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the Nashville globe, Friday, july 19, i9ot.
V v o
To the Beautiful Grove at the Hermitage,
Tuesday, July 23, 1907.
home on Beersheba Street, Thursday again at home with her grandmother,
afternoon, complimentary to Miss Dal- Mrs. Martha Hendricks,
sy B. Payne, of Chattanooga. The It is hoped that the subscribers of
guest list included both young girls the Globe will stop lending their paper
and matrons. The rooms were beau- to neighbors, who are just as able as
tifully decorated with flowers and ever- the subscribers themselves to take the
EBENEZER NOTES. greens, pink and green being the pre- paper, uui uu f'''""";
9 Lnmttn.tinir rnlnrs do so. Persons Who thus borrow are
Rev. N. Smith and other delegates Two youn? s Misses Jessie Gwyn undeserving. They recognize the
leave for Murfresboro, Wednesday ar.d Lexle Cope received the guests as worth of the paper, but they are too
Morning to attend the convention. tiiey entered the hall where Miss much on the order of the deadbeat to
Rev. Jones, of Walden University, lLa j Y d f from a pay for it and have it go to their
iidu yns yicoouiw ui visiuiig us ugdiu i beautiful cut class uunch service, homes.
bunday morning; he preached an up- n5.mca nm1 wftr. cninvpH hv tho
lifting and spiritual sermon. Lnimiw ciomPnt At 7 nvwv nn im
Mr. Andrew Mcintosh spent a pleas- oonrRA Wflfl RprvPf1 th inr r,ink
Mr. C. B. Ruddick, an ex-student of
. . ,, 1 1 1 "I A AT
onf Mrmrtov with Mica' Tnoio notno " . -"" Meharrv Meuicai oiiege, tiass Ul 1JUI,
and litUe "brother: TTnt W- 1 ln?" Is still sojourning in the vicinity of
, ,., , TT , t v ices uuu calves, must; luciuuea iu ui
Tf,' .r'-fr k ' . r JOQn list were Mrs. R. O. Sneers, E. B.
Battle, of 1C16 Church street.
Looper, Nashville, Joel Young, W. P.
were the guests of Mrs. Wm. Hal . M, Payne Pearl otten Nashville,
the Jamestown Exposition, says a re
cent correspondent, who is in touch
with many of the students.
Sunday, where they enjoyed an excel
lent dinner.
In spite of the inclemency of weath
er the League gave a grand entertain
ment last Thursday night. '
Hattie E. Rhodes, Lexie V. Cope, Jes-
sis Gwyn, Ada L. Johnson, Bessie T.
Vaughn, Lena Brown, Lucy Anderson,,
Sadie N. White, Edna Brown, Willie
L, Griffey, Lizzie Esther, and Jennie
Durley, Laura Young. . '
Rev. and Mrs. R. H.. Rucker and
uniMt thrreMnir nnd winwW nro children attended the barbecue
" " o " o
the order of the day in this community amanis oaiuruay
Miss Lena Sharler, who has been I FRANKLIN NOTES.
Miss Willa R. Scott was the guest j
living in, Arkansas, for the last two
or three years, has returned to her lf M,sg MaU,e Neely while attend,
um living. .
Mesdames Nettie Brown and Laura
Owen are on the sick list this week.
Mrs. Rosie E. MbHenry paid a visit
to Columbia last week.
Mrs. Nick Aldridge has been In
feeble health for several days
ing the Williamson County Institute.
During her stay she enjoyed a delight
ful time.
Rev. S. L. Howard, of Columbia,
while on his way home from Bell
Buckle, stopped at the home of Miss
. . . . 4 T
AJ:- .. MatUe L, Neely enjoying .a delightful All P5 flflfl PflCeS.
Tr,..m .1 v time. Me also visited the Williamson -J
Come one, come all and go with us and enjoy
yourself' in the nice fresh air and cool breeze, and
drink of the nice spring.
The following Lodges, Chambers and Golden
Gardens will participate:
with her brother R, McKissack.
County Institute and delivered an in-
ArOD r-ornio Mrtv, teresting address to the teachers. On
rM v. a .w u., v. vua V0 Winer r,(rrht fit
a niece or Mrs. Annie MCKissacK is " ' ? r, r:rv;r
snorters Linapei a. ai. n. uurcn.
spending the summer in Spring Hill.
Mr. Henry Bond, after a long Illness
passed away last Friday, and was
buried at Gravel Hill. Much sympa
thy is extended to his family.
Mr. Willie Fitzgerald, one of the
most Donular young men of south
Franklin, spent Sunday afternoon call-
ins on Miss Roxie Hunter, one of
Rev. Thos. Buford and his family, 1Iillsboro's fair damsels.
Solon Lodge Xo. 1.
Dalton Ko. 353.
Shelby " Ko. 37.
L. P. C. Martha Chamber No. 2.
" No. 95.
' No. 120.
" No. 182.
of Nashville, are visiting Mr. W. M.
Spring Hill has more buildings un
der construction than it ever had in
the history of the town. Common
laborers aire in great demand here.
Miss Ella Kennedy, who is employed
The third quarterly Conference was
held here last Saturday and Sunday
by Rev. W. Conway Smith, Presiding
Elder of the Clarksvllle District C. M.
Golden Garden No. 7 and Golden Garden No. 12.
by Missionary Extension Board, was ' t f t'h Q B church r'ep0Vted
here last Thursday evening, and or
ganized a society at Mt. Hope Church
Fare for Round Trip, ffi u
- 50c.
years, - zac.
This Train Leaves Southern Depot at 9 o'clock Sharp.
in the quarter that his chapel raised
T TTT 1-, 1 , J. I Vf-lO.VV. MIC tlVQiUUiO iuv- '"""
, i.,V" "IVJ1T XZZZU his salary in full for the quarter. El-
der Smith preached two excellent
sermons Sunday and Sunday night.
The Epworth League was reorgan
ized by the Presiding Elder. Mr.
buildings painted by Mr. McStephen
son. 'He also has purchased a new
surrey for family purposes.
Mrs. Jannie Baw, of Duplex, passed
1 i i ;
1 1. k
Your Old Furniture Taken In Exchange.
through our town from a visit to the Esrom Hooser was elected delegate to
the District Conference and Miss Lil
lian L. Hampton was elected delegate
to the Epworth League Convention to
meet at Springfield, Tenn., July 24 to
City of Rocks.
Dr. Walter, pastor of the M. E.
Church, did not put in his appearance
last Sunday and there was quite a dls-
itjjpuinumjm aiming mt? ircvyiv. I no 1(V)7
Mr. Abe Haddox, Jr., who has been ' .
deaf ever since he was a boy, has pur
chased an automatic instrument In
Miss Mary E. Cross, Miss Alice
Terry and Miss Lillian L. Hampton,
were elected delegates to the Woman
which he has great belief that it will ... e.nnar otl . HllTW1nv qphftni nnnvPn-
U Utr, Antnr.r, MISOIVUM, ..v.V w
tion to be held at Steel's Chapel, two
The , Spring Hillians wish the Globe cZnkcT,
a great success in the future; and that
it will live for a hundred years.
August 21 to 25.
IMr. E. D. Warfleld, of Denver, Col.
is spending a few weeks with Mr. R.
C. Cross and wife, his sister and broth
I. E. Corner Bro&diray and Third Avenue,
Cor. Ninth Avenue and Cedar Street.
We have just completed our screens and our fans. This makes
our place the most desirable in the city. We have also installed
another Soda Fountain enabling us to render better service to
everybody. We solicit private and picnic orders and will fill
them with promptness.
: VISIT THE SPA. (Spaw.) P- ONE. MAIN 4496-L.
C X. COFFEY, Proprietor.
iMiss Lucy Anderson entertained in
formally a number of friends at her
home in Yankee town last Monday SMYRNA. NOTES.
evening. The lawn and porch were old Fashioned Camp Meeting.
decorated with Japanese lanterns and There will be an old fashioned Camp
the rooms beautifully decorated with Meeting at Stones River Chapel M. E.
evergreens and sweet peas. Games Church aL National Cemetary three
were the feature of the evening. At miles from Murfreesboro on' the Nash-
a late hour a delicious ice course was Ville and Murfreesboro road, begin-
served with cake. All present enjoyed uing Sunday, July 21 and con-
a delightful evening. Those present tinuing until August 4. Rev. James
were the honorees, Miss Daisy Payne, Luckett, of Nashville and Rev.
Chattanooga. Pearl Otten, Nashville foore of Murfreesboro will preach on
and Elizabeth Solomon, Tullahoma, tne 21. The pastor, Rev. L. W. Florer,
Misses Lexie V. Cope, Jennie uuriey, win ais0 preach on this day. All are
Maud Johnson, netna Aionora, maiue invited to come.
E. Rhodes, Edna G. Brown, Ada u
Tilino-n T.niirn T VminP' Tl(rthn Mflfi
Brown. W. Leon Griffey and Lucy An- GOOD LETTS VILLE NOTES.
derson. Messrs Robert Settles, Oliver The rally at Baker's Chapel C. M. E.
Wc, are prepared to make
all kinds of badges for so
cieties and associations a
prices that are as reason
able as can be had any-
Drags, Medicines, Toilet Articles, Cigars, Soda Water.
J. W. WINSTON, Prop.,
QOI Ewlnff Auenne,
Phone 2703 M.
Rooms 3 and 4.
' Lawyer.
410 Cedar St.. NASHVILLE, TENN.
Hot and Cold Baths a Specialty.
R. A. Walker, Prop.
5Tci are made of the best
satin ribbon, stamped ( with
pure gold leaf and trim
med with imported gold
Instructions and Lessons given in Piano, Organ,
I ' Violin, Mandolin, Guitar, Voice and Harmony.
NO. 449 EIGHTH AVENUE, N., (North Spruce St.)
$2.00 Per Month.
I TERMS OF 1900-1907.
Martin, Jacob and Frederick Ander- Church was a success from every x.T'U(r(
orm nro T A Will to nnri S Ti. K(l- nnint nf vIpw Thft Rprmnn Of Rev. J. ww.
wairds. " VV. Luckett, D. D., pastor of Jackson's
On Wednesday afternoon Miss Thel- Temple of the C. M. E. Church, Nash
ma McClain Livingston, the little two ville, was an especial treat. He
months old daughter of Dr. and Mrs. preached upon request of Rev. R. C.
S. P. Livingston delightfully enter- McClendon, one of the famous sermons
tained in honor of the young ladies he has published. Subject: "The Sev
vlsiting in the city. A number of mus- 2n-Eyed Stone." (Zechariah 3:9.) No
ical selections were furnished during one can listen to this born preacher
the afternoon by Mrs. Livingston, and philosopher without being spirit
Misses Ada Johnson . and Lexie Cope. !iaiiy deepened and ennobled. Every
An ice course was served with dainty service was helpful; the basket dinner
little cakes as a concluding feature .va3 splendid, and July 14, 1907, will
of the afternoon. The entire party ong be remembered by the people of
departed for their homes declaring uoodlettsville. Some fifty dollars was
Miss Thelma an ideal little hostess, -nisfi.-l.
155 Fourth Ave., S. (South Cherry St.) Those present were, Misses Payne, Mies Kittie Garret is an enthusias- f)(ininn frmcyp
6.77.tl Otten, Solomon, Rhodes, Brown, Gwyn, llc and progressive Sunday school iimgw.
uope, muiig, Miiiey, iiLunuiu. teacher.
Misses Lizzie, Jennie and . Esther Mrs Bettie Cornell, of Nashville,
Du.rley and Miss Hattie E. Rhodes wag tne guest of Mrs. Litha Grizzard
have gone to open their different Jast gun(jay.
schools in the country. Mr. J. M. Payne bids fair to become tr A 4te rntk n . Jcf :fjrt.
Dr. S. L. Edwards was absent from L Qn1pn(1M Relish Roholar. w rite us for prices and specihcationa,
the city a few days of last week. Mr Caln Thomas and Miss Anna
Miss Bertha Brown la confined to L Hendricks are both convalescing.
her home with mumps. Mrg Litha Grizzard and little Callie
Dr. I. A. White has been indisposed Bryant. visited Ridge Top and Nash-
for the last few days. ville Tues0;ay and Wednesday respect
Miss Laura J. Young is home again tjvejv
after a pleasant visit in the country. pi:oj j w wheeler, the famous ex-
M'rsSL; Lcftric.1w1n0 h1as1Jele" hibitor of moving pictures, will ex-
seriously ill for several days is slight- Mblt ftt the Congresatlonal Church,
ly improved. T.Vidav nicht June 23
One of the prettiest social event' I'Jiday nignt june
of the season was a reception given Wttle Frankie Gordon who attend-
bv Mrs. A. O. Yours at her beautiful ed school in Nashville last term, is
stating the number of badges
you want.
National Baptist Publishing Board
R. II. BOYD, Sec'y.
523 Second Ave., N,

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