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Rev. J. C. Lott is scheduled to fill
two prominent pulpits in Nashville
Sunday and Sunday night
The Odd Fellow's entertainment at
their spacious auditorium on Fourth
avenue, North, Monday night, was well
Air. W. C. Gordon, the leading un
dertaker of St Louis, Mo., spent two
clays in Nashville this week en route
to Columbia, Tenn., where he goes to
attend to some important business,
lie visited the leading business houses
of the city run by Negroes, and ex
pressed himself as being' well pleased
with the progress.
Miss Maude Moses, of San Antonio,
Texas, was so. well pleased with the
results of her first year in the Me
harry Medical College that she is al
ready making preparations for her re
turn in September.
Rev. W. S. Ellington will preach the
Baccalaureate Sermon for the Le
Moyne College at Memphis, Tenn., on
Sunday, May 2Cth. lie attended this
school before entering Fisk. lie will
also speak Sunday at 11:00 o'clock
at the First Baptist Church, Memphis,
Miss Lady Emma Louise Phillips,
who has been attending the Conserva
tory of Music at Oberlin, Ohio, is ex
pected home soon.
Rev. T. 0. Fuller, President of the
Howe Institute, of Memphis, Tenn.,
and pastor of the First Baptist Church
of Memphis, Tenn., will stop over in
Nashville, en route from Washington,
D. C, where he is attending the spe
cial Board meeting, and will speak for
Rev. V. S. Ellington, at 11:00 a. m.
and Rev. T. J. Townsend at 3:00 p. m.,
Sunday, May 2Cth.
Owing to the inclement weather
Tuesday night, the Alumni Association
of Roger Williams did not have its
special meeting. A full report of the
entertainment was to have been made.
Another call will be made soon.
The Evening Star Club entertained
in honor of Miss Paule L. Harding last
Thursday evening at the residence of
Mrs. Gracie Guess, Smiley street. Miss
Harding left the city Friday for Chi
cago, where-she will spend the sum
mer. Miss Arvella Chinn, a teacher in the
public school of Guthrie, Ky., is spend
ing her vacation in this city.
Mr. Ed. Rucker contemplates build
ing a $5,000 house at Cannon and Clai
borne streets at an early date.
Mrs. Ed. Ewing, of Murfreesboro
road, has been indisposed for several
Mr. Geo. Washington Campbell, of
C8 Maury street, is slowly improving.
The First Baptist Church, of East
Nashville, has called Rev. Mr. WiDS-
low, of Kentucky, to take charge of
the church until Rev. S3. E. Uriggs re
turns from Philadelphia.
Mrs. H. York, the young wife of Mr.
H. York, who died last Thursday,
May 9, was buried Saturday, May 11.
Mrs. York had been sick for one year.
She will be creatly missed by her
large number of friends.
Miss Lovie V. Blake entertained at
her residence. 1124 Twelfth avenue,
South, last Thursday afternoon in hon
or of some friends and classmates of
Walden University. Those present
were Misses Eunice and Susie Vernon
Ora Greene, Janie Hill, Frankie Fox
Mesdames Eugenia (Bunch) Hampton
Messrs. William Vernon, Lucian Mor
row. F. C. O'Bannon, Bryant Brown
and Jno. Welch. Refreshments were
Misses Maud Roberts and Eliza
Randals were the guests of Mrs. Nor
Edsrehill avenue last Thurs
Miss Fannie Lawrence and her sis
ter. students of Walden University
were the guests of Mrs. Tatton,
North Hill street, a short while Thurs
day afternoon.
Mrs. Mattic Merritt, formerly Kf
this city, but now of Chicago, who has
been visiting her mother and sisters,
left for her home last week accom
panied by her mother and little broth
ers. Cassie Greer, of Waverly
School, who has been sick for several
weeks, is Improving.
Mrs. Sallie Thomas, of Second ave
nue. North, is quite sick.
Atis Resste Mavberry is visiting her
sisters at their home on Cedar street.
Miss Willie Hurt, who was one of
4, nnnipctsints for the most popular
ot the Mt. Olive May Festival,
Tirn thp Vmrmr.
Miss Tennie L. Hughes will partici
pate in the musical exhibition ai ri
University to-night, which will tak
i in ho Memorial Chapel. Miss
I'tUv Ait v . - - -
Hughes is one of Nashville's coming
young ladies. Altnougn Dcunn.B "
n ,ncrnr set she has made scores o
fHomia Pre. her school days are ended
Rev. David Aimer, Jr., will not pass
through Nashville owing to the change
of the educational board mestlng from
Nashville to Washington
ht- wm r.nnlon. of St. Louis, Mo
Jill (I i -" a-
the truest of Mr. and Mrs
Houston, of Ninth avenue, South, was
the honoree of an elaborate six o clock
j, crwi-iv eveninc:. given by air.
U1"UV, . Vh inns, of sixth
avenue. Eouth. Thoso present were
Captain and Mrs. R, B. Richardson,
Mr, and Mrs. A. J. Dodd and Mr. and
Mrs. Durand Houston.
Mr. V. C. Gordon, of St Louis, vis
ited the Globe office this week.
After two weeks visiting at Thomp
son station, Mrs. J. C. Woods and lit
tle daughter, Claudie, have returned.
The Missionary Society of East
Nashville entertained Mrs. Lizzie "Wal
ton, Monday night Short talks were
made by all present Cream and cake
was served.
Miss Ella Fort, of Park street, who
las been a teacher in the Virginia
Union University at Richmond for the
ast few years, is expected home the
latter part of this week. She ' will
pend her vacation in and around
Nashville. Miss Fort will visit James
town in the early fall.
Mrs. W. N. Hill is improving rap-
Miss Willie M. Andrews, of 710 Ew
ing avenue, is slowly Improving.
Miss Frankie E. Hill, of 801 Ewing
avenue, has returned from Columbia,
enn., where she spent ten days visit
ing her cousin, Miss Samuella C. Web-
Little Annie Mai Dunson, of 439
Ninth avenue, North, is sick with a
severe cold.
The grand-daughter of Mrs. Scott, of
Warren street, died Monday, May 13.
She was eight years old.
Miss Estella Davis entertained a few
friends on the 12th inst, at the resi
dence of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Davis.
Ihose present were Mr. R. Mayes, of
"isk University, Miss Alberta Collins,
Mr. Thomas Cheatham, Miss Bernice
Smith, Mr. Henry Cheatham, Miss
Martha Cooper, and Miss Beatrice
Mrs. Minnie D. Woodard, of 608
Webster street, East Nashville, has
been confined to her bed for a month
past. Although very ill at this writ-
her physician assures her family
and friends of marked improvement
in her condition.
Many school girls and boys of Fisk
and Walden spent an enjoyable even-
THE most sacred ordinance that
can be observed by all churches
is that known as the Lord's
Supper or, in other words, Sacra
ment. We do not thiuk it is in
keeping with these sacred ordi
ances of the Lord's Supper in
church now-a-days to try to admin
ister it with out the proper vessels.
Every Church Ought to Have a
First-Class Communion Set.
They can have them made out
of the best grade of quardruple
plated table silverware if they de
sire them. The Church Supply
Department of the National Bap
tist Publishing Board has just re
ceived from their factory a new lot
of this high-class ware, and would
take pains in showing them to any
The Prices are Within Reach of AH
and Terms are Reasonable.
No church ought to be willing
to use glass dishes or the like for
these ordinances when they can
have the best grade of silver at
moderate prices.
2 Plates, 2 GobMets, 1 Flagon, 1 Quart.
9T p,r
ing at Miss Johnnie Denny's home, tie, the youngest daughter, will reside
S56 Fourth avenue, South, last Thurs- wun .Mr anQ iUI8- -epucu
f lV IjrCttll SLICCU
Mr. Joseph Woodfolk, the popular "ev- ana VV11 V, u,
grocer of West Herman street, Mt. iew ua-a 1U .Vlfcjr "..T.
Nebo, has an up-to-date ice cream par- Rev. . crait, oi me stan oi ine
or attached to his establishment u- "' u et" "cu
Mrs. John Jones, of Columbia, is here y. spruce btreei uapuw urcu
for a short stay of two weeks, visit- was aenenwea ounaay nigui uy ui
ng her sister-in-law, Mrs. Abram rervor oi nis Pjayer.
Overton, of 818 North Sixth street vm- u- iaie 01 veuu,
Miss Bettie Webster, of Columbia, is North, spent the day -at home last
visiting Miss Carrie Overton, of North Friday on account of his first severe
Sixth street coia OI ine seasuu-
Among those to take part In the con- Mrs. Alice Foster of Mt Pleasant,
cert at Fisk to-night will be Misses is in the city visiting her son, Mr.
lizzie Allen and Lizzie Wells, both uenuy, rouneeuui VCuuC,
musical students. Norm.
Rev. C. H. Clark was on the 6ick list Mrs. Julia Arnold, wno nas neen vis-
this week. He hopes to be able to go tmg ner sister, Airs, ioiu oueumg, i
to Ilopkinsville Sunday. McMlnnvme, nas returned nome.
Many will be the brides this June, Miss Laura Brooks of 504 Four
Rumor has it that more than a dozen teenth avenue, North, is improving.
well known young ladies will join the Rev. James liono, pastor oi now
number. ard Congregational Church, is in Tus-
htlc- n.an a mo nt 9ir. Prtiif. kecee this wees.
ff.pnth nvPmiP North pntf-rtained the MISS ESter fOlK. uerry, oi J""
i.. - . , , . , uv.4.
T orHc Flinrh Plnh laaf Thnroav lerSOn Street, SUSUUUtiU subul iujui j-
PVPTl5ri last week. She was accidently cut on
Tr- P V Pnmoti nt Tmirtoonfh the hand.
avenue, North, spent. Sunday in Clarks- invitations nave neen receive m
villp on businpsq me annuuucius memj-'"''"
Mrs. Lewis Berry, of 136 Fourteenth annual commencement oi tne lusne
.... ... . I XT nl Innltlllo
avenue. North, is ramdlv imnrovine. ixuimi hibului.
after a month's illness. Invitations will soon De issued ior
Dr. Sylvester Jefferson, of Clarks- the second commencement exercises oi
ville. snpnt. Sundav in the citv. St. Marv's Academy, the Catholic
Mrs. L. DeWees of Ament street left school in South Nashville,
the citv Tuesdav moraine for Clarks- Mrs. Winfield Hyde, a sister of Mrs
ville. Tenn.. where she will spend a Julius Robinson, is in the city visit
few davs visitinc her husband and ine relatives. She will spend the
friends. summer here before returning to her
Mr. Louis K. Thomas, of the com- home in Indianapolis, Ind.
posing room force of the Baptist Pub- Mr. Absalom Ratcliffo, of 45 Maury
lulling House, was slightly indisposed street, Is dangerously ill.
Monday and had to be away from his Rev. W. A. Lewis left the city last
post of duty. He has recuperated suf- Friday for New York, to attend the
ficiently to return to his work. Missionary Board. He will also visit
Mrs. Lizzie Walton, who lived in the Philadelphia Conference.
East Nashville, left the city Wednes- Mrs. Eliza Caldwell and daughter,
flay morning for Selma, Ala., where josie, are home again after spending
her husband is engaged in the candy quite a while in Arkansas, visiting
business. She will probably remain relatives and friends.
about two years. Mr. A. A. Underwood, foreman of
Mrs. Martha Llllard was taken sud- romnoslne room. A. M. IS. b. b. union,
lenlv sick at the First Baptist Church was called to Charlotte, N. C, Satur
last Sunday during morning service aay night, to attend the bedside of his
md had to be conveyed to her home, wife who is seriously 111.
713 Gay street. She is greatly im- Mr. Henry Hlgglns is now connect
proved at this writing. ed with the composing room at the A
Mr. D. Westley Crutcher attended m. E. S. S. Union.
morning service at Christ's Church, Little Hellyn Lee Batte Is suffering
corner Broadway and Ninth avenue considerably with her eyes.
last Sunday. Miss Alberta K. Davis has severed
Miss Mary Iouise Clark spent the her connection with the clerical de-
day with Mrs. James Blaine Garfield partment at the A. M. E. S. S. Union.
Boyd, of Thirteenth avenue, North, Mr, J. R. Robinson, or seventh ave-
last Sunday. mie, who was recently elected delegate
Mr. T. G. West, of 1033 Twelth ave- to represent Salem A. M. E. Church
nue, North, is improving. Ut Franklin, 'J enn., leit tnis weeK.
Mrs. L. M. Traynor spent Sunday in Miss Louisa r rice, oi seventn ave
Gallattn, visiting Mr. and Mrs. Brack- nue, North, who has been somewhat
ons. indisposed at tnis writing, is convai-
Mr. D. A. Hart, eeneral foreman of escing.
the National Baptist Publishing House Mrs. George Scott, of Sixth avenue,
nnrt biislnpRs manacer of thp. Nashvlllfl North, entertained a limited number
Globe, spent Wednesday In Franklin, of friends from Clarksvllle, Tenn., this
Tpnn. week. .
Mr ami ph. TT ThnrP of Mrs. Fanny Gibbs, of Third avenue,
v f ufi North, has been on the sick list.
a. c-Ij... Mrs. Bettie Silvers and son, An-
rrur 0lQ k .TJocfD drew, left the city to be at the bed
"Bulger," and "Kate," the pets of their sl,de of Jer father- who ,s somewhat in-
honsphold disposed.
noustnom. Mrg wnle B Cemongj a teacher in
Mrs. Lula Drake, who has been the Clarksvllle High School, was in
very sick, Is slowly mending after un- the city last Saturday, being one of
dergoing a serious operation. She. the committee that called on State
has moved to South Nashville with Superintendent Jones in the interest
her daughter, Mn. It. T. Lath. v Bctjof tht gtttji Normal (or teach en thia
Preston Taylor.
Telephone 896,
Funeral Directors and
Hi Ftrth Avenue, North,
Nashvi to. - - Tenn. U
R--'Willtf -
When in Heed of Groceries Don't Forget
Worth Washville's Reliable Grocer.
I Carry a Full Line of Seasonable Groceries
Goods delivered anywhere in the city
Corner Ellorrison and Jackson Streets.
year. Mrs. demons reported very
favorably on the work that is being
done in the .Clarksvllle School this
term by Prof. Carney, the principal,
and his corps of competent assistants.
The school closes on the 24th inst.
Mr. Frank M. Story passed through
the city after having spent several
weeks in Shelby ville.
Mrs. Oma ltosebough is able to be
out again after a severe illness.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian . Church
will observe Sunday as "Silver Dollar
Day." All members are asked to con
tribute one dollar for the completion
of the new church.
Lea Avenue Christian Church will
have her annual rally Sunday. Every
one Is cordially invited to attend this
rally. The pastor has prepared a spe
cial sermon for the occasion.
Miss Lela Orsbone is visiting
Wartrace, Tenn.
Mr. Ed. Mass spent a few days
Lebanon and Mt. Juliet.
Mr. Oscar Sweeney is visiting
Mrs. Ethel B. Wade, of 31 Robinson
street, has returned from Murfreesboro.
Miss Alice Evans has bought a beau
tiful home on Eleventh avenue and
PHOXE Mala 1011
Clino & Gordon,
410 Union Street. ThoM 1235.
The Rest Variety and the Most Reliable
Shoes Made,
Clothing, Hats, Etc.,
Varley & Bauman.
33 Union St. Phone Main 500.
The Best Variety and the Most Reliable Tlac
in the Cltj.
Bob Robertson, the welj-laiown
salesman for several business houses,
went to the home of Rev. J. L. Kirk
patrick, No. 133 Eleventh avenue,
North, last night about 8:30 and took
his wife to the front door and," pulling
his pistol, shot her through the head,
killing her instantly. There has been,
it Is rumored, trouble between them
for some time. She had him arrested
for assaulting her last week, for
which, it is thought, he murdered her
last night.
Dry floods, Notions, Cloaks, Etc.,
Bob Robertson.
PHONE Main 1614
The Castncr-Knott Dry Goods Co.
618022 Church St., Phone Main 620.
Jbt Largtst and Eest Stock to ScUet from
k In th City,

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