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Tms N-vsmrnrus globe. fridat, april i, i?07.
Last Sunday morning or late Sat
urday night J. M. giles, white, stabbed
! and probably fatally wounded Joe
The Solons of the State of Tennes
see got real busy the last days of the
Legislature during the present term.
For Vetoing Anti-Greenwood Park
AmAon MAnn wnc hPhin on F".v six hundred new laws were (Continued from First Page.)
below the left ear, too long gashes I lh,f
Stand for a while, if you will, with
me on the plains of Lookout Moun
tain as those brave men in blue scale
the steep sides of the mountain and
plant "Old Glory on the upmost point
while shot and shell from the ene-
W A N T ED. For man, wife and child
nice furnished room with board In prl-
' 1 Ll 1 1 Vj OllUL Willi OUVl A 1 " - , , , 1 f -
j j nn Vioir vnto fnmllv in pnnd npisrhborhood Von-
nn the left side of the face, the blade the iy-nn enerat Aiseuihiy. jnis reptftbly to every requirement of a walked up the almost perpendicular venient to car line. Write, giving
of the knfe was broken nto two ""C,,B -uc Ul ."c,,"u" hien and Christian civilization. .Mm of the mountain, or knpel in the terms and location. J. n. v., care ui
' n.- i .vUa- v i i ' ' ! .
niecps. one belne removed while the ,,tM,tM'1 rtSSClu". lUB In conclusion, we wish to say the Vallev of Death at Gpttvbere. or go Globe.
other remains within, the skull, and r "tv-thlrd. which sat four years ago. CTatefulness of an entire people goes with Sherman on his destructive
will 1 r r om rTfQ lotoi ir rtrt&atfsia That body passed 601 acts. But for nt tn r.nv Patters for h act of nn. morfh thrrMinh r.PnrHn onri nt each WANTED. Two first-class serv-
Ti,n fln-i,t in CnM v.a,rn .a a liberal use of the veto power by the hmtv in cmntVifrinn- th mti nnti. ninro vnn win cpo hphind thp veil ants, a man and a woman: good
---( - w . i . a m m I " I - I . a I V. .a i.
i Vome time after 12 o'clock Saturday ,uvriI)ur' unj U1 11,13 Jpar wou-tt Greenwood Park bill," waich reserves which nides it rrom view tne nana oi wages ana a souu uume. UB uut
hicht. Just in front of Giles home, nave "ceenea in numner tnose oi t0 them the rjght to have their picnics Harriet Beecher stowe, noiamg De- a ai si-ciass Emani neeu apyijr.
Slgler street. Giles and a friend, J8"3- mrgesi 10 mis aaie in me or take their outing other than in the tore tne eyes or tne men in ume "un- aim. uuunm, uuaUlu wirebv.
it, seems, were standing on the pa"ve- hi'torT of the etate- streets of Nashville. fie Tom's Cabin." Its influence goes 4-iz-Q7tr.
m t a A
mpnt In front, of the Giles home, when ' wo ef,rs comamea
Tr.A,lnn onri Will Rioter KfimA a1rnr 54!? Chapters. In 1901 the V0lum
"oniainea isv inws. ana less miring mn
1 L 1 k
drunk and stnfrsrered as-ainst Giles, """osi every nrrceamg AssemDiy
who pushed him against the fonce, :v'ore 1,ws origmatea i ine nouge
onri a dPRnerate, fleht. followed. Giles rnan the Senate, but in general
received a had cut on the arm and PS of Te?t importance a majority
Klater was also stabbed in the wrist. Senate bills, the proportion 01
A large spring-back knife was found Pncal or rivte acts is exceptionally
near the scene of the fight, and it qr e flnn m n,ve npen mucn
' I . i m 11.'. . .1 n .
ivirtrpr nni ior ine nasBase oi ine ocn
ornl Education bill.
Sor"e 1mnortnt bills passed were:
AnnroTirlatin-? $?50.000 te PeaBody
children step forth full-fledged citi
zens, clothed with all the rights of
is thought to -ave been used by Mc
Giles was arrested by Patrolmen
Roberts and Benson, charged with
assault with a knife with Intent to
commit murder, but was released on
(Read before the Christian EndeaV'
or Society of St. Paul A. M. E. Church.)
"When in the course of human
events it becomes necessary for one
people to dissolve the political bands manhood. We would to the God of
which have connected them with an- 0Ur salvation that other Harriet Beech-
other and to assume the separate and er-towes could be raised up now to
equal station to which the laws of na-h1cin us fight our battles of right
ture and Nature's God entitle them, against wrong and might
they should be permitted to separate, Aftpr snendine so manv vears in
To make it a felony to keen a place Uo long as the separation does not In- trying to help an oppressed people,
on to the close of the war and yet her
good work is not accomplished until WANTED All Churches and Sunday
we hear a still sweet voice say, All schools to use our money Gleaners,
men are created equal." And years Albums, etc., to raise means to pay off
alter the smoke of battle Is cleared all indebtedness. For sale, by National
away, the cry of this voice is echoed Baptist, Publishing Board, 523 Second
in the halls or congress ana we see avenue, North, Nashville, lenn.
"Uncle Tom s six million and more
bond. He is about 24 years old and PvV'ore hpin" nn res ' allowed. fringe upon the happiness of others. after her locks were gray, her step
is a son of Policeman J P. Giles.
McAdoo was taken to the City Hos
pital, where it is reported he Is get
ting along as well as could be ex
Slater was arrested Sunday night
by Patrolmen Roberts and Benson,
charged with assault and battery and
disorderly conduct.
FOR RENT. Two rooms for gen
tlemen or light housekeeping. 419
First avenue, South. tf.
FOR RENT Part of office, gas
light, at Boyd Building. See Janitor.
A beautiful suite of rooms
Bishop Tyree has been in the state
for several weeks. He held a very
interesting session of the presiding
elders' council at Marlin and is now
making it around to as many district
conferences as possible. He was
with Dr. Denham in his district con
ference all day Thursday and preached
a nooie sermon Thursday night. He
left for the seat of the Brenham
district conference. Bishop Tyrea's
presence at the different district con
ferences Is a source of great encour
agement to presiding elders, ministers
and people in general. He asked the
people of Texas to raise $10,000 this
year and he is among them now
helping them to raise it. Bishop rdant.
lyree nas iraveiea ana recraveiea . To amend charter of Nashville so
1 11 . 1
over more lerruory man any otner U, make Ave members a qwtrum of
msnop We nave naa on tne ientn uh0 Boar( of Education
episcopal, me resuus or wnicn speaK To provide a nrinmrv election lw
lor inemseives. ram yumn vveeKiy. ifor pnvidson rourtv,
To establish a "Beard f Education
of seven members fo- Dit 'so
To authorize eity of Nashville to
issue bonds for the extension of its
I waterworks system
To author(7e counties to take prop
erty for finblic purposes and two oth
To ormronrinte f 20.500 for James- "We believe all men to be created faltering, eves dim and the hand.
own FVhihit. equal; that they are endowed by their which had erasned the mightiest pen
ArTirnnriat,n- $0,800 for expert- Creator with certain inalienable ever dinned into ink, became nervous,
rtirt r.lnil i-tvt TTl rp, Ill ivll f C? nmnTKT t hnt'n Q VP lifo IlllPrtV I nt,..l,.4- n V, ao n r o Yi rT I
To aimroprfAte $35,000 to purchase nnd the pursuit of happiness; and home in Cincinnati, Ohio, In 1S96, to ptl ine mira noor OI ine INapier
when tor any cause whatsoever a man fold forever those precious arms andKJourt-Ul -f ourth Ave-, JNortH.
or race of people is denied these privi- to bear the soul of the noblest woman nt, nt-a fln UU n
leses, then that one has just cause for who ever lived to his courts where V , "vv-
ennitv and redress. Uho loin in nrnises to Him for- STiaSS-SiaineQ partUlOU. Will
Russia with all her imperialism has ever.
illowed the people a Constitution and
a right of self-government to a lfmlt-
Onvornnr'o winnclnn
Bavldsrm County Laws.
The following laws are of local ap
To extend corporate limits of Nash
ville on Fillmore street and the Leb
anon Pike.
To authorize Nashville to Issue
tF.OO.nOO park bonds.
To change corporate limits of city
'n "West Nashville.
To authorize Davidson County to
'spue jail and criminal fonrt bonds.
To authorize Nashville to issue
$200,000 of waterworks and extension
To renenl net authorizing Turn
The Magnolia Sewing Club met last
Monday, April 15, at the home of Mrs.
J. C. Crawlev. at Locust Lawn. The
be rented in whole or in part.
Can be used as a flat or lodge
Apply to
J. C. Napier,
One Cent Savings Bank,
1-18- 7tf
The pastors of the city, about all of
them, are pushing for the trip to
TamoL-fniirn T lol r vrm r fa unritn noc.
, -ill CI i V. , . I U ,J ' 1. IIVIJ J L itVTV1 J Ll"
nike Superintendent of Davidson years, these brethren in black made "b3 - ,UTU tor by purchasing Pince Herrman's
Countv to ?nnolnt a clerk. of the same blood, redeemed by the She appropriately toucned on tempei- ..Reflectlons of a Dreamer." They are
To authorize t"h annointment of an same Savior, sewed the white Chris- ance wont, n wmcn buo bvo iue iuU on, R c,ntg ft and thJs ,s the
I - I ... ,Y a 1 n n. n H iff An 111 nl ' Y I - I
Assistant Superintendent of Pikes tians in a "land of the free and home U"IB -. a,M V , li f Brratest trip ever offered free to the
n Davidson County. of the brave." I - """ZT w rasters of our city.
A v..iil i i.l rlitno wrHh hav T'nirnn rp nil nnrt uiuui uninn.cn uj nu ,,...,v.
rtimtuHK u.wi.ri.y ur iiMpiuvKHiHiiii ..i.icv. wi .... . hovn hDv with them at manv
district set for the cltv of Nashville, inhuman atrocities against tne unris-1"?" Z Th . -AMESTUWN tAHOSiTiON notes.
To authorize Nashville to Issue tians of the Nin-teenth century, was - " - " x. " "" ' ' Music, vocal and instrumental, by
ed extent, but the United States that
can fight the battle of the oppressed
so far from home and pour out the
a c.f..r,fr-a naa faHo.i r, aay oeing pieasani, most an in uic
hear the cries of six millions of slaves members were out. Lots of sewing
who were held in a cruel bondage by I a?nf- ine nostras mvui u.c
he whites of this fair Southland. We iaifS ,ni uie uin,u ,uum, wuei" a
bound to respect. Toiling, praying and Janie3 Nashville, the guest of
- trusting in a God of destiny for 250 honor, de iveied a very excellent . ad-
27.t?,0flfl of bonds to e
le to Issue tians of the Nin-teenth Century, was of their future meetings The mem
vtend l"ht never 80 aiabolical as were the slave- bers all enjoyed themselves Those
..tend H -nr trMtmPBt nt the Ne- present were Mesdames James Bond, w
rro. 13ut we are told in the Book of f Nashville, guest of honor; Green pf the Exposltlon
)ooks that. "He temners the wind to Hunt. G. W Voorhees, Alex. Merritt, leftlons v ,
the best Negro singers and composers,
will be among the prominent features
The choicest se
from reminiscent.
folk-song to the modern classic, will
of all people rejoice in this quotation Hodln Perkins Roben K Jojnson. ,)e renflered from tlme to time, and
and the truth of it as manifested to us Edward Bills Walter Dowell, Mitchell NegrQ artJsts of natlonal repute wlll
(V,V, tV. lr.fl0T.,.o (ho wHHnirq WUimSUU, O . V,. rinns, i. rv.
of one of the noblest and truest " ' v- v,a",c.:
Mrs. Ida Haley has filed a petition
in the Circuit Court for a divorce from
Wilbwrn Haley and the custody of her
child, alleging desertion.
May Rul8, 1907.
Isabella Caster vs. Henry Caster. In
this cause It appearing to the satlsfa
t ion of the Court tht the defendant Is
friends that anv race can boast, in
the person of Mrs. Harriet Elizabeth
Beech er-Stowe.
If we are permitted to draw upon
our imaginations Ave ran see shining
nrove the home of the Rov. Lyman
Beecher. on June 14. 1811. the bright
est star that has ever shown in the
er acts authorizing Davidson County firmament since those snarkled out that
to condemn lands for bride w-hert the wise men of the East to the WILD
pronches. humble manger in Bethlehem at the
birth of the Ovist child; tor wnen
The club ad-
burned to meet at the home of Mrs.
Alex Menitt. at. Brentwood Station,
Vonday, April 22.
The manv friends of Mrs. Simon
Woods regret to learn of her illness
Mid hope she will recover soon.
Mr. Alex. Rains is on the sick list.
Mrs. Lucy Claiborne is quite sick
In the lumping of Lula Williams
appear in special concerts in the great
auditorium of the Negro Building on
the second floor. Orchestral and chor
al music will be provided for. under
the leadership of acknowledged mas
ters of melody.
Prof. Kelly Miller, of Howard Uni
versity, whose pamphlets and address
es on historical and sociological theses
have made his name a household word
from ocean to ocean, is preparing a
series of charts illustrative of the stat
us of the American Negro In relation
to his population, geographical dis
tribution, intellectual acquirements,
To authorize certain aehool irhil'-
i i ii n i 1 j 1 1 1 I. i iivL i. ic iirirnnii i ix I - .... ... ' - i . .... i . . . j j .
. . I . . . t . yi t-xt. y-.ix-.i-i. i .11 i iiwaiic nnTirmTirctTrmnt AT Trie nirTM e i . . - ...t-,.i... 1 r. tnrv
. nw ...M.-l tp . V. t ' . n . . T . 1 H I - Tl 111 Tf M M T I 1IT I'T I T.l StT-I HT1 n r U T U IO flUUVHH' t.un.t. v . ... v. - - I I 1 f 1 III .1 1 VV I l-S I V W I 1 111 1 W 111 11. .1 C
v uuii-iemucui ui iub otaic ui i eiiucj-I - . - : , , , , jv, . . . " . 1 n,. ii . Vi.
rpp therefora the ordlnarv nrfn- u Seefried School. a near nauemrv was nuue m ,nent house between Third ami. rourtn "imjf uh lu a UB,i:t ui uis
law can not be served upon him: It Is To abolish the Davidson County Beecher home, little did that April
therefore ordered that said defendant Turnpike Board created by act ef lB,nK inaHn" . "IU , 1,ie ttl - l". l8 brlnS3 t0 mlnrt ttie mte saylns
enter his appearance herein ftt the 1 1903.
presence in the Republic. The prob
lems emphasized by the drift of the
would, without sword or gun of her ,hat the wicked fieeth when no man rural Negro to the cities will be graph
next term of the Davidson County GIr-1 To provide for collection of inter-
cult Court, to be holden at the Court I e?t. on county funds.
Heuse In Nashville. Tennessee, on the To amend the redistrlctia; act of
nrst Monday m May, it Demg otn, and Davidson County.
defend, or said complainant's bill will
be taken for confessed as to him and
y set for hearing exparte. It Is there
fore ordered that a cpy of this order
be published for four weeks In succes
sion in the Nashville Globe, a newspo
per published In Nashville.
L. M. HITT. Clerk
W. B. COOK, D. C
G. F. Anderson.
Solicitor for Complainant
To chanee the line between the
"ounties of Wilson and Davidson.
! authorize Nashville to increase
ipnropriations over th budget.
T provide that certain fines in
Mashvllle shnll be paid t the So
ciety for the prevention of cruelt; to
To provide for the payment of the
indebtedness of the Thirteenth School
own, leaa irom ronuage um mimmc
slaves of America. Born as millions
of other good women, she was very
-arlv given a Christian and literary
training Her father being a Congre
vntional preacher, she had bees taught
that greatest of commands, "Love thy
nriTbVor as thvself." and "Whatever
icnlly worked out. Prof. Miller's ex
hibit will be peculiarly interesting and
instructive to the student of the eco
nomic conditions which affect the Ne
rro in this country.
The lending business men of Nor-
State of Tennessee.
Office Clerk and Master Chancery
Court, Nashville:
April 3, 1907.
H. L. Fite,. administrator complain
nnt, vs. Abraham Boaz and others, de
it appearing irom amciavit niea in
this cause that thc defendant. Wil
liam Boaz, alias Bblles, alias Hepe
Al. Donelson or Donaldson; and Rob
ert Donelson or Donaldson and Jemit
Travis are non-residents of the Stat
of Tennessee, and cannot be serve
with the ordinary process of law;
It Ij therefore ordered. Ma-
said defendants enter their ap
pearance herein on the first Mon
day in May next (1907), it
being May G. 1907, and a rule day o
said Court, and. plead, answer or de
mur to Complainant's bill, or the sam.
will be taken for confessed as to then
and" set for hearing exparte, and tha'
a copy of this order be published fo
four consecutive weeks in the Nash
ville Globe.
Clerk and Master
By J. R. WEST,
Deputy Clerk and Master
Solicitor for Complainant.
District of Davidson County
To authorize City Judge of Nash- tie which was being done the Negroes
ville to sueced himself. n the Smith, until she urged her rath
To fix compensation of bonds to rr to preach against it; afterwards she
ertfiin departments f Nashville. ersuad?d her brother, the noted Dr.
To chante the line between the Henry Ward Beecher, to do the same
?o"nt'ps of Davidson and Cheatham. She u.rd every Instrument at jier com
pursueth. Officers were on the search
for another fighting Amazon, Lillie
Winsett, who had some time last week
used her knife freely carving up Min
nie Smith, and went to the above
named tenement to see if she was
lodging there. Their presence must folk and vicinity will close on the 20th.
imv nwaiceneri indefinable dread the opening day of the Exposition.
ve would that men should do to you. jn the mlml o lhc Williams woman The Inaugural will be a gala occasion.
do vp even so to t'hem." in rr,ni.-o her tni.-e sneh desnernte stens lJresi;ient uooseveit win te in attend
Harri-t Elizabeth B?eeher-fctowe t a e their ritchcsf or she must ance, together with the governors ot
u-q edwntfid n.f Litchfield Academy h,n ireiino,i filt,t wii other innneent many states and their otncial staffs.
nd at the school of her sister Cather- iUv lf cailrht in the same room Concessions are being rapidly con
. t . . i f-1 t 1 n rrt rf I . - ffnrto1 fnr ThoOO tl' n r Tl'ltjh CnneA
'ne in l-iartiora, i,oim. l with the much wanted Ldine sne i,"iiw J """ ",iw
14 he becan teaching. Kvn,,i,i hn hnnriled rnnehlv. landed in tor business purposes wlll do well to
She felt so keenly tne uruiai in jus
To authorize the extension of the
electric Iisrht plant, of the ity of
To extend corporate limits of Nash
ville so as to inalude road to Mt,
To amend the elurter of Nashville.
To segregate the alon area in
To authorise 'Davidson to Issue
tSOft.BOO nf bridge bonds.
To repenl .Act of 193 authorizin;
Davidson county to pay clerk hire for
the Trustee.
fvebaaon. Tenn.. gave. Prin"! Herr-
nand to arouse a sympathy strong
nough to break down slavery tor-
ever. Un renuen i-;nees iif iu u
.rt'tinn to our God to stir men to ac-
Mon; but not. until she had heard of
the life of Jo-dab. Henson did the hap
y thought of writing "Uncle Tom's
Cabin" come to her. I believe It was
an inspiration from Danbl s God. who
walked with the Hebrew children in
the fiery furnace, and evn more the
Negroes God. who hranl their cries
from the canebreal;s LT'ii'ina.
through the swami of Misi?sinnl and
Arkansas, on and still on to tne
"Mason-Dixon Li"1 find svmnatniz
er for the cause f the Nsgro arose.
Vn nthr boot- of fiction has b"en
. - - .
. n . . I . 11 rl!Ml VI III'" ill
( X r H -lliu uiipv uci n umu wig i - ,
elo Tom's Cnlin. it. w?s repd ry ui
1 wm in tiiui lunii nan vii t. y-.i p - .
ihov neonle of this country ana Mino
1.11 jr lJi.ll ''"'-"h. ' "-J - M.. j r til thn
"6-rform in Mnrfreesboro. Tern., and dlacnssen ny inrmis n, ,,- ....... .....
on Friday afternoon at 3 n. tkey blond of our M-.nd? readied a white
nlav a matinee for school children at brat and the nU?-v " result was the
rayn Chapel A. T.I. E. Phurrk, Hast ?reat Civil War. which "ulm lntrd in
Nashville, and thai piht at the !varo the eman-lmtlon of six millions i ot
hureh. Saturday night, Aiyil Z7-tn. slaves, mx vuhwh mtu
hay play at Benevolent Halt Flat whos hallelujahs ascended to rje lof
1 . 1 A 11 T-.. At "I
the eilv hflRtile and fined when ar- IW once to tne Merauve ora-
. ,...
.oicrtifiii hefm-p TUs llnnor Vhatever "ni-Ltf.
,i 4 ina.i nno thin" Virginia's educational institutions
IHUVC lit! 111 H I i.v. lini'. ."."n ... , In i i ,
retain she vnid mid is navlne the will make a magnificent showing
,1,h, Qho n taken to thp Hitv Prof. Robert Kelser has been doing
I r.A.-tn nl ah .1 1 ,1 ii'm' r In rrntfmf1 thin r r
Hosnital in the same vehicle she n' u "Ul 1 ,v LlllJs 11 !iV A
feared so much being carried to the
police station in. What she did so
hastily, she has time to reflect over
and repent at leisure.
Lillie Winsttt, who was wanted and
who had actually committed a crime,
piibit in such
tory form.
complete and satisfac-
The Decagynian and Fisk Sym
phony Clubs pave an interesting re-
was in the room, but t-he bethought nrai April i, in Livingstone nan.
herself, preferring to go lo prison The following program was rendered:
than to the hospital with broken Overture. Lustspiel; By Telephone,
limbs. Lillie demurred at, taking the Miss Parks; Dream Thoughts; Zeno-
aerial route, fo she faced the inevit- ld i's Defense and The Jester's Prayer,
aide. She was tsken in charge by the Miss Jackson; Mazetta. and Watch
officers, who were seeking her benign Hill: Two Gentlemen of Verona, Scene
presence; for she had been adding a hi Misses Parks and Jackson; Zeona:
little more to the criminal history of our Minister's Sermon. Miss Parks:
"Black Bottom."
A man named Robinson was com
mitted to jail last Wednesday by Jus
tice Dodd in default oi bail to the
amount of $500. Robinson is charged
with shooting at a policeman one day
last week while resisting arrest.
Mrs. James Scruggs, of West Pat-
Private to General; The
Regiment, Miss Jackson;
The Frost King.
"By Telephone," by Miss Parks, and
"The Whistling Regiment," by Miss
tackson, are worthy of special men
Rev. J. W. Gilbert, the Educational
Secretary of the C. M. E. Church,
r-assf d a day in Nashville en route to
New York and the East, where he will
terson street, who has hem very ill, Is remain some weeks before going back
reported much better. to Augusta, Ga,
ty Heavens in nonor gi wui uuu.

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