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Hit I Cj umih
rilO.NE, MAIN 2703.
20 lbs. Beet Granulated Sugar. $1.00
21 " Best C. Sugar 1.00
12 " Best Cut Loaf Sugar 1.00
10 lb. Pail Pure Hog Lard.... $1.25
20 " Pail Pure Hog Lard 2.40
10 " Pure Hog Lard 1.00
50 " Compound Lard by tub.. 4.40
California Lemon Cling Pearb.es
can 20cta
Pie Peaches, 3 cans for 25cts
Badger State cream corn, 2
cans 15ctt
Empress brand Sugar corn
3 cans 25cts
Van Camp early June Peas
3 cans 25cts
Alaska Red Salmon, 2 cans...25cta
Large, fancy Bloater Mack
erel, each 20cts
Imported Sardines ....15 and 20cts
American Sardines, dozen ...45cts
Standard quality 10cts
California, Mammoth white
Asparagus, can 35cts
Miss Helen Lee Batte, daughter of
Prof, and Mrs. J. B. Batte, of Steven
son avenue, is indisposed this week.
Miss Johnnie V. Dixon, the accom
plished proofreader at the Methodist
Publishing House and a Globe report
er, who was suffering from a purulent
tumefaction on the anterior portion
ot her head, has entirely recovered.
Mr. Louis D. Bumbrey, of the com
posing room force of the Baptist Pub
lishing House, was slightly indisposed
the first of the week.
Mrs. John Barnes, of 1411 Pearl
street, received word this week that
her sister, who resides in St. Louis, Is
very low.
The Juvenile Club of Willing Work
ers of the Spruce Street Is in a flor
ishing condition.
Miss Vannoy C. Webster and Miss
E valine Barnes spent a pleasant aft
ernoon with Miss Florence Barnes)
last week.
Mr. George O. Boyd, the celebrated
linotype operator of the Baptist pub
lishing house force, and senior mem
ber of the firm of Boyd & Battle, the
livery men, was indisposed last Wed
nesday. He has since recovered his
usual good health.
Mrs. Mary E. Bowling, of Adairville,
was called here on account of the ill
ness of her mother, Mrs. Keil and her
sister, Mrs. F. A. Petway.
All children wishing to enter the
doll contest on May 11, at St. John A.
M. E. Church, will see Miss Lizzie
Dickerson, No. 423 Eighth Avenue, N.,
or 1503 Harding street. The girl or
boy having the prettiest doll will bo
awarded a handsome prize. The one
having the ugliest will be awarded
second prize.
Miss Maggie Beard, of East Hill
street, is very ill.
Dr. D. B. Miller left Friday for his
home in Pittsburg, Pa.
Rev. Robert Page is convalescing
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Reeves are able to
be out again after a short illness.
Mrs. Robert Fowler Edmondson, of
Fayetteville, Tenn., is the guest of her
uncle and aunt; Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Robinson, of Seventh avenue, North.
Mr. Walter Thomas, of Fourth ave
nue, North, has been somewhat indis
I osed.
The revival at Salem A. M. E.
Church, which has been in progress
for two weeks, closed last week, hav
ing been a great success.
The forty-second anniversary and
rally of Salem Church will occur the
first Sunday in May. All-day services.
Programme begins at 2 o'clock p. m.
A most excellent sermon was
preached at Third Avenue Baptist
Church Sunday afternoon by Rev. I. J.
Edwards, of Salem Church.
Rev. Robinson, of Indianapolis, Ind.,
preached for the congregation at Loa
Avenue Christian Church Sunday
morning and evening.
Misses Scales and Green, who were
seriously Injured on an electric car
some time ago, are able to be out.
Little Oscar P. Cheatham, son of
Mr. Albert Cheatham, of Patterson
street, lias returned from Smyrna.
Miss Louise Hall is quite sick at
the home of Mr, and Mrs. G. S. Lytle,
of Jackson street.
The contest for the Prince Herr
man Free Trip to the Jamestown Ex
nwtinn o-noa nnnce among the min
isters and some two will surely ride
at his expens If present indications
b of worth.
410 CEDAR ST. t
Beets, Extra Fine, 1 can. . . . . .15cts
Baked Beans, 1 can 5cts
Heinz best Baked Beans with
tomato sauce, 3 cans .25cts
Extra quality Florla flour per
barrel $4.85
50 lb. sacks 1.30
25 lb. sacks 65cts
Gold Medal per bbl $4.55
50 lb sacks 1.10
25 lb. sacks 55Cts
Yale brand, Mocha and Java
1 lb- can 25cts
Golden Glory, 1 lb. can 20cta
Maxwell House Blend, 1 lb...35cts
3 lb. cans Maxwell House
Blend $.100
Dutch Java Blend 1 lb. can...25cts
Fine mixed tea, 1 lb. package 60cts
English breakfast tea, 1 pkg. 60cts
Green tea, 1 lb. package 45cts
Scotch Oats, 3 packages 25cts
Mother's Oats, 3 packages 25cts
Corn Flakes, 3 packages 25ct$
Egg-o-See, 3 packages 25cts
Mr. Frank Paschal, of Twelfth ave
nue, N., was suffering slightly from
the effects of a cold the first of the
Miss Pinkie Mayberry has returned
from a visit to her parents at Frank
lin, Tenn.
Miss Sallie Ezell, of Georgia street,
East Nashville, was slightly indis
posed the first of the week.
Miss Hazel Baker, the little daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Phineas Baker,
of Eleventh avenue, North, was out
calling Sunday afternoon.
Telephone 4095 Main and th Eco
nomical Laundry wagon will call for
your Laundry.
Mr. Pressly, of Spiinghill, Tenn.,
father of Mr. O. C. Pressly, of Patter
son street, was in the city last week.
Miss Ethel Spence, formerly of the
bookmaking department of the Bap
tist Publishing House, has been trans
ferred to the mailing department of
the same institution.
Miss Marion E. Lewis, of Porter
field street, one of the teachers at Car
ter School, was slightly indisposed the
first of the week.
Miss J. D. Shorter, of Church street,
who was sick for several days last
week, is at her desk at the Baptist
Publishing House.
Miss Janie Green and Mrs. Hattie
Flemings, of Columbia, who recently
were the guests of Mrs. Walter Green,
of North High Street, returned to their
home Tuesday evening. In a few
weeks they will be in Nashville again
and will make the city their home for
the summer.
Prof. J. II. Kelly, the well-known
principal of the Columbia, Tenn., High
School, was in the city the latter part
of last week. He attended the ora
toria, "The Prodigal Son," at Fisk
Memorial Chapel.
Miss Janie E. Benson, of Knowles
School, is somewhat indisposed this
Prof. T. G. West, formerly a teach
er in the public schools of the city,
but now a clerk in the Nashville Post
Office, has been dajigerously ill for
a week or two. It is now reported
that there is a slight improvement in
his condition.
Jessie May, the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Jesse Randolph, of State street.
is rapidly recovering.
Mrs. Anna Boxly. of Tatterson
street, continues very sick.
Mrs. Geitrude Watkins, of Pearl
street, had the misfortune to lose a
sum of money while returning from a
meat market last Sunday morning.
There is being conducted every
Sunday afternoon at 1C11 Patterson
street a Sunday school. It is under
the direction of a number of young
men in the interest of Congregation
Last Tuesday Mr. D. A. Hart, bus!
ncss manager of the Globe, was obliged
to leave his post of duty on account of
a slight Indisposition.
Mrs. Nellie Dunlap, of Warren street
missed her pocket book containing
quite a sum of money last Tuesday
morning. Later In the day her sor
row was turned to joy. The missing
article was found.
Mrs. Henry, of Chattanooga, wife
of Prof. Henry, of the city public
schools of that city, is the guest of
Mrs. Napier while attending the asso
elation of Congregational churches
which is in session at the Howan
Congregational Church.
Little Miss Carrie Napier is now
spending a pleasant stay in Washing
ton, D. C. She left Monday night In
company with Mr. J. C. Napier. She
will remain In Washington some time
visiting relatives before returning to
Dr. E. W. D. Isaac, secretary of the
B. Y. P. U. Board, is suffering with a
severe attack of chills. It appears
mat tne doctor took sick Sunday
night. He was indisposed all day
Monday, and Tuesday he was reported
uui mue Detter.
Mr. Ernest Cole, one of the popular
sutstirutes in the Nashville post of
fice, who has been a carrier on route
:mo. a tor tne past two weeks, proved to
be a very competent substitute. He
knows how to handle mail to an ad
Prof. W. M. Flowers, at one time
foreman of the pressroom of the Na
tional iiaptist Publishing House, and
subsequently held a. nn.qitinn In ihn
printing establishment, of thp A at v.
enure 11 Sunday School Union, has re
ugneu tnis place and contemplates go
ng 10 nonaa.
Mrs. J. Blaine Bovd. nf FnnrtPPnth
avenue, North, had a severe attack of
ticaouioureux the first of the week.
Mrs. Delilah Ramsey, of Ninth ave
nue, North, is seriously ill.
The Verdi Choral Soeletv had nn AY.
cuneni renearsai last Monday night.
Miss Mary Walker, of 4in Ninth
11 A. 1 . .
avenue, North, is somewhat indis
posed tnis week.
Mrs. George Watkins, of 1307 Hynes
treet is ill.
Miss Anna Lee AusH n wn3 cpvorolv
injured last week bv stlnK-insr a nail n
her foot.
Miss Lula Cummincs. of 222 Sivth
avenue. North, ipfr tnv vita-T
Tenn., last Saturday.
Miss Cynthia House, of Pra
Tenn., was in the city last week.
ur. jas. Henderson, of KnHnp-fipid
111., spent four days in the city last
week visiting his mother, Mrs. Eliza
Mrs. J. W. Scruggs, of Patterson
treet, whose illness was chmntclpd
in our columns last week, is much bet
ter. Mr. J. W. DeWees. th
the DeWees Series of Bus!
tories, spent last week in Cadiz, Ky..
m me interest or nis publications.
Rev. L. T. Cross, of niarksvnio
Tenn., spent Sunday and Mrmdnv in'
the city. He filled the pulpit at the
nrsi uaptist unurcn, East Nashville.
There was an aDDreelativR andlpnpp
at each service.
Mr. McNelly. one of tha oldpat mpm.
beis of the Second Baptist Church,
died last Friday. The funeral
monies took nlace at the -hnrrh t?pv
G. B. Taylor, officiating.
juisses Sarah and Viola Flair!? of
22 Eighth street, were hnth India.
posed last week. Miss Sarah la ctlll
confined to the sick room with an
acute case of la grippe.
Miss Ella Darden. of Williams
treet, is expecting to take up her
school. She is due to 1 PRVP. thp rHv
this week to make final arrangements.
jure, ueoecca Webster, of Columbia,
while en route to Evansville, Ind., to
visit her sick sister, stnnnpd in
the city Wednesday.
Airs. Ered D. Thorns snent Sim da v in
Clarksville visiting friends she had
not met in several years, returning
Sunday night.
Miss Jennie P. Dnnsnn of Ninth
nue, North, had a narrow psranp fmm
serious injury early Tuesday morn
ing. Aoout z ociock the plastering on
the CeilinC Of her hpdrnnm fnll uUl,
terrified crash, badly frightening the
juuug lauy, nut iortunately doing no
The First Bantist ChnrrTi nf T7!oc.t
Nashville, is getting along nicely dur
ing the absence of its pastor; the serv
ices are good and largely attended.
uev. Mr. windrow, of St. Louis, Mo.,
lias been elected to take cha rep nf tho
church until the return of Rev. S. E.
Mary E. Landers, the little daiifhtpr
of Mr. and Mrs. L. Landers, of Hard-
ng street, was a little ill the first nf
the week.
Despite the inclement wenthpr lact
Monday night, the Verdi Music room
failed to seat the members of the Ver
di Chorus. Miss Price felt verv nrnnd
of their appreciation. The practices
win continue each Monday night.
Miss Georgia Lee Hadlev. of rcw
entn avenue, North, has" recovered
Horn the throat trouble which was an
severe the first of the week.
Mrs. Maggie Brown, accorrmsnlpd hv
.Messrs. i,evi and Steve Pierce anc
John Ridley, spent Sunday at Wal
ter Hill, Tenn., the guests of Messrs
Isaac and Edward Pierce. While. thPi-f
they had the pleasure of visiting the
'nurcli they attended during theii
childhood days.
Little Miss Mollie Brown, of Patter
son street, was suffering with neural
gia or tne race last week.
Miss Sarah A. E. Jones, of First
avenue, South, is not eniovinsr the hpst
of health.
Mr. John Thomas, of Cedar street, is
still in very poor health.
Titi r1.1 .t .
luiss oopnronia juayuerry, of Cedar
street, is suffering from the effects of
1 heavy cold.
Mrs. Carrie White Brown, of fou
teenth avenue, North, a teacher In
Knowles School, had an attack of vei
tigo Wednesday morning and was con
lined to her l;ed all day.
Mr. Wilfred E. Lowery has been
confined to his room this week with
Dr. R. II. Voorhe.es snent a few dav
in Columbia and Clarksville last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Cage Cannon enter
tained a few friends last Friday night
Praston Taylor.
Funeral Directors ana
449 Frth Avenue, North,
.- - Tenn,
orth PJashviile Reliable Grocer.
Call and see my New Spring Stock,
Goods delivered anywhere in .the city
Corner Morrison and Jackson Streets.
Up With The Times.
Our Superintendent's and
Teacher's Handbook, contain
ing Lesson Texts, Review Sug
gestion, School Readings, Mus
ical Suggestions, etc. for the In
ternational Lessons for 1907 is
now ready. No Superintendent
or Teacher should be without
this valuable little book. It is
undenominational. Published
for the interest of Sunday school
Prices: Cloth, 25 cts; Leathei
35 cents.
National Baptist Publishing Board,
BUT. B. B.iori), Scc'y,
523 Second Atiiuo, Korth,
To Responsible Persons on Their
Own Rotes Husiness Conliilental.
l. Jluin, and We Will Call on You.
Miss Emma L. C. Stone, who passed
(lie ttate Board of Pharmacy on the
Gth inst., left the city last Saturday
or Pulaski, Tenn., where she will be
employed as a registered pharmacist
n the drug store of Dr. J. D. Fowler.
1. Will the Presiding Elders and
pastors have the kindness to request
the president of each league to send
me the name of each president, the
name of the league and the number of
members in each league?
2. The May anniversary of each
year is intended to raise the sum of
ten cents per capita of Its member
ship and forward the same to Rev. E,
J. Gregg, D. D Jacksonville, Fla.
(See Discipline 1904, page 353, Article
C). The raising of the per capita
means better literature, greater vari
ety, a generous supply for each league
and funds to run the Home Office.
3. The first Biennial Session of the
Connectional League Convention will
convene at Nashville, Tenn., July 2-8,
1907, in St. John A. M. E. Church.
Great preparation Is being made by
Rev. W. M. Flagg, D. D., President of
the Local Union. It is said there will
be over 5,000 young people at Nash
ville in July.
5. Let each A. C. E. L. be represent
ed and let the good work move on.
Conference Superintendent.
No. 927 Eleventh avenue, North,
Nashville, Tenn.
Leesburs M. E. Church, of the Mc
Minnville circuit, closed their two
weeks' revival Friday night, April 12.
With the leadership of the pastor,
Rev. II. W. Itucker, and the help of
Rev. A. D. Butler, of Manchester, who
preached soul-stirring sermons each
night, and with the coworkers of the
church and divine aid of the King of
the Universe, six souls claimed Christ
as their Savior.
Telephone 090,
PII0XE Main 1014
Clino & Gordon.
410 Union Street. Thone 1235.
The Rest Variety and the Most Keliable
Shoes Made.
Ololislng, Ikk-i Etc.,
Varley & Bauman.
325 Union Sfr . Thone Main 5G0.
The Kcst Variety and the Most Itolliihle Place
in the City.
Dry Goods, Notions, Cloaks, Etc.,
Bob Robertson.
PHONE Main 1614
The Castncr-Knott Dry Goods Co.
618-G22 Church St., Phone Main 020.
The Largest and Ecst Stock to Select from
In the City.
Office Phone Main 2705. Residence 1834
Jefferson St. Residence Phone Main 31 31 Y.
Uonipopalhic riiysIcUn and Surgeon.
Office Hours: 9 to 1 1 a. m., 4 to 5 p. m.. 7 te 8 p. m,
Stone Contractors
One of the Oldest Contracting
Firms in Nashville.
Every Job given Careful Attention,
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Telephone, Main 4525
E. Hill and S. Hill Sts., NASHVILLE, TENN.
llaitie 1. Woldridgo
Plain Sewing and Shirt Waists Spec
ialties by Miss Hattie L,. Woldiidge
Vlork ol for and delluered.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
4-1 9-07-tf
Hcv. W. R. Smith, presiding elder,
will hold his third quarterly confer
ence of the above-named circuit on the
first Saturday and Sunday In May.

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