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4S22ESdfl!MAXAEss than half price!
This handsome
Cabinet Drop-
Head Sewing Ma
chines is one of the
latest models, and
lit kurtr
iiw.v..'' ill
lN' if
U Mil I
Hi ff
come with joy that her strength failed
iiei as incy tell upon each other and
air. ana Mrs. John T. Wnde pntnr,
lamed at dinner Wednesday In honor
or Mrs. John Wendel. of Nashville An
elaborate dinner was served in courses
i nose present were Mpsdnmes Tnhn
Wendell, Steve Pierce. Georce Jordan
and s. k. it dlpv
Master Johnnie Watkins of iunr
ireesboro,. is visiting his relatives.
iurs. uettie Svkes and Mr T t WoH0
Mrs. Cage Cannon, of Nashville
ana little nephew, are visiting rela
lives nere
Instead of Rev. Pa.nkev Pev n "p
Pearson, of MurfreesboVo, wil preach
uie society sermon at Lavera-ne Run
T n . ..
uiluc i ei I V ana Wl tfl Wl ann enna
C'l Mr. and Mrs. A. L. vnnn
ot Hot Springs, Arkansas, former
ij- ui una piace, wm arrive nere in a
few days, and spend the rest of the
year with their aunt and unrle. R T,
ani k. m. Perry. While here they
in attend school at sand inn
Noi 2. Seven Drawers.
sawed Golden Oak,
highly polished and
ornamented with
marquetry finish
on drawers and
cabinet. It also
has a tape-measure
marked in colors on
top part of wood
is ,a,WcarcWlj ChaUanoSa.- atea o STstay
heiectea Quarter- v. un miss Johnnie O'NpaI
Mr. J. Wyman Brady entertained
Monday evening at whist at Mrs. T. S.
vvuiianis in rumor of Miss Hattie Mae
Andrews, of Chatta
present were Misses Johnnie O'NpsI
Elma A. Williams. TCsthnr Pini.-o,.i
Mamie J. Gannaway, J. Lula Smith,'
Theodocia Cowan. Mesdames John
Sparrow and , G. P. Nei srm TVTocc-vc!
Lrskin Green. Tom Wnra at.
Gather, Andrew Anderson.
Mrs. Cora Scales waa hnctoeo n
0 O ClOCK tea Mondav PVenirnr in Vnn
01 Mrs. G. P. Nelson nf Photfo
v- vnuiwmuufttu
niose prtsent;were Mr. and Mrs. Wal
ter rages, Misses Johnie O'Neal, Elma
wiinams and .Mr. Jim HnHer
MISS M ami ft: (JnnnoHotr
1 w-u qj t. i i ll: l Lai il c'U
Paul Ifin. rm. ' '
au1' juiu. inose present wpvp m oa.
ts iiaaie Mae Andrews V.thv rni.
- , "owici X Hll
a.u, juimme uweal, G. F. Nelson and
:ir. j. wvman Rmdv
Mrs. G. B. Braddv PTltPrtaiTiorl of ft
o ociock dinner in honor of Mice ti
' w. iuiuo 1IUL
tie Mae Andrews Tnpinv 0,r,-,
Those present were Misses Johnnfe
ONeal, Elma A. Williams, J. Wyman
Miss Cordelia Butler
dinner Mrs. G. F. Nei
at her country home, "Double Sprinc
r"iace. Those nresenf wore iwioow.
Jonnnie ONeal. Lnriie rtntior tm.
d -' i . v i , 1UCO-
ames Butler and Froby.
miss atie N. Williams is snen diner
a few weeks with
at Double Serb 28 Plane
Mr. Dewitt Smith has return pd
iome from Chicago and hinn.
Mr. Erskin Grepn i hnmo
Mr. Samuel Carter
e city.
Miss Maggie Nel
j u
The A. M. E. Church and the First
UapLisL Church have both recently un
dergone renovation.
All the county schools have opened
and teachers have gone to work.
Miss Flossie .Davis is numbered
among the teachers of this county.
Mrs. M. E. Davis, formerly matron
in Turner Normal Institute, Is teach
ing in Mulberry Village, Lincoln
This is strktly n high
'grade mac. ine of
the drop head pattern,
made In accordance with
Twentieth Century idns,
fine'y built, light ruui ii g,
easily managed, duial
and handsomely fn is! d
Itiaequilin EVERY I'Ai:-
TICULAR to the mac-bin
sold through agents, t from
$10.00 to $00.00. We do not
offer these machines in com
petition with the cheap and
roughly built machines
which are being advertised
at almost any price the
purchase is wi ling to pay.
But we offer those -wno de
sire a really high-gran ma.
chine an opportunity to
get one for LESS THAN
HALF What such amacnine
would cost if bougnt irom
an agent.
I M,iTf;sTlTi' Ii1 .""I" v") ''.
fell! fa i . f M I
mm : lisisl m
No. I. Five Drawers.
Birdie Pavne 1st visit in tr l-i
from Yellowstone Park, Wyo-
National Baptist Publishing Board,
R. H. DO YD, E. D., Secretary,
523 Second Avenue, North, Nashville, Tenn
Sunday being a pleasant morning,
a good audience convened at Winston
Chapel. The Sunday school lesson
was read and discussed by many.
Great enthusiasm was witnessed in
the discussion. At 11 o'clock Rev. A.
J. Polk, the pastor, delivered an in
teresting sermon from John 15:13
"Greater love hath no man than this,
that a man lay down his life for his
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilson, Miss
Betlie Wilson and Mr. Alexander Win
ston are visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. Win
ston. Mrs. Fannin has been very sick.
Miss Willa May Bond is a line or
ganist as well as an expert operator on
her sewing machine.
On the evening of July 25. Mr.
Veser and Mrs.
Emma Joyner were
united in bonds of matrinony at the
home of the bride. That they are
both highly -esteemed is evidenced by
the fact that their wedding took place
in "the presence of a large concourse
of people. Besides local friends, peo
ple came from Nashville, Cedar Hill
and Ridge Top. Many valuable pres
ents were received. They were both
beautifully and appropriately dressed
and came forward smiling. Rev. R. C.
McClendon performed the ceremony.
Mr. W. B. Cole, of Nashville, accom
panied by little W. B., jr., visited his
mother, Mrs. Kate Cole, last Sunday.
miss Adaray Williamson, of Nash
ville, visited Mrs. Willie Finch Sun
Little Robert Patton was severely at-
tdCKt-u wun cramps last Sunday after
noun juwc as ne was leaving the serv
ices ot the Congregational Chnrrh
Mr. George Hill, of Evansville, Ind.,
in here, the guest of 'Mr. Gilliad Finch.
Hie annual sermon was preached by
jv. u. i rearson, of Murfreesboro.
Mrs. E. M. Kelly, of Nashville, vis-
iu(i ncr sick mother.
Mrs. P. M. Davis has the typhoid
icvt'l .
miss iaura Davis has returned
nome to spend the summer.
mr. stacy Kelly is able to be out.
Airs, wmma Woodland, of Nashville,
visited uer mother Sunday.
Mrs. .lames Walker, of Lavergne, is
visiting her daughter, who is very
nil K.
uev. mcdo preached for Rev. E. W
Pan key Sunday.
Mr. P. M. Davis visited Murfrees
novo on Saturday.
Mr. ii.. Buck, of Lavergne, is visit
ing at una.
Miss Dora Reed, of Nashville, spent
nst week with her sister.
Mrs. Louise Lytle and Mrs. Crecy
I'.jus visited Smyrna last week.
B. McClellan and Miss v.h.
er j. nnkard lett Tuesday for Norfolk
wasnington, Philadelphia, and Balti
Miss Ella Darden snpnt Snnrtov -...hi.
. -.7 "u.j trim
Mivs MaKEie in e son
airs. J . is. sublet lpft ITVMav
iir.i.. ... , -- .u.
luciviinnviiie wnere she will be the
guest ot Mrs. Livingston
nev. j. m. Moore and D. P. Pearson
are back from the state rvm,rQr,i
me nineral of Miss TJiHe at T.nio,i
was at kev Chanel Snnrinv aft-Aranm
mere was quite a collection of beau
tiful florals, amons thpm a larrro ctr
of roses and ferns, contributed by the
if.ues ji,muroiaery uiub, of which she
v rs a mem her
I he heavy rain of Sunday night has
given n"w life to everything and
Alter an absence of several years
without ever being heard from. Mr.
Gilbert Ilibbett. surprised all hv his
sudden apearance last week.' His moth-
er, Mrs. Wiley Smith, was so over
ine town is alive with the hum f
industry. Building of new houses is
foing on all over town. Oni
per ot colored rit 7.pn ura imvi
"le-ctric lights installed in their dwel
ine new depot is he n? lmiit
with the number of new nnd becnitifni
rrsidences on depot street. Rhoihwiiio
i- oeginning to assume metropolitan
Ine Girls Dnrmitnrv rf t,
Normal Institute is in nrocpss of errn
lion, and is to bp rnmnlptefl W ii-, fn
( 1" -v me tail
jptning m aeptemher. Dr. J. A. Jones,
ne iiisiufiu. is in rown ntrer on ov.
- ------ &
Linurii ii in HOKinsr RTrer The nnn.
struction of the new building. He re
ports that a wide-awake interest, is now
manifested all over the state in the
direction of the institut ion Dr Tnn
will leave soon for Memphis, where a
;ieat educational mass meeting is bo.
ing planned to be held in Avew fhnn.
,1 A r . . "1'
ti m. ij. unurcn. He will then toui
West Tennessee
Mr. w ill Burkeen is on thp sipi.- Hot
. K.I I V I I. 4 lj
Hev. ii. L. P. Jones, of Pulaski w.ns
in the city recently lookinsr at. some
property with a view of buvintr and In.
eating nere.
lhe municipal election is affording
ine colored voter an excellent oppor
umity to see how Important he is
rr.l. XT . - VT
ine iero vote curs some h o- raMri,
in local politics every two vears here
Dr. J. A. Jones has accented an invi
tation to address the colored HHzpns
of Giles County, August 8, at Pulaski
The people of Spring Hill seem to
enjoy reading the Nashville Globe.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Robertson have
two nieces from Lewisburg spending
a few weeks in our town.
Miss Katy Smith, who has bepn
here several weeks is coiner to her
home in Nashville.
Mr. W. H. Brown, a hichlv resnertpd
farmer, was in our town last Mondav.
Rev. B. Jenkins spent a few davs at
Rock Snrincs. He states that, ho hnri
an enjoyable time there
Mrs. Amanda Grigsby has been vis
ling Rock Springs and Columbia.
Miss Mollie Brown who has he'pn
attending school at Nashville wqq
seen on our streets Tnesdav
Prof. Ji W, Sterihenson. a rptired
teacher, says he thinks he will enter
the field again.
Rev. G. T. Thompson has returned
from a business trip to Alabama.
Mrs. Maria Pointer is suffering of
an attack of rheumatism.
Mr. 'Solomon Pointer is improving
Mr. Luther Polk, who has been in
poor health several months, is getting
Mi-:s arah Coldwcll, whose right
turn has caused her a great deal of suf
fering, is able to be at her work.
Miss Lizzie Kinnard was visiting
several of her old friends last. week.
Mr. Chaiks Coldwcll, who got over
heated a few weeks since, is up and
looking well.
Mrs. Levinia Pettus is much im
proved from a spell of fever. Miss
Lucy Roundtrte was visiting her
mother last week.
Mrs. Addie Peters conducts the only
restaurant in Spring Hill.
Mrs. Lucy Peters and son have gone
to Nashville to remain for a few
Mr. Jean Spratt, who has been off
for two years, has returned. j
Mr. S. J. McLemore, of Sewanee,
passed through our town recently en
route to Chicago. j
Mrs. Maria Pointer and Miss Rena
Blair have gone to Columhia tn snend
a few days. . i
J. W. Byers, the principal of the
Spring Hill Public Schools, attended
the Reading Circle at Columbia last
utv. Mr. Utterly, of the West Nash
ville District, held his last. Ounrteriv
Conference at the M. E. Church for
this conference year.
Dr. Waters is doiner -first-elnss
church work here.
The Countv Board of the PnhH,.
School of Maury County ordered all
the colored schools to onen the first
Monday in August, both nrimarv and
secondary. The whites to open the
second Monday. i
J. W. Byers and Miss L. E. Bond
have been appointed to the city school
Mrs. Susie Taylor, of Nashville, is
visiting her relatives.
Mr. John Neely's erandd auirhter and
husband,- Mr. Smith, is snendinsr the
summer at Neapolis. In a few weeks
they will return to Louisville. Kv. I
Mr. Charles Grigsby and mother
paid a visit to Rural Hill last Sundav. !
Mr. Melvin Moore is suffering erear-
ly from an injured bone in one of his
Miss Ethel Stephenson has gone to
asey Springs to spend a few weeks.
Mr. Tom Pettus is on the sick list.
Spring Hill, give us 100 subscribers
to the Nashville Globe.
J .
ill i ' fl
fa 4 il0:Gs, f ii
msy$'jf. aft
We manufacture K. P. Lodge Banners
as per illustration given above, at prices
according to quality of materials and
trimmings, ranging from $r0 to $75; silk
embroidered work from $80 to $110; hand
embroidered bullion work from $135 to
$200. Specifications furnished on banners
at any price desired. :: ::
Mrs. Lizzie Exlick entertained at
dinner on July 23, the following
guests: Dr. and Mrs. C. F. Crows, of
St. Louis; Dr. Douglass, of Washing
ton, D. C, and Rev. Mr. Howard, pas
tor of St. 'Paul A. M. E. Church. The
dinner was elaborate and those nres-
This snows a very popular design for
G. U. O. of O. F. Lodges. Front made
of white flag silk. Lambreouin, or Cur
tain, of red silk. Tainted in gold leaf
and oil colors, back of red banner sateen
Trimmed with imported gold lace, f rintr
uxsacia, clv;. iiaruwOOQ pole, WOOU CrO'
ua V... , cover accl holster. Prices !'
U 7"i ' ' the ae Banners will
avac 4V1 iiy uiuer orgw. -ion at samu
pnt minvprl ibe Anr-neiAn Tmr mi.nli
Prof. J. II. Kelly has returned from prices, chantrinc emhletnc onn
the western part of the state, where to suit the Order. ? .. '
For further information write to
National Baptist Publishing Board,
R. H. BOYD, Seoretary.
523 Second Ave, N. Nashville. Tenn.
he spent two weeks very pleasantly.
A quiet home marriage and one that
took the many friends of the contract
ing parties by surprise was that of
Miss Zelia Perry -to Dr. S. II. John
ston. Sam Cooper, son of Mr. Duncan
Cooper, was drowned in Duck River
Sunday while he and others were bath
ing near the bridge at Godwin Sta
tion. Mrs. Mattie Morton Davis has re
turned to St. Louis.
Mr. J. H. Slaton has returned from
Jamestown Exposition and other
points East.
The rally at Cumberland City was
largely attended by friends of Pal
myra. The proceeds amounted to $75,
which went for the improvement of St
Tam.'s C. M. E. Church. The party
f' did Palmyra were Messrs. R. T. Out
law, Jas. Oliphant, T. B. Green, Bas
come Moody, T. J. Moody and II. L.
Moody and Misses W. R. Moody, Beu-
Offlce 'Phone 1271. Residence 'Phone 3443-R
Dr. J. B. Singleton,
Heaarst. 1116 Jefferson
8-29-07 U.
lah Mai-able, Cora Dortch, Rena Baker,
1. Dortch.
On Saturday there was a delightful
Picnic given on the grounds. Every
body enjoyed themselves
Pi Of. W. C. Wilkina ha K
v'lyva.i vi uermon scbool for
ensuing year.

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