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Mr. Thomas G. West, who was so
seriously sick a few weeks ago, that
his life was despaired of, is improv
ing rapidly. He sits up for hours at
a time and takes an occasional drive.
It is thought. that with, care his com
plete recovery is but a question of
Mr. Walter M. Clark, of 1115 Jack
son street, is indisposed.
Little William Gregory, of 1115
Jackson street, is suffering from an
attack of congestion of the lungs.
.Miss Marion M. Hadley left the city
Thursday night for Dallas, Tex., to
visit Mrs. Bluitt. After spending the
summer there she will ltturn to Nash
ville, from whence she will go to Flor
ence, Ala., to take up her work as
teacher of higher mathematics and
Mrs. Susie Good and her sister, Miss
Emma James, of 414 Fifteenth ave
nue, North, spent last Sunday at La
vcrgne. Prof. J. H. Kelly, of Columbia, was
in the city last Saturday en route to
.lohnsou City to attend the meeting of
the Grand Lodge A. F. and A. M.,
which convened the first of the week.
Mr. A. L. Good, of 414 Fifteenth
avenue, North, spent a few days in
Chattanooga last week with relatives
and friends of his boyhood days.
Mrs. Anna Barnes, of 917 Warren
street, who has been ill for some time,
is unable to leave her bed.
Mrs. J. Blaine Boyd, of Fourteenth
avenue, North, is sick.
Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Ilev. C.
H. Clark, pastor, will carry out their
annual picnic up tho Cumberland
Tuesday, July 9.
Mrs. A. W. Davis and daughter, aft
er spending a delightful week with
parents, Rev. and Mrs. G. L. Jackson,
returned to Tuscumbia, Ala, their
home, last Saturday.
Mr. G. L. Jackson, Jr., is home .aft
er a session spent at Talladega Col
lege, Talladega, Ala.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Caruthers and
daughters, Naomi and Ruth, of Tus
cumbia, Ala., are with Rev. and Mrs.
prominent in society circles of Mem
phis, is in the city, vsitiig trends and
' relatives. Mrs. Williams is the daugh
ter of Mrs. Lyttleton Jores.
Dr. Lightfoot West has been some
what indisposed during the present
Miss Cornelia Young will entertain
in honor of Mr. and Mrs. G. 0. Boyd
aud Miss Hattie Mai Andrews, of
Chattanooga, to-night at the home of
her mother on Eighth avenue, North. 1
G. L. Jackson, 707 Lea avenue.
Mrs. Julia Williams, the estimable
wife of Sir Austin W. Williams,
Mrs. Ellen Tate, mother of Mrs. W.
S. Ellington, of Seventeenth avenue,
North, who has been visiting her
daughter for the past two weeks, left
the city Tuesday morning for her
home in Memphis.
Mrs. Mary E. Smith is now visiting
her son, Richard M. Smith, in Chi
cago. Before her return she will vis
it her brother, M. F. Womack, at
Xenia, Ohio.
St. Andrew's Fresbytorian Church
and Sunday School, Rev. Spencer
Jackson, pastor, will have an outing
at Greenwood Park on Wednesday,
June 2G. It is expected that their
friends will be present in large num
bers. Miss Mary Dunson, of Ninth ave-n.ue,-
North, has complelely recovered
from the indisposition that affected
her last week.
Miss Bessio Williams, a student of
Fisk University, spent a few days
with Miss Mamie L. Copeland, of 8
North Hill street. Miss Williams left
Saturday for her home, Meridian,
Mrs. Florence Henderson, of Bir
mingham, Ala., is in the city visiting
her mother and friends.
Rev. William Ilaynes, of Sylvan
Street Baptist Church, officiated at
two weddings last week. On Tuesday
evening ho united in matrimony Ai;
Thomas Wilson and Miss Anna Win
ston at his home. On Friday at the
residence of the groom, corner Elev
cnth and Russell streets, he married
Mr. David Murray and Miss Mary
Miss Ethel Spence, of the mailing
department of tne Baptist Publishing
House, was slightly indisposed the
first of this week.
Daisy Fredella Thomas, the little
daughter of Fred D. Thomas, has
?one to Bowling Green, Ky., to spend
her summer vacation with her grand
father, Mr. Berry Thurman, who re
cently paid her a visit and carried her
back with. him. She will bo gone
- seven or eight weeks.
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usually waste. ,
4S3 Church St. Opp. Maxwell House.
4-19-07 tf
of his newspaper. mo
M..n.ifnnP,.Ol I
Flic Star Restaurant
316 Jo Johnston Avenue.
Meals at all hours. Open Day and
Night. Furnished Rooms for Rent
by Day or Week, 409 Gay Street.
AM SUMNER. Proprietor, Neatness is our Motto.
Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson will leave
the city in a few days for Beersheba
Springs, where they will spend the
' Mr. Wm. N. Hill, of 801 Ewing av
enue, is indisposed this week.
Mr. Julius C. Cage, of Morgan City,
La., and son of the late ex-Senator
Thomas A. Cage, spent a few hours
in the city this week en route to Cin
cinnati, where he will spend the
Misses Beatrice Hudson and Mary
Lou Clower, of Birmingham, Ala., who
have been attending Oberlin, are
spending a few days in the city this
week, the guests of Miss Lady Emma
Louise Phillips, of Twelfth avenue,
North. The young ladies after visit
ing the' points of interest in and
around the city, left for Birmingham
early this morning.'
Miss Beatrice L. Flanders, of Mont
gomery, Ala., who has been visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Martin, of
Hynes street, for several days, left
the city Thursday for Hot Springs,
Ark. Miss Flanders will spend the
summer at this famous resort, return
ing to this city in the fall to attend
Fisk University, where she will com
plete her college course.
Mr. E. T. Page and his mother have
moved from Fogg street to their new
liome on Fourteenth ip.venue, North.
Mr. and Mrs. Cassius Deberry, of
Patterson street, are rejoicing over
the arrival of a fine boy.
Miss Beatrice Hill, of 801 Ewing
avenue, who has been indisposed for
a few days, has rapidly improved and
s able to be out again.
Miss Willie H. Andrews, of 710
Ewing avenue, is expecting her aunt,
Mrs. Mamie Morton, in . short time.
Miss Reba Marie Lathan, who has
been attending Fisk, left Tuesday
night at 1.1:30 for her home in Jack
son, Miss. Miss Lathan stopped with
her relatives, the Misses Shorter, at
803 Church street, while In the city.
Mrs. N J. Armstrong, of Clarks-
ville, who has beon visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Killebrew, of Waved y, left for
her home Wednesday.
Miss Tennie Kemper entertained
Miss Alcian Rapier, of Fisk Universi
ty, whose home is in Florence, Ala.,
ast Tuesday. Miss Kemper will re
pay Miss Rapier's visit next summer.
Those present were Misses Young,
Rapier, Kemper, and Messrs. Nelson,
Sumner and A. Stith, of Chicago.
unch was served at four o'clock.
Dancing and card playing were the
eading features of the evening.
Mrs. Kizzie Hannah entertained
Sunday, June 9, Mrs. Dr. Coleman, of
Bessemer, Ala., from four o'clock to
six at her residence, 171.0 State street.
After the time had been half con
sumed all retired from the parlor to
the dining-room, where they were
served a dainty menu. The evening
was delightfully spent by all. Those
present were Misses Tennie Kemper,
Izzie Stockell, Nannie Kemper and
Mrs. Mattie Coleman, Mrs. Kate Wil
son, Mrs. Annie Frierson, Mrs. Min
nie Parker, Mr. B. Douglass, Mrs.
Miss Lillian Lawrence, of Eleventh
avenue, North, left the city last Sun
day morning to spend her vacation in
Springfield, Tenn.
Mr. W. W. Hartley, of Sixteenth av
enue, North, is on the sick list this
Mrs. Ella McLemore will leave the
city Saturday for her home at Pelham
Manor, N. Y.
Mr. John H. Kelly, Jr., who is con
nected with the National Baptist Pub
lishing House, will leave the citv on
Monday next for Little Rock. Ark..
where he will lead to the altar on
Wednesday, the 20th inst., Miss
nnie May Belle Winfrey. The mar
riage ceremony will be performed in
the First Congregational Church in
that city.
Mr. Fred J. Ewing, "The Little
Giant," will visit Knoxville at the time
of the annual session of the Grand
Lodge K. of P. Mr. Ewing has been a
member of the Order for some three I
or more years and is now V. C. of
Damon Lodge.
Miss Eleanor Battle, of Blank
street, is in the clerical department of
the Baptist Publishing House.
Mrs. Mary Crockett, of Morgan
street, who had poor health a short
time ago, has improved mpidly of late.
She attended services at Mt. Olive
Baptist Church last Sunday morning.
Mrs. James R. Levy and little
daughter Camille have returned to
their home in Florence," S. C, after
having spent a few days visiting Mrs.
Levy's parents, Mr. and Mj-s. Richard
Harris, of Seventeenth avenue, North.
Mrs. Levy leaves thus early in order
to prepare for a trip to Baltimore and
other Eastern cities next month.
Master Wilson Campbell, of Shel
byville, is the guest of Dr. and Mrs.
W. R. linker, of 1504 Fourteenth av
enue, North.
Miss Maggie Beard has gone to St.
Louis to spend the summer.
All Kinds of Amusements,
Sham Battle, etc.
Mrs. Lizzie Howse and little grand
daughter, Bessie Hugle, of Murfrees
boro, spent a, few days in the city.
Misses Lela M. Anderson, Sannie
Clyde Perry and Johnnie Maud Perry,
of Murfreesboro, axe in the city vis
iting friends, k
Mr. James IInt, superintendent of
the Mt. Olive Baptist Sunday School,
will spend the summer months out of
the city. Luring his absence Mrs.
Carrie Young, the assistant superin
tendent, will officiate. She will be as
sisted by her corps of teachers and
officers of the Sunday school.
Mrs. Carrie Young, of Eighth ave
nue, North, is attending the Baptist
State Sunday School Convention at
Union City, Tenn., this week. Mrs.
Young is representing Mt. Olive Bap
tist Sunday School, of which she is
assistant superintendent, but now act
ing superintendent.
Miss Virginia Merry Littlefield, of
St. Louis, has been in the city . the
past week visiting friends. She was
the guest of .Mrs. Lena Thomas, 2717
Prospect avenue (Mt. Ncbo.)
Miss Mattie Cage, of 1G0G Harding
street, has gone to Mason, Tenn.,
where she will remain during the
summer. Her last request to a Globe
representative was "Send my Globe
every week. I shall be lonesome
without it." Miss Cage will be the
guest of relatives and friends while
Mrs. A. S. Rucker, of 1600 Harding
street, and Mrs. Philip Douglass, of
130G Jackson street, spent Sunday in
Franklin, with old friends and ac
quaintances, returning Monday morn
ing. Mr. Sherman S. Furr was in Nash
ville last week to attend the closing
exercises of Fisk University, and to
transact some important business mat
ters in connection with the Noxubee
Industrial School, of McLeod, Miss.,
with which he is identified. He was
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. B. McGav
ock, of 1908 Almeda street. Mr. Furr
came to Nashville from Athens, Ala.,
where he carried his invalid wife a
few days ago. Announcement was
made some time ago through the col
umns of this paper that Mrs. Furr was
confined in the Bradford, Pa., hos
pital, and the friends of the young
people in this city will rejoice to know
that she is now on the road to re
covery. Mr. Furr will visit St. Louis
and other points West before re
turning to Athens, in the interest of
the school which he represents.
Mr. W. T. King, of Fourth avenue,
South, was slightly indisposed last
Mrs. Cora Fields, of Jefferson
street, was quite sick last week.
'Mr. and Mrs. Irvin, who lived on
Patterson street, have moved to
South Nashville.
Misses Martha E. Alexander and
Ida W. Woodiard left the citv vestcr-
day for Clarksvillo, to attend the State
Mrs. T'"n?nn wn! nvnpsi s-r-r.
J lid 1L
J e JoLl'in In
Preston Taylor.
Funeral Directors ana
419 Fourth Arenue, North,
Nashville, - Tena.
M. O. Coles Sc Co,
Try Our 15 CtS. Coffee, the best on the mark it for the money. All cof
fees resh roasted each day. When in need of first class groceries telephone
Main 2866, - - 901 Second An., S.
Prompt attention given all orders. Goods delivered free.
Normal, after which they will visit
friends in Kentucky.
Mrs. Redmon, of Franklin, was
in the city last week to attend the
Fisk commencement. She .also vis
ited the Globe office.
The members of Mt. Olive are pre
paring to send their pastor, Dr. Clark,
on a summer tour.
Miss Magnolia Daniels, who was
here from Columbia to attend the
Johnson Bowser wedding, left this
week for Mount Eagle to visit her
Mrs. M. Caruthers, who has been
under treatment in the City Hospital,
has returned to her home on Ewing
Mrs. Jas. Coffey, of Ewing avenue,
is sick.
Miss B. S. Oliver, of Kansas City,
Mo., left Thursday for homo. She
has been visiting Mrs. Kittle Ware, of
Ewing ave.
The friends of Master Willie T. Can
non in this city will be pained to
learn that he was badly hurt last
week by being thrown by a mule.
Miss Minnie Hillman, of 307 Elev
enth avenue, North, is still confined
to her room.
Mr. Everett Bonds has recovered.
Mr. Wilbur Bonds spent Sunday in
Murfreesboro. " .
Miss Georgia L. Hadley, who for
some time was connected with the
mailing department of the National
B. Y. P. U., Is in the proof-reading
room of the Baptist Publishing House.
Telephone Q96,
Scud Your Family Washing
505 Fourth Ave., North.
Jordan School of Millinery.
All kinds of Flowers made for Decora
tions, Moral Designs and Hats. For fur
ther information, apply
1004-Second Avenue, Sonth-1004.
LOUTS nrim7TTio
vwi,ikl ovrN oromer ot
deceased BOB ROBERTSON, is now
representing and is duly authorized to
collect all undue bills for the follow-
VARLEY & BAUMAN, Clothing.
We hone von win tfittu n
v ..... dv-chc tin your
accounts promptly with Mr. Robert-
a tu uiuse n;s brother's busi
ness. Thanking you all in advance for
your , prompt settlement. You mav
find Mr. Louis Robertson at either of
the above-named firms or address
C23 Webster street, City.

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