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The Globe is in receipt of a letter!
from Mr. William Merrill, of Fisk Uni
versity, who is spending his vaca
tion in tire West. Mr. Merrill is en
joying excellent health, and Is very
favorably impressed with that sec
tion of the country, though he Is of
the opinion that the South is the best
place for the colored man.
Miss Emma James will leave the
city to-morrow to spend her vacation
with Mr. and Mrs. Jere It. Iteid, of
Miss Georgia A. Buford spent Sun
day with Dr. end Mrs. Elliot, of Ma
ple street.
Mrs. Melinda McDowell has re
turned to .her home in Alabama after
a three weeks' stay with Mr. and Mrs.
M. V. Buford.
Miss Minnie White spent last Sun
day in Clarksville.
Mrs. Edna Sbelton Reynold, of
Greenville, Ky., is the guest of Mrs.
Sarah Jones Allen, of Mil South
Mrs. Sam Dillahunty had as her
guest Sunday Mrs. Edna Shelton
Reynolds, of Greenville, Ky.
Little Gilbert White recently met
with a very painful but not serious ac
cident. He fell from a wagon and
one of the wheels passed over his
Mrs. S. D. Killebrew left a few
days ago for Chicago and other points
of interest. She will be gone for
several months visiting her daughter,
Mrs. G. W. Watson, of Chicago.
Mrs. Lizzie Anderson, of Chicago,
who has been visiting her cousin,
Mrs. Perkins, of Harding street, for
several weeks, left the city for her
home last night.
Mr. Willis J. Jones, Jr., of 1011
South street, who went to St. Louis.
Mo., in search of better wages, was
very successful and is having a very
nice time.
Mr. J. Thomas Caruthers, of Am
herst, Mass., who has been visiting in
the citv. the guest of his aunt, Mrs.
Cartwright, of Patterson street, left
Monday morning In company with his
grandmother, Mrs. Stevenson, for
Madisonvilte, Ky., to spend a few
weeks before going to New Jersey, to
accept a position as teacher of set
ence in one of the leading schools.
Miss Alice Stevenson, of Chicago,
after spending a few weeks with her
sister. Mrs. Cartwright, left the city
for Columbia for a short stay before
going North.
Mrs. Sarah Carter is visiting
friends in Chattanooga and JTortih
em Alabama.
Miss Willie Nichol, of this city, is
visiting in Owensboro, Ky.
Miss "Lillian Hill bookkeeper at the
A. M. E. Sunday School Union, is now
taking her vacation.
Misses Gertrude Lewis, Ada J. Bed
ford. Susie McGee and Mrs. J. H.
Franklin spent last Sunday with Mrs
John Jumper, of Eastside.
Mrs. Inez White, of 735 Ninth ave
nue, South, is suffering intensely
with a sprained toe.
The attendance of St. Paul A. M.
E. Sunday School is rapidly increas
ing. On last Sunday there were
about twelve new pupils enrolled.
Mr. Thos. W. Caldwell and wife,
formerly of this city, are now living
in Kansas City, Mo., and write that
they are much pleased with their
Miss Susie McGee spent a few
days in the city, the guests of Miss
Ada J. Bedford, of Wharf avenue.
Mr. Wm. Jones, of Bryson, Tenn.,
is here this week as a delegate to the
District Grand Lodge of Odd Fellows
... - Mr. Wm. McLaurine, a prominent
Odd Fellow from Bryson, Tenn., con
tributed his presence at the Grand
Lodge sessions in this city.
Mr. Willis Bramlette, of Pulaski,
Tenn., one of the oldest Odd Fellows
in the state, spent the week in Nash
ville. Rev. Mr. Cross, of . Clarksville,
Tenn., was over attending the District
Grand Lodge, which opened at Green
wood Park Tuesday at noon.
Mrs. Mollie McGavock, who has
been in the city visiting relatives, left
Monday afternoon for her home in
Mrs" Anna B. Spence, of the mailing-
denartment of the Baptist Pub
lishing House, has returned from her
victt tn the country.
Mr. Green Garrett, of 919 Blank
Rtrppt. has returned from Murfrees
boro, where he has been spending a
few days with relatives and mends.
Mrs Rprrv Roberson, of 1311 Tre
mont avenue, spent several days in
tViP rountrv this week.
Mrs. Will Thompson, of Tremont
avenue, who has been ill for severa
rppi.-s is convalescent.
Little Alice Webster, of Tremont
avenue, had the misfortune or suck
ing a nail into her foot.
Mr William Toney, of Chicago, is
in the city visiting relatives.
Mrs Batson. of Louisville, is spend
ing the week with Mr. and Mrs. John
Batson. of Third avenue, North.
Miss Cora Allen, of Tremont ave
nue, spent Sunday in Franklin.
I i
Dr. J. P. Crawford, Grand Chan-
ellor of the Knights of Pyahias, who
has been spending a few weeks' va
cation in Pulaski, returned to the city
Miss Isora Garrett, a- Nashville
young lady, is doing exceptionally
well in Birmingham, bhe is tne
chief clerk and bookkeeper for the
the great Southern Industrial Home
ind People's Banking Co.
Rev. J. C. Lott, of Lebanon, Tenn.,
snoke at the Kayne Avenue Baptist
Church Sunday at 11 o'clock and at
night. Rev. Mr. Lott is an able young
minister and made quite an impres
Dr. Brown, of Birmingham, Ala.,
one of the leading physicians of that
city, will visit 'Nashville and Meharry
Medical School this fall.
Mrs. Frank Shields, of St. Louis,
Mo., who has been here visiting her
' M A
lick sister, Mrs. Fannie L.usK, or duo
Fairmont street, and her aunt, Mrs.
Dave Driver, of East Nashville, will
eave in a few days for St. Louis, ue-
'nre coins she left a year's subscrip
tion for the Nashville Globe and urges
that it be sent her each week.
Mrs. Ilardinla Ransom of 901 Blank
street, is suffering with a badly
sprained ankle.
Miss Delola Macarley, or cnatta-
nooga, is visiting Miss John Thomp
son of 1305 Debonbreun street, wneru
she will remain this week.
nov a Wm. Ward, who was recent-
v nnstnr of the Monumental Baptist
Church of Chattanooga, but now pas
sing at Indianapolis, Ind., eoum not
,ttinr,A the mpptiri!? of the National
nnntist Publishing Board last week,
owing to making extensive preparar
tions for the National convention
ind makins some necessary repairs
in the church over which he now pre
sides. n,
m?cC wilmn B. Pettltord, or nir-
whom Aln .. the daughter of W. R.
"ettiford,' president of the Alabama
Penny Savings Bamc, win imo
trough Nashville en route to Boston,
Mass, next month and will possibly
spend a day here visiting friends.
Miss Pettiford will graduate from the
Boston Conservatory or music iuis
erm and she has already been onerea
ieveral flattering positions.
Miss Beatrice Hudson and Miss
nnie Mav Clower. of Birmingham,
la.. who visited Nashville en route
home this summer from Oberlin, will
return next month to take up their
tudies at the Conservatory of Music
it Oberlin, but they will not come via
N'ashville, says the latest advice from
Birmingham, but will go over the
Northern Route from Chattanooga.
Prof. J. II. Martin and Prof; J. H
vwhpr. two nrominent teachers o!
Washington Parish. La., will possibly
be among the young men to spend the
wintpr in Nashville taking- special
-nurses. One will be at Meharry,
while the other is expected to attend
Miss Helen Alston McAlpine, ot
3plma. Ala., a very accomplished in
structor in millinery, will. not make
the proposed trip to Nashville owing
to having accepted a position to give
millinery instruction at beima uni
versity. ' Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Oneal, Mr. and
Mrs. Daniel Battle, with their little
daughter, Mary K., were the guests or
Mr. and Mrs. Norah King, of Flat
Rock, last week.
The Hotel Winston, at Meridian,
Miss., is owned and operated by Mr.
John Winston, who married one ot
the Nashville girls several years ago.
Mrs. Winston remembers many of
her old acquaintances in Nashville.
Their business is progressing nicely.
Mrs. Oneui was very much pleased
with a visit from Mrs. N. Bishop and
.Misses ll. r. Page and Katherine Bat
tle on last Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bishon left the citv
last Saturday tor Lewisburg to visit
Mr. and Mrs. Battle, with their sis
ter and little daughter, were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Oneal for tea
last Monday evening.
Mrs. Cornelia Ewing, of Eleventh
avenue, North, left the city Thursday
morning for Franklin, where she will
spend her vacation with relatives in
that place.
Mrs. Anna Kelly, of Columbia, is the
guest of her son and daughter, Mr,
and Mrs. J. II. Kelly, Jr.
Mrs H. S. Killebrew, of this city,
is spending her vacation in Chicago
with relatives and friends.
t?pv C. II. Boone, pastor of St
Paul A. M. E. Church, is out of the
citv this week.
Little Estella Black and Mattio Cald-
,..n f Puinski. are the guests oi m
tie Hellyn and J. B. Batle, Jr., this
inmii? the Pulaskians who are at
tending the G. U. O. F.'s convention
are Rev. A. P. Gray, Prof, and 'Mrs. i.
P. Turner, Miss II. N. Carter, Wm.
Purch. Jas. Gordon, Wm. Goff, Willis
Bramlette and Mrs. V. S. Caldwell,
who is the guest of her daughter, Miss
J. V. Dixon, of G53 Bass street.
Mrs. Fannie Lusk, of Tenth avenue,
South, is Improving slowly.
THE most sacred ordinance that
can be obsi rvtd by all thurclu s
is that known as the Lord's
Supper or, in other words. Sacra
ment. We do not think it is in
keeping with these sacred ordi
ances of the Lord's Supper in
church now-a-days to try to admin
ister it with out the proper vcsseL.
Every Church Ought to Have a
First-CIass Communion Set.
They can have them made out
of the best grade of quardruple
plated table silverware if they de
sire them. The Church Supply
Department of the National Bap
tist Publishing Board has just re
ceived from their factory a new lot
of this high-class ware, and would
take pains in showing them to any
The Prices are Within Reach of All
and Terms are Reasonable.
No church ought to be willing
to use glass dishes or the like for
these ordinances when they can
have the best grade of silver at
moderate prices.
;' i "
O 1
Plates, 2 Goblets, 1 Quart Flagon.
I 1
Miss Ella J. Howard, of Pulaski,
Tenn., is now connected with the
Clerical Department at the A. M. E.
Sunday School Union.
Dr. W. D. Channelle will fill St. Paul
A. M. E. Church pulpit Sunday morn
Mrs. A. L. Pinkston is at home
again after spending a few weeks in
West Tennessee.
Mrs. W. A. Lewis, of 1702 Jefferson
street, spent Sunday at Pegram,
Mr. J. W. Pace, of Clarksville, is in
the, city attending the G. U. O. of O.
F.'s convention.
Miss Julia Smith, of Tenth avenue,
South, is visiting relatives in Mur-
freesboro. !
Mrs. Edith Matthews, of Ninth av
enue, North, left Wednesday for Lou
isville. Mr. W. J. Blanton, Mrs. MdMinn
ville and Mrs. Horace Canada, of 15
Garden street, were the guests of
Mrs. Oneal,' who served an elaborate
three-course dinner.
Prof, and Mrs. Neal, of Harding
stieet, have returned to the city aft
er an absence of about a month in
Mrs. S. M. Lowe, matron of the
school for the blind, Is still sojourn-
nsr in East Tennessee. Her post or-
fice address is -Grandvlew. She ex
pects to return about September 1 to
open her school.
Preston Taylor.
Telephone 896,
Funeral Directors and
44$ Fmrth Arenac, Kurth,
Nashville, - Tenn.
church in which to hold, its meetings,
besides throwing wide their doors to
(nteitain the conference.
The choir under the management of
Prof. House with Miss Lady Emma
Phillips at the organ, furnished sweet
and high-class music.
The pastor and his good people wlil
spread a dinner on the grounds Sun
day, and are begging for more people
to come and join in the feast.
The presiding elder is displaying
that usual tact and ability which has
characterized him since his appoint
ment as presiding elder of the Nash
ville District.
On Thursday afternoon, the presid
ing elder called forward Mrs. Bishop
Phillips and introduced her to the
conference. She delivered a very ex
cellent address.
The second session of the Nashville
District of the Tennessee Conference
of the Methodist Episcopal Church be
an its session Tuesday, August i,
1907, at 2:30 p. m., in Howard Chapel,
Tullahoma, Tenn., Rev. W. R. Smith,
Presidine Elder, in the chair. Most
of the pastors and delegates were
present and splendid reports came up
from the various charges of the dis
trict, showing that faithful work is
being done.
Quite a number of visitors were
oresent. among whom the Rev. Bish
op C. II. Phillips, of the C. M. E.
Church, Prof. W. D. Hawkins, A. M.,
and Dr. E. W. S. Hammond, of Wal-
rlpn University: Rev. S. M. Utley,
Presiding Elder, Rev. J. M. Lyte and
Rev. A. L. Nelson, of the West Nash
ville District: Rev. S. Knight, of the
Cumberland River District, and Prof.
W. L. Miller, of South Pittsburg. These
brethren by their splendid addresses
and strong remarks greatly inspired
the conference. Other inspiring and
very helpful words came from Dr. G.
C. Hardin, of Murfreesboro; Prof. J.
W. House, A. B.; Rev. C. C. Bright,
pastor of the A. M. E. Church, and
liev. J. G. Swift, pastor Baptist church
of Tullahoma.
A strong sermon was delivered by
Rev. II. Primm on Tuesday night
Wednesday night Walden University
was ablv presented by Dean E. W. S.
Hammond. Dr. G. C. Hardin spoke of
the history and work of the church
and Walden. Collection for Walden,
Rev. F. N. Collier, pastor of Howard
Chapel, and his people by hard, faith
ful and self-sacrificing work were able
to present to this District Conference
a very beautifully decorated new
On Wednesday evening, August 7,
a club of young ladies gave a most
charming social at the well appointed
home of Misses Marie and Virginia
Whittaker, 2028 Jefferson street. A
merry crowd left at 8 o'clock on a hay
ride, chaperoned by Mrs. Pearly Jack
son and Mrs. Allison, returning at 10
o'clock where a sumptous repast await
ed them. Frappe was dispensed by
Miss Virginia Whittaker. Those pres-'
ent were: Misses Lavinia 'McLemore,
Amanda Edmondson, Clara Lowe, Bru
cie Ewing, Josephine Lowe, Malinda
Holbrooks, Marie and Virginia Whit
taker, Fi!oise and Clara Frierson, Se
lene Peterson, Luella Mayberry, Ma
mie and Addie Allison, Beatrice and
Florence Laprade. Orlene Patterson,
Mesdamesi Jackson and' Allison, Messrs.
Jno Fleming, Richard Perkins, Edgar
Frierson Hewitt Box, Thomas Webs
ter, Geo. Upshaw, Samuel Houston,
Hubert. Adams. Henry mover, versie
Wittaker, Douglass Harding, Allen
Whittaker, Clarence Laprade, Ivo
Street, Geo. Yeowall and Pete btev
Miss Mary Julia Wright, of 1720
Pntterson street, entertained Friday
evening in honor of Miss Lucy Cage,
nf Oklahoma City. The house was
beautifully decorated with ferns and
flowers. At a late hour the guests
wero invited into the dining iroom,
where a thre-eourse menu was
served. Those present were Misses
Willie Nichols, Lucy Cage, EfTie B.
Tln.llPv. Albetrta Brown, of Athens
Ala.; Lavinia Mcl.omore, Minnie L
P.lnvpr. Messrs. R. F. North, U. JS'ixon
A. B. Coffee, J. W. Pinckney, Douglass
Harding, A. Stump.
Kulin's Capilline
We think this preparation will give en
tire satisfaction when ust d to arrest de
cay and falliiiK out of the hair. If
used as directed, it will tend to change
dry, wiry, discolored hair tn glossy and
luxuriant tresses, and will keep the scalp
clean and healthy. It is germicidal and
antiseptic, and will relieve dandruff in
a short time.
All Telephone Orders Delivered.
DAVID J. KUIIN, Druggist
Cor. Cedar and Twelfth Ave., North.
PHONES, MAIN 1718 AND 4036.
Is the Tlace to get Good Things to Eat.
Moals, 10, 15 ami 25 Cents,
nits. ii. t. ate, mm.
Corner Cedar and 11 (U Avenue, North.
'Phone 2703.
r.mmis.U' 4.
110 Celar St.,
Mrs. Lizzie Anderson, of 319 High
land street, wishes to announce the
marriage of her daughter, Add if
Beatrice Anderson to Mr. Thomas Hol
land on the evening of Thursday, Air ;

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