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The Nashville globe. (Nashville, Tenn.) 1906-193?, March 29, 1907, Image 3

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Go where the birds are singing; where the air is
pure and delightful; where the flowers are bloom
ing and God's carpet covers the ground, for an
i ! I f f i --o
We at this time have 8 lots on India St.; 1 lot on Killarne
St.; 7 Lots on Linden St.; 9 lots on Marmion St., at $150 each;
18 lots on Norman St., at $125 each, on the FISK UNIVERSITY
PLACE No. 1.
50c. PER WEEK.
No Interest; No Taxes; Free Life Insurance.
The Magnoia Sewing Circle met last
week at the residence of Mrs. Eliza
Vernon, on the Franklin pike. After
transacting the business of the circle,
much work was done. After which
the ladles were Invited into dinner. A
delightful repast of five courses was
served. Mesdames Mora Walker and
Laura Voorhles assisted the hostess in
serving. The following members were
present: Mesdames Laura and Susie
TInne, Lucretia Bills, Janie 'Merritt,
Laura Voorhies, Cora Field, Edith
Crawley, Henry Perkins, Mora, Walk
er, Anna Johnson, Anna Woods, Nora
Dowell, Patsy Rains, Patsy Johnson
and Eliza Vernon.
Mr. J. J. Lay, the well known pho
tographer of Nashville, was out re
cently and took the pictures of Mes
dames Cora L. Fields and Patsy John
son's pupils. Mrs. Fields has a very
large school and is doing excellent
work In the school room and also in
the neighborhood. It is the wish of a
great many of the patrons of the
school that she will be with us for
several years.
The- Magnolia Sewing Circle met
March 25 at the residence of Mrs.
Walter Dowell on the Franklin road.
..Much work was completed. Those
present were Mrs. Mora Walker, Mrs.
Jannie Merritt, Mrs. Creasy Bills, Mrs.
Patsy Rains, Mrs. Laura Voorhles,
Mrs. Annie Johnson, Mrs. Henry Per
kins, Mrs. Laura Hunt, Mrs. Cora
Fields, Mrs. Eliza Vernon. At six
o'clock a three-course menu was
served, after which they adjourned to
meet at the home of Mrs. Patsy
Raines on the first day of April.
Mrs. J. C. Crawley, of Locust Lawn,
is visiting her sister, Mrs. Dolly R.
Brown, of Hopklnsville, Ky., this
The Benevolent Order No. 102, met
last Monday night and re-elected all
of the old officers. The Order is do
ing a good work and has several hun
dred dollars In the treasury.
man, is a convincing pulpit orator and
preacher of no little ability. His
church has set the precedent of select-
ing young men as pastors, and Its in
fluence Is being felt in this commu
nity. Another Baptist church has fol
lowed in the wake of Mt. Olive
In securing the services of Rev. Good
all, of Nashville, and no doubt other
will will fall in line, with young: blood
at the helm.
Mt. Ollva Baptist Church, under
the auspices of Rev. E. H. Smith, has
been the scene of a remarkable, re
vival. Beginning on March 3 and end
ing amid the beautiful services as are
only had on Palm Sunday; results
one hundred and two conversions, and
additions to the church is the crown
ing effort of the above-named man and
pastor. Easter Sunday will witness
the closing of this revival, when
the above numbered persona will be
given the rites ot bolj baptism.
c?, Smith, a cftrr;tiY?!7 ysuss
The Baptist Church and Sunday
school are preparing for a big day on
The M. E. Conference will be In ses
sion on Easter Sunday.
Miss Casle Cartwright la absent
from school this week on account of
Mesdames Jonas and Ed. Ridley
drove out Monday afternoon and made
a few calls in the Sand Hill oommun
Mrs. J. I. Wade Is on the eick list.
Little Oscar P. Cheatham, of Patter
son street, Nashville, is here with hia
auntie, Mrs. John Hill.
Mx. Dudley Charlton entertained
friends at dinner Sunday in honor of
his birthday. Among those present
were Revs. B. G. Strong and S.
Mr. J. H. Darden was in the city last
Definite arrangements have been
concluded for an exhibit from the In
dustrial and art divisions of the Arm
strong Manual Training School at
Washington, D. C. " This display will
be large and comprehensive and is
certain to attract favorable Comment.
Principal W. Bruce Eivans will have
general oversight of the exhibit, while
the mechanical features will be under
the direction ef Mr. Arthur C. New
man an expert in this particular line
of work.
Miss Frances B. Spencer, a talented
young lady formerly of Cincinnati;- O.,
has prepared a beautiful exhibit of
hand-painted china, valued at more
than $500. Miss Spencer's artistic
ability is a natural gift, as she has
had little special training and carries
no diplomas. , Her work is much
sought arter, and Is all the more to
her cerit, because of Us testimony of
the Inherent capacity of the race to
grasp the fine arts.
There will be a substantial reduc
tion In railroad rates to Jamestown,
of whlcfc due announcement will be
nzzs, .Ml rzzii lead ta the great Es
position from April 28th to the frosts
of fall-time, and everybody will have
an opportunity to witness the thou
sand and one evidences of progress
made by both races In the past three
Colored visitors will have access to
every portion of the Exposition.
Every building will be open to them
on equal terms with all other visitors.
The Negro editors are suggesting a
"Piess Day," as one of the special
features. Mr. Cyrus Field Adams,
President of the National Association,
is heartily in favor of having a confer
ence of newspaper men during the
.summer. He prefers, however, to
leave It to ' the editors themselves,
rather than to call a formal meeting,
iso that many who may not be mem
bers of the Association may partici
pate In the "pow-wow." ' The Exposi
tion managers would be glad to hear
from the "press gang" on the subject,
with suggestion as to the best time for
.such a gathering.
An instructive illustration of the ad
Tancement of our people in the scien
tific practice of medicine and surgery
will be a special building in which
there will be an Emergency Hospital,
under the direction of a colored physi
cian and attended by colored nurses.
The room will be fitted up with exhib
its showing the work of colored phy
sicians and such medical colleges and
hospitals as are under their supervi
sion. The Executive Committee has
appointed tho following sub-committee
to act and to arrange for the details
of Ihis highly significant exhibit of the
race's professional development: Dr.
A. M. Curtis, Washington, D. C, Chair
man; George C. Nail, Chicago, 111.;
Dr. R. F. Boyd, Nashville, Tenn.; Dr.
. W. A. Warfield, Washington, D. C,
and Dr. Joseph France, Portsmouth,
Va. All are well known and stand at
the head of their profession.
past week, and Mr. Ike Battle, Super
intendent of Greenwood Cemetery, has
completed his home and will move in
this week.
We are glad to announce that Miss
Llllie Hall Is again able to be out with
her associates.
Mr. Allen Copeland has learned to
be a good plasterer. He Intends to go
to San Francisco soon.
Miss Mattie D. Walker la s-pondlng
the week with her mother.
Abotit April 5, Rev: E. J. Fish
er, D. D pastor of tlie Olivet Baptist
Church, corner 27th and Dearborn
streets, Chicago, Is scheduled to pass
through Nashville en route South. It
has not been officially confirmed, but
It Is expected that Dr. Fisher will
spend possibly a night and a day shak
ing hands with old friends while In
this city, as he pastored the Spruce
Street Baptist Church some years ago.
He will be en route to his old home,
Atlanta, Ga-., where he goes on a va
cation. Hl health ha been very poor
for the last two months, which, It Is
thought, resulted from overwork. He has
built np a magnificent chureh tn Chica
go almost from Insignificance to become
the loading chnrch in the city regard
less of denomination. Nothing far
ther Is learned concerning his pro
posed Southern trip, except that his
church sends him out for a much
needed rest.
sensative has been quietly Investiga
ting the feeling of the people with, re
spect to these most liberal terms.
Many have expressed themselves as ,
not seeing just how a firm could pos
sibly offer for sale such beautiful and
magnificent lots at these unheard of
terms: $1.00 down and 50 cents. per
week, free deed In case of death, no
taxes and no water rents. The office
of the Abraham Lincoln Land Co., at
71 Arcade, has been besieged dally
with Inquiries relative to the time and
terms of the Bale. Tho Globe office
from time to time has with pleasure
given attention to all Inquiries and
referred them pleasantly to the office
of this Company. '
' Rev. Nathan Smith, who has been
Mil o ftne city for several days, has
returned to nis work.
m. Vvimaw liowlett, the faithful
Superintendent of Ebenezer for many
.years, uas ueeu quite sick, yet his de
sire to do service has greasy aided
irm nhvsieian.
Air. iiilmore Telford, a member of
Hhe &ueiiezer btock oompany, wno
nas been livinn in Nashville many
.years, will return to nls home, Osaga
. city, ivan., mis summer.
Verv manv of the ucoule are now
li fautifvina: their homes. Mr. William
alker painted hi home during the
The second sale of the great Home
offering by the Abraham Lincoln Land
Co., took place Saturday afternoon at
Fisk University Place, No. 2, this city.
This second sale had been thoroughly
advertised and anxious, Impatient, yet
ambitious Negroes of Nashville await
ed the coming of this noted event.
The prompters paraded Nashville
with the I. O. I. band Saturday morn
ing in a magnificent tallyho, drawn by
four thoroughbred Kentucky horses.
Hundreds of people went out on the
Jefferson street car line to the end,
where dozens of carriages were wait
lng to convey them gratuitously to the
place of the sale. Promptly at the
hour appointed, "the exchange of land
for cash" began. The results were In-
deed gratifying. More Negroes now
own homes from the results of these
two sales than any city In the South,
Raleigh. N. C, not an exception. It
la estimated that fully $30,000 worth
of rrpnerty was sq!L A Globo fepr
The Phyllis Wheatley Club mot re
cently at home of Mrs. II. Campbell,
on Lafayette street. Quito a large
number of members were present. Of
ficers for the ensuing year were elect
ed as follows: President, Mrs. G. L.
Jackson; Vice President, Mrs. Evans
Tyree; Secretary, Mrs. Uarlan; Assis
tant Secretary, Miss A. Davis; Treas
urer, Mrs. Harriet Campbell; Corro
eponding Secretary, Miss E. Pinkard.
Bishop Tyree entertained tha club de
lightfully with a few well-worded re
marks which encouraged the ladles
very much In their undertakings. Aft
er the translation of all business, re
freshments were served In the dinlnff
room which was artistically decorated
with ferns and palms. The Club will
meet Thursday, March 28, at the home
of Mrs. Hammonds, 107, University
Mrs. Caroline Durroh, a prominent
resident of Chattanooga, Is In the city
to attend the Commencement exer
cises of Meharry Medical, Dental and
Pharmaceutical Colleges from which "
her son, Dr.'Wm. Durroh, graduates
to-night. While in the city Mrs. Dur
roh is stopping at 21 Wharf avenue,
where her son has boarded during his
stay hero In the city. Ir. Durroh will
locate in his home town where his
brothers in partnership with Dr. Robt
W. Allen, a former Nashville boy,
owns two of the finost drug stores run
by colored men In the United States.
He made a remarkable record here in
Meharry, having passed .' the state
board and secured a registered phar
macist certificate, one year before he
had completed his course of study In
the school. Mrs. Durroh and her sou
will probably remain la the city until
next weflt. .

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