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Lk 21 JL J M
"All things come to them that wait, providing tbey hustle while they wait"-CAarZes W. Anderson. "Get out of our sunshine." JJ. H. Boyd.
Vol. II.
No. 32.
At Home of His Father, Knox
ville, Tenn.
Prof. W.L. Cansler died at the home
of his father, at Knoxville, Tenn.,
Tuesday night, August 13. He had
been sick about two years prior to his
death which was not unexpected by
his many mends.
Prof. Cansler was prominent for
many years in the affairs of the race.
He was a graduate of Roger Williams
tmveisity. ne was a memDer 01 tne
Board of Trustees of that institution
. and was always deeply interested in
its welfare. He was some years ago
TIiip latA V. L. Cansler.
. . , x i. .a
iirau ui iiic niainiiB uiuuciii jl ui
National Baptist Publishing House
iationai uapusi i iiuiibiuug xiuu&c.
He was instructor for a number of
vrars in the citv schools where he
jeais n tne city scnoo s wnere ne
years in me cuy scnoois wueie u
tlin vaiuaoie service m uie cauae
rr,; .
There are many young men and
. ...i. lu i i. uf.ij
tasks, who received much of their
' i j i Ar.
.7 y U U " U1Vr
able labors as an Instructor will live
were his nunils. Hi3 former pupils
respected him living; dead, they will
r.lmrlcVi Viici momorv
It is fitting they
.1 1.1 .1
. l.lll II 1U 11H .11"' J - - ----- lJ I
r, , , , A Vrtf. f ' f r-lonia I
, v, tu r.ntirD r.m,ntrv hoth In
ftornol nrtranlTot OPS
tu...,v, ir ...Lmicoiw tn
thP will of Heaven, will mourn his
los The intimate friends of Prof,
Cansler knew he was a serious man
who took life seriously and seriously
performed its duties. Death found
him at his post of duty, not having re-
linquished the performance of a single
one of the tasks of his many important
positions. .
At the time of his death Prof. (Jans-
lcr held the following important po-
viiions: Secretary of National nap-
tist Convention, Secretary of Tennes-
bunaay acnooi. .
His re-election to these positions 0f
trust from year to year indicate the
JoUlence reposed in him.
Vun" v v,' ,oaPH nvpr tho River
of Death to rest under the snaae oi
the Tre of Life on the other siae, ne
will leave many ho will revere his
memory as an earnest man of affairs
o',irf faithful Christian worker.
Thp remains of Prof, uansier
voar-hPrt Nashville from K.noxviut
Thursdav morning, and the funeral
' cnt.vifoa will take nlace this atternoon
CK I iv vu " i
at two o'clock from Pleasant ureeu
Baptist Church, Jefferson Btreet,
w-e Baptist State convention, becre- .r,llp T1HQnis central ard the Southern ana previous to rne aentn or nis wire
tary of Stone's River Association, Sec- y .. receive a goodly nafl conducted a grocery on Jefferson
ixtary of Endowment Board K. of P., ' n tr0 ' Many of the del- ctrpcit next to his home. With tears
Clerk Pleasant Green Baptist Church VnSX are alrendy e- "treamlns down his bruised cheeks,
and Superintendent of Pleasant Green ates in villearea V , A ?e
Miss Hazel Thompson, who for the will give their annual banquet Friday, and the interest in the meeting con
Past two years h"s taught in the A. August 30, 1907, and Its members are tinues unabated. Services are con
M A schools further south, will re- doing everything In their power to ducted by Isabella Horton, supported
M. A. schools
main in Nashville this winter.
The beautiful residence of Dr. W. H.
Coleman, who about three years ago,
married Miss Mattie Kirkpatrick, of
this rltv, is one of the most up-to-date
J9 l-l L t a s in -
h; v rr.'
architectural beautv. K broad clr
"Hnr ooroh fronts n, well kent lawn
with, two main entrances approached
iv'th pirprHpi walk and stone steos.
Tp parlor, flr'wipp anrT rMnnr rooms
orp pounppted bv Tar double plidinp"
-loorc hv whfrh fVid thnpfs roomq pan
fi one laro Vant1fnl hall. TV
V' q Vpry
oeVorl Vv a CMohp rpnrpopnfaHve "S to
n'Tiof h hnd enont In putting UP puph
a noioHal rtwpM'nr'. but H wnq learupfl
from tViocp fn n nos'tlen to kpow.
fhat fnllv !i.flOrt hatf t'lppfl snpnt 'n the
e'te. hnilrlln?r rnd furniture. Notw'th-
ctnTr"Ti Dr. foipman boa pot bepn
out, of school more than five rears, he
enWs the larp-pst ornptlpe in Bpse
pr- "ud Bwomer is one of the best
uoess towns in the sta'e of Ala
Mnrh. work is being done there bv
vpcroos. Tt 1s onlv n. few miles from
Pinplnp - h nm tv can hoast of Irav'ne
0 pumbor of well psthHehei business
places, such ns drv p-oo-is stores, un-
hwaldnf establlshmenta. popfeptlon-
pii-v stores, ebons ptc.. 'conducted bv
Neeroes. Mrs. CoYmnn has gained a
boot of friends nnd is indeed well
Mired bv the Alhamims. "Rev. L.
TClrkoatrlck. the father of Mrs. Cole-
Tvmn. contemplates visiting his daugh-
ter r"enl soon.
Tt is remarkable to see the success
bpin met. with bv the Meharrv stu-
enf s in all parts of the United States,
s-ld the Olobe man upon his return
from a Mo throusrh Alabama. Missis-
sinoi and Louisiana, where he had
been on important business. On his
trip down he stopped over at Birmlng-
ham, and there ho met fully a half
fio7en of the professional and business
men from Meharrv and Walden unl-
versitv. as well ps Fisk. The Crystal
Drug Store, at 1520 Second avenue,
's poss'bly the latest development in
Birmingham of the Mehanwites. Dr.
rester A. Wilhite, Ph. C, of the
class of 1906. is the proprietor. He is
assisted by his brothers in conduct-
ing the business.
At Mobile there is the Shaw Phar-
. ry i ....,1h1.Mia
mncv n. nraenincent esLiu'iiMniiem
tv.ot Tioa Vippp put. un since Df. Fi. 0. a
... . , . i. ii,
Sbaw left school, about seven or eight
. . . nf
vears ago. Tt Is by rar one o ine
best in the South. It is complete in
orf nnA BT1Mics well for
I,- n
ewrv particular an i b .rtv
T-rr:. v - -
Mobile, as well as for the proprietor.
mi n nrofpssloufll mpii
There are scores of proressionai men
i.t rmA cimwino- hnt the two
lust mentioned in the bus ness line,
mitotHnnori the others
r" h of w
t. .
It la ireu iiv u mi' i v
. ,
that has been an-
t'Xl-lMSIUU Idle
noimcea IOr V'-'IIIU iiniw ii'Ja u--"
SHven Dy all raiiroaas puhiu ui.
IV. Hfllll tnUT,(.. 1 1 11 1
)U10 ana east Ol 1.HB nllI.-ll'lM
w.n.shineton. D. C. and return. The
rate of one fare plus twenty-five cents
for the round trip has been put on for
this occasion. Tickets will be sold
hv most of the ro-ds on Kcptemner
to 11, wUh a return limit or i.i aays
from date of sate. - Tt is also an-
nounced that the tickets will be ex-
tended to October 1, by depositing
them with the vrlidaling agent at
vnsbinnlon nnd bv the payment or a
foo nf fiffv nont-!. The four roads out
vrnchville viz- Nrrhville. Chatta-
st 0 . Louisville & Nash-
.,if Tmnn
l""1""..1"" .lu,u; 'V,H
rcxpos tion at inoiioik a as
M l7J?
Philadelphia. A special Pullman car
wm K " "aoi",l r r
niese iour unms suuum iuiuu.su m
Washington. And speculation has It
that the Memphis delegation, the
Jackson delegation and the Clarksville
delegation will join the wasnvnie pco-
pie at some point ana proceea 10
The Grill Club, of South Nashville,
make It a swell affair.
Without Pretext Other than
On Inst Raturdav nteht two police
men and two civilians committed one
of the most, cowardly assaults ever
heard of in the history of Nashville
Mr. Frank Mills, who lives at 180fi Jeff
fcrson street, was out at a late hour
on a very sad mission. Mr. Mills'
wife d'ed about midnight, and as there
wpvp onlv a fpw friends present, he
was compelled to go out for assist
nnce. There was no one he could
send, all of the friends present being
ladles. Mr. Mills had been to the
nlice and was returning home. "When
he was near the Jubilee Hall yard
Tate on Jefferson street he saw four
men break across the street toward
hlpi TTf was nlrondv mrnprvprt ovpr
the erent oss he hafl Slistained, and
was in no mood to receive another
great shock. When he saw the men
rushing toward him he called to them
to stop. He least suspected that two
of them w"ere officers, for they had
their coats off and were lounging
around on the curbstone. Their ap-
pearance led Mr. Mills to believe that
he was about to be attacked by a gang
of cutthroats. He had nothing to pro
tect himself with save- a little old
broken knife that would be harmless
to a three-year-old boy. On they came
rushing upon the man already
stridden, and now before he can ar
range to bury his dead wife he must
be possibly murdered himself. But
he kept cool. He called out to the in
tnulers: "Who are you?" and to his
neat surprise the response was, "We
I n I'O (pomon " Tint 4 Vi mr nrara no
i-....... v. n.j
;ui ijuntenit'n. j wo or me men were
not Oft pors for ono of tho
not onicers, ror one or tne
the officers was only reef
cnargeci nom tne me flepai
insubordination. He was cl
for one of the men with
recently dis-
"novfmonf f r r
insubonlination. Ho w.ns rlenrlv tpp-
oui'-ed bv ATr Mill3- hut rlocnlto this
Pr"' f(1 1U hn despite this
- ,,.",:. LZ,
ntri ne Teii no iurtiier rear s nee po-
nrntMt Jm
ncemen weie tnere to piotect mm.
ten ,
ni'eman, w no naa put on nis coat ana
was thereby an officer and guardian of
proceeded to administer a severe beat
, 3"-" f '
: ...... iu at - , . . i i
iti u u(ivin u Kidii in uiv ii ii ii ma
fist and would not desist when Patrol-
uiiu lutmiiMi j ium nun iiuil lie
nuiewmr, mms. wneii uie uiooa
uiiioi.v iiuin:euuiu ll.iu mmiiji urvuirei'
suaded to listen to the statement or
his victim he remarked, "Well. I don't
know whether you are telling the
truth or not," and McKinstry said to
mm veu, u.a man, you naa ueuer
,u m.
Mr. Mills was an object of pity
when seen by a Globe representative.
The man was almost exhausted and
mortified beyond expression. He said
ne naa never been interfered with by
a policeman before in his life, and he
has lived In Nashville over twen'-y
vears. He is a contracting painter
ru,U3 lu nnc iHriwiauuH UJ um
my dead wife without, being assaulted
b an officer of the la."
Mr. MiS intends to report the ca$
pout the case
to the civil service commission, and
his friends have expressed a desire to
rally to his aid.
The camp meeting at 1318 North
Cherry street, two blocks above the
Bcuna Vista car line, grows better
and better each night. The audi-
ences increase in size every service
by different preachers.
The State of Tennessee may not be
contributing an equal share of the
school funds to the educating of the
Negro youth blessed with health,
strength and with good sight, but cer
tainly she has deported herself admir
ably in her care for the poor unfortu
nate blind children. The Colored De
partment of the Tennessee School for
the Blind located in South Nashville
on Tennessee street, is an example of
the care the thoueht and the affec
tions with which the state, through its
officers, is looking after these children.
Not much attention, however, is paid
uy rne parents oi sue a cmiaren, ana
especially has it been noted that few
of them are interested in those seem
insly neglected ones that nature has
tied to them by family connections.
The colored department of this school
has been established for more than a
quarter of a century. In fact, Mrs. S.
M. Lowe, the present principal, has
been at work in this department for
twenty-seven years. She has travelled
extensively. Hardly a summer passes
but that she spends it or a part of It
in different parts of the state, pre
sumably for rest, yet it is not known
that she ever ceased from her untiring
labors In the interest of these unfor-
innate little ones. At present she is
in the evtveme eastern portion of the
state looking for a little recreation
and at the same time thinking and
,M ?Ty e0crt nt
school. Tt is hoped that every parent
within the borders of this great Vol-
ctofo if tw vo n rhnH toti.
Iv or partially blind, will make an ap
Mill.' VI tL l,v, 11 Ui".,! iui v. i v.ium w t
t Ticption to Mr. John V. Armstrong,
Superintendent of Blind Institutions
for the State of Tennessee at Nash
ville, who is equally interested in the
care of these children. He has sent
out a very strong letter all over the
state urging parents to assist him
in IMIng and getting into school these
,n.ir0, ti,0 fniiATviT,r ipttpr was
received by a representative of the
Globe from Mrs. S. M. Lowe, who i3
th rninrori riPpartTPPPt-
"Believing that you will willingly
ur o mrtmont nf vnnr vpinnhlp tlpiP
t the service of humanity, I take the
libertv of addressing you in behalf of
the blind children of the state, who,
?r, ,nncnmmrA of thMr nffllctlnp are
unable to attend the ordinary school
and acquire the education deemed so
norwarv to the success and happiness
r.r ihn f-hlhlrpp of this generation.
"Whereupnn are more than one
fnMicanil nf tliP3 npfortlinate Cn -
dien in Tennessee, and some of them
mav ne tounn in every secuon Him m
i a! j
,imnd vorv pommntiltv Their par-
' 1 ' ' w ' '
pnts and friends seem Indifferent to
the creat blessincs which this school
frprlv offprs all children with defec-
live vision.
"Tt is erroneously thought fhat those
onlv totally Mind are admitted into
ibis school. The privilege Is extended
to cverv child of school age who can
not see to read or who can only mas
ter lessons with pain and difficulty.-
"If there are any of these children
in your neighborhood I most earnest
ly trust that you will tell them of t.hlr
institution and urge them to apply
for admission, thereby assisting In
riving hone and bringing sunshine to
the hearts of the poor, heirless ones
vho now sit in ignorance and dark
"Tf vnn will kindlv send me the
names of rarents of any of these chil
dren I shall be greatly obliged.
"Very respectfully,
"J. TT. AmrsTHONc. Superintendent."
Sebool v ill open September 1. S: M
Lowe. Matron of Colored Department.
Hie present outlook for the opening
of the school on September 1 is ex
tremelv briebt. Tt will be remem
bered that, last vear two of our com
petent vomg ladies assisted Mrs
Lowe. Thev were in the person of
Misses' Minrie Mae Hunter and Eliza
beth Sarah Wells. It is not known at
this writing whether an addition to
this number will be made for the term
or not. At any rate the present prin
cinal and matron will not lose their
iptevest. and the children will be fav
ored with the same, if not increased
number of instructors, and at the
same time receive the benefits of all
improvements that are being made
from time to time along this line.
Tl.pre a,-e people as interestd, livine
riubt. in the shadow of the school as
one corld be, yet it is never made
manifest by their attention or their
remarks concerning the school.
Mr. W. J. Blanton visited here last
Mr. W. J. Blanton was the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. O. Harden, also Mr. and
Mrs. Alexander Smith.
Miss II. L. Woldridge left last Sun
day for Franklin, where she will
spend the remainder of the summer.
Second Biennial of Households
of Ruth.
The largest delegation in the his
tory of the Grand Lodge and House
hold of Ruth assembled this week to
participate in the twenty-fifth annual
!! !,Lth!.G! ge "n2er the
jurisdiction of Tennessee. Fully one.
hundred men and twenty-five women,
i ,..,i.i a. xi ii ...
2,n . v. , , in.?orn'
ization were here to work for the prin
es Presented by the G. U 0 of
1 ' uc ueiegaies
was of S1,fh a high order that the
whole body has received words of
praise upon all sides.
Long before the hour of meeting on
m.. 1 ii. . 1 "W 1 w mm
mesuay me una reuows Hail was
racked to its fullest capacity and
when Prof. W. S. Thompson, Grand
uieei "8 oiaer ir
ue "U,H1 opening service, it was nam
ru " d ' V, V rray was 0Iierea
Y "ev. Mr. Coleman. The Household
" iu oraer Dy
lllB'M """" ou,ie- xl , a
Ahout 9:30 a. m., the lodges assem-
"ie,n ,ai,ine uaa enows Han ana, pre-
' enen ny a Dauanon or j-atriarcnies.
hnaer sthe direction of Capt. A. B. Car-
"'r "?n,l,ran "mfers. also the
M'VC1"CI u"""' mrougn tne
"Trpe 01 Tne city to tne oeautirul
auditorium in Greenwood Park, where
tl,e 1ocal committee had prepared to
welcome the visitors to theitv. The
'Mimroinun was necoratea witn Dunt-
Mn- ana naims. At u o clock, Kev.
'o.hui, uimici ui ,ciciuuuiea,
Mn a p1lort address, called the meeting
iiiii(iiiir - i hp' w I'M k nv in i -n QTviQn
. .'
"Tterea invocation, wnicn was followed
Ii ii j i i . .
y uient selections ny a musical
Trom i,ast wasnvine
Owing to the illness of Mayor T. O,
Morris and Governor Patterson, the
welcome address was delivered bv Law
yer Grant, who said in Part, "On be
half of the Lodges of Nashville, we
qre glad to welcome you to this our
'itv and also to this beautiful park,
which represents the genius of the
black race of which we should all feel
nroud. We are welcoming you to our
Mty, the grandest on earth. Knoxville
'vav boast of her beautiful city: Mem
phis of her's: but none can excel Nash.
ville In hospitality to her visitors."
Prof. W. S. Thompson, District
Grand Master, responded on the be
half of the Lodges of Nashville. Sev
ral responses were made by different
members of the Order. After the exer-"'s-'s
the delegates were served dinner
u the grounds.
There were fully five hundred peo
le out to the park. The cars were
Crowded carrving the people: up until
en o'clock they continued to co.
Tnprp was ,,lpnty to pat nnd every.
thipn: one could wish In the line of
"'lildes. Tn the afternoon the Old
Plantation furnished amusement for
the people, the skating rink was also
onpned and all seemed to be enjoying
thpm selves.
On Wednesday evening the concert
and entertainment were grand. The
nercisfs were opened bv a chorus'
om posed of members of Households
nf Ruth: praver bv TT. AMalloy; and
a number of addresses, which made
the evening very enjoyable. The dele-
Tates were carried awav with the two
pomnanies A and B. which entertained
the audience with their drill.
On Thursday the assembly met and
prepared for work at an early hour.
Tn the evening a grand banquet was
eiven in honor of the delegates and
visitors to the annual session bv the
Lodges of NTashville. at the Odd Feb
lows Auditorium which was delight
ful. Thursday's session at Odd Fellows
Tall was well attended. There was
an election of officers and an enormous
nnantitv of business transacted, every
moment or the time being taken up.
I A bannuet closed the day's nroceed-
- lings. The sessions of the Grand Lodg
I close to-day,
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