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I zitv TTcxfc 1 isiu oiai nusiauiai.i,
1 x A A i 316 Jo Johnston Avenue.
Meals at all hours. Open Day and
Night. Furnished Rooms for Rent
by Day or Week, 400 Gay Street.
Neatness Is our motto.
Mr. Simeon Babb, who had been sick
for some time, was found dead, in his SAM SUMNER, Proprietor.
room on Eighth avenue, North, Thurs
Hov mnrn r cr
,r T' , . , . the bookmaking department of the
, A, 0I, uuue0Ka 13 Baptist Publishing House.
viMuus air. j. no. is en route 10 Miss Annie l. Robinson, of East
Detroit, where he will spend a part Nashville, is now connected with the
ui we buuiuier. National Baptist Publishing House.
xviiba same tuzen, 01 tne prooi-reaa- a generous collection was taken at
ins iorce 01 me uapust ruDiisnmg Zion Baptist Church last Friday night
House, left the city last night for Chi- for the rebuilding of Roger Williams
vu&u, wucic biie win syeuu cue sum- university.
Mr'a au, wotttno w,. nf,J Mrs. Jennie D. Ballentyne, Instructor
Kn.i 7i Tni oVrio'i I.: t" K music in the Topeka Normal and
- , - ..v. "UUUH iu.. uui,,,u,U Ul
Tn1im.iii1 TnniU.a fit -I-T..n
DPka Kans is exneotpd hnmp nt nn luuuo"lal "lic. iuyea, iva.ua.,
porit' it? ' expectea nome at an arrived in the city Monday night to
spend her vacation.
early date.
Miss Laura Brooks, who was so
painfully injured at the Clarion Pub
Mr. Sam Sherrill, of the Printing
Till? most sacred ordinance that
can be observed by all churches
is that known as the Lord's
Supper or, in other words, Sacra
ment. We do not think it is in
keeping with these sacred ordi
ances of the Lord's Supper in
church now-a-days to try to admin
ister it with out the proper vessels.
Every Church Ought to Have a
First-Class Communion Set
They can have them made out
of the best grade of guardruple
phited table silverware if they de
sire them. The Church Supply
Department of the National Bap
tist Publishing Board has just re
ceived from their factory a new lot
of this high-class ware, and would
take pains in showing them to any
The Prices are Within Reach of All
and Terms are Reasonable
No church ought to be willing
to use glass dishes or the like for
these ordinances when they can
have the best grade of silver at
moderate prices. ,
that ?hp 1 nhlp tn hp at hpr nnct nf l'iv-
inat sne is aoie to be at her post of lng Mr Sherrill spend hls vaca.
, tion in town and will return to his
Mesdames Jno. Porter and Arie duties the latter part of July.
unlink SffhlaMd' Sr?ent,laSp SUnday, Mr. Thomas Johnson and Mr. Easil
SSSSJt ' Robinson, of Chattanooga, Tenn., are
eaar sireei. the gucgtg Qf Migg NeUle perry thig
Mrs. E. C. Coffey, accompanied by week. -
her son, Mr. Arnette C. Coffey, of 707 Mrs. G. W. Maxwell and Geneva Pat
Sixth avenue., South, left the city ton, of Chicago, 111., are the guests of
Wednesday for Shelbyville to witness Mrs. Henrietta Gill, of Williams
the nuptials of Dr. T. A. Elliott and street
Miss Sallie A. Rainey. Mrg Chadty Hart and Mrg Mattle
Mrs. Jno. Porter, of Eastland, left Underwood, of Hartsville, are the
the city Wednesday to attend the El- guests of her daughter-in-law, Mrs.
liott-Rainey wedding at Shelbyville. Laura Carr, of Tenth street.
T 15" McNairy left for French Mrs Julla F1 is stm ln Wash.
Lick, Ind last Sunday morning. in t G attendlng the bedside of
Mrs. Maggie Ward Bird is in the h( si(!k mother
city visiting her sister, Miss Martha Mlsseg Nettie perry, Queenie Arnold
Wtrd' f t411 ?Urth aJeuf' S0Uth d Hettie Phillips left Saturday to at-
Mr. A. L . Fr erson of Chicago, was tend the Institute at Cookville, Tenn.,
In the city to attend the funeral of his vhere th CODtemplate teaching,
sister, Mrs Lucille Frierson Cheat- ReV- Mr, gwift pastor of Braden
m' hVd J68? munS; Chaple; Mr. W. N. Thomas, President
t 5Ir- E,,C;iVIC?taitry' Fr?n.,Lick' of Epworth League; Mrs. Mlnervia
? iS0n,0f h,icaso' Perry and Miss Mary Jane Ridley will
visited the Globe office Mr. Frierson leaye WedneSday to attend the Ep-
subscribed for The Globe. -th T.0Qr,,0 o.vr,tnn rhoh -nrin
Miss Sadie E. Watson, of 45 Maury (.nTlvPT1p n noiiotin Tptih Selma, Ala., where her mother Is at
street, is still confined to her bed with Tro rorrv Pnhprsnn nt Tromnnf present spending the summer,
typhoid inalaria fever avenue, has returned to her home after , Mr. and Mrs. Marcellus Bostlc left
TS' 'Ielch and Cl IL4Boone a yisit of several weeks to Murfrees- Mndar ?isHIorJarg(,,N' DvJh?y
will attend the commencement exer- u0r0. will reside with his mother while in
cises of Wilberforce University. Mjg d Lawrence of Ament street Dakota. He expects to engage in a
Miss Bertha A. Lee will leave Sun- 5g visitlng in Lebanon. ' Profitable line of business in the West.
day night to attend the commence- tipstpr Tonev of Honklnsville Mr- Frank Gordon, who has been at-
ment exercises of Wilberforce and Kv ia ,n thp rUv fnr a fpw davR
from there to visit her mother in while here ghe wlll be the guest of her home in Williston, N. D., Thursday
Clarksburg, W. Virginia. flllT1 MrS .Tamps amvps nf Twelfth night, going via.' Fargo, N. D. He ex-
Mrs. E. T. Brown, of 912 Eleventh avenue North. Pects to return next vear to take UP
avenue, who have been confined ' to and rg' james r, Lowe left for ns studies.
her bed for the week with malarial Los Angeles, Cal., Tuesday morning, Miss Golden Perry, of Columbia,
fever, is convalescing slowly. where lhey wlll resId6 ln the future. Tenn., a sister of Miss Zelia Perry, is
Miss M. A. Cleveland, after a two Mr IIardy Kieth, an alumnus of visiting her relives, Mr. and Mrs. S.
weeks' stay in the city, left Tuesday Fisk University, who ha3 charge of S. Hughes, of Fourteenth' avenue, N
for her home, Pulaski, Tenn. )lle department of drawing in Clark Mr. Fred Weiis, who has been in the
TCnfa in 'c ? ,nUJ mL Sf5li 6' University, Atlanta, Ga., is in the city city for the past ten days visiting his
Tenn, is in the city visiting relatives, attending the anniversary exercises of ther, Mrs N. J. Anderson, of Four
Rev. S. L. Howard, of Co umbia, his Alma Mater. - teenth avenue, North, left Tuesday
Tenn., spent a few days In the city this Mrs E M Lawrence and her grand- riight for St. Louis, where he is mak
weel. son, Joseph DeWees Lawrence, are jnff his home.
T-v TIT T- nu n ....Ml 1 r .. p , nr. -it m 0
wm V , u.ttUH 7" "ttV ?l rv- a , Vay,S m, U ,i Mrs. M. A. Turner, of Pulaski, the
Wilberforce in a few days to attend the Miss Carrie Tandy, of Hopklnsville, 0,atfll. nf tha nnnt nnnvA nf
commencement exercises. Ky is spending a few days in the city Jh Cal ntne ls the guest of Mrs. Gil-
miss luna rort, wno recently re- vissiiuij, weuua mm aticuuiu6 tuc bert White this week,
a xr .ift l ' tt AUca wnifa n TYnT.iPr ipft Thnrs- Miss Annte McGregor, 01 Nasnvnie,
nZ : V c fhp spent last Sunday in Columbia.
ju. n. rori, 01 oiAieeuui avenue, inoi lu, '"b"" wv.c0 .T . Ull.n n atnoa -arhn
the mothe; of Miss Fort, will leave the summer. She will also visit St. Paul. and Mrs Hugo -B. I
,t..j 1 ...... j.... Miocroro TTaiia an rtfhor nninto have since their union on Marcn zs,
t. n..,.- ..-i. n-0 t T,,i.-Qr. th Tnr.tnot. nf Mi-1 been the guests or tne motner or tne
who has been spending some time in A. S. Rucker, is visiting him this week, lie, Mrs. Dr. R. D. Gregg, of 156
1 1, i i iu i nf Mrs TnrifPt-Q hnmp in Oe-pishv First avenue, South, will leave Sunday
Alexandria, returned to the city Mon- Mrs. Ruckei s home is in Ogelsby, . . f . h M t
day. renn. sne win De in me cny a iew
in., t .i n ti.. riiv, I ilowo Viofnra rof 11 rn 1r c VinmP I gOmery, Ala.
Miss jjauye xj. oiuuger, ui iuc uiuuc ""J" v. v. ...... uaa nnoonlo V Arrmlfl will hp nut
t...uiii, . . ni, iAtcA Mr ntid Mrs Lovp l TAndevs. of 1G03 Miss Queenie v. Arnom Will oe out
t UUIiomug vuuipaiijr, o Dii6ni,ijr iuuio" ; -" ' " ctv far O. fPW daVS
j TTorrlincr cfroot ore rolnlflnn' nvPr thp I 01 IDS OllV IOf U. lew Uctya
poseu. ---r Mr. nnd Mrs. IT. B. Stokes SDent a
in t ninM tu i 'l rrivn i r i a 1 1 ti m iiiiv
miss liUtllB uneu, ui rumm itvcuuc, " ""r . . QHrV.f fnl rlov with Mica O V Arnold
Mrs. MiisTio a Ho.a ps-Hirnsone re- u,'"6u"u' ""J -
tnrnoH thp ritv Hnnriav frnm Dvprs- of East Nashville, Thursday,
u v..x I . . lit 1 1 J 4-
Mr. W. J. uuruuu, a. yiuuiiiicut uu'
dertaker of St. Louis, was the winner
- . ' ' , :
..: ' , . ''' - ' ' v.
2 Plates, 2 Goblets, 1 Quart Flagon.
South, is rapidly recovering from a
fall received some time ago,
wr-M lT rl..U nf,l I'lli.H, icnii., wiicic ouc uw uctu 111
Preston Taylor.
Telephone 896,
Fnneral Directors and
443 Fturth Aienue, Korth,
Nashville, - Jenn.
M. O. Coles & Co,
Try Our 15 CtS. Coffee, the best on the market for the money. All cof
fees resh roasted each day. When in need of first class groceries telephone
Main 2866, v - - . 901 Second Ave., S.
Prompt attention given all orders. Goods delivered free.
Dora Nowlen, who died May 29.
Mrs. G. L. Stralton slowly improves,
-- Mrs. Louise Wade, the sister of Mrs
Georgia Shelby, died last week
Mrs. M
to resume her duties. uoruon visiiea nis BiBLer, u b. r i uuch
Little Allen White, son of Dr. and WorK. oi Jo jonnsion avenue, a
Mrs. R. S. White, Is very ill. tew weens ago.
Mrs. Maud Jennings, of West Nash- "r. uoyington was in ine cuy irom
i . j i. . m i i i n i rQ trr i nr a imw vs m w k. ri f
A. Saunders left Monday vine is now ai me resiaence oi ner p "yr"1? . , ; 7, V "
night to visit her son, Clarence and mother, Mrs. W. M Frierson, 1035 visuea ine uiooe o nce
ufP of Henderson Ky. Fourteenth avenue. She has been very Mr. ana Mrs. l. l. aisup enter
' mm ill m sharber will hav "L bt is now improving every day. lained at dinner Sunday their father
M I? th?rho?? of i 2il A M Mr. and Mrs. J. It. Blake took a trip and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Al-
Sa?heur0cfhthdurtihngir MSaSrs 11 ? Silver Springs and spent a pleas- sup Hn, Qf m Ewiflg av.
sence t , , . . Dr. C. V. Roman, eye, ear, nose and nue, is indisposed.
Mrs. P. J. Armstrong, of Columbia, throat Speclalisti addressed the State Miss Louise Hall, who has been sick
Tenn., spent last week in the city the Norma at Walden last Tuesday on for some time at the home of Mr. and
guest of Mrs. A. B. Morris, of Twelfth The gpoclal senses" Mrs. G. S. Lytle, of 1311 Jackson
avenue, North, and Miss Carrie O. Mlsg Josei)hJne Satterfleld spent street, was encouraged by the follow-
Crawford, of Jefferson street. She at- Sund' with Mlss Johnnie Wilson, of ing callers Sunday: Mesdames Martha
tended the Johnson-Bowser wedding, 5 North Hill street Smith, Anna Lane, Katie Brown, Mrs.
the High School and Fisk commence- ' Misg Nette M Andrews of 1039 Gee, Miss M. Walker, Owens, Pane,
ments. Fourteenth avenue, North,' has been Nina Lillard, little Josie and Maggie
Miss Maggie Mayberry, of Cedar Very ill for the past week. Sevier and Mrs. Susie Culp.
street, is slightly Indisposed. Miss Nettie Hancock, of Austin. Miss Cecilia Jefferson, sister of Dr.
Mrs A B Morris, of Twelfth ave- Texas, who has been in attendance at E. B Jefferson, is in the city for the
L.v. i.L i oi, tnr. TMcir -arm remain a few rinva the Eiiest Fisk Commencement.
uZZMet? of Miss Niu icoU, of Wharf avenue. Rev. E. W. S. Ha D D
SSiirJl Snndav. Miss Hancock will spend the summer clean of the Theological Department of
m wmiP Andrpwq of Ewin- ave- n Kentucky with her sister. Walden university, wno naa oeen m
Miss Willie Anaiews, or iiiwin0 ave- , t,h7.. cwaro Anva a nhln tn hp. nn ncraln
, y.aan !rl, fnr opvprnl MIPS lailie Li. laWSOIl, UUB Ul 1.11c v. , a
weks has resumed her dut es at the teachers in the Congregational School though he has not completely recov
!!h!fJ.llTSLdUtI 8 at Albany, Ga.. is visiting Miss Eliza- ered. ,
apubi puuHM.iiis.Hvuo- . seventeenth avenue. The children oi Mr. ana Mrs. s. j.
Miss Cora Allen is connected with betj Moore ofSe veni teen av . of have
commencement exercises of Fisk Uni- been suffering from measles, are able
i iapt Dr adi t Find it a hard undertaking vorsitv nnd will leave the city early to De out again
mUOl rLUI LL fp,.,t,nlft.ihirnt onetime the k f he home
price ot nrst-ciass clothing Und,r our l.bcrai ntxt veeK ro ner nome.
v5- A-
h. . ; i ; ; J.4 f. 1 . . t w i .' i . V tit"
price oi lrst-ciass cioimnK. mun uiiriiui ,, tt tr -a PonfloV trv
plan Tyou buy the best and don't miss the money Mr. H. Kennedy, of Canecreek, Ky.,
while paving for them. You only pay $1.00 per wag among the visitors In the city this
week or 5.00 per month. You can easily make - Hprui,n the exercises at Fisk.
vonr payments with the small amounts you weeK attending ine exercises ii
osuaiiy waste. Mr. Kennedy has a daughter in this
,, Miss Carrie Mildred Bryant, one of
C3 Church St. Opp. Maxwell House. th teacners jn the Pearl High School,
IrlHI it left the city last Friday morning for
Miss Addie Lee Streator, who taught
(he cast scholastic year at Tuskegee
Institute, is now visiting in Chatta
Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Martin, o
Hynes street, entertained at cards last
week in honor oi Mrs. Jennie uneai
ham Lee. who has but recently re
cently returned from Tuskegee, where
For further Information apply
1004 - Second Avenue, South -1004
Your Old Furniture Taken In Exchange.
J. E. Corner Broadway and Third Avenue,
Send Your Family Washing
505 Fourth Ave, orth.
Miss Maggie E.Moore,
10111) Park St. guarantee satisfaction

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