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"All things come to them that wait, providing they hustle while they wait" Charles W. JLnderton. "Get out of our sunshine." B. H. Boyi.
Vol. II.
No. 21.
by a knife wielded In the hand of an
other. Up to this writing both are In
the land of the living and dally Re
peating, so It Is said, this: ,
all the words of tongue on pen,'
speak, In the lapel of my heart till Its
leaves have faded and withered away,
and even then the thought of It shall
be cherished , till memory shall no
Whfn. In thA rnnrRfl rvf human I lnne-pr rotva me
ine saaaest 01 tnese u mignt nave events a printer decides to set his at- Again, I am going to ask for an hon-
Clarksville High School
Graduating Class
Mr. Reuben' Rice, 'of St. Louis, Mo.,
a musician of International repute,
died at his home last Wednesday. He
was born in this city and for years
worked with-his father in the shoe-
fections on the 'fairer sex,, and aban- orable discharge from your happy
dons the stick and stone, and has no union to join the rank and file of one
tnougnt or mallet nor slue, and the Quite as pleasant but more re-
firm make-up of his mind leads him stricted: one that requires more
to chase the points In view, it be- discipline, more skill, more cour-
witea wnn nis iainer in me snoe-1 qqjq -necessary "that the "members of I age '-a union, the basic principles of
makers trade. At f isk University , he thft "Hnnpv Pot CAnh" ncsomMn on which served as a morlAl frvr our env-
With a' band of -S wuslitoiiS 0n Saturday night last the mem. In leaving you I have no censure for
S:a.v-ga5L of the "Honey Pot Club". assem, any one. I do not even ask you to
wuiun lie was iue leauiug v;urneusu i . , . , ...... " i iVi T , .1 m c . . 1 . .
s .'--m t. sua zrszrss! rzisss was. Stewart. Associate
linnY wa a n 1 rTriT nar mt m n 1 1 ru j wu -1 ivt j 1 -- w - 1
Rice of this city. ' .The. .weather man proceeded! to know your .condition best; your re- p fnrrncnnnlflnt
The" marriage of a. former .Clarks- J" 11! ?lJS rreSS tOrreSpORdent.
vllle girl, Miss Beulab Terry, canister t"uul lu w' wnqe we u
rtf m wfn w Tw Mr their way through a pouring ran. A that :;some lily, In its .majestic and
I VSJ. AfX 1 If WU. J-V V 111 A V.1 1 V UUU 1U1 I '1 - . I
HISTORY I s,- L. Williams, of Minneapolis, THinn., represenuiuye mimoer was m attena- uuwmy pose, uaa vu vl mure man were VISITORS IN THE CITY
,,.m .MrM AMn has beautifully solemnized,at St An- , ! , ; a mg u w tt,u auu
I wUli IVlfcl1! AI1U I j Aura A Tlf T71 ' nv, th,, I ' At -nine 'o clock Mr. Fred Cf. TCwltu that it is only a.auestlon or time wnen
womfn RPrEiVED DiPLOMAS-l Ua Sunday, May 19. No account of who, :had charge of the refreshments, it will be plucked and preserved as a
wuivifciN Ktutivtu uiruwiviMo-r . marrlaee has og Vet been nubn announced that the conversations solace In future years. (Applause.)
i ARftF AiiniENr.E witnesses lished in Clarksville and details wllll and repeeches were not to Interfere I observe a few Benedicts in
' hence be 6f interest ' to the bride's with his part of the program and ihe our midst, who, apparently, stand with
CLOSING EXERCISES. manv family and personal triends passed, around the first course. The outstretched arms to receive and wel-
, r - I- - - - I
1 there. The groom is a friend of Dr. Al- evening was pleasantly spent In con-
1 b-Jp Wtlllama nf 1 MlilTlPiinnHa. Thfi I voroattnTi .niatrvTillw tatmfnA n.Uh
come me, which is a source of untold
delight On the other hand, I see no
tear in the eyes of those whose happy
union I am about to ' leave, for, in
deed that organiatlon considers mat-
.V"e.L "g?-.CiLeVS in bgden: Utah, lor'a fewi weeks, aid Ont aufr union I am 'about to" leave, for. in- H BROWN IN TOWN.
. L.;.,".. ' will be at home, Minneapolis, inm, , whn th cvfinin wnfl fn. deed that organiatlon considers mat- Editor Phil H. Brown of the Hod
nisrht at which time amoroDriate ex- after June 15,1 1907, i : the -master , of ceremonies, Mr. A. I t! rimony Its ;hlghest and most coveted kinsville Daily News made a business
orHcPQ wpr ronrtnp.tpd at. Elder's Miss Fannie' Hopewell was1 In Nafsh-, Zanders .arose and after a brief talk degree, and all join hands as on this trip to tne city last Tuesday. Here
rwra Mnnoa hffrtr a rrnw which ville last ' Satuf day. ',. A stated the soeciflc nurnose of the occasion, to, add pomp and joy to the celved a hearty welcome from old
tavpd tho rannfitv of the mace. The Mrs.' Estiza' Watson ' returned "from meetinsr. - Mr. Bovd resDonded to a passing or one . or tneir numoer into uieuus aua maae many
well-chosen remarks:
Mr. Toastmaster and Gentlemen:
It has , been but a few months since
we met on a similar occasion toldo
honor to one of our most popular and
distinguished fellow-associates, and on
table Benedicts. (Applause.)
Gentlemen, when our marriage vows
have been solemnized, all bail the
queen,, one of the fairest in the land.
As we launch our barge Wednes-
eraduates. fourteen in number were Nashville after' a day's stay with rehv request for a speech In the following tne Initiatory degree of the lndoml
seated in crescent shape, with the only tives and friends. (
young man of the class in the center. Mrs. James Overton, of Nashville; is
This occasion made the end of the spending the week with Miss Lillie
..:t successful year in the history of Keesee.
the School. lUra flonrcrlo TCopspo will RnpnH CfiV.
ril I . .. .nA rn V,.. n T. nn. I "a
1U erlustLr .7 n J tt"" eral weeks in Princeton, Ky
lueni, aner wmcu me xvcv. uwiw
wood in a few remarks Invoked, the
divine blessing upon the
and all present Miss Eva Anderson,
the first speaker, had as her subject,
"Rome and Carthage." She was fol
lowed by Miss Lovelle Grant with
"American Ideals" as her thesis.
new ones.
Mr. Brown is well known in this city.
having at one time been foreman of
the composing room of the A. M. E.
Church Sunday School Union. He
left Nashville in the early '90's to fill
an important position in Washington.
Two years later ho was assistant ed-
day evening, June 12, 1907, upon the itor of one of the best medical jour-
TVf , wdHom k Intr taa rflc 1 OTl oH hia tL.t 1 MHn..lA..n
POSiUon wltTw of matrimony, I sh all na .to A onorica. It was daring that
graduates a,cented a DOSition with Wendell of. ycnoLJ Phased to see your faces there, time an article from his pen entitled
& Henderson, of Nashville
Mr. J. J. Lay, of Nashville, failed to
attend the commencement as prom
The Rev; Collins has returned to the
"Hope, a Star that Never Sets," ;by It fte ' few 1' , visit to tall
lH!nn fJnrr. T) lnin nrnd Tirol I ro. I
ceived; then Miss Mary Bell Griffin,
with "Nothing Succeeds as Success,"
was at once a favorite with the audi
ence, and her essay was capitally
trlven. and heartilv anoreciated. "Be-
were made at- extempo speaking.
But on this occasion, when it is my
good fortune .to be. .one of the hon
orees, I, pause in the midst of flight
ing and 1 precious time I have only
learned the value of time In the past
few week to collect a few scattering
Miss Laura Wills went to Kennedy, P108 Jhat 1 m?y' ,n, m,rb.esti!f; stowed upon me.
Ky., last Tuesday. - orS "". w (Applause)
jvirs. j. iiOu, oi Liewnon, is visu-1
! hp.- la unique and generous way, which
D , ,,'. ' . . 1 . M
Mr. N. S. Dabnev went to Hopkins- is more iuuy aemonsrraiea Dy my iree
yond the Alps Lies Italy, was next ville Fri(Jay eveninK to witness the participation in the joys and festiv-
tr ven bv Miss Aima narns, wnu
seemed at ease on the stage; then last
ly came the "Class Farewell" by Miss
Lillie Keesee.
Diplomas were presented by. Dr. T.
H. Marable to the following: ) Eva B.
Anderson, Minnie B. McCurty,; Bessie
L. Grant, Bruetta G. Roberts, Mary 0.
Roberts, Louise M. Harper, Mary B.
Griffin, Nannie B. Smith, Alma ;V,
Harris, Lenora T. Anderson, Lillie V,
Keesee, Augusta C. Weed, Tayma A.
Ghee and Edward J. Garratt.
The first annual meeting of the
Alumni Association of the Clarksville
Graduating exercises of HoDkinsville Hies .of the evening. (Applause.)
High School. : I Gentlemen, I have traveled tne patn
and give you the farewell handshake, I "Insanity" attracted the attention of
and when we drop anchor on those the medical fraternity all over the
beautiful shores, we shall be delighted country. Mr. Brown's Morning News
to have you Inspect our quarters at is one of the best papers in Kentucky.
any convenient time.
Again, gentlemen, one and all, 1 1 MR. CHARLES STEWART spends
thank you lor tnis signal nonor De- a DAY IN NASHVILLE
"Oh, I just dropped in on you for a
few moments because I had nothing
else to do, and because I do not like
to stay out of Nashville too longfl All
the people might forget I am living
and may think I am dead. But I just
want to say that I am not going to
Right here Mr. Ewing refreshed
the members from his bountiful store,
which seemed to be inexhaustible.
The next speaker was Mr. John H.
Kelly. He told of that which had
mgnt at mn vvara capusi rame home Sunday.
before a large and appreciative auai- M rhas, Lvnch 0f HoDkinsville:
ence. A well rendered program was gpent Sunday in the city.
offered. Among the things discussed Mrg John Mannlng of Earlington,
was the enlargement of school rooms, K lg In the city
and employment or additional teacn- Mr Deamie Drane returned frbm
ers. ' rhp.rrv Station. Tenn.. Sunday.
Rev. J. J. Rye went to sheibyvme,
May fairs were held last week at A. Tenn., Monday.
Mra Rlnom Ci TTpnrtPrson. . of rtf sfntrlenpss for an iinusuallv lone consirameu nim iu uiuss luc wuiw are uum 1 can nna notmng else to
Springfield, Tenn., came over Friday time (applause) yes, I have served of waters" and take passage over the do."
to attend commencement and visit rel- you overtime in that line, but not as a slow train" through Arkansas and These are the lemarks that camo
atives. 1 1 matter of personal choice circum- seemingly grew happy as he thus ad- from Mr. Charles Stewart, the ele-
Miss Minnie Lee Jones, of St. Louis, stnnrpa nn ordainln? It; I have been dressed the audience: Gentlemen, brated newspaper correspondent and
is visiting Mrs.' Maggie Johnson this 0ne of your most ardent leaders, time I believe that every young man ought were addressed to a Globe reporter
week. , , considered: at no staee of the came to be married." Mr. Kelly finally on Thursday of last week. It is learned
Mr. Albert Merlweather' has accept- Uvo, T fnitMPrf- vn T have looked, ended his speech with "Why?" from Mr. Stewr.rt that since the first
ed a position with W. A. Chambers & ag 1 were . bev0,.fi the horizon and The Program being ended, Mr. of May he has been in the vicinity of
iiiwing summoiieu m aauua uy auu a uie ooiun miamic states attending
general toast was made. ; various state conventions. He attend-
Those present were Geo. O. Boyd, ed the Baptist State Conven-
John H. .Kelly, Jr., J. Frank Battle, tion at Aiken, S. C, the Virginia Bap
W. 0. Tate, D. Wesley Crutcher, Jo-1 tlst Stite Convention 'at Staunton.
MrS. Mary Turner returned from St, "S;,?,
,u, rrt voli tent and discontent, of joy and sad-
High scnooi was neio last weanesuay been teacaing at Centrev.IH, Tenn.; ucas Ul y,CUBU,c dluu B"""w. "
now hilly, now
smooth path, with Its seasons of cpn-
followed with an Indescribable ardor
and zeal. The public has long since seph O. Battle, E. F. Dupree It C. Va, and then he made a flying trip
classed me with a-few other sages' of Fisher, J. B. Boyd, Ernest Cole, TSam- to New York. Reaching Washing-
singleness in. whose. faces I look to; uei u untr, uu xi . wmu
r,ir,t wt o nAiiiai- fuitnir nf mtpA K. Thomas, Louis D. Bumbrey, Fred
1113 It l, 1 IIU Ui - V- V 1 I 1 lVVillfj 1
joy; for, Indeed, the time was .when
that distinction was .highly apprej
elated and quite natural was I not
considered , a bachelor of the Landers
J Ewing, A. T. Landers, J. J. Lay.
. m n I -r- Tir t 1 A. fTI-- I . . . . V 111 J. A
M. E. Zion Church and St Jonn i$ap- uev. xr. w. uaraner spent 1 uesuay urutcner ano joe uattie type; vureai
list Church. Both realized good re- and Wednesday in bneioyviue, lenn. applause) . And I would like to say: in
A man of unusual avoirdupois and
lip.antifiil form strolled Into a well
Mrs. F. G. Carney returned to Mur- this connection that Messrs. Fred J,
freesboro, Sunday. , Ewing and J. ! Frank Battle bid fair
Prof. F. G. Carney will spend his va- to graash the bachelor records of
tion in Murfreesboro. these distlnguiiihed knights of single-
Rev. Paul Dennis, of Guthrie, Ky., n(s9 prftinnP.Pl1 onnifliifse
tonsorial duties be performed on his spXvfd WaXld came in from Gentlemen, I was a single man i (I
face. Having divested himself of col- r,;eD,3av am no more) In the true sense of the
lar and coat, he sat himself down in ,a Ban,n a f' word, and took snecial pleasure in let-
ting tne-woria Know-xnaL i was sm-
i'Lrteo7orrrrnkUn .treet cation iu Murfreesboro
one day last week and asked that the
... . . ... 1 , -. Aova with Mlsa RonPrtS
of the biissiui nap mat wouia ur. f tn Moo,m I o-Ia (poMW thp drisV - nartlclnafr
i-omrtvol nf I xJi. m. o. ivauuaia nn m niwuimo o
Tuesday morning. 1 "s w mp uii,ret nuuga iuiuhub
Mr. Arthur Bailey, of Memphis, i is to that .lire .as. 1 . saw. tnem- possiDiy
forthcoming during the
the week's hirsute growth. He failed
to note the objection offered by the
faithful chair, which had borne. many
a weight innumerable, and presently
found himself In a tangled heap.
Eventually he was thinking. of Tenny
son's "Charge," for on arising he saw
Miss Mollie Shapard and Mr. Jef-
part of the chair to the right, part to ferson Ryalls entertained
the left, and a part in iront 01 mm.
After getting his shave under difficul
ty and having himself brushed, said,
on leaving, "It never touched me; but
I hie myself back to my old Ken
in the city. to my detriment, for I have long since
seen the - folly of my ways, hut tne
fascination of ,tlie ;life, like tbegh(?st
that ihaunted ; Macbeth, would i;not
down. And on and on we went, trudg-
- Friday ing ; the ; path pf .singleness, i through
evening at 719 Tenth avenue, South, deserts, as It were, .. stopping to en-
The house was beautifully decorated joy the refreshment an oasis might
with potted plants and cut flowers, offer; over mountain cliffs, the rap-
A refreshing frappe was dispensed turous scenery t being a rest to- the
in the reception hall by Miss Sykes. eye; through meadows, where the
Those in attendance were Mr. and grass grows tall nd green, and
May has been a month of varied ex- Mi-g. Geo. Brown, Mrsc Emma Payner, down, ;leep down in .the valleys.
periences. This community nas seen Mrs. L. Partee, -Messrs. John Uaiio- where,, as the, poet has , well and beau
lawn fetes, moonlight picnics, rallies, wayt Howard Petway, Jno. Goodall, tifully said: "'Many a, flower , is hong
baptizings and May fairs galore; but M Baker, Jefferson Ryalls, Willis H. to blush unseen." The home of the
last Saturday the hottest day of the glimmergf R0bt. Crow, S. S. Davis, Hly sO' fair is' here. Yea, I want to
month, witnessed the spilling or blood Alford Pope( Edward Pope, Willie stop here. .For. indeed, this seems -to
by those infected with torrid tempera- PolnteI.( John Caldwell, Will Palmer, by my journey'3 end. My faSclnatipji
for your .life, after witnessing .a pano
ramic view-.of the, past, has taken on
a .new .1 coloring)1 .- ;Thlsema.:to be
the -most -enchanted spot of all.
like flowers; -and'-hwe nature has so
richly -pravide them. ""
Boys, I araoing to. pluck pne-pf
3i4BB 'Jilles eo;falr and wear Itw to
A High Day In Zlon.
Brother C. S. Randal s. of St. Paul
A .M.; E. Church, delivered an interest
ing address to the Sunday school on
"Church Pride and Punctuality." The
lecture was full of thought and
nntiriw At 1,1 n'f1rwflr tha hnnMsmnl I
y v-v , erc,seg
address was aenverea oy uev. vj. vv.
Martin to a large audience. The con
gregation was very enthusiastic over
the sermon. Rev. Martin is one of
ton last Friday evening, he spoke to
a large audience at the Nineteenth
Street Baptist Church and then on to
Chicago, his northern headquarters,
via Pittsburg.
"Where are you going?" asked the
Globe reporter of Mr. Stewart.
"That's none of your business," re
plied the newspaper man, "and if I
tell you, it won't be because it is
your business. Anyhow, I will let
you know a part of my route. I go
from here to Normal and will remain
there during the commencement ex-
of Dr. Councill's school. My
wife and son are already there await
ing my arrival. From Normal I will
go back to South Carolina to fill some
important engagements, then to Mlss-
ments. James Baker, so it is said, Walter, Holt , Migses Elizabeth Fryer,
came an tne way y'"p- ""Vrpd Bell Smlth. of St. Louis, Bessie Epps,
nlI rptC exnlJred by 1 Minnie Brldgewat6r9, Mattie - Sykes,
and the , ne her regions explored by; a Rlcherson Maggie : Paynor,
piece 01 " Then along came Georgie Scales, Mollie. Shapard, Essie
ZX l olllnlfo Partee, faille Smlth. --?aclng
doctor and consented to several stitch was the featuro of the evening. About
p in his side. The vound'-wai caused 11 o'clock an ice course-wM.er?cfc
On last Thursday night the Allen
league was organized. The follow
ing officers were elected: W. B. Lusk,
President; J. - Redman, Vice Presi
dent; Albert Buchanan, Treasurer;
Allen Copeland, Secretary; Ad'die Bu
chanan,. Assistant Secretary.
pv. G. L. Jackson held a success
.al quarterly conference, the amount
of forty dollars having been raised.
..Mrs. Sadie- Walker met with a very
painful accident by breaking a needle
in her. finger.
.(Mlss Lillie Hall Js still Improving.
The Souvenir cards received from
Messrs. Walker ,and Jlugglns were
enough to make. her wHl. ,
The ! indictment of Robert Robert
son for the murder of. his wife, Miner
va Robertson, , was .annulled In the
Criminal-.cowl -we nni 01 tne wmk.
-11- A O
our Hu e youuB u. - ,ss, , and back to Academy
v,v.w r ' ----- wnicn is near AiKen, s. j. I may
being thirty persons who were Dap- posslbJy drop down to New Orleans
tizeu. between iwo aim mite muu- . ., f 9Q . lt ... ,0 .
sand people witnessed the affair. th-rft nthpr lninnrtnnt ...
agements ahead of me."
Mr. Stewart was entertained by Drs.
R. F. Boyd, R. H. Voorhees and other
well-known friends and acquaintances,
lie is always welcome in Nashville,
as he is a jovial, good-natured, big
hearted newspaper man. He usually
introduces himself to every one and
makes himself at homo at anybody's
The combined lodges of the Knights
of Pythias in this city held a rally last
Sunday at Mt. Olive Baptist Church.
The members met at the Pythian
Temple on Fifth avenue, North, and
marched to the church. Here, after a
short address by Rev. Treston Taylor
and Dr. R. F. Boyd, a collection was
lifted amounting to $507.84. On
Monday night a gTand reception wa
held at the, Pythian Temple,

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