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THE NASHVILLE GLOBE, FRIDAY, JULY 19, 1907. PAim llHT1'" . ' ' ' ' "
New Styles Cheap and Endurable.
Comfort and Beauty i Combined.
UNTIL the large number of people who are never seen in churches can be assured that every
church in this vicinity will have a set of seats that will be clean, comfortable and inviting,
they will not be seen inside a church. Many churches will supply this long-felt want if
they could do so at prices and on terms within their reach, thus increasing their attendance, draw
ing on the unusually large number of people who do not attend the churcln s, and which would evi
dently result in every service being crowded. A barrier has been in the way in the form of high
prices, shoddy goods and no terms. This barrier has been removed by the Church Supply Depart
' ment of the National Baptist Publishing Board, which has presented the new style church seat (its
own creation and its own make). These seats are constructed of the best grade of hardwood.
They are built by the best skilled mechanics and have proven to be the most comfortable ever of
fered at the prices. The terms on which they can be purchased are so easy that any church, re
gardless of its financial condition, can secure a set of these by a small cash payment, have the seats
installed and pay the remainder in monthly or quarterly payments to suit their own financial con
dition. How long, with such inviting inducements offered, will it be, before every church in and
about Nashville will get a set of seats? References can be given to the Nashville churches by re
ferring them to Rev. L. Kirkpatrick, pastor of the St. John Baptist Church, Pearl St.; Rev. J. L
Harding, pastor of the North Third Avenue Baptist Church, both of whom hve seated with new
style church seats; Rev. G. B. Taylor, pastor of the Second Baptist Church, corner Stevens and De
luge Sts. ; Rev. Wm . Hayues, pastor of Sylvan Street Church, Shelby Avenue, who have installed the '
Ice Tea
Lemon Sherbet
church pews, &
National Baptist Publishing Board,
R. H. BOYD, Secretary.
- -
The season for sum
mer fo.otwear is draw
ing to a close, but the
weather is just right for
good, cool, comfortable
Our store space is lim
ited, so we must begin
now and close out our
summer stock; that's
why our
Prices arc Greatly Reduced.
Abraham's Shoe Store,
Next to Transfer Station, North.
Have You Catarrh?
Do Your Eyes Trouble You?
Do You Need Glasses?
Dr. C. V. Roman,
ROOMS 2 and 3
Office 'Phone 1271. Residence 'Phone 3443-R,
Dr. J, B. Singleton
Voorhees & Sim ms
Cleaning and Repairing Neatly Done
Phone, Main 1342. 1)07 10th Ave. S.
Nashville, Tenn.
The Wells Cafe on Cedar street
near Fourth avenue, North, has
changed hands and will be from now
on conducted by Mr. Geo. A. Gary
Mr. Gary Is a man of superior business
tact, Is courteous and attentive to his
customers. Such a restaurant as he
is now conducting, where our down
town clerks and business men and our
families may go for a nice, quiet meal,
Is a necessity. Confections, creams
and soft . drinks will also be dis
pensed in collection with the res
taurant, rieasing attention, clean,
wholesome and moderate prices await
you. Call In and be satisfied.
avenue, North, Is the victim of a "sum
mer cold.
Mr. D. Wesley Crutcher has returned
to the city.
Mrs. Cassie Isaac, of Olympia street,
is visiting her mother at Union City,
and r sister in Memphis.
Mi. Rosa Moore, 1213 Thirteenth
avenue, South, left Saturday to spend a
month with her mother-in-law at Blue
Springs, Tenn.
Mrs. Sadie Campbell, of Thirteenth
avenue, South, who has been on "the
sick list, is able to be' out again.
Mr. Garfield Halbert left Tuesday for
Bell Buckle, Tenn.
Mrs. Susie Normal, of Alabama
street. Is oh the sick list.
Mrs. Mattie Redmond, who has been
sick for several days, is improving.
Revs. D.. P. Pearson and J. N. Moore,
of Murfreesboro, were in the city Mon
day on business.
Miss Annie Campbell, of Columbia,
Tenn., is in the city visiting relatives.
Mr. J. K. Campbell, of Thirteenth
avenue, South, . made a flying trip to
Columbia last week to attend the fun
eral of his grandfather.
Mrs. Estella Lawrence Sherron Is
visiting relatives at Ashland City.
Misses Ida N. Woodard and M. E.
Alexander have returned from Clarks
vi,lle, where they have been visiting
for the past four weeks. They were de
lighted with their trip and are saying
many commendable things relative to
the hospitality of Clarksville's lords
and ladies.
Dr. J. II. Plummer, formerly of class
06. Meharry. but who nnisnea irom
day in the woods on Monday, July 15,
at the Mount Zion Baptist Church atfd
Sunday school picnic.
The Y. M. L. C, of South Nashville,
recently organized, is rapidly increas
ing in membership, and from the in
terest manifested at its meeting last
Monday night, the future will be
Mr. W. C Davidson, of St. Louis,
who recently visited his sister, Mrs. A.
J. Dodd, has returned to his home.
Mr. Mansfield Douglass, Jr., of State
street, left the city last Wednesday In
company with his aunt for St. Louis,
where he will spend borne few weeks,
the guest of Mrs. Mixon.
Rev. Dr. Denny, pastor of Bethel A.
M. E. Church, left Wednesday morn
ing to attend the District Conference
held at Murfreesboro, accompanied by
his delegates, Miss Tabitha Claybrooks,
epresenting the Sunday school; Mrs
W. II. Grant, Lula Hughes, Julia
Bramlet, representing other boards of
the church.
Mr. R. C. Thomas, the dressing room
attendant of the Bijou Theatre, left
the city last Wednesday night for Nor
folk, Va. Mr. Thomas will be away
about four weeks. He will spend the
greater part of his vacation in Boston.
Miss Minnie Toney, of 1700 Patter
son street, left for Washington, D. C,
Wednesday, to visit her aunt. Miss
Toney will return some time in Sep
Miss Mary Batie, of Fayetteville,
Tenn., will be in the city soon and
will be the guest of her cousin, Mrs.
Samuel Gregory, of Jackson street.
Rev. William McCutchen has re
turned to his home in' Chicago after
a prolonged visit to .his parents and
sister, Mrs. G. A. Shelby, of 522 Fourth
avenue, South. Mr. McCutchen took S--
with him his little nephew, Green An- .'ifv
derson, Jr.
Mr. Samuel Gregory, of 1115 Jack
son street, is not in the best of health
this week.
Mr. A. N. Johnson, recently of Mo
bile, Ala., is visiting friends in this
city. When asked what his future
plans were by a Globe reporter, Mr.
Johnson stated that for the present
he was only resting. It is known,
however, that he will not again enter
the newspaper field, notwithstanding
the success he has met in this particu
lar line.
Mrs. A. J. Dodd is in St. Louis vis
iting her sister, Mrs. S. H. Johnson.
Mrs. J. W. Brown, of 819 Overton
street, will leave Saturday for Mur
freesboro to spend two weeks visiting
relatives and friends.
Master T. A. Jones, the little son of
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Jones, spent Tues
day afternoon with Master A. Wilker-
son, or loia Dixon street.
Little Miss Lillie Dodd, of Chicago,
who has been visiting her grandpar
ents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Dodd, has re
turned home.
Mrs. Ida B. Holmes spent Monday
in the country, the guest of Mrs. Thos.
Mrs. Andrew Payne left Sunday
morning for Columbia to be the guest
of her sister-in-law, Mrs. Lewis Fos
ter. She will also visit friends in Mt.
Pleasant before her return home.
Mrs. Geo. Holmes entertained at din
ner in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Thos.
Jones and Mrs. D. N. Keeble. Mrs.
Keeble will leave in a few weeks to
visit friends in Chattanooga.
j n t w t 1 l !!.
games, and at 10:4a ociock a aaimy
lunch as follows was served.
Salmon Croquettes Lettuce
Tomatoes Mayonalse Dressing
Imported Biscuits
Assorted Cakes
was especially
centrepiece of
on which stood
The dining table
beautiful with its
American Becutics,
a silver candlelabra holding numerous
lighted tapers.
The guest list included Mr. and Mrs.
William Austin, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
H. Thorne, Mr. and Mrs. Will Young,
Mr. and Mrs. Phineas Baker, Mrs. J.
P. Robinson of Dyersburg, and Mrs.
ST vi , if
M - ' . rr.
We manufacture K. P. Lodge Banners
as per illustration given above, at prices
according to quality of materials and
trimmings, ranging from $.r9 to $75; silk
embroidered work from $80 to $110; hand
embroidered bullion work from $1'.15 to
$260. Specifications furnished on banners
at any price desired. :: ':
Convenes in Scott Chapel Distin
guished Delegates Present.
About seventy-five delegates were
present at the opening session of the
408 Cedar St.
1116 Jefferson St.
8-39-07 U.
The Sons of Relief.
Meets at Boyd Building on Celar
street, first and third Wednesdays 01
each month.
R. P. CARTER, President.
October Rules, 1907.
Willie Mai Powell vs. Lott Powell.
In this cause it appearing to the sat
isfaction of the Court that the defend
ant is a non-resident of the State of
Tennessee, therefore the ordinary
process of law can not be served upon
him; it is therefore ordered that said
defendant enter his appearance here
in at the next term of the Davidson
County Circuit Court, to be holden at
the Court House in Nashville, Tennes
see, on the 2nd Monday in October, it
being the 14th and defend, or
complainant's bill will be taken for
confessed as to him and set for hear
ing ex parte. It is therefore ordered
that a copy of this order be published
for four weeks in succession in the
Nashville Globe, a newspaper pub
lished in Nashville.
L. M. H1TT. Clerk.
M. B. COOK, D. C.
Solicitor for Complainant.
6-21-07 it
District Conference of the A. M. E.
Hie University of Illinois, is practicing zion Church, which convened at Scott
n Chicaeo. Chanel. Wednesday morning.
Dr. Strickland, of class '06, Meharry, The session convened at 11 o'clock,
will locate in Louisville
Mr. D. W. Stewart, of 714 Seventh
street, is indisposed this week.
Mr. J. M. Langston, of St. Louis, a
hrother of Mr. C. N. Langston, the tell
er at the One Cent Savings Bank, will
be in the city next week to spend two
weeks wii the Langstons and Naniers
at Mrs. Napier's summer home, "Ogee
danke." This name was given to the
home by Miss Carrie Napier this sum
mer. Mr. Langston Is a teacher in th
pity high school at St. Louis and will
lrlng with him another friend who is
ilso expected to remain over in Nash
ville several weeks.
Mr. Jasper Tappan Phillips left
Monday morning for Mt. Eagle, Tenn .
where it is expected he will remain the
bnlance of the summer.
Bishop C. II. Phillips returned from
Chattanooga Tuesday where he went
to dedicate a new church known as
Phillips Chapel, a beautiful church edi
fice. Misses Lucy Shaw and Lottie Bea
trice Phillips are spending the week
'u Creenlawn, Tenn., attending the C.
m. E. district conference.
Miss Minnie Toney. of Seventeenth
nvnue, North, left the city Wednes
day evening for Washineton, D. C. to
cnond her vacation with her aunt.
Mrs. Sarah Gray, of Eleventh ave
North, is spending a few weeks
"t Mt. Eagle Springs.
Miss Nina Porterfield, of Bass street,
continues quite sick.
Little Miss Daisy Bell Dodson, of
1734 Jefferson street, spent a pleasant
Rev. J. R. Irving presiding. The first
business before the session was the
election of Rev. H. M. Mickens, Secre-tary-in-Chief;
Rev. E. II. Edmondson,
Assistant Secretary, and Rev. E. M.
Smith, Reporter to the city papers,
and to the Star of Zion, the official or
?an of the Conference. Committees
were appointed to consider the follow
ing subjects: Finance, devotion,
and admission.
Among the more distinguished dele
gates attending are: Revs. G. B.
Walker, of Clarksville; II. M. Mickens,
of Russellville, Ky.; E. M. Smith, of
Flail inston. Kv .: C. II. Warte-s. of
Greenville, Ky.; D. L. Irvin, of Adair
ville, Ky.; J. R. Ealy, Prof. L. S. Camp
bell and Mrs. S. Foulks, President of
the W. II. and F. M. Society, and Mrs.
B. E. Childress, of Earlington, Ky.
The conference will be in session
until Sunday night. Among the vis
itors who are expected to attend aire
Rev. G. W. Clinton, of Charlotte, N.
C. Bishop of Kentucky, and President
of the Young People's Congress of the
Unitid States; Rev. J. W. Martin, of
Atkinson College, of Madisonville, Ky.,
and Rev. G. W. Dorsey, of the Madi
sonville District.
The Wednesday evening Pit Club
had its meeting on Wednesday, July
10, with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eason,
of Eighth avenue, North.
Quite an enjoyable evening was
spent. Punch was served during the
This shows a very popular design for
G. U. O. of O. F. Lodges. Front made
of white flag silk. Lambrequin, or Cur
tain, of red silk. Painted in gold leaf
and oil colors, Iwckof red banner sateen.
Trimmed with imported gold lace, f ring tf
tassels, etc.. Hardwood pole, wood cro
bar, r'in cover and holster. Trices HQ
k 1 -:( the ahJ?"e Banners will 1
made for any other orw-' 'on at sama
prices, changing emblems ana lettering
to suit the Order. :: :: ::
For further information write to
National Baptist Publishing Board.
R. H. BOYD. Seoretary,
523 Second Ave., N. Njuhvill. Tnru

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