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Hon. J. C. Napier, who went to Tal
lahasse, Fla., to attend the Florida
business League, reports having had a
- pleasant trip.
Rev. A. D. Hurt, D. n., of Owens
boro, Ky., was in the city for a day
this week.
Mrs. .lohn Hope, "wife of Trof. John
Hope, President of the Atlanta Baptist
College, was the guest of Mrs. J. C.
Napier for a day this week. She and
children were en route to Chicago.
Mrs. Anna E. Waddleton, of Wash
ington, D. C, is the guest of Mrs. I. B.
Scott this week.
Mr. I. B. Scott, Jr., has returned
from Franklin.
Mrs. Carrie Williamson, formerly of
this city, but who is now living in In
dianapolis, has been to Cincinnati to
Moler College and received a diploma
from the following trades depart
ments: Hair dressing, manicuring,
chiropody, electrical, facial and body
Miss Pauline Harlln and her sis
ter, Miss Martha Harlin, left
Friday evening for their home at Hen
dersonville, Tenn., after having spent
two weeks with their cousin, Mrs, San
ders, of 151G Mary Street, at the clos
ing of FJsR University. They were
very much delighted with their stay in
the city.
Mrs. Florence Henderson, who has
been visiting her mother, left for Bir
mingham Thursday accompanied by
her daughter, Miss Lucy E. Hender
son. Miss Maggie E. Morton, of Colum
bia, Tenn., is expected in the city
soon to be the guest of Miss Daisy D.
Moores, of 34 Perkjns street.
Mt. Olive Baptist Church and Sun
day School, Rev. Dr. C. II. Clark, pas
tor, will have their annual excursion
up the Cumberland River to Priestly
Springs next Tuesday.
Mrs. Sarah Simmons, of Patterson
street, is quite sick.
Mrs. J. II. North and Mrs. J. P.
Campbell, of Franklin, Tenn., spent
Sunday with Mrs. II. Demoss, of 715
Fairmount avenue.
Mrs. Parrish Williams, of Franklin,
spent Sunday with Mrs. A. S. Rucker,
of 1C00 Harding street.
Mrs. Ellen Benson, of 1G15 Hamil
ton street, who has been sick more
than a week, is improving very slowly.
Rev. Benj. Anderson, of Murfrees
boro, held the third quarterly confer
ence at Hubbard Chapel M. E. Church
on June 30. He preached two able ser
mons. He was the guest of Mr. and
'Mrs. A. A. Cullom, of 42 Tennessee
Come and go up the river. Seays
and Hubbard Chapels will have their
annual picnic on July 22.
Miss L. C. Cage, one of the city
teachers of Oklamoma City, Okla., is
In the city visiting her aunt, Mrs. E.
C. ColTey, of 707 Sixth avenue, South.
She will be the recipiept of many re
ceptions given by the young people of
the city.
Little Miss Mary S. Ewlng, of 809
Cedar street, will leave the city next
week for Franklin, Tenn., to visit
relatives and friends. She will be
away until the reopening of school in
Mr. John S. Sloan left for Castallian
Springs Saturday to spend tne sum
mer. His wife Mrs. E. II. Sloan left
the same day for Columbia to spend
a week with her sister. She will re
turn to Castallian Springs where she
will join her husband.
Miss Maggie Lee West left Monday
night for Paris, Texas, to visit her
aunt, Mrs, J. Frankie Pierce. While
away Miss West will visit several im
portant cities of the West.
Miss Pearl M. Warner, of 18 La
fayette street left Monday for Tulla-
homa, Tenn. to visit her sister, Mrs.
- Washington, where she will spend the
entire summer.
Miss Ella Bean entertained infor
mally Monday night in honor of Mls3
Jennie Craighead with a buffet.
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Copcland have
moved in their beautiful new house at
22 Murrell street.
Mr. Walter Roberts, of Quarry street
left Tuesday morning for Minneapolis
Minn. Mr. Roberts will be back to
the city early this winter.
Mr. B. F. North, Mrs. M. C. Moxey
and Miss Lucy Cage are visit
ing Mrs. E. C. Coffey, of 707 Sixth
avenue, South. Miss Cage is from
Oklahoma, and is a niece of Mrs. Cof
Mr. it. A. uwin, superintendent o
Life and Casualty Insurance Company
has returned from Johnson City
where he went as a delegate to the
Grand Lodge of Masons. On his re
turn he stopped at Chattanooga and
Lawyer J. W. Grant has been ap
pointed Colonel of the Patriarcha
regiment No. 10, of the State of Ten
lussee. by Major General James W.
Jones, of Washington, D. C. The reg
lnent is called to meet in this city at
the time of the D. G. L. No. 6, of Ten
Mrs. Cornelia Rhodes left Thursday
for St. Louis to visit her mother, Mrs
Mary Woods.
Mr. Samuel White, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Wm. White, of 803 Ewing avenue
ha here with his parents after visiting
The Star Restaurant,
316 Jo Johnston Avenue.
Meals at all hours. Open Day and
Night. Furnished Rooms for Rent
by Day or Week. 4oo Gay Street.
SAM SUMNER. Proprietor. Neatness is our Motto.
riends in Cincinnati, Louisville and
several cities. After having suent the
fourth here, he will return to his home
u Chicago. The family were all sur
prised when he canio riding to the
All pastors are requested to make
announcement that cooking demon
strations will be held at Payne Chap-
Monoay, Tuesday. Wednesday.
Thursday and Fridav of next wppU-
Mrs. Frances Buford, of Tenth ave-
ue, south, has been ill for several
Mrs. L. Shepherd will spend the
summer at Ridgetop, and her daugh
ter, Miss Mollie, in St. Louis.
Lawyer G. F. Anderson and his
stenographer, Miss Capitolo Hyde, vis
ited uugeneiu Junction this week.
Miss Antonette Freeman, of 12C2
Third avenue, South, entertained at
dinner Sunday Misses Charity A. John
son and Daisy D. Moores. Later in
he aiternoon ices were served.
Mrs. E. D, Richman, of 1C25 Phil
ips street, wife of the popular letter
carrier, who has been seriously ill for
more than two weeks, is improving
cry siowiy.
Mrs. Georgia Shelby, of 522 Fourth
avenue, South, is indisposed this
Mrs. Gilbert White, of Garden street.
leaves for Knoxville Sunday night.
Miss Martha Wells, of Fourteenth
venue, North, who was reported in
these columns last week as being in-
isposed, is much better.
Prof. W. G. Hynes, with his famous
exhibition and first-class company un
der the dirsction of Prof. Singleton,
gave a number of exhibitions last
eek to large and appreciative audi
ences in Elkton, Ky., a city with some
,000 inhabitants.
Mr. I. E. Alsup, of the firm of Al-
sup & McGavock, the well known fun
eral directors, is somewhat indisposed
this week.
Mrs. F. C. Bowling, of 1C17 Patter
son street, who has been quite sick
for the last week, is very much improved.
Mrs. Ada Lee King, of 513 Fourth
avenue, South, was confined to her bed
the first of the week on account of
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Robinson, of Dy-
ersburg, Tenn., will pay a flying visit
to Mr. and Mrs. William Young, of 31G
Eighth avenue, North, next week.
Mrs. James Dismukes, of 516 Four
teenth avenue, North, is x.v. f sick.
Mrs. Lucy Faschall, of 416 Fifteenth
avenue, North, has returned from
Ridge Top.
Prof. J. H. Kelly, of Columbia, ar-
ived from the North early Tuesday
morning en route to his home. Prof.
velly has visited the Jamestown Ex
position, Washington, Baltimore and
other places of interest since the ad-
ournment of the Grand Lodge of Ma
sons two or three weeks ago.
Messrs. T. Clay Moore, F. J. Ewing,
Wesley Crutcher and J. O. Battle
will leave to-morrow morning for
vnoxville to attend the Grand Lodge,
nights of Pythias. They will spend
Sunday and Monday in Chattanooga,
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. Milton
Easterling, leaving Monday with the
egular delegation from this city.
Miss John D. Thompson is spending
a few weeks in Knoxville.
Miss Willa B. Dodson, of the book-
oaking department. National Bantist
ublishing Board, has been quite ill
at her home on Jefferson street for
several days.
S. F. Peyton, of Lewis street, will,
attend the meeting of tne Knights of
Pythias in Knoxville next week.
Mrs. Carrie White Brown has
moved to the country where she will
spend the heated season recuperating
from the arduous labors of the school
Rev. G. B. Taylor, pastor of the Sec
ond Baptist Church, returned to the
city last Saturday night from New Or
1 . . 1 ,i 1 . .
leans, wnere ne attended tne second
annual Sunday School Congress.
A. R. Haddox will leave for Knox
viile to attend the Grand Lodsre
Knights of Pythias.
Mrs. Emma Kalfus, of Louisville
the mother of Mrs. .A. L. McClendon
of New York, arrived in town Thurs
day to spend a few days with her sis
ter, Mrs, katherine Hoffman, of 1805
iieffernan street. Mrs. Kalfus left the
city Monday morning en route to
Jamestown, Va., Atlantic City and oth
cr eastern points, where she will spend
tne summer.
Rev. W. S. Ellington, Editorial Sec
retary of the National Baptist Publish
ing Board and pastor of the First Bap
tist Church, returned from New Or
leans Saturday evening. Rev. Mr. E
lington was compelled to cut his visit
to the Sunday School Congress shor
in order to be present at the Roge
Williams University rally which was
held at his church Sunday. Quite
neat sum was raised for the school at
the services, and the church, it
thought, will be able to meet if not ex
ceed its pledge for the restoration
the school.
1 itU'S" V
THIS most sacred ordinance that
can beobsi rvt 1 by all churches
is tb.it known as the , Lord's
Supper or, m otlu r words. Sacra
ment. We do not think it is in
keeping v.ith these sacred- ordi
ances of the Lord's Supper in
church uow-a-davs to try to admin
ister it with out the proper vessels.
Every Church Ought to Have a
First-Class Communion Set.
They can have them made out
of the best grade of quardruple
plated table silverware if they de
sire them. The Church Supply
Department of the National Bap
tist Publishing Board has just re
ceived from their factory a new lot
of this high-class w:r e. and would
take pains in showing them to any
The Prices are Within Reach of All
and Terms are Reasonable.
No church ought to be willing
to use glass dishes or the like for
these ordinances when they can
have the best grade of silver at
moderate prices.
2 Plates, 2 Goblets, 1 Quart Flagon.
Mrs. Geo. Hall, of 1C1C Jackson
street, left the city Sunday morning !
for a visit of three weeks to Chatta
nooga, Chicle? mauga and points in
that vicinity.
Mrs. L. T. '?ort, of Sixteenth avenue,
North; is in Henderson, Ky., to visit
er sifter and daughters, Miss Ella S.
'ort, who is spending a few weeks at
that point.
Mrs. A. G. Sango, of Muskogee, who
visiting in the city, has been the
ecipient of many social favors from
the friends of her girlhood days.-Yesterday
she spent the day with Miss
Martha Wells, Twelfth avenue, North;
to-day she will , be the guest of Miss
Mattie B. Scales, of Warren street.
Mrs. Lizzie Hadley, of Eleventh ave
nue, North, is sick this week.
Miss Hazel Thompson, of Eighteenth
ivenue, North, is much better. She
las been suffering with malaria.
Mrs. Alice Wright of Patterson
treet, will leave the city next week
for Decatur, Ala., where she will spend
a few weeks.
Mrs. Albertine Armstrong, of West
Nashville, will leave next week for
Europe to spend the summer.
Mrs. A. G, Sango, of Muskogee. I. T..
who has been in the city for the past
week or more visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. John W. Work, of 1504 Ce
dar street, will leave for her western
tome on Monday, July 8.
Mrs. Jennie Ballentyne, of 1501 Ce
dar street, will not visit the James
town Exposition as was anticipated. A
number of her friends had agreed to
accompany her, but owing to business
matters, were obliged to abandon the
trip. Mrs. Ballentyne would not make
the journey alone.
Mr. and Mrs. John II. Kelly, Jr..
who were married in Little Rock.
rk., June 2G, arrived in town Satur
day morning and took possession of
their beautiful new home, C53 Bass
Miss Elizabeth Moore, who demon
strates in a convincing manner the.
possibilities of the gas stove, has been
at Mt. Olive Baptist Church this week,
under the auspices of the Nashville
Gas Company. Large audiences have
listened to instructions given by Miss
A 100 re.
Rev. J. E. Purdy has moved his in
dustrial school from Eighth avenue,
Morin, to the Boyd Building, where he
will conduct his business in the future.
A jolly house party of young girls,
Misses Lottie Anthony, Mabel Scott.
Clara and Hattie Hodgkins were en
tertained for three days last week by
Miss Edwina Smith, of Fourteenth
ave. N. They visited the whole neigh
borhood and made glad the hearts of
all by their impromptu concerts,
games, jokes and dances.
On Tuesday morning M:iss Grace
Frank, private secretary to Rev. W. S.
Ellington, received the sad intelligence
of the death of her grandfather, Mr.
William Lawson, of Dundee, N. Y.
Mrs. V. W. Broughton will lecture at
the First Baptist Church, Spruce
street, on her travels to Rome, Thurs
day evening. July 11.
Miss Julia Black well and Carrie
Hunter, of Columbia, visited friends
here this week.
Mr. Oscar Seaborn, of Murfrecsboro,
spent a few hours with his old friend,
Louis K. Thomas, on the Fourth:
Mr. Fred. J. Ewing, a delegate to the
K. of J. Grand Lodge, Knoxville, will
visit the Exposition before returning.
Preston Tnylor.
Telephone 896,
Funeral Directors and
ca in: 1 ages rou hire.
449 Fourth Aienue, Korth,
Nashville, - - Tenn.
VI. G. Coles Sz
Try Our 5 CtS. Coffee, the best on the market for the money. All cof
fees resh roasted each day. When in need of first-class groceries telephone
Main 2866, - - - 901 Second Ave,, S.
Prompt attention given all orders. Goods delivered free.
Kuhn's Capilline
We think this preparation will give en
tire satisfaction when used to arrest de
cay and falling out of the hair. If
used as directed, it will tend to change
dry, wiry, discolored hair to glossy and
luxuriant tresses, and will keep the scalp
clean and healthy. It is germicidal and
antiseptic, and will relieve dandruff in
a short time.
All Telephone Orders Delivered.
DAVID J. KUIIN, Druggist,
Cor. Cedar and Twelfth Ave., North.
PHONES. MAIN 1718 AND 4036.
Send Your Family Washing
505 Fourth Ave, North.
6-7-4 1.
tmmn iioiwonoKit.
General Blacksmithing
Promptly Done. Satisfaction Gunrantefid.
12th Ave., (Kayne) Cor. Sig!rSt.,Iasliville, Tenn
The mm mmm
Is the Place to et Good Things to Rat.
Mciils, 10, 15 mill 2." Cents.
jihs. ii. t. tate, mm.
Corner Cedar and 1 1 Hi Avenue, Nortli.
Manufacturers of Ilrnlds, Curls, AVijrs, I'nffs
I'omades and Tonics. Good Prices paid for
combines nnd cut hair.
1210 TIOOXI AYE.( Formerly Alabama St.)
You will like our clothes.
You will like our prices.
1011 will likn nut i
You will like our ways.
321 Union Street.
HOURS: 8 a.m. to 12 m., 2 p. m. to 5 p. m.
Hours: Nights and Sundays by Appointing
OFFICE: Overton and Division

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