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'All things come to them that wait, providing they hustle while they wait." Charles W. Anderson. "Get out of our sunshine." R. H. Boyd.
No. 22.
berforce to attend the Commencement Hall are glad to know that she Is im
i and meeting of the trustee board, of proving.
which body he is a member. He will
stop over to visit his family in Nashville.
Mt. Zion Baptist Church is still with
out a pastor and aspirants for the pul
pit seem to be slow in showing up.
Mr. J. A. Copeland is undecided
whether or not he will spend the sum
mer months in the North or remain
in sunny Tennessee.
The members of the Allen Christian
Endeavor League are proud of their
National Christian Endeavor Meet
ing Primises to Eclipse all
Former Sessions.
The A. M. E. Church, Rev. Gordan, President, Rev. W. B. Lust.
pastor, has recently been newly pa- Miss D. C. Buchanan, of the Mur
pered, carpeted and painted. It is now freesboro road, is now on the sick list,
a thing of beauty. Dr. L. L. Cheatham, of Pine Bluff,
The Teachers' Institute of Bedford Ark., is thinking of visiting his broth-
County, will open Monday, June 10, er, Mr. M. N. Cheatham, the great
and last two weeks. Prof. N. B. Mor- chicken raiser of the Murfreesboro
progress of the race and his excel-
ent moving pictures. Prof. Single
ton will arrive in Nashville in a few
days to arrange for a few exhibitions.
rof. Hynes opened an engagement
of four nights in Evansvllle, begin
ning Monday night, June 4, at Liberty
Baptist Church, Rev. J. D. Rouse, pas
tor, to a large audience.
ton is president
road, next week.
Mrs. Sarah Ford, of 201S Jefferson
street, was the guest Saturday and
Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bu
chanan, of the Murfreesboro pike.
Quite a number of Ebenezer girls
are planning to attend the Davidson
County Institute, which will convene
The present outlook for the future
of Roger Williams University grows
REPORTS brighter at the close of each day. More
HnrMt h holnff c1,nron W Mown Rin. Yuu"" xowiu, m.u m iwivcuc
FROM THE DIFFERENT STATE 1; 7 " "r r V":: June 3, in Thompson Chapel, Walden
ating with all the citizens of Nashville
nnrl iho atata aa wall TTarrUw a woolr
CHURCH MAKING GREAT PREP- paggeg but that the financial agent,
Every day in the week the pros
pects for a successful meeting of the
first National Convention of the Allen
Christian Endeavors, which is to con
v i iu uu, u, u.c "' school would be opened, and since the
uly lC?."!.n"LUlJiglthJ article appeared, several leading mem-
y'i l 8C , on T c,t: nHpMp bers of the BaPst State Convention,
members of the local and state societies . aro . nno.B, tho r.
Kev. Wm. Haynes, does not nil some
appointment made for him by enthu
siastic supporters. It appears that the
article that appeared In the columns
of the Globe several weeks ago, stating
the possibility of the opening of the
school for the fall term, has created
no little speculation as to where the
Miss Lottie Anthony and little
Adolphus Cheatham were the guests of
Miss A. L. Buchanan Wednesday, May
throughout the country are aroused
to the highest " pitch, and every mail
brings letters from delegations from
every part of the country asking for
homes, and the pastors of the various
churches of the African Methodist de
nomination are working like beavers
who are also connected with the re
building of the university, have been
interviewed by a Globe representa
tive. Neither of the gentlemen seen
have had any voice in the manage
ment, but from their conversation and
from the many facts brought out In
nomination are wcmwus mve uB connection with the re-establishing of 'T" Kw7u ue "
securing quarters, and many of them fc h , , fl tQ he asked by the representative what
are soliciting the aid of the pastors TpnnpPA TJanH stntp fVmvpntinn the Possibilities of locating the
The Tennessee member of the Anna
T. Jeanes Fund, Mr. J. C. Napier, left
Monday night for New York City to
attend the special board meeting
which had been called to meet in New
lork, Wednesday, June 5. A Globe
reported called on Mr. Napier before
he left for New York and learned
from him that in all probability the
charter for this board would be of
fered at the meeting, and that other
plans for the future government of the
board would be presented. lie was
H. T. G. M.
The II. T. G. M. met Tuesday even-
ng with Miss Lillian Badger at the
esidence of Mrs. C. V. Roman, No.
30 Fourteenth avenue, North. The
members that answered roll-call were
Misses Mollie E. Berry, Lizzie J. D.
Allen, Lillian Badger, Elnora Berry,
Georgia A. Bradford, Esther P.
Berry, Jennie Childress, Alberta Da
vis, Minnie M. Hunter, Ethel Jordan,
Bessie L. Martin, Willie Page, Laura
oik, Nannie I. Sumner, Hazel
Thompson, John D. Thompson, Lula
oik, and Georgia Watkins.
The young ladies spent a very pleas
ant evening. They will hold their
next meeting with Miss Mollie EJ.
Berry at her residence, 1211 Jefferson
street, June 18.
of churches of other denominations,! ,, . Vnnv,T,Ua nv., ' Quarters of the new board in Nash
,, . , , . . r - -.J VT1UV,U HI HI 111 IVUUA V 111 X VII U. I ,11 lt-l. 1 1 it w i
c it. ....... 1 , ivnf 4-V s lYinmhni'ti nf I ' I ri I In fnYtrni'rifortrtlij-ri "I ,lrt unr
ior uicy ie;iir.B iuo.l uic mcmuuo UM in Tnlv will Hptp-mlnn nnt nnlv thpl "c l" ". c iq.-ucu, i uu nut
ap.!.. nfn.uUf nimr oinnp 111 JUy- wlu oeie.mine not oniy me , .. . , matQ1. m..i,i
up for consideration at this meeting
eat s that will be here. One promt
nrnt nunisier 01 ing last week in the Kayne Avenue
uist uenomuiauuu bui " 77.' Baptist Church, at which important
the meeting from a race standpoint as buglnegg concerning the work of the
well as from & denominational, and convention was taken up. This board
Itlt tnat every Negro wuum ue yiuuu. . . . . rpnnmnipnd to thfl Rtatfi
convention that Roger Williams be
opened in October. A committee of
hree was appointed to look after the
preparations and to make a report to
It seems to be a fore
fn,l that the people were sending in ment prevails for the re-opening of the what the pspec s are for locating the
(., lications irrespccive of denomina- 5Choof lndependent of the Home Mis- ?r( iniU Nashville Prominent mem-
if -the meeting was a success, and
would on the other hand feel it very
keenly if visitors should come Into
the city and go away saying that they
had not been properly entertained. He Lne convention
sih ninnv nomos naci oeeu bbcuicu
nor do I know whether any headauar
ters has as yet been selected. Of
course Montgomery, Atlanta, Washing
ton and New York are already candi
dates for the place, but that does not
hinder Nashville from registering' her
claim." When asked if it would be
taken up if the proper overtures were
made by the leading citizens, he said
that he thought it could be tried. At
any rale he will be in a position to
say more definitely upon his return
tions, to a degree that was most en
St. John A. M. E. Church is being
given a general overhauling for the
reception of the convention, and all
the A. M. E. churches are making
bers on this board known in Nashville
are J. C. Napier, Booker T. Washing
ton, Bishop Abram Grant, of Kansas
City, and R. L. Smith, of Paris, Texas
sion Society, and directly under the
control of the Negro Baptists of Ten
nessee, with a Negro president and
faculty throughout. It is known that
such staunch supporters as Revs. C. H
f'loflr nf Moolivlllo Worrt nf Phatfn.
special preparations to entertain the n0Qga SmltQ of ciarksville, the Hard
ineetincr. .New toilets have just been , rrQvirtra nr Maohviiio ond
put in, the plasterers have completed many otnerg wno have declared that organizing a lodge of the Order of
their work, and the painters will be- th ready and willing to throw Elks are meeting with great success.
gin os soon as uie uaueis umau their shoulders to the wheel and help At a receni meeting several gentlemen
roof rrniirs. The members are put- f. t . h f f fh h 1 made 'excellent addresses relatinc to
ting forth a great effort, and under nQt wiling to do s0 unless they can be the Order. Mr. Coffey's remarks were
the leadership of their pastor, Dr.
I ooonroH that tliA HHo.tinrl Hpprla tn highly aPDreciated. Mr. Robert Green
W. Ilaigler, they will have everything th t b made out t0 tne a charter member of the St. Louis
in readiness wnen me savtu inu "" Tennessee BaDtist State Convention ocige 01 h;iks, win aenver an address
through the trustees. Then, too, it Is
openly said that the future Negro edu
rational Institutions, in nrrtpr to eet.
r- IIATFC 1 , o--
SHELuyvilll iNwito. help frora Negroes, must be so estab
The town was ablaze all last week hished as to become the property of the
with the closing exercises 01 xurner Negro youtn, as well as oner induce-
Normal Institute, it being Commence- ments to ambitious youths In future.
mont week. Visitors were present The rapid growth of the Howe Insti
from all over the state,
the morning of the second of July.
The young men of this city who are
next Monday evening. The members
of the new lodge are well pleased wit
the success which they have made.
Of Pearl High School took place
at Ryman Auditorium, 7:30
o'clock, June 6.
It is announced that Dr. T. Ernest
McClain and Miss Fate Lou Stewart
will be married at the home of the
bride on Wednesday, June 26, at noon.
Both young people are. well and favor- beautiful and varicolored
The Commencement exercises of
Pearl High School took place Thurs
day evening at Ryman Auditorium. A
vast audience filled the immense
building long before the time to be
gin the exercises. The lower auditori
um and the gallery presented a mag
nificent picture, filled mostly with
ladies arrayed in lovely costume,
ably known in Nashville society. Dr. All had come to do honor to the oc-
McClain is a graduate oi the class or casion to manifest their appreciation
101 Roger Williams university, and for the faithful services of the instruc-
from the dental department of Mehar- tors and to indicate to the young men
ry Medical uonege, iut. At present and women who were about to enter
he is practicing in Denver, Colo., to linnn the active duties of life their in-
vvhich place he will take nis Dride. tprest. in their future. No class from
Miss Stewart is a teacher in the Carter the Hich School ever had a more in-
School. She is a graduate from the I spiring occasion and a more repre
high school of this city, and has dem- Uentativa Catherine to srrace its finish-
onsti ated very forcibly"What the home ing exercises and to usher it into the
glil is capable or doing, ineir many affairs of the world. The people were
fi lends bespeak for them a glorious there to bless and encourage the
future. Dr. McClain is scheduled to young people in their last efforts as
arrive in Nashville soon to com- Hich School Dunils and wish and bid
ilete the preparations for the wed- tnem Godspeed through the coming
years as towers of strength in uplift
ing and blessing their people by their
own noble lives well lived.
If we may rightly judge from the
Miss Lillian Owens, after having manner the class acquitted itself, then
suffered for about three months, was an auspicious and successful future
called to her reward Monday, May 27, pregnant with achievements loom up
l!)()7. She oore ner sufferings pa- before It. All on the program ac-
tiently. She was a member of 'Seay's quitted themselves creditably, and the
Chapel Church and was also a mem- great audience applauded them to the
ber of the choir. She was 'a dutiful echo. Those young people who bade
member, a consistent Christian and farewell to school life Thursday even-
devoted daughter and sister. Miss ing can never forget the hearty and
Owens was gay In her disposition and sincere reception accorded them by
cheerful In her manners, which won one of the most enthusiastic gather
er w mnnv fHenda. She left to ing of people that ever assembled in
mourn her loss a father, mother, four the great building. The inspiration of
sisters, four brothers and a host of " occasion, 11 is nopeci, , wm go wuu
friends. The funeral was conducted a" wrougn i re, ana
if their feet
by Rev. Mr. Ellison, insisted by Rev,
should ever falter in the path of duty
mnl... rpva a: before some seeming insurmountable
n.. minima, yaiAi. .,w . . . ,.a aTrlnr nf v,Q hn0fl
girls were Miscos Estella Campbell,
n . 4v nT a a nTf rrr confidence of the people in them at
Carrie Walker, Ada Bedford, Carrio . nwn nn thpir r.nmmmt evPn-
McDonald Velma Mosely and Cecelia , m gerve t strengthen and renew
their faith in themselves to surmount
Stover. A beautiful design was given
by the choir
Miss Millie Nccly, of Third avenue
including tute, located at Memphis, Tenn., is a North, who is employed at Linck
mnnv distinguished ministers of the fair specimen of what could have been Laundry, Third avenue and Locust
A. M. E. Church, who are trustees oi done with Roger Williams under ra- street, ha d a narrow escape from se
the school. Among the number were vorable management, and what will be jury Thursday morning just after 7
Rishop IJ. F. Lee, Rev. G. L. Jackson, done with tha school after it opens o'clock. Her left arm was caught in
T. W. llaigler, S. u nowara, ti. r. again m oepiemoer. i-reSlaeni ruiier, a shirt-backing machine, and was
Smith, N. Smith, C. IL Shelto, u. Hi. of the Howe institute, was seen in considerably bruised. If the machin
Johnson and A. Moore. Commence- Nashville, and stated to a uiooe report- prv hA nnt Wn fnnnp,i inimo,HptA.
... - r nn I a . i ti i. m ai , 1 - .' - v.r,. .
-ment was held Thursday, May er mat nis euroumeut ivr sesaioii , th e result would have i,epn o
, t J1.11 J 11.H I 1 J. . mm A 1111 tl1(Antfl ATI1
Rev. 11. F. smitn aenverea ui uum- jusi uumuucu -. u.uto, uu v k nerhn.na somcthinc of
mencement auoress. oeveuwcu n ia nuuu owi0 "i. I a mnrp ?p.rinn? nntni-p
lrdies and gentlemen were grauuaieu nave speui una jrcai iu mo suuuuis m
f'mm the Enclish department, and one Nashville, as many of them went from
from the Normal. Pres- the extreme eastern portion of the
ents were numerous and costly. state.
rri, t.ii3fno linnvri hpin its annual 1 '
I ltVZ Ll dl v -
. i 1. T)Hlnntftflftna
session (luring me wtt-iv. uqwi FBFNFZFR NOTES.
fm- n new building are now In prog- '
j.pC I Ml J'JllliUlC UC11U1U) Ul iuuii vv.o
Dr J A Jones was unanimously noro road, is tninKing oi visiting nis
- - . . mm til. I ,1 n rf-i.
vc-elecled president of the college witn motner in usage uiiy.
ti,p followlnsr assistant teachers: Prof. Mr
i Pni-.lv Mrs. Nannie a. uenson, scrioer oi tne uiooe
Mrs. Isaac McBroome, 46 years of
mt m , m 1
age, cued at ner nome on uric
Church pike Monday morn ng at 6.30 h mi
1- cViq wno o PhHctian woman I . . . .. .
opposing difficulties.
The primary purpose of public exer
cises at the closing of school life is to
leave a lasting impression upon the
minds of the graduating class.
So the graduating class of Pearl
Hall School, Thirteenth District,
taught by Mirs. A. L. Nelson, closed
its session with an interesting pro
gram. Alter the morning exercise
dinner was served on the grounds.
tui Mnnnd Rrookins and Miss Mattie Delegates to tne conierence ai Mur-
i n.,,.,- n is snid that this was the freesboro are as follows: Mrs. Wm
l J. J KM l . ' ' - . . .
At night the program closed. A
Frank Hudson is a new sub- "u,u Ul ",w,, s "un,.
commeucement exercises. i no year
was very prosperous with an en
rollment of 102 pupils.
o'clock. She was a Christian woman,
a faithful member of Zion Baptist
Church, and an active mission work
or. The funeral was largely attend
od. Rev. J. Kiel officiating. Mirs. Mc
Broome is survived by her husband
nnd three children. The interment
was at Mt. Ararat Cemetery.
On next Sunday Children's Day will 2- Salutatory Address - The Two
reived a flattering compliment that
surpassed that of any other year.
Young men and young women, the peo
ple who witnessed your splendid start
in life, expect much of you in the com
ing years and if you fail their con
demnation will be more bitter than
was their benediction sweet.
The program which was rendered so
splendidly was as follows:
1. Opening Chorus "Greeting to
Spring" Strauss
n'ost brilliant and successful year in Hall, the Stewardess' Sisters Board;
4',n iiitm-v nf the institution. Mr. Anthony Elliott, the stewards
nind ' ii Tii Tinvls and Miss Annie L. Brothers; Miss Willie Mai Upshaw,
llnu.enn fnl-TYIPr tPfl cher in Turner In- the Sunday school and Miss Dela
efitn'tp hnvp been spending several Buchanan, the Allen Endeavor,
t'n tho'tmvn since the closing. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Walker enter-
"ati- w m Commons and family, tained Sunday, June 2 at dinner
r.r wovpttpville snent Commencement Those present were Rev. N. Smith,
season in town last week.. Rev. Wm. Lusk, Rev. Martin, Rev. G,
The Turner Normal team crossed L. Jackson and wife and Mr, and Mrs,
Ints with Rellhuckle again last week Wm. Hall, mother and father of Mrs
n.n school camnus. Victory, as walker.
usual for 'T. N. A.;" score, 13 to 2. The teachers of Ebenezer Sunday
Since the close of Turner Normal school are busy at work, planning for
ill. '.Mm rinU and drv. Dr. J. A. their "Children's Day" exercises.
Prof. W. G. Hynes hns organized a
KInodrome company under the man
agement of Prof. Major Singleton, of
Henderson, Ky. Prof. Singleton
leaves Evansville, Inch, to-day on
route to Jamestown, Va., and will
stop at several points along the lino
where Prof. Hynes hns been request
ed to repeat his exhibitions on his re
turn to Nashville. The executive
committee of Jamestown has commu
nicated with Prof. Hynes to exhibit
jencs "will leave in a few flays for Wll-1 The many friend! of Miss Llllio m the Negro Building his views of tho
be observed at St. John A
Church. The services will begin at
halfpast six o'clock in the morning
with a nraver service. At seven
o'clock the candidates for baptism will
assemble at the river where the bap
tismal services will take place
Sundav school will be at 9:30, and
as it is the annual children's celebra
tion, a large attendance is anticipated.
The church will be decorated with
(lowers and the children will have a
hannv time,
The regular eleven o'clock services
will also be conducted in connection
with the Children's Day celebration
and a special rally for the repair of
the church. A special sermon will be
preached by the pastor suitable to the
occasion. Mr. D. A. Hart will sing
"Hold Thou My Hand."
The Endeavor Society services will
be held at half-past seven. They are
making special preparation for their
entertainment on Monday and Tues
day night of next week. The day's
services will conclude Wttu prvhtng
at night by pastor
Washington Chas. A. Greer
3. Music "Laughing Gas" Geibel
4. Fancy Drill Miss L. A. Bright,
Director, in Sixteen High
School Girls.
5. Music "The Fairy Revel," from
Comic Opera "Pirate of Penzance"
C. Valedictory Address
Night brings out the stars
Everil M. Frazier
7. Music "Ring the Lily Bells
Ladies' Voices
8. Presentation of Diplomas by
President of Board of Education
9. Closing Chorus "March of the
Guard" Geibel
The following pupils received di
plomas after passing successfully the
final examinations: Wm. B. Davis,
Mansfield J. Dean, Chas. A. Grier,
Crawford C. Harwell, Percy W. Nel
son, Avery N. Peyton, Ira B. Scott,
Willie T. Cockrill, Mabel E. Scott, Wil
lie L. Foster, Hettie T. Fowler, Everil
M. Frazier, Martha B. King. Hattie R
Mullein, Nine E. Murrell, Blanche O
Perkins, Annie L. Robertson.
(Continued on rage 3.)

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