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"All things come to them that wait, providing they hustle while they wait." Charles W. Anderson. "Get out of our sunshine."- R. E. Boyd.
Vol. II.
No. 6.-
Ma &Tj7TfT IT Q
burled In the earth and cattle to eat
grass from the substance of my blood;
but now I'm to be cast out In the
world a condemned man, but I tell
you honest I don't know anything
wnen asKea why ne had maae a
Brownsville raid.
Made Famous Since the
Discharge without Honor.
special plea for himself the witness
said he was obliged to look out for
Saunders first; he knew he was not
guilty and If any others were' they
should be punished.
Saunders had not completed , his
statement when the committee ad
journed to-day
South, it will affect the Negro a hun
dred years hence.
Interest frlend3 in the struggle for
justice and make yourself responsible
frvr $S firt. f!lvo nr rn11opt It and nnnrl
Charges Were Groundless.
Bank, Richmond, Va., Mr. J. C. Napier,
Cashier of he One Cent Savings Bank,
or Mr. It. T. Hill, Cashier of the True
Reformers' Bank, will receipt you.
gating tne urownsviiie affair ior a
week, and there has not been a word of
evidence adduced thus far tending to
reveal the identity of a single man
engaged . In the shooting. Nine wit
nesses have thus far been examined
GUNS OF HIS COMPANY FOUND and In general their testimony has
The committee has been invest!- THAT WERE EVIDENT- and is not ready, all we have fought
TV&iSrc,1 MaJ- Penrose Being Tried
for Neglect of Duty.
once. The investigation has been or
dered by the United States Senate,
Now, if the Negro is called to trial
LY CONCOCTED PROVEN TO BE for a11 Senator Foraker has won, will
I oe lost.
MfcN RE- Then there In the rVmetltnt Inn n ho
adopted by the new state of Oklahoma.
The clause making legal "Jim Crow"
cars Is to be submitted to a vote of
An afternoon newspaper contained, the people separate from other artl-
knAn rnv iin i I lust i nursfiav. an inrpnnnt nr trie a.v. i Pies. hoi tnn ivmitumi mnnsv nro
A iin i uceu uica a, uie. x uci c are guu ueu.1 ijr i - v - .vuW ,v
MPlU I ... . . . ., , . I rest, nf TWO nf tha nnrtoro amnlniniJ I milld wrrantta arA Anfnn V. ml
111 lny ex-rnenioers 01 tne regiment 1 r t v,"'i'lv''cu a1, ,"tiu,iu"' uu mai otu
who have been summoned and are Pr niiil .Q cnarge or. stealing we must ao something to help our
here to be heard. At the present ,r K b0 tne Pcation re- Ukianoma brethren. For the race to
ncic uc urtviu. xuc pitscm . . .j - . i . -
rate of nroeress the last man will not ,rs t0 one of th6 men Mr- Andrew surrender without an honest struggle, r.oh. H.arir,nartr n eA,.i, - .
, be hLrd before the Tose ot The ses- Cheatham- appears that thf charges will show us to be too big cowards fo G'be Headcluarte;8' 311 South Center .
r- uc ucdIU uciuic me i-iube ui iuts ,.,ero m-nmjif..n a mt. j A . Strict
wasiuwgtow. reD.ai. FOrmerSer- uc ucaiu UC1U1C "1C tlusc t,iQ.a a j A - , . "J
MBf o-.-j ,7- slnti. Tt ,a costing ohmit Jtmrt a iW . . icyicapuut- any uecem, man to ngnt lor,
ecwii, iuiu6y oa.uuucio, wuu uas oeen y r nve ln an interview with nnA nf the A nMninani ,ui iU
made famous since the discharge with- to pay tne witnesses and their ex- relatlve3 of Mn cheathain didSd 8
out honor of the members of thft Twpn. penses. in aaaiuon to tnis cost tne uhp fniinno- iT,fr.otw k " v, " " IC.Z m." . "w "wv
v witijess
i. -I In . ri 1 1 au.
yftie, tommjiiee on military Affairs.
wnicn is investigating tne incident. GOOD IMPRESSIONS
tiyUUlCOUillC LlllUtL l.Ilfll. WK 11H.VH fill 111111 O A IX V IS 1 1 "V 1 1 1. 1HX fl Pfl I Tl IV
infantry on account of the .uu.e'UU11 13 i,alus u e cost 01 . MPi Cheatham, who has been em- h, t nmmH. , 4;M.V" w.w. ;,f ; t . r',....r
raid, was the nrincinal Ringing the men here, and they have bloyed at the Canitol for several oT07"r '
this morning before the Sen- from all parts of the country. years, was In one of the offices wten Awlv Xnt XZw TrJTrL "T, 7kT .T
&i'4troriS G,obe Head,artera, SU S. Cenler
Mr. Norris, the man who had been ac- mn tn niif thn vorm v, xtu mii.
nn?wLPor3 0f allhl3 constitutional rights. They Cavalry arrived here fresh from. the
ITl ft nffl J oT St d l f Cm" have already introduced a servant's scene of conflict in the Antilles, whew
pany the officer and the accused man. hni whih in rii t, v.. , JLt"' .
otreet. This he readilv did thlnklm? that bA V ' , 11 cuattcu, nicy umicueu auross Aiamo naza ana
San Antomo. Tex., Feb. ll.-The LfL L Z ZJZ Jn., b? Pe and simple peonage, out Avenue "C" playing "There'll be
Penrose ronrt-martial. whinh wns in i.-.-.i".: "vi... iney nave also introduced the see- a hot time in the old town to-nie-ht-
progress to-day at Fort Sam Houston, tAtmj MZ TLT3 lf f aCted Tne ,most notable feature of his mem
was decidedly the most important in the jail, where he remained ln the of- ? : . J S ot VLDUm: orable parade wasbtne cavalry Dand
ivt. annoio f vi Q oM.mntni t c u li. n . oer or XNegro cnildren the rieht and monntpd on iron orsve Tho (n.
ulc oixunio ul me iuuh-uioiuw, n iic iw a cousitierauie lime. Alter ni.iwiia. . vu . , " . ; oj v-
brought out the fact that previous tes- the officers had detained him here for fl ,L or acoAmmon Public school tlon given Fort Sam Houston, whicfo
tlmony touching upon the attempted quite a while, they decided to lock f5u. 1L 6 twoa . summed UP is a beautiful suburb of this historic
Identity of the Negro soldiers and him up. !" UUB ie" uieau . wvoiuniary servi- city, is caused by Maj. Penrose'
their connection .with the "Browns- "Mr. Cheatham did not know that " V""""-15- a , . court-martial, which Is still In session.
,. ,vV : ville shoot up" was merely a matter of he had been accused of anything 'ea 01 aenommation Grave-looking and distinguished army
eligible to re- conJecture The testlmony showed wrong, and knowing his Innocence of J. cnurcnes past successes or failures officers wearing elaborate military
. During all that the majorIty of the cItlzeng and any crime, made no effort to commu- JJnftJf '."J" al organization be forgot- costumes can be seen on the lower and
' T-Ta 1 TYi tiiftfinft1 4 Vi M it. .
i Aiy 11UL1COOCU lucmucia Ol lllC
committee with his earnestness and an-
parent veracity as he told his story ln
detail and witn elaborate use of mill
tary terms and expressions from the
manual. He was first sergeant of
Company B aifat the time, of his dis
charge without honor had been near
ly twenty-six years in the service and
would soon have been
tlrement on a pension.
v., i, . . , - tuai. me iiiajumy ui uie ciuzena ana ' i, uuu u u"""u i 4v .. . "
"7 UCYCl uccu many of the officers of the town of nieate witn Ms mends. tBut wnenr;-n,tt ut , J" UCttlu" upper paraae grounds. it appears
in trouble of any kind. nrn0vin0 M, oil iric informed that he was to be locked ud. grapple with the most outrageous more like a Sanhedrin Council of old
Saunders said he was. married andkmnw fnrm f-.t i J called up the office of Capt. John Mor- wrong ever done 10,000,000 people. It than a court-martial nowadays. The
lived outside the barracks. He was U, tci ton over the telephone, and the of- 13trlKenow .r never. appearances are that deeD down into-
A unique organization whose objeel
tors from the city of San Antonio.
Some of the Spanish-American war
veterans . who fought side by side
with the gallant Twenty-fifth Infantry
are walking about the post grounds
with knitted brows and troubled con-
Brownsvlllfi wear nil kinds nf pnv.
eminent uniforms and the fact is called UP the offlce Cap- John Mor- wng ever aone iu.uui
ernnient unnorros ana tne tact w . tp1(in.A T., th. Af. is strike now or never.
aroused by the firing, and on going the men seen goinri t post on fclals, ffl rded him re- NaUal Af American Coun- the facts will the court-martial go and
to quarters several bullets which were the night of the 13th and those point- leaied at PP' ' . ' 8' 907' In BalU tnat 8ome heretofore not given
nrea rrom tne town whistled past his ed out by several of the witnesses ljapT- MOrton. in wnose omce Mr- wiii, . i u , . to tne PreS3 wI11 De unearthed. The
head. The firing, he said. -seemed to tLT" 2 Oheatham works, was completely sur-l Witt i lor igl ng for a better day for witnesses are here from Brownsville
him as if done by-Winchesters, six- t mJT pVv thA Vpnt Pris.ed at the arrest. He has implicit V vw ana oeiovea country, i am, wnile tne citizens are here as specta.
shooters and ncrbans nm Mansora .l. ...i;;;: " " 77" COnnaene in tne nonesty or Mr. cuiuraae,
- . r w n I HSI 1 ITHfl Tfl SPP1 Tl iF 111 PT1 nrPSCPn 1 Tl I . - . . . .
He did not distlngu sh the shots of vhaW trouVera and
any Sorlnefield rifles which were u tl0U86 ana bue shirts must hag been guIlty of the mlsapproprla
, any bpnngneia rmes, wnicn were have seen citizens of Brownsvill. The t inn nf tn, f!nnt. fnrtnn nnr
usea oy tne garrison at Fort urown. fapt ripvPinnPfi vprv startling tn-v ll'ZZ Z. 'xIT""-' .1
-rtn iv. 11 x i - ' any ni muse eiiiuiuyeu 1U ills UU1UV.
yviicu tut) can iu aruia was sounaea, thnt np Up,pnant nf nnllo hlmsplf 4t,. l tn onnnnro amnin
Saunders said, there was some dlffl- wm.A vhain uniform ntirt it mnid uj i U umaii rrtr, f ti,oiw i.
culty in opening the gun racks of his have been he that went lnt0 the post In fact to be nothIng week for a rainy day and to encour- cIences' vfean! le?ABomf "nfair l63
company, and the order to break them It ls als0 urged ln thlg sectIon that n the cha that elther of the two age them in the saving habit, had its 1 monJr Br be'?educd the let-
vm 6i"i ' wuo"l.uw lculcu he .Tweny-sixth Infantry, which pre- porters were guilty other than the ef- rtn aoout November 1, 1906, in West '1U1CIV- "l 11,13 'cs'- UB
ants of the company. When the com- ceded the Twenty-fifth Infantry in fort of a deputy sheriff to get a repu- Nashville, on the grounds of Vander- Ab,ee,n iefrd, to ay tnat this court-mar-nany
lined up and the roll was called opoiinvins? thA mmrtpra t nrt rtmwn tntinn for snm slick n-otertivA work, bile University. The organization la tial of Major Penrose in which he is
he said a private attempted to crouch left ammunition and other govern- Both of the men have been turned known as the "Colored Elevator." Its to prove his innocence is a thing they
uuwu bu a w ue inoiecieu uy me wan raent property jn the vicinity It is a loose and the charges dropped. memoersnip constitutes mostly the uu uul uuuersiauu. iuey nave oeen
surrounding the barracks., fjuf wp11 pSfflhUsbP,i mnn? mMmt. I Mr. Andrew Cheatham is a hlehly employees at Vanderbilt University J accustomed to seeing .courts-martial
'The firing was still going on," tes- !n aT1(1 anont. nost. headonartprs nnd respectable citizen of the city, having especially those at Kissam Hall, when charges have been preferred
tilled Saunders, "and I told him to harrnoks thrt pnHcstPd mpn not nniv lived here most, If not all, of his life. These young men through their ef- against them, but never in their army
stand up. and if he was killed to die dispose of clothes, blouses shirts H5s reputation has always been above forts perfected a very strong organlza- career have they before been sum
like a soldier." ., shops hnt that thov reproach and It was a matter of great tlon. with R. W. 'Wingfleld, president; moned when there are no charges
T.J i 1 n I ' I m I a. 1 11 J I Mnnrnh n f Inir .ri n.nr.H4. A XT I - 1 L i 1
ivit'UL. Lorison, tne company com- often sell direct from the commisqarv surprise to ms inenas wiien m uepu- """'o '"wicj, vcoivicut, n.. ix. agaiusi mem
mnnn Via i..tln.nJ 4-V. . ... " fir clinrlff V. n A mi V.1 1 ofi aA ihn fl nt I t Inn a UWenS. RPirPfarv WnltPr Whltnlror
iiiaiiuci, nc dcliu, vvO-u nuiiuu liic niLucao lipngrtmpnf Romp nT them oro ho. lj ouciiij. aau iiuuhouvu i."- ivi-jwwv.w - .--, . . , rpi, a,i n,u. , fni..
to keep the men in restraint, but to i,eved to have dTsposed of revolvers chares- He resIds wlth hls family treasrer- They 1 Tom each 1?Z 11
defend the fort in case an assault was IL, JS!,il8?SB ii,: "V 0lS at 634 Wetmore street. ' member a deposit of 50 cents per week r,re. pJacel n lh.e. standi.eariy one
i a, ii vi aiuuiuuibivu w viiitguoi nut
made upon it. withstandiner this ls a violation to
o..-j. 1 it, . i. . i. I..-..11.. iu . I ... I
Diiuuucia ottiu Liittt at moiJCCLiun mc I armv mips nnn rpp'nlntlons Nn mpm. pup hitiahii nr-nr aiicoiam
... i ., ,, ! i ' --o inc. IM M I lumnL wrnwnmtnivnn
-niornios auer me euooung an uie Der 0f the court-marlta.1 has been in- COUNCIL.
buns m ma company were louiiu in tervlewed by your correspondent, but v There are no restricting laws and hv- tempted to describe the Brownsville
me lonowing leiier uaa ueeu mcui w , , ... " , - ... . TT ...
with the treasurer. A receipt for this beln& a Ionian, whose testimony was
50 cents is given by the treasurer to sam 10 De extremely ngnt ana oi no
the depositor as proof that this importance. J. P. McDonald was put
amount is held in trust to his credit, on the stand afterwards and at- i
jiii it. .1 ij I - .. ' - . . .' . I Tt-n rUnnrlryn lotfar tisa hnon emit M 1t imuiluuk lawn ouu ur "'T" v.vmv. .v, iU..uu,...u
i.iur cuuuitiuu nc aiu ocuuuuwu rrom tne general impression gleaned regulating this fund, except the disturbances. He did not see the fir-
lor tne ammunition. on the streets about the citv and uie oioren press uy vuiivsyuuuiug
When the Twenty-fifth came to Fort thy in favor of the discharged soldiers ary L. O. Jordan, of Louisville, zatj member may with- his' testimony wa only T matter ol
urown. he said, they brought along a 3 growing constantly. Much hope is
cox or loose carina ge sneus, wnicn entertained as to the favorable out-
was on the rear porch of the barracks, come.
The Mexicans were accustomed to go
ing into the barracks and carrying off
anything they could pick up. They
4 jqqit draw his amount at will. They have what was heard. Mrs. Emma Leahy,
T An IcTirlllrt tt "nn
XJV.U101TI11C, IV J., x vl.. -e, I fn krli,r Tl r. V, a !- Vi.l 1
Dear Comrade In company with "1 .if, I "t uS.rv.?!:"J: ltJ wu,e "l .UULCl , yr ' KllVB fuuut
Prpsldpnt Waltprs and Attorney Wet- 1 ,vvv uiauui&eu me oniy testimony mat was oi any
de?alrr! A"!rDT;LV:!: to the members at the close of school, interest. She testified that she saw
i !S Tn,,rv " 1 The organization also provides that flashes of the guns from her windows
I pprraiT! niffnTfl in tnA wPph no SPf nnnrr I i iu-.i 1 j it. -u.i.- ot.
TTIa nnhlo onnl paoo nnt frtr tho iIIq- I . . " " - uuu umi BUt. ut;aiU U1U DUd
mi., tm.
took awav cans clothine and even euezer oluck. uxnpany pre- his noDie soui goes ont ior me ais- f rt(lh.Hn Thpv hi!pqs nnrrpnt J r"f
l00lWJ?:'Jz?:Cir:? a.eu!n Uented for the sixth time at Foster's honorably discharged men of the 25th K0!, deba ngl,T1l!y- .dlscuss, RV11 saw forms of men whom she believed
"':"r';:: ;u mu'r Chapel. "A Woman's Way." This plav TT. S. Redment. The lustice he seeks 3. r-l.u-L "Z'a::. L""" 1L.V"" were raiders and thought that she
Drousm uuiu uie iNurtu. xuey aiau t. ort ..t .ac,nr l .... " , ,- , uuiuu uuuuiivjui, me cuuutiy. iviusi mi0(,rn thp fnrpq wnlfh ionvP(
nlf.Vorl iin tho rartrMtro ehplla Lnu. nvn lho-l. mcj umiwic win i;ume. i lie Aintji icau peupie as a nf fv,p nipmhpro rpolrlp In thp ctntp . . .
pimcu ui me v-ai li lufco Dwci . x Rit!rA thp.lr npw nlav. "A Rnd Mia. I inot tn . . . . .. r lc black to her as thev uassuu her win-
X. a.IIa . V... Cma1.ahI " ' x--rf I nilUlU aiC LUVJ JUOb IV ailU hlVUW 'rMlnfnAn hut 4-'nr nf h j-lv - v mr -
in answer iu quesuuna uy oeuaiux tnl.0 Co?JV r-fconol hQQ eo,,r t,0i -aaaaaaa . u.i "v.- ul uul icwui wem, ,,.. fiho .t ,,.BiH. ut chp
ti.,.1.., Caiindoro snld ho waa nnt Im- vn.vi ovvtu wroiig iu iu,uuu,uuw vi uieir uumuei, ever are from Naihvillf The fnl- i.w.w,
SwpTif for tte 26th o Februafy- be they black or white, pass without are soSe of the staunch work- thought she heard a soldIer rcmark
plicated in the raid himself and knew Mr Allpn nonPinTlf1 nT1(1 Mr F.ariv , . lowing are some or tne stauncn worK . , VJmii,i uin nut Pvprv u-hitp
-m i. tt u.j .ij 1 i - i uiuiin in vcMLiiiLLiuii. prr nf I ha nrir-in nt nn Muceri: Hn I I. -" ....
oi no one wu w. uau Jenkins are new subscribers for the We are interested in the soldiers. T p.w ' mTZ man in the town before morning." She
? 7!J: 18 P!ed and m0re than that, in the principle m; further, testified that it appeared to
. . ... . .... . . i ' ii a.i iv. aeiu u a j
uiiu ouul waa mcu iiyui
the fort, but upon
fended. have been encouraced by the addition cross-examination she admitted that
Lieut. Flipper, who is now living of new members from time to time. she was within the walls of her own
under another flag, and Cadet Whit- , house and could not say positively
taker, who had his ear cut off in a m rthpiav partv that the shot was fired from the bar-
hazing bee, would be as honored to- Mr prank Patrick of 1202 Kavne racks, as she did not see It. She only
,?,onrfrSnrn l Z. 7hi, mSSv Mr Cl!md ls and than that- l the PrInclP vanV John Massef Percy DVrhams testified
matlon from the men of his company with the Globe mi expresses himself of Justlce lnvolved that wI11 betoo far- Uwis and Preston Webb They So' that tne fift
regarding the affair, but had always ? the following way: "I think the reaching in its effect to go unde- loZ therganizItloJ. 'and the barracks of
falled- . . . .. Globe is the most Intereiting colored fendP,i. . Wn onnma hv th aah cross-examinatio
Senator Foraker read from the paper in the United States." and as
report of Gen. Garlington where- he has traveled a deal we must take
in he stated that subsequently his word for it
Saunders had come to him and
asked to be exempted from the
dismissal threatened by the President.
"Did you go to Gen. Garlington and
-make any such request? asked Sen
ator Foraker.
Mrs. Blanche Keeling is up.
day by the American government aa avenue, cave to his wife. Ollle. a heard it.
HELIOTROPE CIRCLE. Captain Dreyfus is. by the French, it beautiful birthday nartv Friday nlsht. F. A. H. Sanborne. manager of the
A retmhir meetins of the Ileliotrone the Negro had stood by them like the Feb. 8. The house was beautifully Western Union Telecranh ComDanv at
Circle was held last week at the resl- Jews stood Dy Dreyfus. Our failure lighted with Japanese lanterns, which Brownsville, was also placed on the
-. ir.n i) ,i i i it.ji.. .. In that hna eopn na ctpgrlilv haaten I n cnnn T.nn. i i . v.. x . . i . i
v , T jm -pniia,! thft wit-1 mil' iwuuiui iidiuiiuiui, uu - ..v.... ..v-viwj -vvu ,imUv. a, ClJ, juLuucBiiuc sveuc. stana ana gave ms it'suuiuiiy reiaiive
- 't - Uavonth o iron no Snutti Thn mnM 111. HS1PK ana na.P.K I1T TnR I PirVn Cflnnnr lift nrna crvoncoH t h rnn rh rill f- tho otM. 1. it. j 4.1
1 tOlO 11 1IL1 Wliai Illy OCl V ILC I ll j x J l t- j I on for- n mlllf'i yr nnr,Anm.. In tUla I.- J . . 1 I n.lA - .. ...
nf tf .Sm?nt? in which I hid IIou8ton' the President' and after the utr- uN,earJy every state has d is- was served. Mrs. Patrick was the re- out lt apPears that the despatches
7 i. a v. j usual preliminaries, mere was a ais- uauueu meir itegru mnuia ana mis cipient oi
taKen pan aim ui c.u piay 0f embroidery for an hour or stroke of the President has put a
a T i.U Ii m T anM 'flAnfirol T I ..... I ....... r - .
oeen. r wm mm, vliwl... more. later in the evening a two- mountain in the Negro s pathway that jfpferson city notes
am a - course menu was servea. :rne next must oe scaled berore he can enter as Miss Sadie Lewis has returned
try honest and faithful ior the UOV- meeting1 will he helrl at. 2 nlnpfc nn formerlv In tho TTnltorl $3totoa Armv i i ,.i xt-i.iii
ernment and before Id tell you a lie, the afternoon of the fourth Monday at Acain I sav. unless-we make a lust 1 Mice wittiA r. TTnwRe la 'h.-ivintr San Antoxio, Feb. S. Continued in
General, I would suffer my life the residence of Mrs. W. W. Hill. 801 contention, aided bv Senator Foraker L-mh .,,po -ith thn arhnni at Snint lterest ls being manifested in the
to be destroyed, my body to be lEwing avenue. and other white friends North ann-lpQi ' ' co-art-martial being conducted at Port
sent out from Brownsville were by
citizens and people who knew noth
ing definite as to what had happened.

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