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DP.. J031E E. WELLS,
Diseases of Women and Chil
dren. Electrical Massage
Given at the Office ....
Office 411 Fourth Avenue, North. Tel
ephone 1477. Residence, 77 Maple
Street, Telephone 1318.
Office Hours: 10 to 12 a. m., evening
by appointment 10-27-OGtf.
Economical Steam Laundry,
We solicit your patronage. First-class
work at reasonable prices. Packages
called for and delivered to all parts of
the city. Give us a trial.
Telephone 4095. 412 Cedar Street.
A beautiful suite of rooms
on the third floor of the Napier
Court 411 Fourth Ave., North.
There are five rooms with a
glass-stained partition. Will
be rented in whole or in part.
Can be used as a flat or lodge
Apply to
J. C, Napier,
One Cent Savings Bank,
Telephone 1173.
J. 8. T.larfin,
Flrst-CUn Lire rj on Short Notice.
712 and 714 Broadway,
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The Magnolia Club, of Brentwood,
met March 4, 1907 at the resident of
Mis. Ed. Bills on the Franklin Pike.
ment. There was a time when sclen- The weather being pleasant a goodly
tists used glasses to see the moon, and number of ladies were present. At
this for a long time was considered five o'clock the guests were called Into
the only service to which they could the dining Toom, which was beauti-
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properly put, but to-day there is f""y decorated with cut flowers and Judgment for every thing you do
a port in the United States where ferns, and an appetizing dinner of six S'fi, i??en
the two would win. My friends, I
want to leave one thought with you,
and that is, you will be brought into
All dined heart- make obligation, keep if
glasses are not used on every gallon courses was served
of molasses that lands at the port, to Hy wishing that the hostess would en-
amount of sugar in every gallon." U'ere Mesdames Mora Walker, Patsy hx.p,res8 their aPProval of a11 that was
"lon T Time, in T7i-).5 i nlsliiM Mpnrv PArklns TT!H7.f Vprnnn I salfl.
P rot TallBpeaklng of science Ty Cora Fields, Nora Dowell" Ann John- ffO Sunday evening March W, the
way of illustration, 'T was miing son. Laura Voorhees, Susie Hunt, Endeavor society n"
mu. lnTOCtitinne w, t vo.l Janle MMritt. Anna Woods. Lucre- Mr- J- C- Russell, of Goodletsville,
- . vuv-cwvawwo wv vt.ui3 & uau i ' I Tpn n
heard that a butterfly, if fed on a cer- tia Bills; Messrs. Ed. Bill3 and Alex
tain leaf, would change its color, so 1 names, me gentlemen present com
determlned to make the experiment, phniented the ladies on the work of
Therefore. I trot two enternillars. the sewing circle,
Their names are not very significant,
The address was highly appreciated
' I i i I MV Mil 1 1 I HSM 1 1 I MMfl II MIV U'lTU MU'jrn Ifl
avos nnnAo u rprrniTi thA nun n&mn. i nosft nrpspm v . j " w w
The Heliotrope Circle, which held
its last meeting Monday, February 26,
at the residence of Mrs. W. -N. Hill,
SOI Ewing avenue, where their work
was displayed very nicely, making the
Mr. Buirill is of a retiring disposl
tion and always shuns anything which
After th roppnt vorv uvt cnpii thp has a tendency to give notoriety, hence
et I win gTve" them : one' was paX farmers of this vcinlty arV hopeTul is thought that he has failed to put
oc-ioc nr,tu n( tw thov will ennn t tn nlnwlnir maiier m uie nauas oi me ponce
These two were put up to feed unon Mrs. uora u Fields was caiiea away
a certain leaf. One ate and thrived, from school last Friday to attend the
the other perished. In other words, funeral of a relative.
one accepted the conditions. The oth- Mrs. Hubbard Newsome returned
er could not, which taught me that no last Wednesday from a visjt to her
neoDle enn liv and thrive unless thev daughter. Mrs. Emma Winston, or
are in harmonv with their surround- Orme, Tenn.
ings. This is true with our neonle." The Brooks Chapel M. E. Church
Continuing, he said, "I rejoice in this Sunday School, under the superintend- reCeption room very attractive and
movement which has been launched ecy oi rror. j. rawiey, is m a invitins. After business was trans
here. There is a large place in our nourishing condition, and was highly aote(1 by the president Mrs D Hous
racial circles for colleges of applied complimented by Rev. E. L. Vincent, lon an elaborate three-course menu
science. The man or woman who is or vvaiaen university. wa3 served" in honor of the Circle and
not in narmony with his surroundings . - Mrs. T. A. Williams, of Franklin.
must pass away, be lost to sight. AN APPROACHING wedding. Tenn. The hostess was assisted bv
There Is a great industrial awaken- Invitations are out announcing -the i.er dauirhter8. Misses Franklin nnd
ine in the South and the Negro will coming marriage of Miss Mayme Kelly Beatrice nnd Mrs .Smith who server!
soon be called upon to take responsl- wemmons to ;ir. j. uiaine noya. iuis the g,iests. Those present were Mes
ble positions in the industrial world, announcement, sent out Dy Mr. ana u,mP9 Tftnn Mr-Rnv sinnn ntta
As the call for skilled men increases Mrs. J. Turner Cleir.mons, parents 01,1 Mrf!nthv f!iinninoTi.im r.ht.
. . ..... .UV. JUl, " ' ' ""
we must De ready to meet tne tie- unue, was icceiveu wnu weu6ui ham, Dobson. McEwen. Hardiman
mand. among tne wiae circie ui acquaint- TUnarer and Monris. The next meet
The Jubilee Club, under the able ances or tne two young peopie. anu in win hP helrl nt Mrs T. T Me.
management of Prof. Jonn w. Work, came as no surprise, as uame ttumor cathy'S on Fogg street.
who is recognized as one of the best np.a aireaay cneaiea ine lnvuauuns in
composers of Jubilee songs, sang "Lis- this, but could not take from it the
ten to the Lambs all Crying," a new certainty of the official announcement.
song which has never before been At this wedding win culminate tne
by a club. Following a selection capitulation of two hearts that wooed
of the Glee Club, the meeting was ad each other for the past four years.
Professpr Frank Smith and family
attended Union Church Sunday and
took dinner at Jubilee Hall.
Mr. Calloway, class '89, of Wash-
journed to meet in Chase Hall for the Miss Clemmons has been in Nashville nT:' r T..?'; as per illustration given a
dedicatory prayer. for about ten years and is a graduate Jgf u JeZs JnTJl CCOT(lnS to ualit of
At Chase Hall. 1 WoXl lIHl
ivery room in tnis oeautirui Duua- 7,; day morning
sr wo a rinceiv incneteri hi, citnro Boyd is the second son of Dr. and Mrs. ' fl .
R. L. PILES, Jr.,
Clianing, Dyeing and Repairing.
Pants to Order .... S 4.00
Suits to Order.. ..515.00
Telephone 8770.W.
-423 Deadend St, KASIIY1LLE, TEM.
Hay, Corn, Oats and Feed
stuffs, The only Negro Feed House in the City
Oil 3rd. Ave. Phone
Alain 4460-L.
Rufus Cage. 1
' Telephone So. 3:!3 R. Iloiitr Addr ss,
70S (i orjfia Strert.
We manufacture K. P. Lodge Banners
above, at prices
materials ana
$.'0 to $75: silk
embroidered work from $80 to $110: hand
inz was dnsplv insnprtPri hv visitors Royd is the second son of Dr. and Mrs. ' m4 . embroidered bullion work from $135 to
and students, all of whom had come H. Boyd, a Texan by birth, hav- " "XTrJ Tw Specifications furnished on banners
over from the exercises at Memorial come to Nashville about . nine nesda, -ft'rD0on . Th Jatanncedeslred
Chapel. Rev. Dr. Llewellyn Pratt, D. ars ago. At present ne is io reman thg two tear
of Norwich, Conn., offered a most - f. to the visitors,
invent prayer aeaicating tneou iamg ; ' 'i""' 7L - Kesult of the game next issue.
to the cause of Christ as a Christian "m flpmrtrnVnt of MIss Frankie Caldwell, of the Senior
educational-institution. Dr. Pratt has in the mailing department 0f Pieparatory claS3i wno 'was called to
been a member of the executive board ",c Dai'lc h h Friar's Point Miss last
of the American Missionary Associa- will take p lace Wednesday afternoon Sof P TShness 0f heJ
tion tor about twenty years. He is - J v mother has returned to school
pastormg a large congregation in Uon- "a.lL ""'V"'0 X h",T The friends of Miss Pearl Erwin, of
necticut, and came South in response ffJ?"0 J5S" Ail0 "'i5i Buckle, Tenn., are glad to see her
to tne invitation extenaea. '",ui ..v-,
-j haco Kail o-nmo fnr fha Pntorttiln. IU 5sKfcA A I U t IN I fc t V I UUC.
w.. v.rt m,ofc, ar ,oD I Unon invitation from Prof. r. J
in school again. Miss Erwin had been
out of school a while on account of
The Fisk Debating Club met in reg-
served at the dormitory at 5:30 o'clock CVnlBBon. incipal of the Centerville uJar sesgion Thurgd nj h February
and at 6:45 o'clock prayer meeting J gn cnooi ana Acaaemy ai vuii- ,8 Thg gubject f b
was: "Re-
was held, during which a number of yiue. ennessee nev w. o -TX"fi solved that woman suffrage would be
addresses were given by various vis- iuu, eu.tu, 7n" for the best interests of the civilized
itors, interspersed with jubilee songs. Baptist Publishing Board, and pas tor aQd
Following this meeting President and of the First Baptist Church wll I de- gon were afflmatlve akerg and
Mrs. Merrill gave a reception to the hver a lecture beto the etudents, H R M and Jag Roblnson
guests and faculty.
faculty and citizens to-night. Rev.
Tne toiiowing is tne omciai program 'jsw 7 ivIViTr; decided in favor of the affirmative
llie, pi CUClltru aim wmcu unuoai
the hearts of all the people. They are
as rendered
Chorus Trust in the Lord (from Vin
cent's Oratorio of "The Prodigal
Son") Mozart Society.
Invocation Rev. DeWitt S. Clark,
D. D.. Salem, Mass
Piano Solo Allegro from Sonata, Op.
2, No. 3 Miss A. Robinson
Statement President Merrill,
SongElsie's Prayer (from "Golden
Legend," by Dudley Buck) Miss kins.
Elsie Taylor.'
Address Rev. Frank S. Fitch, D. D.,
Buffalo, N. Y.
Jubilee Song Listen to the Lambs all
Short Addresses Profs. W. G. Water
man and T. W. Talley.
Song The Lost Chord
Glee Club.
Dedicatory Prayer Rev
vllle, preached and talked himself into JudeesDr n W Henderson T P
Haralson and Wm. Dawson. A large
constantly Issuing invitation after in
vitation for him to come to their city,
Prof. Clinisson, the principal, is a very
energetic young man and has a pro-
resslve school.
number of the young ladies were pres
ent with Miss D. A. Scribner. profes
sor of literature.
May Rules-1907.
Isaac R. Watkins vs. Estella Wat-
Cor, 5th Ave, and Church St,
Shoes, Hats, Funi
isliing; Goods.
Pratt, D. D., Norwich, Conn
Miss Josephine 8. Grant, of 1C06
Jackson street, returned Monday even
ing fro.ii Baltimore, Md., where she
has been with her patient, Mrs. Dr
Pomeroy, whom she carried from Mon-
In this cause it appearing V) tne terey, Tenn., to be operated on at
satisfaction of the Court that the de- Johns Hopkins Hospital. Miss Grant
fendant is a non-resident of the State had the opportunity and pleasure of
of Tennessee, therefore the ordiuary meeting some of the most prominent
nrocess of law cannot he served upon physicians and nurses of the country,
her: it is therefore ordered that said She has been with this patient since
defendant enter her appearance herein December. On her return she stopped PLATE 2.
(Sulivan) at the next term of the Davidson over at wasmngton and Knoxville.- This shows a very popular design for
County Circuit Court, to be holden at mie in ivnoxviue sne was enter- G u. O. of O. F. Lodges. Front made
Lewellyn tne Court House in Nashville, Tennes- tamed Dy 'Airs, Dr. MCLoy, or bast cf white flag silk. Lambrequin, or Cur-
; 1 1 G.U.O.ofO.F II
see, on the first Monday in May, it
Thus the day ended and Nashville bdng the slxth da7f and defend or
has more to be proud of and to hand
to its posterity
said complair ant's bill will be taken
umd infirmary. tain, of red silk. Painted in cold leaf
iviiss urant is a graauate 01 tne and oil colors, back of red tanner sateen.
Nurse Training Department of Me- Trimmed with imported cold lace, fringes
narry Aieaicai uouege ana nas Deen tassels, etc. Hardwood pole, wood cross-
fnr rnnfpqqpd nq to her and set for , uu,rc6o "" lasscis, cit. ikuuwwu poic, wouu crobs-
ror coniessea as 10 ner ana set lor k t h Mprv cinro hpr wnflna. v. -,, a v,( c,i. am
hearing ex parte. It is therefore or- f, . . ft1 v.t,
As the days grow St. hearts that a copy of this order be
grow light at Prince Herrman's enter-
trdnments. Crowded houses greeted
published for four weeks in succession
in the Nashville Globe, a newspaper
them every night this week, but the published in Nashville.
report from Meharry Auditorium
reached this office too late for men
tion in this number. Next week they
perform at Tabernacle Baptist Church,
Monday night, March 11th; Odd. Fel
lows Hall, Nouth Cherry street, Tues
day night, March 12th; Fairfield Bap-
tist Church, Wednesday night, March
L. M. HITT, Clerk.
Solicitor for Complainant.
3-8-07 tf
The Fireside School, under the man
agement of Mrs. M. H. Flowers, en
tertained about 40 guests last Tues
day from 8 to 10:30 p. m., in honor of
Miss H. K. Patrick matron of A. and
M. College, Normal, Ala, Miss Pat
rick was for several years connected
with the work of Fireside School, and
ThP ppntni RprrPtnrv and ,1 nt became greatly endeared to all who
Llrt VjIIUICII, weUimSUcLY UlgllL, iviaicil rCi0lfl tn Ilia TTnmo onfl tVinca nrVir.
13th; A. M.E. Zlon Church, Sycamore the Glpbe Publishing Company, Mr. Rifled . n the Home and those who
street, between Fifth and Sixth ave- nas. 11. uurrin, wnue on nis way nome
nues, Thursday night, March 14th; rnuu.v rvcumg ium mo uiisiui-
uuie iu mil in among imeves ana con
seauently is short of a part of his
filthy lucre which makes the mare go
Salem Chapel M. E. Church, Buchanan
rnd Cherry streets, Friday night,
March 15th.
Rev. T. A. Thompson, D. D. Presid
ing Elder cf the A. M. E. Church,
Louisville, Ky., District, is spending a
few days with his wife, daughter and
son-in-law at Locust Lawn.
Rev. E. L. Vincent, student of Wal
den University, delivered two very ac
ceptable sermons to the congregation
of Brooks Chapel M. E. Church las'
Sunday morning and evening.
were interested In the work.
The program of the evening consist
ed of a pleasing address by Miss II,
K. Patrick; solos by Misses Anderson
and Garrett; duet by Miss Nettie Mc-
to $75. Any of the above Banners will be
made for any other organization at same
prices, changing emblems and lettering
to suit the Order. :: :: ::
For further information write to
National Baptist Publishing Board.
R. II. BOYD, Secretary,
523 Second Ave., N. Nashville, Tenn.
One Suit Cleaned and Pressed, 50 Cts.,
4 Suits per Month, Cleaned and Pressed,
$1,00 in advance, Cleaned up-to-date.
Mr. Burrill stopped at one of the bus- Intsh and Miss Claybrooks. Scrip
iness firms between his residence and ture texts were repeated by a majority
the Globe office to make a few trifling of those present. The texts were
purchases for some friends and after fo,md uniquely hidden in napkins
he had received his packages and paid passed around previous to the serving
for them it is thought that two burly of ice cream and assorted cakes. After
mpn succeeded in connecting them- Player by Rev. Mr. Carter, the guests
selves with his money. The loss was retired. Much credit is due Mrs. Flow-
not discovered until he had reached c-rs and members of Fireside School
home. He returned at once to the for the unique and profitable enter
1-, r.-.v.'Kn.Mr v.,. T..nB utiaMs tdlnmpiit. nnd for a .iemnnKt.rntirvn nf
V V 1 1 1 Ml. H l.'1'lVI.V I'UL YTflCl UllUUlt I ' A Cl f J ,
i t'nln rriv information concerning the fact that religion and social inter-wwr U (Boyd fjltffl.)
;l.o lost amount.
course will mix.
We Solicit the Patronage of All.
R. B. Martin, Mgr. J, S. Tenner, Agt,
Shine Murphy, Tailor,
'Phone 465 1 -L

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