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The Nashville Globe.
Published Every Friday in the Year, Room
1. Odd Fellow Hall, No. 447 Fourth At
nue, north, NasnviJle, lena.,
Telephone 43'3-L
J. 0. BATTLE Editob
Entered u second-claM matter January to,
1906, at the post office at Nashville, Tennes
see, under tbe act ot congreaa of March ,
1 879.
No Notice taken of anonymous contribu
One Year U 60
One Month 15
Single Copy 05
Notify the office Then you fail to get your
centa oer line for each insertion.
8 cents per line for each insertion (black
Contracts for 1,000 lines to be taken in a
year, made at 3 cents per line.
Advertising copy tho&l bt hi the office
not later than Tuesday 9 a. m. of each week.
Any erroneous reflection upon the charae
ter, standing or reputation of any person,
firm or corporation, which may appear in the
columns of THE NASHVILLE GLOBE will
Le gladly corrected upon being brought to the
attention ot tne management.
Send correspondence for publication so as
to reach this othce Monday. IN o matter in
tended for current issue which arrives as late
as Thursday can appear in that number, as
inursuaj ia press aaj.
All news matter sent us for publication
must be written only on one side of the pa
per, and should be accompanied by the name
of the contributor; not necessarily for publi
cation, but as an evidence ot good faith.
Governor Patterson is entitled to
the plaudits of every right thinking
man in Tennessee for the stand he
took in vetoing the iniquitious Park
Bill which had for its object the death
of Greenwood Park. In withholding
his approval to the scheme he put his
foot down hard upon the copper-headed
prejudice which would use the leg
islature for the purpose of striking at
the rights of the colored people to
enjoy themselves under their own vine
and fig tree.
This effort upon the part of the
Davidson County delegation to foist
upon the records of the state an ex
post facto law so as to satisfy the re
calcitrant inhabitants of certain sec
tions of the city comes with peculiar
ly bad grace from the race that so os
tentatiously proclaims that It wants
separate accommodations for almost
everything here on earth and possibly
hopes that there will be a separation
even in Heaven. They have empha
sized so forcibly that Negroes are not
admitted at their private parks and
no self-respecting person of our race
wants to visit them they have shown
to plainly that even at the parks
owned by the city that we are not
wanted that we thought surely they
would be consistent enough to let us
alone when one of our public-spirited
men threw open a breathing place
where we could escape from the mias
ma of those sections of the city where
most of our people live. But such it
seems is not the case. There seems to
be' an element that i3 opposed to us
having anything unless they can dic
tate as to where it shall be and
how it is to be conducted. Gov
ernor Patterson, however, by his
manly stand has shown that he does
not approve such high-handed meth
ods and his veto has put a quietus on
the scheme we hope for two years at
the least.
In the meantime it is not inoppor
tune to advise that everyone who at
tends this resort should do everything
to see that the best of order is main
tained. Things which happen at and
on the way to Glendale or other parks
frequented by the whites that would
lie excused under the head of the irre
pressible spirit of young America, if
occurring at one of our parks will be
characterized as the natural inclina
tion of the race to drift into immoral
ity. Let's see to it that our park will
bear a better reputation than theirs.
Has the tide turned at last or is the
newspaper liar getting in his work?
From Texas conies the report that a
woman who had been shot and as
saulted, it was claimed, by a Negro,
upon regaining consciousness accused
her husband of the foul deed. The
burly brute, to use the accepted term
for men who commit such crimes,
hhot his wife, threw his gun in a
nearby stream and then smeared her
blood upon his clothes so as to lend
color to the story which he later told
of how the scoundrel had also at
tacked him. In a hamlet about 150
miles from "New Orleans, La., a mob,
which attempted to lynch a man
charged with attempted assault, was
fired upon from ambush and severa
of its members wounded. The nris
oner, who had been taken from the
jail, made his escape; but was later
captured and lynched.
There may be some truth in the
Texas case, but who would believe the
report from Louisiana? Who would
ever believe that a band of Negroes
would defend one of their own race!
It is true that now and then they wil
protect their own homes with their
lives just as any other human being
will do, but fire upon the "best citi
zens" of a town for the protection of a
"worthless wretch!" The idea is pre
posterous! The newspaper reporter
must have been badly rattled or the
mob fired upon itself!
The Clarksvllle imbroligo in which
the new charter for that city was the
bone of contention was finally settled
on the last day of the Legislative ses
sion by a compromise. By the terms
of the agreement the present city
council which contains the Negro mem
ber, Mr. Nace Dixon, that Speaker
Cunningham has been trying to re
move, holds over for almost two years.
The sequel to the fight was just what
was to have been expected, though it
appeared to one on the outside, that
the anti-saloon league, which secured
the abolition of the old charter through
the Negro vote, made a game fight to
prevent the incorporation of the new
method of electing the councilmen as
provided in the new charter.
There is, however, a faint odor of
shrewd politics in the whole matter
which makes it appear as if the Ne
groes of the city in working for a
moral reform have fought against
themselves. If the league was sincere
in its fight it is now up to the mem
bers to prove their sincerity by plac
ing a representative, of our race upon
their ticket at the next municiDa.1
election and seeing to it that he is
Ralph W. Tyler, of Columbus, O.,
has been appointed auditor of the
Navy Department by President Roose
velt, a position which pays $3,500 per
annum and has been held by only one
other colored man, Major John R.
Lynch now a paymaster in the United
States Army. In appointing Mr.
Tyler to the position it appears that
the President, who consulted neither
of the United States Senators from
Ohio, concerning tbe matter, is try
ing to revenge himself upon Senator
Foraker for the fight he has made in
behalf of the discharged soldiers of
the twenty-fifth infantry and also
split the Negro vote in the event there
is a contest between Mr. Foraker and
Secretary Taft for the endorsement
of the republicans of the state. If
these be the motives that have in
spired the appointment of Tyler then
the President's politics have descended
from the practical to the cheap vari
ety of the ward heeler.
Dr. Booker T. Washington, accord
ing to an Alabama dispatch, declined
to attend one of the functions at the
recent re-dedication of Carnegie In
stitute. Pittsburg, Pa., because some
of the foreigners objected to eating
with a Negro. The Roosevelt-Washing
lunch gave the South such a case
of indigestion that Mr. Washington
doubtless decided that it was better
to steer clear of the Pittsburg diners.
It's a mighty fine policy to stay away
from places where you are not wanted,
especially if there is to be any eat-
Clarksville has a new hospital
owned and controlled and operated by
Negroes. The spirit of the age is
improve upon present conditions and
the physicians of the country are re
sponding nobly in doing their share
of the wtrk. The town or city with
out a hospital or infirmary for our
people will soon be the exception
ratner than the rule.
When Shakespeare made Cardinal
wolsey say: "To-day he puts forth
the tender shoot of hope; to-morrow
blossoms, and bears his blushing hon
ors thick upon him; the third day
comes a frost, a killing frost." he must
have had the delightful weather of
Sunny Tennessee In mind!
Gov. Patterson made the nark bill
look as though a cyclone had struck
it. A few more hot shots like that
from the "house upon the hill" and
demagogues will know that even the
Negro has some rights that must be
The Morning News, Hopkinsville's
daily, continues. to grow in size. Edi
tor Brown, It seems, is determined to
give that city and the race a first-class
Thanks be to the nine gods of war
the legislature has adjourned.
Every one is interPstpH n pn.
Williams University, nni wont n
y j iVft? VU WW
the school rebuilt. There will be gly
un Monaay night, April 29, at
Spruce Street Baptist Church, a booth
entertainment under th
the City Alumni of Roger Williams.
This being the only entertainment of
its kind ever held in the Htv lr la
pected that the lovers of education
will take great interest In aiding the
enterprise. They have placed the price
in the reach of everv nnv lnot iha
small sum of ten cents will admit you
to visit the six different booths which
have been arranged hv th lajoa
the association. It is to your interest
that you should, come nnr nn thia
night and brine vour fH Pnda anil dm
that others come.
Mrs. G. H. Bandv anrl Mrs Tt t.
Miles will have charge of the ice
cream booth.
We all like thinsrs that nro Q n rival.
ty, therefore you should visit
booth, which will be in charce hv Mrs
A. M. Townsend and Mrs TCiroo nioaa
These ladies will see that you get just
what you want by asking.
The ladies do not wish to slight any
one and if you are a lover of flowers
just go to the flower booth, where you
will find any flower you desire. You
will here find Mrs. M. J. Anderson and
Bertie King to wait on you.
Aprons are the articles that can not
be dispensed with. Mrs. Perry and
Miss Effie Bryant will fit you up in
this line.
Don't dare think of leaving until
you visit every booth and buy some
thing from them all.
The little ones have not been slight
ed, for they all like candy; so don't
go away until you have carried them
around to the candy booth and filled
their pockets with some of the choic
est candies there are on the market.
Miss M. A. Reed and Martha Redmon
are here to wait on every one to see
that you get just what you wish.
Would you dare think of leaving
the house until you had visited the
booth where you can get all the soft
drinks at your own price? Mrs. Lena
Johnson and Mrs. Wm. Young are
here to see that you will not be slight
ed. Who would miss such a grand treat
as this when you can come and get
what you want to eat, drink and wear,
and enjoy yourselves and feel that the
money you have spent is for a noble
Beautiful Roger Williams Univer
sity is no more. The buildings were
destroyed by fire. The insurance
money was collected and carried to
New York or somewhere else, and the
campus has been cut up into residence
lots and is being sold under an agree
ment that no Negro will be allowed to
live there except as a servant. This
arrangement was made by a society
posing as agency to do Christian mis
sionary work. The Negroes have be
come disgusted with 'such hypocrisy
nnd have determined to erect a Roger
Williams themselves and conduct the
same as they see fit. Great progress
has been made and the Alumni are
giving this entertainment feeling that
the people will be glad to assist them
in any way possible.
This town is located in Bollvir
County, Miss., and its inhabitants are
all Afro-Americans. There are many
stores anrl nice ones at that. There
is also a bank that is in a prosperous
condition. About one year ago the
Nashville Globe printed an accurate
description of the town, which great
ly pleased the people in this vicinity.
There are a few readers of the
Globe in this place, and they all like
19, 1307.
11113 VrKDl iJCilUUL UJr iYlUMC I
Instructions and Lessons tfiven in Piano, Organ,
Violin, Mandolin, Guitar, Voice and Harmony.
NO. 449 EIGHTH AVENUE, N., - (North Spruce St.)
TERMS OF 1906-1907.
Fin Rigs of Every Description.
Have You Catarrh?
Do Your Eyes Trouble You?
Do You Need Glasses?
r. C. V. Roman,
ROOMS 2 and 3
it and anxiously await its coming.
f there were an actlva aeent of the
paper here, beyond a doubt, a good
1st or subscribers would he secured.
The term of the Institute will close
on or about May 15. The school has
had a successful session since Its
opening last October.
Mrs. Mayme G. Greer, teacher of
Music and English Literature, was
called to Nashville, her home, recent
ly on account of the serious Illness of
her mother.
On Thursday night a pleasant sur
prise was given to her at the resi
dence of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Cosey.
There were present Denuty Sheriff
R. A. Fowshea, Mrs. A. A. Harris, Mrs.
C. R. Stringer, Mrs. Janla Chestnutt,
and a number of others.
On Friday night there was another
gathering at the residence of Mrs. C.
R. Stringer. Mrs. Greer made a fare
well call upon the lady, and found
Mrs. J. W. Francis, Mrs. Chas. Banks,
Mrs. A. A. Cosey. Mrs. Janle Chest
nutt, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Creswell, Mrs.
Marie Harris, Mrs. . Georgia Gayles,
Misses Gertrude and Faustina Jones,
Mrs. Powell .Messrs. Wm. Warren.
John Bryant, Jones, Dr. Lee and oth
ers waiting to bid her good-by. An
elaborate menu was daintily served.
An affecting scene occurred when
the favorite teacher started for the
railroad station en route for her
home. One hundred and eiehteen
students escorted her and bade her
Dr. Hammonds, as announced, ad
ministered sacrament last Sunday.
His sermon touched the hearts of all
and brought forth showers of bless
Mr. Peyton expresses himself as
being very well pleased with the
Mrs. Elvira Broadie. of Clarksville.
was down last week to see her daugh
ter, who is here in the Industrial
The Carnation Club was enter
tained Monday afternoon bv Mrs.
I. M. Burns, of 920 Tenth ave
nue, South. After the general rou
tine of business an enjoable program
was rendered. Mrs. B. F. Morton
made a very interesting address to the
Club. An elaborate three-course menu
wa sserved. Those present were
Mesdames Robert Ralph, F. A. Turn
er, Hall Duff, Chas. Duff, C. C. Win
stead, P. A, Sims and II. C. Barns.
$2.00 Per Month.
Dry Goods and Carpet Go.
Third Avenue, between Union Street
and Public Square.
Carry the Best Stock ol Carpets,
The Best Assortment ol Sis and
Dress Goods,
The Handsomest Line ol Cloaks
and Suits.
The Only True Blood, Liver
and Kidney Remedy.
Our Sarsaparilla is made from
pure herb Roots and Drugs
which li aye proved by long ex
perience to be the most valu
able in restoring and invigorat
ing. For renewing and enrich
ing the blood.
Every Bottle Guaranteed To Give Satisfaction
or Money Refunded.
All Telephone Orders Delivered.
DAVID J. KUM, Druggist,
Cedar Street and Twelfth Avenue, North.
'Phones Main, 1718 and 4030.
R. G. Martin.
II. G. Fite.
Martin & Fite
pa :..$4,ooup
Cleaning, Pressing and Altering Neatly
Done Ladies Work a Specialty.
Clothes Called for and
.Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Spring samples now ready.
024 Cedar Street, Nashville, Term.
Miss Willie Lockridge,
Call to see me: if vnn nr nUa. ttn
-j j p aquavit. It A A
others; if not, tell me.
905 Eleventh Avenue, North.
a n n m c
lln tl

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