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Parlor an
. Chape
One of the most beautiful pictures in the home, a
' i Jrch or a Sunday school, is an organ one that
is built to suit the home, the congregation and
the financial condition of the people. This is what
a National Baptist organ will do.
of the above named denomination. Im-
Holly Springs, May 31.-1 ne eauca- ovement of tne pr0perty is noticeable,
tlonal mass meeting, of the two Mis- . . . gervIceg cnanfred to a more
slssippl Conferences vol the uuorea d h t k the May falr
Methodist EniscoDal Church was held r "c T.,0 ti0n
HOLLY SPRINGS '(MISS.) NOTES, suming the leadership of the churches
Holly Springs, May" 31. The educa-1
WANTED Lest you forget, we take
i.i jj iniiiinff vnnr attention
Methodist EPS, under the direction of Mrs. Lula Bell, t J the handsome, up-to-date rigs that
here this week in connection with the th membershiD a chance Lnn Sp01ired at BOYD & BATTLE'S
second annual commencement or ine Jn raIsi undg for DeautIfy. p M Get our orders in
Mississippi Theologies and Industrial ing thIs tIme-honored place, early for the Sunday rush. Phone.
College, and more than three thousand The movement started by the alum- Maiu 4496-Y. "Ask the man" about
dollars were raised to further the work MBOclation for another school build- our rlgg.
of the institution. The erection of n South Clarkgville l3 gaining ou,r n8B',..
this institution furnishes tne most Rtrpnth Ministers, business men and wamtftw ma Colored Women
complete and gratify Ing recorfl oi sell- m look nce at the crowded who can read and write. Will, give
help yet exhibited .to the ;e'afl condition of the school term Just thnera work at once. Call at my of
partlcular striking fact is that B shop . . M th hundred pupils fia Vn aor Fifth avenue. North.
Elias Cottrell, the presiding uisnop i 0 nas,prt tn twn lfia.,,hers. As rinWi
1 1L . Iffnnfnnlnnl tnnfl I . I v w w w -
over me uioccsb uk jmooioonui, Mow v.rU. vrnov,vtiip ninHnnatl and
i Sleiae Sf1? fo veral smaller cities are contemplat- WANTED All Churches and Sunday
tru Trtts InCre.ase. .i Uchcx.1. to use our money Gleaners,
- . .. . . . , 1 teacners, we uave iiul as yr.w iccivcu , , . to tav on
The force of this . statement can be . ,ux tMnr nf Albums, etc., to raise means ww
well understood when it is known that - fn to an'incre.
of the $53,000 placed into this mag- r"" - icQ fever l3 ln evidence t4'
nificent plant, less than .ouo came . , t gundav the minois Cen
from white people, and. only ?1UU from . , carHed a laree number of persons
oui?.me lTe 8lre "M1""1! 0.,a to Louisville, and on Tuesday the WftmT7"!r,,.r;.fr
mere nas oeen erecieu a magum- . merican Business Club made t or woman ro uuuidBB ...
tral carried a large number of persons
in T.milsvillp. and on Tuesday the
WANTED Bright, energetic man
The parlor organs are in three
St vie No. 2 is 5 octaves, action
- r
Bt oak case only.
Style No. 3 is 5 and 6 octaves,
oak case only.
Style No. 5 is 5 and 6 octaves,
case is oak or walnut.
Style No. 75 is our new de-
: sign. It is quarter sawed, golden
: oak nolish and is put up in a six
octave case.
i ' Copeland, Prop.
(' ,IT .
ll I f'tM ' -
; ' "HBe 3
I fds to
( 1 Washuille
Suit, Terms to Suit, Prices to Suit.
The People to Suit You.
Furniture Gg,
cent girls' dormitory and administra- , f itg trong on the second manufacturer in Murfreesboro . Frank.
I ' t.i T1..T l.i I 'rvi ii nil a i . i h m v 1 1 ir
lin iruiasivi, wiumuin,
I ptc Address
tipn building on the. grounds at a cost - . QUtin to Dover and Fort Don-
of ?38,ouu and tne Dpys . uormxiory. io elgon Next rj
cost 12,5U0, is now an course oi erec
tion. The fact that every cent cf mon
ey for the land and building was paid
cash and there is now no Indebtedness
against the institution is beyond the
At the mass meeting here strong ad
dresses upon various phases of the
elson. Next Tuesday the United
Club promises the grandest effort ever
Upon the last night, the last hour
and almost the last moment of the
eventful month of May, while all na
316 Eighth avenue, N.
race question were discussed by prom- there came another and a more potent
inent men in the church, among them .. .. ht fitti aa a final climax to
WANTED Two stone masons to
irnrt nn TCnplfland Stone Church and
V VllllUl U1VUIU V. J f TTVSl. v . -
ture was asleep and dreaming of the two mechanics to do frame worK on
many happenings which had occurred same, Apply to Rev. V. E. Shipp, Fisk
a .. . i i T-i tttv.h-. Tonth orroPT
Airs, r raii(..cs wmtc, ui ov.
Rev. T. J. Moppins, Hopkinsville, Ky.;
Rev. N. C. Cleaves,; Columbia, S. C;
Rev. L. M. Bell, Little Rock, Ark.;
Rev. H. E. Jones, Rayne, La.; A. R.
Calhoun. Little Rock. Ark.; G. C.
Rawlstbn, West Texas Conference; R,
sidelight, fitting as a final climax to hs very sick.
the many Incidents as notea in our .
last writing. He was nearing his home WANTED Wall paper to make your
with not one thought uncertain, when home beautiful. We have it a 4c per
peradventure another was beside nim roll ana up, or sue pei iuuu.. x ...
with a gentle request that his sixty- ures and frames in proport on.
"o"ioiuu -ivoi, - 7 seven dollars were oi no gooa service uuurmvo "'""i "
A. Carter, D. D., Augusta, Ga. ; A. L. unjesg they began, at that very mo- avenue.
.Tpnnlnp-a. MiaslsRlnni 'Conference! M.I . .
ment to circulate. iucy um nut, -
ever, until the first gentleman had wit- WANTED Reliable Cook. Good
cori uTora Vonna Mprnirv. me sai- homA Tn risrnt woman. ni-
Jennines. MississlDDi Conference: M
F. Jamison, East Texas conierence;
G. F. Welch, North Alabama Confer
ence; I. S. Person, D. D., West Ten
nessee Conference; L. H. Brown, U. u.,
ellites and lesser heavenly bodies at a lock. MRS. SAUL GORDON.
close ranee. Of course, alter tne study 2405 West una avenue.
V, " , X i ; v TiTni. close range, ui course, aitci uic Dtuuj
Kentucky Conference; G. W. Mills, I , m vj jimm anmpwhat.
Alabama Conference; J.. U btaunton, hg succeeded in getting home through WANTED An aged colored woman
North Carolina Conference; J. A. Win-L. asslstance 0f a neighbor. He had L ,iroo Ann1v at ROn North Cherry
ters. Southeast Missouri and Illinois . contlnued t0 quote this, though Ltrppt AL, VQhn Hedbere. 6-7-07tf.
rVmrerpnoe: Jonn W. UllDert. A. M.. ,. . i n v,i.
, . .v ii ni v. line ruyuie is qucsuuuauic,
Commissioner of Education; Bishop J
R. S. Williams; and Bishop Charles B. Thiriv davs has September,
April, June and November;
All the rest have thirty-one,
Except this month of May,
Which has sixty-seven.
Gallowa?, Dr. J. H. Laprade and Dr.
J. D. Hammond, Secretary oi Educa
tion of the Methodist Episcopal
Tho rnmmpnrement sermon was
preached by the Rev.' J. William Luck
Services over the remains of Mrs.
ftt. D. D..' Nashville Tenn., and the T.WziP Rmtt. a former resident of this
sermon to the Theological Department ty, were held Tuesday at Wesley
by Rev. I. S. Person D. D of Mem- ohapel C. M. E. Church before a crowd
phis. Undergraduate exercises were 0I sorrowing friends. Interment at
held at the institution Tuesday' night, Golden Hill Cemetery.
Sprii-tmtestri)ettirheld- amoTig-the At tnis writing no teacher has been
students in the Preparatory Depart- selected for the next scholastic year.
i n& . rpV tf-n T.rvfrto ty rt ia 1 i TOT. I T T TVTnti 4 rfrt will V.A CT O
H1CUU X 11C JUlUb Vfj-" a w JrrOl ! iVJLVUtt,llCUll nil v
ary societies was held in the college 0f the instructors at the Middle Ten
auditorium Wednesday night, and the nessee Teachers' Association' to be held
graduating exercises Thursday night, jn this city about June 20th.
May 30th. The annual address was Rirg r. l. Yancey, of Evansville, is
delivered by President Simon W. m the city visiting relatives and
Broome, Texas College, Tyler, Texas. frjends.
Thfl graduates from the Preparatory fr a w. Saunders came in from
WANTED A lady agent, colored,
to handle our products. Lightning
seller. Big pay for little work. Sold
to every one of your acquaintances.
Write to-day for further information ud
and terms to agents. . Address Elgin,K. Al
Davis & Gibbs, East Prairie, Missouri. hun
Dept. 7. "
Dpnartment beine D. Moses Mont
gomery, Lexington, Miss., John E.
ShiDD.' Banner, Miss., and Miss Ro
berta D. Payne, Millers, Miss.
The feature of the whole weeks ex
ercises was the vocal and instrumental
Nashville and way points Friday.
Rev. J. C. Lott, of Lebanon, Tenn.,
was in the city Tuesday.
Miss Maria Ann Taylor went to
Edgeton, Ky., Wednesday.
Rev. Geo. Hampton came in irom
Energetic young men want
ed to solicit and collect In
surance. Good salaries
R. A. EVAIN, Supt.
The Palace Shaving Parlor.
Hot and Cold Baths,
We Respectfully Ask Your Patronttfe.
114 Fourth Ave., S.
music, more' especially the rendition of Mnshville Tuesday.
plantation' melodies, led by Miss Annie Miss Maria Harding, of Indianapo-
May Hodges, lexington. The music liss Ind ( is the guest of Mrs. H. Med-
department is under the direction of caf
Mrs. C. Gillis, while Dr. Frank H. Mr- William Learell, of Evansvillo,
Rodgers. one of the best known edu- ig jn the city.
cators in the South, is President of Mr wm. Bailey, of St. Louis, Mo..
the institution. . wag in the city Saturday.
Tn n nddress of some length. Bish- Miss Minnie Hutchings, of New
op Cottrell, who has been the leader of York, is in the city. tnn A beautiful suite of rooms
the forces makinrwe erection oi uu Mr. umeisun rm r, w. 4U iUrA flnnr nf flip Nanier
institution possible, recounted the sac- Ky., spent Monday and Tuesday in the on the third floor ot trie papier
riflcea and struggles undergone in me city.
work, and made a strong plea for the Mr. Rainy McReynolds returned to
nctvtt ar.niinatinii nf thf doctrine of FlktriTi. Kv.. Wednesday.
i;uuiaut v ... - t
self-help in racial' uplift. "With all Miss Emma Kav will spend her va-
lespect and gratitude to those people cation in Louisville.
of the North and South who. have Mr. Nace Dixon is in Louisville.
helped to elevate' our people," said he, Squire Jere Wheeler, of Erin, was
"that help which will do us more good in the city Sunday.
and stay with us longer is that we do Mr. Sam Blakemore went to Tren-
for ourselves." "Self Help" also was ton, Tenn., Sunday.
the subject of an , intensely practical Mr A w. Roberts went to Louis-
and Instructive address from tne uev. vllle sunjay.
T. J. Moppins. , M reoree Fields, of Elkton, Ky., is
in the city for a few days.
FOR RENT. Two rooms for gen
tlemen or light housekeeping. 419
First avenue, South. tf.
FOR RENT Part of office, gas
light, at Boyd. Building. See Janitor.
Court 411 Fourth Ave-, North.
There are five rooms with a
glass-stained partition. Will
be rented in whole or in part.
Can be used as a flat or lodge
Apply to
, J. C. Napier,
One Cent Savings Bank.
3000 cast off hotel dishes
phone Main, 1701.
1 Wesley Cunningham.
Walter Rracy.
E. G. Cullum.
216 Third Avenue, Korth.
Will Todd.
L. B. Hughes.
Esq. Wm. Crump
No naees of a nation's history are ANftTWFR POSTMAN APPOINTED.
more Interesting to its people than cheat), at 31G Elffhth ave-
those whicn recora tne Drave aeeus ui n. , xV ini moil 17
its citizen-soldiers,' and no other peo- pointed a carrier on the " nue, North.
nle on the face of the earth has es- force. He began his term on the first ,
tablished so beautiful a custom as or June. Mr. uugei, ouuauit iui lamuj uov. ui
that wnicn was tontempiaiea uy we- vine uvy uu a si : 7 ..r Lncinin-oiif
coratlon Day the strewing of flowers m th 'School, has boon connected with lesitlUldUC.
over the graves or, tne aepariea war- the general omces oi v. . o.
riors. On last Thursday in this city l. Ry., where his efficiency was rcc- OR gAIjEA larKe organ, suitable
the annual Memorial Day features ogniZed and shown by the general re- for church or home cheap. L. Cooper,
orvod hv thA aepd and faith-1 hv thp nffip.ia.la at thelm. -j- it
"tn- vrx.u. . vv. j o I -,icl tAuwoi.u "J loll) AUtU StlCCt. 11
ful men who had seen service auring time he severed his connections wan
tne Jivn war. . . comnanv. All or tnese, nowevt-i, . . ...
Th. narade of old veterans, withi .MBn n na thnir nnlnion that if ONLY RtLIAbLt rAii NDtiUIVKIi IH
. , I CALM WOOVVA v 11 " I lw" 7
Mrmnn'o TJolInf PAriw nnn rnilnrpn.l. . . o . nu c-nr-w. I i aiiiiii r
ii umcii o ""v. ' i ha (rnvo I nr f n uw its muauic oci -
led by Cube Steele as marshal, wended he 'had the railroad company,
its way through the principal streets . . bt t the 8UC.
of the city. Along, the line of marcnr" " mrnim(r man
-iix x.,vx nM in ha our. VL 1,10 je,
DlltfUL lliuuiu in aa . xm-ivx w -x
vivors, as they' marched in unsteady
Mr. Roger is an active church
Tannie II. Burroughs, the elo
vangel, the matchless organ
d corresponding secretary, of
.ptist Women's Auxiliary Con-
;u V ..x.-j-t f t o
time. At the two cemeteries, the "u .V "fv o. "tt-Nok ivA....n G
Planting of small flags and strewing avenue umu iMHiiui Aivmu,
l. . " . Jx --x. - ha aicn rrnmlnnt in lodge and social .
: : , planting oi smau nags ana strewing - . . , .rt,,i
vent . S S .l . . . x it j . LAioo Dinp- nn nfficer of the Rail-
,.tr was
, .'lii n -lx i j iv. 1I.. x- xv n Haod I rlrPlfcrH. Dt'lllt Mil umvci v.x n.v-
tnree colors resemuimg an uu yaiui.- ciauon oi tu nvms -"c - .x xU, Aef,ui
ing, and is suitable for the home, Sun- Tne Fifth Ward Baptist Church, un- way men B r. 7-7;"V ' Mlss Willa R Scotfs school clr tr fwas
day schools and chapels. Price only der the pastorate of Rev. T. J. Good- th Knights of Pythias and the Al- Jr
' . , iviat Chc.u-..am in pinr Vi r
, 'nriift Young and p .... , nas been an r.

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