ot tne United btates Army: bey i
geant Jno. W. Ash and Corporal Pre
j - ' - - - -
I ton Askew, both of Company E, 21
f J!
! i i
i T

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