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eral of Mrs. Lueinda Redmon Burnett.
the mother of Mrs. Fisher and grand
mother of Mrs. James.
Mrs. Millie Newman and daughter,
Miss Matilda York, will move from
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Royster, of Phil- Patterson street to Fourth avenue,
lips street, have a fine daughter. boutn.
Mrs. Odie Lane, formerly cashier of ftirs- -aiIie voornees, wno nas been
the National BaDtist Publishing indisposed for the last four weeks, is
House and subsequently matron of the a"'e to De out-
Day Home, left for Chicago Thursday Mr- E- T- Wright is slightly indis
night. posed this week.
Call ud Bovd & Battle's Stable when iJ1- A- u- "obb is able to be out
you want anything in the horse and again after a week's illness
buggy line. 'Phone Main 449C-Y.
Miss Louisa Price, of Seventh ave
nue, North, and Master Napoleon
Davis, of Sixth aveune, North, are
somewhat indisposed this week. .
Quite an interesting meeting was
held this week by Club C, of Salem A
M. E. Church, at the residence of Mrs,
Mrs. Anna Smith of Tenth avenue,
South, is on the sick list this week.
Miss Bertha McLemore, of Spring
Hill, is in the city, the guest of her
sister, Mrs. Annie Buford.
Miss M. 0. Sims, of Walden, leaves
for her home, New Orleans, this week.
Miss C. B. Scott, daughter of Bishop
Celess Washington, of Third avenue, anl Mrs- L B- Scott, has returned
The members of Salem
A. M. E.
from New Orleans, where she has
been in school. Her many friends will
Church are making preparations for ,)e delighted to find her at her home,
the r Mav Festival in th near future. N vvnan avenue
Last Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock
the past three or four weeks that his
life was despaired of. Just before go
ing to press Dr. R. F. Boyd telephoned
the Globe office that a favorable change
had taken place in Mr. West's condi
tion and he is improving.
Misses Anna M. Tate and Ethel H.
Spence, and Messrs. Geo. 0. Boyd, J.
Frank Battle and Wm. Fugit spent a
very delightful evening at cards with
Miss Georgia Wat kins, of Twelfth ave
nue, South, last Friday evening, May
Mrs. Davis, of No. 5 Garden street,
South Nashville, entertained at din
ner Wednesday in honor of Miss Maud
J. Roberts, of Walden University.
Those present were Misses Carrie Mil
dred Bryant, Clotelle D. Chappelle and
Alberta K. Davis. The evening was
spent in. pleasant conversation, after
which the quartette attended the alum
ni address at Meharry Auditorium.
Preston TnyloK
Tblphotie 896,
Funeral Directors and
44) Ftrth Aicnne, lorth,
Nashville, - Tenn.
orth Nashville Reliable Grocer.
Call and sec my New Spring Stock
Goods delivered anywhere in the city
It is to he noticed that since Prince
Mr. W. F. Waters, leaves the city Herrman offered' free trlns to James-
Miss Margaret Johnson, daughter of lIs veen ror New Orleans on a bust- town for the two most popular minis-
Rev. Mr. Johnson, who was pastor of ness tr'P IQr a day or so. ters of Nashville, by a full-page ad-
St. John A. M. E. Church two vears Owing to the illness of her father, vertisement in the Globe, white na-
or more ago, and Dr. Joseph Tucker, a Miss Alva Booze, of Walden Univer- I)ers and stores have adopted the idea,
rector of the Episcopal Churchshrdl suy, wm go direct 10 ner nome insieaa which seems to prove that a thought
graduate of Meharry, '07, were mar- r laKing a trip to unicago as was ex- wherever hatched belongs to any one
ried at Hoffman Hall. As a matter pecteu. bne leaves ror Clarksuaie, wno can use it: and that even the ad
s u a l tno n t'cr nr nevt woe r and will i 1 1 . ; . . m. t 1. .
the Episcopal Church was performed, return during the fall term of school not overlooked by people who wish to COmGr PtfJOrNSOn 8110 ddCKSOn OireGl
TVirt nlinnnl ... flll,1 ...lit, tft this ftV 1. 1 1. !,L it . 1 J. - . .
iiic viiayct naa micu wuu opecLcllul s. ' ""J' im) ilUlfUSl Willi Hie minutes. IICIU
rue couple left the city Sunday night iIie P'ans oi miss iuaua u. nooeris y0ur pastor to take this trip to James
ror liopklnsville, Ky., where, they will nave oeen cuangea. one win spenu town
reside. two weeks in Decatur, Ala., the guest
Prof. F. J. Work, of Cedar street, or ner scnooimate, miss Handles, ue- Children's Dav Proaram Now Readv,
-VM.. .. . I P 1 1 . t . il. . Til mf i - - - -
lett tne city Wednesday for Louisville, lore going 10 uer nome in unicago. ii u' tni,fi nlMRnrP in 5innonnHnr
Mrs. M. C. Clark, the estimable wife is to be regreted that Miss Roberts will tha
of Dr. C. H. Clark of Mt. Olive Church. ot be at Walden another term. She whrrh shnnifi ho nhorVfx hv nil Ann.
has recovered from the indisposition finishes with the Normal class of 1907, (lay sch0ols in the Un'ted States is
4-19 07-tl
now ready. The program is one of
the best ever gotten out. It is vol
time 10, No. 2, and is prepared espe
cially for Chidren's Day, which is to
Up With The Times.
Our Superintendent's and
Teacher's Handbook, contain-
f rom which she suffered last week. and has not decided to take up college
Rev. Wm. Craft. Field Secretary of work in this institution
the National Baptist Young People's Miss Carrie Mildred Bryant has de-
Union Board, has returned to the city tided that immediately after school
after quite an extended trip through days are over, sne will make an ex-
the South. tended tour in the sunny south. She
Misses Willie
Brame and Tennie
most popular lady at the May Festival ing the vacation term, however, she e1 th ' f redtine' and U0W ready. No Superintendent
11 l" .1, r ," 7, L. the declamations have ben selected or leacner snouia De witnoui
all possible care. These pro- Uhie vulnnlilf 1itlp hnnlr. Tt is
be held Sunday, June 9, 1907. The tng lesson. lexts, Keview Ug-
Hurt, Annie Frank will visit her mother in Selma, Ala., at ,gjd'e 0r the 0T A" f
Tromnor their old home, where she win nukp ns,(i?.or covei ai4 .outline.s J"st heal Suggestions, etc. for the In-
v ------ --' . . now me nrosrram snou m ne nsen. ne . .. i
' - i t-r r-r m I i .ituumiu uir 1 t i w
which has been in progress at Mt,
,t (n.ni,u UnH MnMb BnpnHinr wn woeiro at ti, wltl1 all possible care. These pro- this valuable little book.
Mr. iohn Ch'atmnn eave in honor latter place". She will nossiblv attend ? I1 bf distributed gratuitous- undenominational. Published
of his mother's fiftieth birthday an en- the Sunday School Congress to
tertainment last Wednesday night, held in New Orleans, La., from June
The guests were entertained by the 27 to July 1
Mr. Ed. Robinson, who resides at
Eighth street and Sylvan avenue, is all
smiles. It is a boy who came to town
May 3.
, ly to all Sunday schools who will ap-
Oe i 1 XT A! 1 Tl i.l'i n--l.ll-.l-
lij iu tiie i-Miiiiuiiai liiipusi ruunsu-
ing Board at 523 N. Market street,
Nashville, Tenn., and agree to give a
collection to home missions. (Nearly
nil rf tVin mnnU tn V. i
ait ui we muait ill me yiugiaiu la M IN 1! 1 n LI' LI B mt
from our own composers, jt chii- National Baptist Publishing csara
for the interest of Sunday school
Prices: Cloth, 25 cts; Leathei
35 cents.
choir of the First Baptist Church, East
Nashville, and by the music of the
graphophone of Mr. and Mrs. Liner.
a wnn'roo n3 . itr TWaon p0,v nf ini-hfi, Mn's Day is to be observed by the BET. B. If. 110 ID, SeCf,
which all adlourned after wishing tho Sevier streets, who was assaulted dur- Smmay schools, 4hey should have I 523 Second Arenue, orth,
hostess manv hannv returns of the ing an altercation by a man named eir. programs in time, so that the NAtSHYILLE, . . TENNESSEE.
Mrs. Virginia Walker Broughton, M
Pursley last Friday, is getting along
nicely. Mr. Peck received a severe
music and pieces may be well re
hearsed by the scholars. Hundreds
Miss Willie Lockridgc,
orii:ks taken.
of thp a a m Pniioo-A nf isTArmoi' Mnw nn bi hpari onri nt thfl tiinp it of orders have already been
Ala . sflilPd fnr Tfnmp Ttaiv onri wno hplipvpd hp wna spHnnsiv inlnrpri Only a few days and the supply will
points in Europe, Saturday, on the Mrs. V. W. Broughton, who sailed uu lc1n,
RtMmor narlwrnoco nf ia n.sKmon frnm Mow Vnrlr nn Toir A fnr T?ntYiQ I " 1JJ'U
vi'Ji j li yiL i iy.Lii j l 1. 1 1 V w VI llllll 1 i-i um v- ' w i i v v 1 1 mu,r l ) ivi lhuiit,
Llovd Line, to attend the fifth World's ltalv. is chaneroninc Miss - Virtrinia
international Sunday school Uonven- NMiiier, a iormer student or Flslc uni- i-m hwih.- Call to see me-if vou are pleased tell
nun ue ueiu iu huuib, iviay 10-44. vri&uy. utsi, ouuuaj a iiuuiuer 01 laaies ana nt hers if not tell me
T.n iirni t ti .1 - t-i 11 1 n;.. xtu..jit i ..l ... : 1 1 j ,u 1 1 1 i 1 1 . . 1 ' - '
mio. j. iveeu, 01 juuwiing oia ixaMiviiic guia win receive m- hcmicuiuii usseiuuiea at me nome OI
Green, Ky., after spending a few weeks plomas from the Normal department Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Telliage to wit
at the bedside other sister, Mrs. Over- of Fisk University June 11. They are ness the marriage or their daughter,
ton, has returned home. Misses Miranda Winter, Virginia Miss Nannie L.. to Mr. Josial Bass.
Mrs. Mabel Overton is yet confined Broughton, Susie Crawley, Esther The couple entered the parlor at 3:30
to her home, suffering with acute bron- Polk Berry, Flossie. Davis and Mollie and were pronounced man and wife
chitis. Hadley. Miss Lizzie Allen, also of by Rev. W. Lillard. nfter thp iisnnl
Mrs. Lucy Foster, of Sylvan street, Nashville, will graduate from the ceremony. The bride was tastefnilv
is on the sick list. musical department. dressed. She wore a trnwn nt whitP
r T r T Tt l 1. t . . I Br -w-v m -n 1 - i
jwr. n. u. r ue, wno is wun tne Mrs. Anna jucuonaia, oi i(airneia net over silk and carried ferns and
Bransford Real Estate Co., is meeting avenue, will leave the city for Chica- bridal roses in her hand. The groom
905 Eleventh Avenue, North.
lin tr
wore a suit of black. Amone those
present were Mr. and Mrs. II. L.
Howse, Misses Bertha Howard, Jes-
llattio L. Uoldridgc
Plain Sewing and Shirt Waists Spec
ialties by Miss Hattie L. Woldiidge
Work call for and delivered.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
with success. go on or about . June 1. to visit her
Rev. Benjamin C. Lewis, A. B., a daughter, Mrs. Annie McDonald
young man of acknowledged ability, Primm
navius iimsueu at r isk. university in it is rumoreu tnat several young s e Tel iaee Matti rtnttnv Morv
1905, and now a student in theology men connected with the Baptist Pub- Bass Mrs Ada R-ittPv Mnrv T.io-httio
J. i.L . 1 1 1 y 1 I 1 t , . . . . I ' ' J iJtguitivi
at tne same university, wm speaK at nsning tiouse, contemplate taiung un- Sallie Phillips A Battev Miss Flla
Til i r-r. v. n 1 a it 1 m , . 1 - - ,
ricasrtui uiceu uapusi uiurai ou isun- 10 tnemseives partners ior me at an Miles, Rev. W. Lilliard iMr. G R
Miijr, iuttj u, at 11 a. in. cany uaie. M Hps. R n Milos W M PhiiUno
1 T rr Annn T) n nr. (111 TT7 I H t 1 i. n TT T" . - 1 I ' ' ' ' "iw,
mio. x una. uamca, ul on vvniifii iui. warier 11. xi. itansom, oi uranu npni-pp PhilHna n t. n-nMa a
..1 i. .V 1 1 111 ii I .1 , , . .... .... " !'" ' 10
Mieet, wuu uas ueen ui ior some time, unain, ui., wno is visiting nis sister- q. Davis. The table for presents was
1 1 SrVf VtT 1 TYitNrAtfA nn r-tt-fl An frAMlIl.k ... H I 11 I 1111 11. . I1 i
V , , , y lapiuiy aa uei m-iaw, iuiss nice, wm leave me city crowded with many gifts. A three-
mciiua ucaue. llllirsuav. nn..cn n r. ..i tu
TIT TT T ... .1 . . .. - - I11C11U W tl3 TCHCU. 111W LCW
ivir. vv. xi. iiuiora, oi lugnteentn ur. tlart, tne divine healer, who has iv. mm-rio rr .m moi,n .TnfiHne- fmm thp ayptisIvp nrpnnra.
.. XT lU HI 1 j. V ... - . I 1 1 1 V 1 VU I'll TT 111 lliaiVC tUCll I "T-"O w. vw VVV. -f--
avenue, imuiui, wm leave me city &un- ueen nere ior a weeic trom Urand nt RnlfTii Tptiii tions and the names of nrominent
nay illuming 101 oi. uouiii. Cnain. 111., lett lliursaay morning. Tr nn it TT T TT, sinn-prs tinrl TniiBirlnna In thP Hst hp
Mrs. James Hunter, of 1309 Hynes Mrs. Wesley Nelson, of 207 Eigh-Uiiss r.prtha Tinwcr,i wp mM. lo. the sacred concert Sundav even-
vvm. ovnviv " v-1 Lnv r, uvioto I ' - - '
.cc.n.i avenue, iNuiLu, wiiu nits uwu of Mr an( Mrs jx w. Williams Sun- ing at spruce tre.et Baptist cnurcn,
very ill tor the last past week, is re- (lay from c o'clock until 8 p. m.. after Promises to eclipse anything of the
porteu some Detter. uhirh thpv went tn TCPv'a Phnnni fnr kind ever .witnessed in thi citv. Prof.
Mrs. Josie E. Henderson, of Twelfth ty,p pvonWa sr.rviw J. A Porter and Dr. A. M. Townsend.
avenue, xsoim, wno nas ueen very in, Mr. nnf1 Ml.s v Wnrip of Mnchvnip the nromoters and manatrers. need no
Sacred Concert Sunday at 8 P.
Promises to be a Grand Affair.
PHONE Main 1614
Clino & Gordon.
410 Union Street. Phon. 123S.
The Best Variety and the Most Reliable
Shoes Made.
Clothing, Hats, Etc.,
PHONE Main 16 14
Varley & Bauman.
825 Union St. Pbone Vain 500.
Tha Beit Variety .aid the Host Rellabl Place
in the City.
Dry Goods, Mods, Cloaks, Etc.,
Bob Robertson.
PHONE Main 1614
The Castncr-Knott Dry Goods Co.
618-622 Church St., Phone Main 620.
The Largest and Bet Stock to Select from
in the City.
Office Phtn Main 2705. Residtnct 1834
Jefferson St. Residence Phone Main 31 31 Y.
Homeopathic Physicin and Surgeon.
Office Hours: 9 to 1 1 1. m.. 4 to 5 ft. m.. 7 te 8 ft. m,
street, was on the sick list all last
week and a part of this week.
Miss Ida Woodard, who has been
here in school at Walden, will leave
for her home at Pegram, Tenn., the
last of next week, but will return
when school opens.
Rev. E. V. D. Isaac, D. D., left Sat
urday night for Louisville, Ky., to
speak before the Fifth Street Baptist
Church. From there he will go to
Staunton, Va., to attend the Virginia
Baptist Convention, thence to Wash
ington, D. C, to attend the Board
meeting of the National Baptist Con
vention. He will then stop at the
General Convention (white) that will
be in session at the Jamestown Expo
sition this month.
Mrs. Kate Brown, of Tatterson
street, is much improved.
Mrs. Samuella Work, of 1504 Cedar
st.reet, is slightly indisposed.
Mrs. Anna Boxly, of Patterson
street, who has been sick for several
weeks, is slowly improving.
Miss Maggie Mayberry of Cedar
street, was slightly indisposed last
Mrs. J. Coffey, of Ewing avenue, left
the city last Sunday night for Louis
ville, where she was called to the bed-
fide of her son.
Mrs. Ada L. King, of 513 Fourth
avenue, South, is still quite sick.
is much improved in health.
Woodfolk's grocery, on West Her
man street, Mount Nebo, has a large
number of patrons
Mr. P. H. Benson is at the market
house, where he usually spends his
Mr. Frank M. Young, who for some
years resided on Shankland street, is
now nicely situated on Jefferson street,
between Eighteenth and Nineteenth
Mr. George Washington Campbell, of
f8 Maury street, is suffering from a
relapse, and is again under the care of
are visiting their mother and father, introduction to the public. They
Mr. and Mrs. Quarles. nave done enougn in giving nign-ciass
Mrs. Matildia B. Hugle. who has entertainments for all to rely upon
been quite ill, is now about her busi- a simple promise that they will have
Mrs. Laura Wade is still sick.
Mr. and Mrs. Shedrlck Kellum
and Miss Grace Barnett entertained
at their beautiful country home on the
Gallatin pike Monday evening, May 6.
The houso was beautifully decorated
a physician, who is of the oninion that with Palma and ferns. Those present
it will be several weeks before he will WCI? Mr- and Mrs. Robert II. Zalckery,
bp able to resume his duties.
Miss Willie Andrews, of the book
making department of the Baptist
Publishing House, has been suffering
for the last two weeks from a bilious
Mrs. Anna B. Spence, for two or
three years bookkeeper at the Clarion
onlce, is now in the mailing depart
ment of the National Baptist Publish
ing House.
Mr. T. G. West, of Twelfth avenue,
North, who was formerly an instruc-
an enjoyable program. This promise
has been made. It is learned from
Prof. Porter that the services of Mr.
Frank Fowler, the bass soloist, who
was until resently with Madam Coles
Jubilee Singers, has been secured for
the occasion, as well as others. A
few noted ones are Messrs. C. H. Kel
ly, Shedrick Joiner, Dr. Hampton,
Misses M. E. V. Reed, Josie Saun
ders, Jennie Dunson, Madams Nellie
Dunlap, Nellie Young, A. M. Town
send, Bessie Isaac, Josie Henderson,
Lizzie James, Allen Bullock and Wil
Mrs.- Maggie Fisher and daughter, tor in the public schools, but more re
Mrs. Lizzie James, left last Monday rently a clerk in the Nashville post of
for Martin, Tenn., to attend the fun- flee, has been so dangerously 111 for
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Puckett, Mr. and
Mrs lf!:ivl Hontlpv MdeflntiiPo ThIH-to
Hill P.ntrv ITtmrWfo Smith HTn r,A U XVUimitiUIl. nil vllv U1US1C UH.3
...... j j ..v.w.v.u, ....w, ..n. . 1,.. T- 4 llf HP ,
Mrs. Ollie Scales. "Pit" was tho fea- mVstTn , mu
t..m o-n nf tha nvnin. At Q it0 and Prof. Porter. The concert will
mi huiv vt. iviiiiip,, a.bi(livt . n Jj ill.
I,,- w.v,,vWc! co,.,, Degin at a p. in. auuruss wm do
uenvereu Dy me pasior, uev. t. j
Townsend. It is predicted that
MARRIAGES. large audience will be present.
Sam Martin and Bessie Stephens.
Percy Davis and Mary Hill.
Joseph E. Tucker and Margaret C.
Mance Buchanan and Jane Black-
Thomaa Webster and Pearl Jackson.
Come out to the Steam Merry-Go
Round on Grundy street. I have 24
horsea, etc., and I am a Nashville man
R. F. BROWN, Uanager.
Pressing Club and
Tonsorial Parlors.
Cleaning, Pressing and Altering Neatly
Done. Ladies' Work a Specialty.
Clothes called for and delivered.
Expert Tonsorial Artists.
Satisfaction Guaranteed. Call
to see us.
To Responsible Persons on Their'
Own Mcs-l)6siness Confidcotal.
Tel. Bain, 5755 -L. and We Will fall on Ton.
The Globe booth at the May festival
of Mount Oliva Daptlet Church K&s
many Tialtors.

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