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uisinct or uoiumbia. This young
woman will no doubt find great en
couragement and a large undeveloped
field with an appreciative and enthu
siastic lot of supporters in and about
Nashville. The date of her visit has
not been definitely fixed, but will no
doubt be within the next thirty days
Her preparation of Dunbar's piece Is
being more closely watched, and the
results more anxiously awaited, than
any of her former efforts.
It is learned with regret that the
Baptists' team will not play on the
12th, as was announced last week.
The difficulty is that the park could
not be secured, as the Stars and
Butchers meet on that date.
The Baptists, having lost but one
anxious to
-1 834 k j&wk
Noi 2. Seven Drawers.
The Third Annual Meeting of the
Niagara Movement will 'take place in game this season, are
Boston, Mass., Monday to Wednesday, meet some team or teams before the
August 26, to 28. bell taps
The three-dry program will Include:
One public demonstration, one social There was a rumor out some time
reception, a series of private confer- ago that the A. B. C.'s of Indianapo-
ences in committee groups, pilgrim- lis were headed this way, but as the
ages to abodes of "the faithful." Thero season was getting old, they went
will also be a celebration of the 100th West Instead. Having met the best
anniversary of the abolition of the teams that could be raked together,
slave trade. they finally landed on the Leland
Railroad rates a fare and a third, Giants. Though defeated, they played
round trip, certificate plan. the best game of the season, so say
All lovers of liberty and equal rights the 3,000 present. The mighty pitch
ing of Rube Foster was the cause of
yiiis handsome
Cabinet Drop
Head Sewing Ma
chines is one of the
latest models, and
is made of carefully are cordially invited
selected quarter-
sawed Golden Oak,
it all.
w. e. b. Dubois,
General Secretary ,
fl ft ItfTvnn State SWrMnrv fnr A lenmiA nf all the towns within 75
highly polished and Massachusetts, Chairman Local Com- miles of Nashville will likely be
ornamented with hnHtPo nf A rrane-P merits 29 firm rt hatched this winter: so do not be
street, Boston, Mass.
, . ,.v.y
marquetry finish
on drawers and
cabinet. It also
has a tape-measure
marked in colors ou
top part of wood
work. J J
Quite a merry crowd thronged the
beautiful homo of Mr. and Mrs. A.
W. Fite, 520 Fourteenth avenue,
North, on Monday night of last
week, to enjoy the hospitality of the
surprised should you be called on to
attend a league game. All and every
thing Negroes.
Burke and Johnson Matched to Fight
Six Rounds.
Sailor Burke of Brooklyn and Jack
Johnson, the Negro heavyweight, have
White Rose (Club at their annual neen matcnea to ngnt six rounns aur
Soiree. Games' -and dancing were the ins the first week in September.
principal attractions of the evening. 1 ney asreea lo m ai caicn weignw
Pineannle rmnch and various ices ana ngnt yueensDury ruies. r.acu
were served by Mcsdames Fite and also areefl to allY l,he oth,r w?f
Chubb. Those present were Misses ROlt Adages on ms nanus aurmg in
contest. uuis ior me uoui win ue
Tins is Btrktly n liigh
grade mac: ine of
the drop head pattern,
made In necoi dance with
Twentieth Century idias,
finely built, light rnni.ing,
easily managed, dm able
and handsomely finislitd.
Itlscq.iaHn EVERY IWK
TICULAR to tlit- inach;n 8
sold through ngentsat from
$40.00 to SM.OO. We do not
offer these machines in com
petition with the cheap and
roughly 'built machines
which are being advertised
at almost any price the
purchaser is wi ling to pay.
But we offer those wno de
sire a really high-grane ma.
chine nn opportunity to
get one for LESS THAN
HALF what such amaciiinc
would cost if bought trom
an agent.
g : - -- J3?T-
Mi I -
Maud Harrison, of Montgomery, Co-
rinne McGavock. of East Nashville.
Cassie Dodson Willie Hurt, Annie P.
Brame, Bessie Garrett, Orlean Patter
son, Brucie Mai Ewing, Ella Gran-
berry, Addie Fite, Josephine Lowe.
Beatrice Laprade, Delia K. Ray. Ad
die L. Allison, Messrs. Chas. A. Greer,
Jackson Robinson, Cleveland Hous
ton. Hadley G,: Fite, Theodore Gar
rett, Andrew Stockard. Robert Nich-
openel in two weeks.
While it is conceded by sporting
men that Johnson will win, there are
many who believe that the Brooklyn
ite will give him a hard battle. Many
men who have seen both fight recent
ly declare Burke has a good chance
to win.
Johnson is much the heavier. He is
29 years old, and weighs nearly 200
pounds. That he has a powerful
olson. Jesse Fite George II. ITpshaw, Lunch was demonstrated when he re-
iiuim- rue, William U1WS. cnflv l-nL-orl nut Ttnh Fitetmninns
" In Philtirlplnhln with whfit lnnVprl like
THE WEDNESDAY EVENING PITk i,t, M' t,,.w ,ii, t
C'-UB 10.0 pounds and possesses a punch that
The Wednesday evening Pit Club if landed squarely will fell the strong-
was delightfully entertained last Wed- est man in the ring to-day.
No. I. Five Drawers.
National Baptist Publishing Board,
R. II. BOYD, D. D., Secretary,
nesdav. July 31, by Mr. and Mrs. Will
mm Austin jh tneir resilience on
Twelfth avenue, North. The reeep
tion room was brilliantly lighted and
very prettilv decorated with cut
flowers. "Pit" and "Dogon" were en
ioved until a late hour, after which a
delicious lunch was served.
Salmon Salad. Lettuce,
Tomatoes, Mayonaise Dressing.
Ham Sandwiches. Beaten Biscuits
Vanilla Ice Cream.
Chocolate Cake.
Punch was served during the games,
The guests were Mr. and Mrs
Charles Thorne, Mr. and Mrs. Will
4 A Stepping Stone.
As "Fitz" allowed himself to be
made a stepping stone for Johnson
in their recent bout, it is up to Bums
to fight Jack or show the yellow
streak. Since Burns has said he
will lay down the color line, the
chances are that some club will offer
a large purse for a match between
Tohnson and Burns. .
"Fitz" says that Jeffries cannot and
never could hit as hard as Joe
Choynski. Now let Jeffries put aside
his dodging plea, the "color line,"
523 Second Avenue, North,
Nashville, Tcnn
Miss Lizzie Davis, of Lebanon, spent
a short while with Miss Ileba L. John
son last week.
The holiness meeting was held at
Mrs. Copeland's on Sunday and was
conducted by Mrs. Coleman. The meet
ing was very spiritual.
Miss Lillie Ilowellet is much better.
Misses Jennie and Carrie Rideout
are now spending 'the remainder of
the summer at home.
Clarence IIowcll is much better.
There was a grand basket dinner
tat the Baptist church on the second
Rev. Mr. Moon;, of Murfreesboro,
preached two able sermons last Sun
day. Rev. C. Jarrott preached the
annual sermon of the I. O. I. last Sun
day. Rev. D. P. Pearson, of Murfrees
boro, preaelved the annual sermon of
the U. S. R. last Sunday.
Mr. Tom Rhodes is on the sick list.
Mrs. Fannie S tames opened school
at Milton last Tuesday.
Mrs. M. Black and Mrs. B. K. Ilen
drick opened school here last Tuesday.
Mrs. Boulah Maney, of Chicago,
has returned to her home after vis
iting her parents.
Dr. C. F. Crews, one of the leading
nhvsicians of St. Louis, who is not in
the best of health, has been spending
a few weeks with Prof J. H. and Mrs.
Kelly at their home in Columbia, ac
companied by his wife, who was Miss
A. Pearl Kelly before their marriage.
It was thought that a sojourn of three
or four weeks in Columbia, which is
noted as the ideal resort for invalids,
would prove beneficial to him, but the
improvement of the young doctor has
not been as rapid as his - friends
would desire in fact, he has im
proved but very little. Dr. and Mrs.
Crews spent Sunday and Monday
with Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Kelly, Jr.,
of ?:? Bass street, and left Monday
for St. Louis.
Young. Mr. and Mrs. Phineas Baker. qnd Jaclc Johnson tae hls meas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eason, and Miss ure 4
Anctln I
.VI. Oil. I. i . . . .... . ...
Tne next nest tning on tap ior tms
fnll wniilri bo n trn between Brltt and
Li h kin a iuin l.iub. G-ans, as Britt has just won over Nel
The last two meetings of the Car- son. Of course. Cans could not look
nation Club have been largely at- for any creat thine: for meeting Nel
tended, and at each gathering after son. a vannuished foe.
the regular business had been dis
pensed with an elaborate collation
was served. At the residence of Mrs
Timmon on Vernon street there was
an excellent attendance and a three
"oivse menu wis served. At the
home of Mrs. J. A. Bramlett on Ver
non street, a brilliant party was given
bv the club on the evening of July 24
4nd nt the house of Mrs. Battle on Del
ude street an interesting meeting of
the club was held on the 20th of July
goodlv number of ladies was pres
ent and as is usually the ease, a
pmmMng collation wns served. There
Another star in another line. Mat
thews, who got his early training at
Tuskegee, but finished at Harvard, '97.
and won special attention at football
t fin 7
. ay' . y.
Wfi C;-Sh ... M
..,! I. ... . , .
ti'At - . 'fc A
We manufacture K. P. Lodce Banners
as per illustration given above, at prices
according to quality of materials and
trimmings, ranging from $.p0 to $7"; silk
embroidered work from $80 to $110; hand
embroidered bullion work from $135 to
$260. Specifications furnished on banners
at any price desired. :: . :: ::
tpfi" iniil'i .in iiimiiiiiiiJM'iliii,giiiiiiS)
1 1 :
I, A
G.U.0.cf0.F jl
This shows a very popular design for
G. U. O. of O. lf. Lodges. Front made
School football squad of Dorchester,
Mass., the coming season.
and baseball, will coach the High l of white flag silk. Lambrequin, or Cur-
tain, oi rea suk. I'amtea in goia leat
and oil colors, back of red banner sateen.
Trimmed with imported gold lace, f ring $
tassels, etc. Hardwood pole, wood cro;
bar, p"in cover and holster. Prices I $
U. " T?f the ab?ve Banners will
made for any other orgw. '-ion at uanu
prices, changing emblems ana lett.-riug
to suit the Order. :: :: ::
Monday. August 5. 1907. a man
called at Mrs. Fannie Hamilton's res
idence and told her that he was
will le no dlsbondment on account of herding cows and would like to get
of the most accomplished m
woather. and the club will con-
1 - - . A. ft 1
hup io nu'er rrom wppk to wppk ns
""ins women in tne race and one who! Npvetofore.
n o o ?imii,A, i . . . . w,.. ..I .... ..1 .. 1 I
ll'l vt pnniild nf viwro lirfrvri fViiv lif
ary world, is expected to make a trin ' '
to Nashvill'e within the next twn Mrs. Luke Vaughn, of Albion street.
ner cow. claiming tnat he had p
Tood isture, where thero was plenty
of water, grass, etc. Mrs. Hamilton,
thinking this was just suitable for
her, let the thief have her cow, the
fee being only twenty-five cents per
week and the cow returned, but she
months. The young woman in ques- WfXpt Nashville, recentlv entertained kns neither seen the mnn or the cow
lion Is none other than Miss llallie 13. ,s- " ""s- OI 1 mgo. ine c.,,10e Tho foow saifl hJs namc was
Quenn, ;it present residing in Wash-Pn,w vns beautifully decorated. A TTollins and lived out on the Hills
ington, I). C. Miss Queen is an Ith- two-course menu was served. Those Wo nlke. Officers are now lookintr
Iin student, says a Washington cor- nrppPnt wore MpR''a,"w' Wrleht. ror the thief.
respondent, and is one of the bright-nokes. Roach. P. H. Miller. Mr. and
est little Intellects that has ever come Mrs- Konort p,niPh, Mrs. Tyler. Mr.
out from tint college. It is salrt t.hat r'T!,rnPs nT1, Gordon, Miss Leora
she is a. dramatist of no mean ability. hVvl'er.
Mready several of her dramatizations
have taken the public by storm. Two ANNUAL PICNIC
or nei meces or worn are 1 He Last The Church of the TTolv Fnmilv will
For further information write to
R. II. BOYD, Secretary,
523 Second Ave N. Nashville. Tenn.
Office 'Phone 1271. Residence 'Phone 3443 R.
Mrs. Tennie "Washington, of RoUu-t-son
street, entertained Monday aft
ernoon a few of the ladies of the Car
nation Club, in honor of Mrs. Stokes
and Mrs. Vaurhn. The latter nf Chi-
Days of Pompeii" and "The Two Or- iw their annual picnic at St. Mary's caco. There have been several enter-
Ornhamge, near Bosley's Spring, tiinments given in Mrs. Stokes' hon
Thursdav. Aucust 15. Dinner and re- pv. The house was beautifullv deco-
freshments will be served on the! rated throughout. The hostess was
'rrounds and those who attend will assisted in receiving by Mrs. Ceo.
spend a very enjoyable day in the Ward. Miss Bessie Rhodes rendered
woods, several selections on the piano. At
Dr, 1, B. Singleton
408 Cedar St. 1116 Jefferson St.
8-29-07 U.
nhans." It is said that she is. work
in? now (inigcniiy and very success
fully arranging one of Dunbar's
pieces, ."The Uncalled." which is be.
ing dramatized for one of the promi
ncnt Sunday school worloers in the
5 o'clock the guests were invited into
the dining room, where an elaborate
three-course menu was served. The
table was handsomely decorated, the
centerpiece being of cluny lace, with
stands of fruit. Those present were
M'esdames Stokes, Vaughn, Robert
Ralph, Chas. Duff, Geo, Ward, Miss
Bessie Rhodes and Mrs. "Washington.

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