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Miss Annie Prlmm, of 818 King
street, who has been 111 for three
..weeks, is slowly improving.
Mr. l3ill Ridley, one of the em
ployees of the Nashville Light Co.,
met with a painful accident while at
work Thursday. He had to be car
ried home in the city ambulance. Mr.
Ridley is an old man and lives on
First street. East Nashville. It is rev
ported that he had his hip broken.
Mr. Chas. Greer, Jr., the cousin of
Miss Willa Bell and Mr. George Isaac
DoDdson, is now in the mailing de
partment of the National Baptist Pub
lishing House,
Mrs. Lucy E, Harwell, of 523 Jo
Johnston avenut." has gone to Bir
mingham, Ala., for a stay of several
weeks. ;
Mrs. Annie McGill, who has been
very sick at her home, 2002 Jefferson
street, has improved so much that she
intends visiting her father and moth
er at Lebanon next Wednesday.
Mrs. Betsy McChristian, widow of
the late Jesse McChristian, died in
Shelbyville last week. She was 96
years of age.
The Pytlijan Temple Studio, 420
Fift avenue, N. "tfuff serf."
Mr. Nathan Gregory, of 307 Elev
enth, 'avenue, Nqrth, has recovered.
Miss Hattle Osborn and Mr. Ernest
Cowan, of Gl Peabody" street, left for
Louisville, Ky., Sunday morning.
Mr. Ei D. Davis, qf Hermosa street,
who was quie sjck last week, is so
much improved bat he has returned
to work a.t the terminal station.
Mr. Jajnes Cannor, who, left three
weeks ago for Indian Territory, is
much, pleased with that part of the
Mrs. Ophelia Jones, of 11Q9 Hynes
street, is still confined to her house.
Miss Ada L. Harris, of 513 Fourth
avenue, South, is suffering from the
effects of a cold.
Mis,s Mary Clark assumes the duties
of cashier at the Baptist Publishing
JJouse to-morrow. ' . ,
Mr. Emma. Grlsham, of 1624 Jack
sqn street, s quite ill with a heavy
TWO students of VanderbUt Theo
logical Department spoke at the First
Baptist Church Sunday evening. Both
made quite an impression on the au
dience. . They were sincere, earnest
and logical. Their discourse's was a
rare treat to those present
Miss M. M. Kimball, who is em
ployed by the Woman's Auxiliary of
the National Baptist Convention with
headquarters at Louisville, Ky., is in
the city in the interest of her work.
Her best efforts are being directed
towards raising funds for the build
ing of the Woman's Training School,
which will be 'located in Washington,
D. C, and operated under the auspl
ces of the Convention. Miss Kimball
is a native Texan and has only recent
ly connected herself with the national
work; yet she has been In the mis
sion work in Texas for some years and
is thoroughly versed as a missionary,
being an excellent speaker and ready
Miss Millie Welch, an- efficient
teacher of Hickman County, passed
through this city thls week en route
to her home, West Point, Tenn.
Little Henrietta Wcrd, of 1702 Jef
ferson street, is suffering from a se
vere cold.
Miss'Bertha L. Lee received the sad
intelligence' of the severe Illness of
her father and sister. ;
Taylor's Amusement
417 Cedar SI. Boyd Building
.50 cents -oxXh af pleasure
for 5 cents.
Bring your family and your
A Strictly High Class Entertainment
now going on
Mr. T. G. Walker, of Walden Uni-1
Versity, has been ill for several days,
His friends hope that he will be able
to enter the contest Friday night.
Presenting a friend with one of
those rich photos made at Pythian
Temple Studio establishes the fact
that you are strictly up to date.
Mr. M. V. Umble. of Meharry. who
was called to the bedside of his moth-
or la hnrlr In thA Mtv I
Mr. Anderson- Reynolds,a promi
nent member of Bethel A. M. E.
Church, was recently stricken with
paralysis, and Is reported to be in a
very critical condition.
Mr. Derrick Shaw Is sick .vlth
Mr. William Glover is still on the
Sick list. '
Mrs.' Nellie. Powell is dangerously
11 at the residence of her brother,
Mr. Johnson Cockrill, . Sr., 123 First
avenue, South.
The Doxey Poultry Farm appears
to be a reality. It is located on Third
avenue, North,, and is run by the two
Misses Doxey, who have decided to
nut in a line of bred Plymouth Rock
and Wyandotte chickens, The farm
is not an extensive qne, but just the
size for the econqmjcal home life.
Let us crry with us tq the James-
town Exposition yqur photo that the
outside worid maj see the handsome
and intelligent faces that make up our
l0?S-r0SS!!.nJ!ii nno n ,o J
be, of
been very qn Sate street, ha
u .v M "v '"r ? H" in
TV.i.Vi mmnim Wrvrth wnara cna will I
t ; a v ,A ai. V n ment of the atest designs in the Pho
be found by her friends. She is still tograph Card stock a ,n
very bk. - .
Mr. Walter Douglass, of 1270 Nine-
teenth avee, North, is still with he
Nashville Gas, Company Proving him-
self a steady and reliable young man.
Mrs. wm, a, pjummer ana mtie
daughter," DeWitt Thelma, who spent
the past three weeks here with Mrs.
Shorter, of 1803 Church street, left
Saturday evening over the Illinois
Central for their home in Cairo, 111. i
You will never know how good-look-
ing you are until you see yourself &s
Sexton and Haynes see you. Pythian
Temple Studio, Fifth avenue, North.
Mrs. Mattle McGavock, who now re-
sides at 4202 Delmar boulevard, St.
Louis, mo., writes mat sne is aDie Dy
reading The Globe each week to know
just what's going on of interest in
Nashville, Teun.
Mrs. Julia H. Morgan Johnson, of
429 St. Catherine street, Louisville,
Ky., is one of he young ladles from
Nashville, who Is doing nicely in her
new home. She writes encouragingly
to tne uiod?
Mr. Perry, wonas, or inaiana, was in
Nashville a, few hours last week.
1 Miss Josie M. Andrews, of 1039
Fourteenth avenue, has been seriously
ill for the past week. If she contin-
vies to improve she will return to
Pearl High School after an absence of
about a week. . .
, Mrs. B. H, Gray, of 639 Blank street,
wno nas Deen sick ior iwo w, is and for whjch you have paid a dou
convalescent . , M Prlc to that which we are offer
t The Ladies', Imperial Needlework lng for a few dayg 0nly
Club is progressing nicely unaer me
lnsu-uuuim vi aim. vnnyi
presidency of Mrs. Joseph Webster.
They will meet next week wjth, Mrs.
Napoleon Kansqm, or man, sreei.
1 urn maias. wi.n a,n eye q matri
mony will do, we t CW to, Pythian
Temple Studio and have those wrink
les converted into dimples; in so cit
ing we can assure yo,u that business
will pick up for' both of us. !
: Miss Kittte Fqx, of 117 Ninth ave
hue, South', is spending a few months
in Pass Christian, Miss.
It has , been whispered that Miss
Minnie Flannlgan, of 911 Pearl street, Lesson Commentary on the Interna
and Mr. Joe Anderson wtU nurry on tional Lessons for 1907, published by
February n, iu(,
Mr. Samuel White, of Chicago, 111,
has been the guest of his mother, Mrs.
White, of fif03 Ewlng avenue. He will
return to Chicago next week.
Miss Ellen T. Dunlap, 41 Wharf ave-
nue, is quite indisposed this week, suf-
ferlng from frostbitten feet and a fall
on the ice.
Miss Otta A Cockrill will arrive
from Chicago Sunday morning, Feb- Ellington, B. A., have shown them
ruary 17, where she has been for the selves equal to the occasion. There is
irnst thrpe vears
n crt . iA i Ar,n n oovfnr,
S2.50 invested in a dozen of Sexton
& Hynes cabinet photos is equal to
that amount placed ln "Our One Cent
Co win era Tlanlr
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. WatKins, of 1307
Hynes street, entertained a number of
friends at theiu home last Thursday
evening. The menu which was served
in courses consisted of oysters, soup,
ham, salad, wines, with pickle, beaten
biscuits, ices, cakes, fruits and can-
dies. The table was decorated with
carnations. Miss H. L. Harris was
iha ripUfrhtfni howtpss
The Willing Workers Club of Kayne
Avenue Baptist Church met at the res-
idence of Miss Coletta Black, of 921
Arv,c ctrppt Aftpr the hiiHinpa.WBn
o .,i,in n
served by the hostess.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P ckett, of
T,.,,' ,fl v v.o ratmaA n lr.
uuuioyihc, xv,., wart icuwAw vv.t
home after having a very pleasant
stay in the city several days, the
suesu ui iucii uat.i, v. AAU
derson. ol 0 iiass street.
Mrs. J. W. DeWees, of 1029 Ament
street, has been very ill for the past
Mrs. James Shelby, of Franklin,
spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. S. T. Shelby.
Mrs. Eveline L. Terry, mother of
Misses Emma J. and Johnnetta L. Ter-
T. or 1215 Jefferson street, died late
nursaay arternoon.
A B Q 11 ran raa a va irvo rVt a A XTm ntrtlln
tw th(T1 mSwT t "V"!
far wt ffls Onitianri Pal tmo nmaa
from Misa Mildred ta whn r.
ly moved with her narents trnm Rt
Louis. Mo., to that eitv. and whr. in
writinr several friends. menMnnR tri
Globe, and asks for, a certain back
number. Miss Beams has Issued a
standing Invitation to several of her
Nashville friends to visit her western
home. She expresses much regret at
not having been. able to stop over in
JNashville a couple of days while en
route home, but promises to try and
arrange a special visit to this city ere
1&D& - She spent some time at Ober-
,n university ana otner large, schools
,,re to sti Mo- and
The Pythian Temple Studio, Sum
nave just rece ved their final ship-
introrlnrfi tholr minorlnp trraAa nt
Wftplr T" yr'rXy.
VlU toi limited numbe ol days
iy6 tQ th M an opportunItyag
one wh-ekd
nhnt nt nhnnt v ...
, Thlnk of lt fnr S2K0 von . ' nK
L, n. nt iyiooo, firl noWflf
photographs giving to each sitter as
many slttlnga a8 mlght be required to
eive entlre satisfaction
,. Nonft Cftn ftffnr(1 tft th
portunity of getting a first-class ar-
ticle for a second-qlass price.
Three thousand of the finest Dhoto-
Uranh carda ever hrnneht. to NAchvUlo
have just been received which are de-
signed especially for the three large
colleges, Meharry, Fisk and Walden.
0n thege rIch carda win be embosged
the trianerular nennant flasr with thn
of each school with name of
school ln the Polora Nn Rtnr1pnt
Freshman or Senior, desiring to have
a set of first-class ' nhotos hpfnre thp
ciose of scnool can afford to Ignore
this great offer.
To establish a nroof of thP. nnaiitv nf
0ur work, we invite all Dartles desir-
Ing to see some of our specimens of
onr nhntn's maiP of NhviiiA ntttna
t0 arop ug a aA(J e wJU cheer.
fully brIng y0(Ur hQmea ft llQe o(
our. Bample8 that you may compare
them with any photograph in y.our
home that has been taken elsewhere
Remember the place, remember the
price, and remember the Arm,
Pythian Temple, 428 Fifth Ave., N.
Sunday School Commentary.
of the Ma.tjonal nntct ftandnv Srhoni
the National Baptist Publishing Board
under the auspices of the National
Baptist Convention. The Commentary
comprises 355 pages.and is a complete
study of the International Series of
Sunday School Lessons for the current
year. It is neatly arranged, well ed-
lted and the mechanical construction
is unsurpassed. The editors. Rev. R,
H. Boyd, D. D., LL. D., and Rev. W. S.
a "ice arucie on isunaay scnooi metn-
ous uj euuwr, wnicn snows mai
tha flref Qlll,u
1 1 V 1L li. . f 1 I . I
v.rV wna hv Mro v a.a ropm,onn
who wag a Ne&r0 woinan The entIr
l. ... ... ... . -
i anicie is reniPTA w in vnmnniA mmr.
matlon. There 19 a four-color map of
Palestine. The preface of the book Is
prepared by the scholarly Dr. W. S
I Ellington, and throughout the entire
volume will be found very elaborate
expositions on the Sunday school les
sons- The Introduction, the special
topics?, the truths gleaned from the
Messon, with the questions and the
primary teachings, are the most help
ful we have sen- We congratulate
tnese editors upon such a wonderful
Production for Sunday schools. It is
the only Baptist Sunday School Com-
a mentary published in the United
States, and up to last year was the
"'T'v " rr r;' "'.r,'"1:"
et. " seems almost Impossible fo:
tnttohaf n. cnno,.lnnon fJ
the ,Sunday lessong advantaJ.
p0usly without a copy of thlg book
- Tne publishers are ofterlnsr it In cloth
bindine for 75 cents. hnJf mnvorm
Preaton Taylor.
Funeral Directors and
449 Fortk Arena, forth,
Nashville, - - Tenn.
Up With The Times.
Our Superintendent's and
Teacher's llandbo ,.k. contain
ing Lesson Texts, Review Sug
gestions, School Readings, Mus
ical Suggestions, etc. ior the in
ternational Lessons for 1007 is
now ready. No Superintendent
or Teacher should be withput
this valuable little book. It is
undenominational. Published
for the interest of Sunday school
Prices: Cloth, 25 cts; Leathei
35 cents.
National Baptist Publishing Board,
BUY. B. H.BOYD, Sec'y,
523 Second Avenue, North,
binding, $1.00. Last year about 6,000
copies were sold throughout the United
States. This year promises to nearly
double that number. The book ap
pears to have been delayed, not, how
ever, to the , detriment . of its circula
One of the best and most highly
Interesting musical treats will be giv
en at Kayne Avenue Baptist Church
next Monday night. There will be a
great number of musical talent inter
spersed into the contest. Those who
like high-class singing will be well re
paid for their time on this occasion
The program is as follows:
Anthem "O be Joyful." , ,
Anthem "Rejoice in the Lord."
Solo "Deep in the Mines" Ellis Mc-
Solo "Love," from Sergt Kitty Miss
C. Black.
Solo and Chorus (Illustrative) "I
love them all" G. Morton.
Solo "Dearie" J. Blaine Boyd.
Solo Miss Anna Rucker.
Chorus "Row, Boatman, Row" A.
Anderson and others.
Sam N. Moore (selected).
Wm. McLemore "Love Me and the
World is Mine."
R. W. Turner "Your Heart Alone
Can Tell."
The residence of 'Mr. and Mrs. Rob
ert Zackery on Fourteenth avenue, N.,
was the scene of a brilliant affair last
Monday night, February 10. Mrs.
Zackery makes a charming young
lostess. Several games were entered
nto heartily, the principal game be
u.g pit A number of the younger
married element were present, lnclud-
ng Mr. and Mrs. .Earl Bently, Mr. and
Mrs. Lawson Deemon, Mr. and Mrs.
Win. Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mead
ows. Those of the single people, Miss
es Mattie B. Topp and Lizzie Dicker
son; Messrs. Edward Osborne, Geo.
North, Jno. Sims and Geo. O. Flyod.
Nothing Is more . beautiful for a
valentine than a beautiful book of
phases, mazes and grazes of love. Get
a'copy of Paul Laurence Dunbar's
When Malinda Sings $1.63
Poems of Cabin and Field 1.50
Lvrics of Lowly Life 1.25
Talks from Dixey (a story) 1.25
The Strength of Gideon.. 1.25
Love of Landry 25
In Old Plantation Days 1.50
Sunshine and Shadow 1.00
Hearthslde 1.25
Fanatics 62
Candletlmes 1.50
The Sport of the Gods 1.50
Happv Hollow 1.50
LIT Gal 1.50
Howdy, Honey, Howdy 1.50
Jogin' Erlong 1.50
Make your order now from the Na
tional Daptist Publishing Board, 523
Second avenue, North, Nashville,
Mrs. Martha Posey, who was so
badly burnt some time ago, died last
Wednesday night.
Messrs Walter and Prince Baker,
Telephone 896.
Geo. t. Jr
Fist-Class Morses and Buggies To let
Our Baggage Wagon will call for
and deliver your parcels.
Short Wood and t'oal Orders promptly delivered.
Horses Beught and. Sold.
900 Joe Johnston Ave., . Nashville, Tenn.
PHOXE Main 1614
Clino & Gordon.
410 Union Street. Phono 1235.
The Best Variety and the Most Keliahle
Shoes Made.
Clothing, Hats, Etc.,
OF '
PHONE Main 1I4
fVarley & Bauman.
- 825 Union St. Phone 560.
The Beat Varletj and the Most Reliable Place
In the City.
Dry Goods, Notions, Cloaks, Etc.,
o fa
Bob Robertson.
PHONE Main 1614
The Castner-Knott Itry Goods Co.
209 Fifth Are., Ti. Phone 620.
The Largest and ' est Stock to Select from
To tlic Madam of tlic House:
Heed Servants
Call Main 2160
Hunt's Employm'e t Office, ,
O filer, l'hone 4323-L. Romaence 1831 Jefferson St
Residence Thine 3131-Y.
Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon.
Room I, First floor. Odd fellows fall,
447 Fourth Ave, Norlli
Office Hours: 9 to 1 1 a. m., 3 to 4 p. m., 7 to
who have been working in the city,
have come home to spend a few
Miss Laura Perry returned to the
city Sunday night after spending a
pleasant day ft home.
Mrs. A. L. Perry left for Hot Springs,
Ark.. Sunday night, where she may
, r V- rnof -if tVio voni- AWlllA 11
ine Cliy one tcuieu iu min. jjuu
song, whom she met in Hot Springs at
the Eiliott Flat.
Grant Household of Ruth, No. 162G,
Cu U. O. of O. F., held its usual meet
lug in their hall, Thursday evening,
February 14. After the adjournment
the members were ushered Into the
dining room, where a menu of three
courses was served.

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