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Diseases of Women and Chil
dren. Electrical Massage
Given at the Office ....
Office 411 Fourth. Avenue, North. Tel
ephone 1477. Residence, 77 Maple
Street, Telephone 1318. -
Office- Hours: 10 to 12 a. m., evening
by appointment 10-27-06tf.
Practical Cleaner and Dyer
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing.
12-7-06 tf
Economical Steam Laundry,
We solicit your patronage. First-class
work at reasonable prices. Packages
called for and delivered to all parts of
the city. Give us a trial.
Telephone 4095. 412 Cedar Street.
Chas. Puryear,
Contractor and Builder,
When you want Repair and Job; Work
done, Screens a specialty; All! 'work
guaranteed done satisfactorily. Shop:
210 Seventh Avenue, South.
5-J5-o6 4t
Come to the
Capitol Shoe1 Store
. .1 i : -.- s ., ' .
Shoes, Umbrellas and Gloves,
C. S. Randals, S. J. Besblt.
12.14-08 4t
A. beautiful suite of rooms
on the third floor of the Napier
Court 411 Fourth Ave-, North,
There are five rooms with a
glass-stained partition. Will
be rented in whole or in part.
Can be used as a flat or lodge
Apply to
J, C. Napier,
One Cent Savings Bank.
Telephone 1173.
J. S. Martin
; Flrst-CUsi LWerj on Short Notice.
712 and 714 Broadway,
Nashville, - - Tenn.
H. L. L1SLES, Jr.,
Cleaning, Dyeing and Repairing.
t . ...... .. .-
Pants to Order. . . .Q 4.Q0
Suits to Order.. . .SI5.00
Tcleph.ine 3770.W.
ftalerirkSf, NASHVILLE, THR
Hay, Corn, Oats and Feed
stuffs, The only Negro Peed House in the City
Oil 3rd. Aus. Phono
Main 4460-L.
Fate, and that Is this: Tho colored
woman that thinks that a white man Is
going to keep his relations with her a
' There Is another fact as fixed as
secret Js the most deceived of all the
deceived, and he makes it a point to
tell some Negro, too. It Is strange
that a class of Negro women will con
tinue to risk their names In the keep
ing of these low whites. This class of
rascals and It ranges away up the
line holds out inducements and
makes promises before which the
weak go down.
' Let this warning go forth to every
colored woman who tolerates a wink
of the eye, nod of the head, or any
other method of attempt at communl
cntlon by any of these white muck
rakes: That she Is dallying with a
firebrand that will scorch, singe and
burn in the end. There Is no other
ending to a countenance of seductive
Inducements but moral ruin. These
rascals' promises are Dead Sea fruit,
which, at last, will turn to ashes on
their victim's Hps.
The Jew, whose oppression and per
secution have been similar to that of
the Negro, has preserved his race
Identity by guarding his racial line
against the blandishments . of other
races. The Jewess takes pride In her
own men, respects, honors and holds
them up as her Ideal of worthy man
hood. Women of other races do the
same; then, why cannot every Ne
gro woman do the same?
: The tragedy of Sunday nieTitwas
brought on by two young colored wom
en, as It Is alleged, fighting over a
worthless white man who would hnve.
without the least ceremony, kicked
Into the street either, had she had the
temerity to have approached him In
the daylight among his kind In any
public place.
; The sequel of the illicit relations be
tween these two young women and
ijhelr, "white lover" Is: one is dead and
ihe other Is In the clutches of the law.
This should be a warning lesson to
very colored woman In this commun
ity whose relations with some white
ijnan are similar to those which wr.re
between Renda PilUard, IMollie Thomp
son and their white beau,
j It Is significant that the names of
the women appenred. but that of their
white paramour was smothered In the
iccount given out by the dailv papers,
j Hear this 'parting shot: Any col
ored woman who Is lavishing her en
dearments on some white rascal. Is un
it for the hottest hades much less un
it to live. There Is no svmnathy for
lther of the three rascals of Sunday
light's tragedy.
,, - .
Prof. Ford Green delivered a very
nterestlng address to the Sunday
school on February 17.
Rev. J. A. Bryant, a firm believer In
ndustrlal education, preached a very
lelnful sermon Sunday at 11:20. He
delivered an address on last Tuesday
night on industrial education.
Mrs. Coneland. of Ebeneser,, has
planned to organize a ladles' reading
circle to meet at the homes each
The rally set for last Sunday met
with great success. The sum of $16.25
was raised at the morning service.
! Mrs. Keeling, who has been In St.
Louis for quite a time, Is back home
again. She was visiting her mother
Who died while 6he was there.
: Mr. Elmore Telford and James
Harding, Jr., are new subscribers for
the Globe. Mrs. Anna Walker is
' Mis Haw v TTrni'-y I-5 eoted
to bp fllod o Chl"nro very soon to
fA brdHo of brr mother.
Mr. TTlckman Jenkiui has bought
Mm a farm nour the 01 ad p. Tie p1s
'ini othnr real estates In the Fif
teenth restrict.
Mr. Jenkins Is a very industrious
voung man.
The educational movement Is grow
ing with "Jack's Bean Stalk" rabidity.
Tt seems thit the slang son?. "All T
Tnt'Js fifty million dollars" has
about hpomp a reality so far as rn
orl education is concerned. The
"fifty million dollars" was made a
matter of fact by the repent p'ift of
tht. ey-Bantist deacon and celebrated
Ml magnate, .Tno. D. Rockefeller. whn
he mnde his name almt immortal by
a gift of thirty-two million dollars to
the general educational fund of thp
TT"ited Ptates. Tie has built a haft.
hat will liv ntres to come, but if Mr
Rockefeller does not nut or advise to
i't a bptter trustee boad than the
"s"! that Is handling the Reabody
Tf'inrt. It 1 fpared that muh discrim
ination will b" inaugurated and nrac
Ms"d In the distribution of thii fund
Tt his been well si id that Mr. Rocke
feller eannot refusp one who gops to
him in sareh of aid for a worthy
pause, and for that reason he is kept
nway from evory one. Mr. Ro'-ke-fcllpr
has givpn seventy-nine millions
of dollars at various times for educa
tion. Some of his gifts It would be
well to review. They are as follows:
Chicago University. $21,000,000;
Rush Medical College, $0,000,000; oth
er colleges (estimated) $10,000,000;
General Education Board, original
gift, $10,000,000; General Education
Board, new gift. $32,000,000. Other
notable gifts to education include
those of Andrew Carnegie to different
institutions, about $28,000,000; Mrs.
Leland Stanford, to Stanford Univer
sity. $20,000,000; Cecil Rhodes, Anglo
American Scholarship, $10,000,000;
P. A. Widener, Memorial Training
School for Crinnled Children, $9,000,
000; Stephen Oirard. O'rard College,
$3,000,000; George Peabody. $7,000.
000; Wm. Marshal Rice, $6,000,000;
Marshal Field, $5,000,000; and D. B.
Fayerweather, $5,000,000.
It is a very notable fact that the
press despatehes specify the causes to
which the gifts were made, all except
the last three named. One was the
seven million dollars of the Pea
body Fund which It is said was
given for the edueatlon of the deserv
ing youth of the South and which was
In the hands of a board of trustees,
who It appears is distributing it to
their liking and wishes. .
The ladies of Brentwood . met at
the residence of Mrs. Tom Walker, and
organized a sewing circle, which took
the name of Magnolia. The following
officers were eleeted: Mrs. Tom Walk
er, President: Mrs. Eliza Vernon, Vice
President: Mrs. Laura Voorhies. Sec
retary; Mrs. TIenry Perkins. Assistant
Secretary; Mrs. Lucretia Bills, Treas
urer. Much sewing was done, and
business was transactpd, after which
the ladles retired to the dining room
and were served with a four-course
dinner. The following ladles were
nresent: Mesdames Laura Voorhies,
Laura Hunt, Mora Walker, Henry
Perkins, Eliza Vernon, Anna Johnson.
Susie Hunt. Lucy Clayborn, Lue Fin
nell, Cora Fields. The sewing circle
adjourned to meet the following Mon
day at Mrs. Laura Voorhies.
Mr. Hart Battle, of the Nolensville
rdke, visited in Brentwood last Sun
day and attended morning services at
Brook's Chapel M. E. Church,
j Rev. Alex. Merritt, of the Primitive
Raptist Church, nreached at Brook's
Chapel M. E. Church last Sunday
morning. He delivered an excellent
sermon and gave good advice to the
1 The congregation of Brook's Chapel
M. E. Church and community ' was
very muh disapnointed by not having
Dr. E. W. S. Hammond with them
last Sunday. The prominent . divine
was confined to his home with sick
ness. He will In the future fill his ap
pointment at Brook's Chapel M. E
Church. .
The Magnolia Sewing Circle met at
the residence of Mrs. Laura Voorhies
Mondav, February .18. Many mem
bers being present. Much work was
completed. After the business of the
plrcle the ladles were Invited into the
spacious dining room, where they
feasted on the many good things of
the season, whih tho hostess had
orepared for the occasion. The fol
lowing were present: Mesdames Bills,
Hunt, Vernon, Woods, Fields, Walker,
Misses Sabie Perkins and Ella John
son. Mrs. Patsy Perkins, Johnson and
Misses Sabie Perkins and Ella John
son attended the entertainment given
by Prince Herman at Fisk University,
Nashville. The ladies were very
much pleased with Prince Herr
man's wonderful performances.
Mr. M. B. Vernon and wife visited
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ver
non, last Sunday. .
Mrs. James Finnell is on the sick
Mr. Anderson Perry and Miss Flor
ence Anthonv. both of this cHy, were
united in holy wedlock last Thursday
evening at the New Bethel Baptist
Church. Rev. H. D. Carpenter, offi
ciated. Announcements have been given out
(hat Rev. E. W. D. Isaac, D. D., of
Vashville. Tenn., will lecture at the
New Baptist Church, on Monday even
in?. March 4. He, will doubtless have
a laree attendance, as everybody here
admires the celebrated divine.
Last Sunday was 'a great day for
ehurch-ro'ng in this city. All the
churches had large congregations, and
lifted good collections. Dr. W. B.
peed nnd wife worshiped with the
N'ew Bethel Baptist Church last Sun
lay. They expressed themselves as
hpv'ng enjoyed the services.
The city ministers' and Deacons'
meeting convened at the State Stree
Baptist Church last Monday night, and
discussed "God's Financial Plan." A
n?ner was read by Dr. Mitchell on the
suhlect. which was very interesting.
Mrs. Porter Nicholson, in Delafield
and her little daughter, Hallie, are on
the sick list
Mr. C. C. Barton, of Oakland, was in
the city last Saturday on business.
Mrs. Alex. Johnson, of West Main
street, 's convalescent.
The Bowling Green Ladles' Art Club,
which was organized a few weeks ago
is meetins with success.
The New Bethel Baptist Church will
"elebrto the Lord's Supper on Sun
Itv, February 24. The members of
this church are asked to be present,
md sister churches of the same faith
an order are Invited.
The Old Maid's Convention to be
pd at State Street Baptist Church on
Fridav evening, March 1, promises to
be a rare treat.
A department of Manual Training
and Domestic Science will in all prob
ability be added to this school next
September. Superintendent H. C.
Weber is heartily in favor of such an
addition, and steps are now being
taken for Its introduction next school
vear. The principal and faculty are
in favor of it on condition that the
manual training course be additional
4nd elective, instead of a substitu
tion for something we already have.
Vour reporter understands that the
idea of the superintendent and of the
faculty is identical in this matter, and
that the Manual Training Department
!Vlll be strictly a new and added fix
ure to the old course.
Prof. F. A. Mott, accompanied by
Prof. J. W. Sewell, visited the High
School last week. Prof. Mott is Su
perintendent of the city schools of
Richmond, Ind. In his address to the
School he paid the pupils a high com
pliment on their neat, Intelligent ap
pearance, their fine order, and the su
perior excellence of thlr singing.
I Misses Emma and Johnetta Terry
were absent from their posts of duty
wo days last week on account of the
sudden death of their mother. They
were missed by teachers and pupils,
who had a heart full of sympathy for
; Mr. B. W. Payne of the Senior Col
lege Class of Fisk University, taught
Higher English in the High School
Thursday and Friday of last week.
Mr. Chas. Montague acted as substi
tute for Miss Johnetta Terry, teaching
the Fourth and Fifth Grades.
The struggle for class honors is
over. Prof. F. G. Smith, the princi
pal, has notified Miss Everil Frazier
that she Is to be the valedictorian of
the class of 1907, and Mr. Chas. Greer,
the salutatorian. Great credit is due
these two young people for winning
these honors. They have studied long
and hard and will no doubt reflect
credit on their teachers, schuol and
parents on the night of commence
ment, when they deliver their ad
dresses. In this school the honors are
won by scholarship and not by a vote
of the class. Hence personal popu
larity counts for nothing in seeking
these honors. They must be won by
I - Rev. S. Thompson was with us Sun
day and as usual took a leading part
in Sunday school. He preached two
permons during the day.
! Mrs. B. G. Strong and little daugh
ter, Lovie Lee, accompanied her hus
band ononis charge this week,. and
were the especial guests of Mr. and
Mrs. A. B. Dunnon.
j Mr. John B. Ridley spent Sunday
jwith relatives and friends here.
The remains of Rev. Jordan Walker,
an old resident of Lavergne, were
brought here Friday morning for bur
ial. Quite a number came from the
city to witness the funeral, which was
conducted by Rev. Dr. Luckett, assist
ed by Revs. Giles and Pearson.
Mrs. Geo. Smith and little daughter,
Elizabeth, spent the day with the
Dunnon family 'Sunday.
Mrs. Ellen C. Elliott, who has been
here visiting for more than a month is
tc leave for Hot Springs. Ark., Sun
day night. She will be in the city from
seven till eleven-thirty, at which time
her train will leave. She enjoys read
ing the Globe, and will have it sent to
the Elliott Flat, her home in Hot
Miss Isiibella Batey left for the city
Friday where she expects to make her
home for a while.
While making boards. Mr. Pleas
Smith was struck in the mouth, knock
'ne: out two of his teeth.
Mr. Geo. Walker was in the city
last week to have his eye treated.
Mrs. Mary J. Anderson is on the
sick list.
Mr. J. M. Frierson was called to the
city Sunday night on business.
Mrs. Katie Wilson entertained Sun
day evening at a six-o'clock tea in
honor of the Endowment Bureau that
convened in Nashville Saturday, Feb
ruary 16, 1907. Those present were
Mr. and Mrs. White, Mrs. M. A. Turn
er, of Pulaski; Dr. R. F. Boyd. Mrs.
Sallie Ferguson, Mrs. Ellen Franklin,
Mrs. Willa Townsend, Mrs. Eliza Irvin,
Mrs. Ilattie Irvin, Mrs. Nettie Puckett,
Mrs. Tda Abston, Mrs. Easier Robert
son, Sir Knight Reynolds, Mrs. Sarah
Harding, Mrs. Mattie Bowling, Mrs.
Lena Anderson..
The menu consisted of roast turkey,
scalloped oysters, corn, green peas,
celery, tomatoes, stuffed eggs, pickles,
croquetts on parsley, fruit salad,
served with whipped cream, cheese
sandwiches, brick cream and cake.
The Johanna P. Moore Missionary
Society will hold a meeting at 513
Mulberry street on the 25th of this
month. The prosram contains an ad
dress by Rev. W. S. Ellington, and
Dan Hackley Winston, Nashville's
famous poet, who has contributed fre
quently to the columns of the Globe,
Is to read one of his poems. The
meeting will begin at 8 o'clock p. m.-,
and is open to the public.
We manufacture K. P. Lodge Banners
as per illustration given above, at prices
according to quality of materials and
trimmings, ranging from $!() to $75; silk
embroidered work from $80 to $110; hand
embroidered bullion work from $135 to
$260. Specifications furnished on banners
at any price desired. ' :: :: ::
This shows a very popular design for
G. U. O. of O. F. Lodges. Front made
of white flag silk. Lambrequin, or Cur
tain, of red silk. Painted in gold leaf
and oil colors, back of red banner sateen.
Trimmed with imported gold lace, fringes
tassels, etc. Hardwood pole, wood cross
bar, rain cover and holster. Prices $60
to $75. Any of the above Banners will be
made for any other organization at same
prices, changing emblems and lettering
to suit the Order. :; ::
For further Information write to -
National Baptist Publishing Board.
R. H. BOYD, Secretary.
523 Second Ave., N. Nashville, Tenn.
One Suit Cleaned and Pressed, 50 Cts.,
4 Suits per Month, Cleaned and Pressed,
$1,00 in advance, Cleaned up-to-date.
We Solicit the Patronage of All.
R. B. Martin, Mgr. J. S. Tenner, Agt.
Shine Murphy, Tailor.
S-k a - .
: P ' K 1 ' AM
wi-l feSf I ft fi
: m,h ft l4
lis 1 -. - ft
HP : :
19 Cedar St. (Boyd Bld,.) Tbcue 4651-L

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