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11. Ji LiLa L nj J.uiL ii
'All things come to tliem that wait, providing they hustle while they -wait." Charles W. Anderson. "Get out of oar sunshine." -J?. B. Beyd.
No. 35.
and with the beautiful decorations of
potted plants, ferns, cut nowers and
brilliant lights a scene of-rare beauty
intemperate as to even remotely jus- Harding, Jennie and Alberta. I ladley THCMTI CTU AM
tify the brutal attack made upon him. and the bride, refreshments - were I If l I IT I M Afls
He may have .delivered himself with served in buffet style. The presents 1 rill
IHl KJ-- v m I I - - . . v..
I I mi 1 1 1 i . . . I i I m m a
march. Mr. Chas. vaugn, a cousin iauons. ims uouduoss rued tne im- motner gave a soiia silver tea service,
of the bride's, was best man, who en- moral creatures hovering around col- and the other members of the family
Tppminn Thousands SDfint the tered with Mrr. Holland. Miss reter- wed meetings to bully colored men gave presents of silver and cut glass. IntCmatlOndl Order 01 IWC VC
ICUIIIIiy IllUUddllua O'" my the bri(1esmal(1) came ln alone. and insult colored women. Rev. Mr. The bride, who is the eldest daugh- . !
CXrrcinn Thnra cv.' Vionnlfnl' Arcn nf white Partee in nil nrnh.ihilHv Interfered tor of Mrs. Jennie T. Hartley. Tins-the KnirimQ AT I .ihrtf
organdy and carried a bunch of pink with their plans and program along honor of being the first graduate from)
carnations. The maid of honor, Miss this line and shattered their lecherous the Musical Department of Fisk Uni
Vaulx, who was also a cousin of the dreams by anticipating their game versity. She has been Instructor In
bride, came in with Miss Anderson on ana puunciy exposing it. musical lusKegee, in me state
her arm, and Elder Preston Taylor more is no eartniy reason, ' other ocnooi at 1 auanassee, ia., ana at i ue
pGrlOrinCQ tilt? llIiyiMVu VUlClILUIlj I .ici. mnnvu ciivJTt;, iWl llJt'Il, I vi CA-i i lw-fe vi lv
blue organdy and carried a bunch, of Cod, attending colored people's relig- gusta, Ga, .
mntdAn-hnlr ferns. The bride ore-
WEREl Rented a lovely picture in a princess
costume or wnite orgnnay tnmmen
with Val lace and pin tucfts. and car
rviner a bouauet of Marechal Niel
imic mrvntinorc! I This otiwmyi fci won i n . 1 ravnvinhr
JIIV t.tlll.S.1. I J 11V N1VUU1 O 1,11 fVll'l LUTU..lkrJ
It should be said to their everlast- known In this city, having graduated
i i ii i i . it . I i. i i- ti . j ir t - i r
i run,, iiuii no ciass or men m uoui m ruaiumcy uiu ivitauuiHf irwui
this country hns done more to con- Meharry Medical College .. He
I n rr TirAoorrA nn1 -m n!nlnl t-vz-vo sis Vkir I Vnilf n Ti o 1 o VrrCk .. q YA 111 rri rlvo
roses and ferns. Her veil was caught advising their people to moderation business in Denver, and Is said to
up with a bunch of orange blossoms, "nd orderly behavior in all their ac- own one or the finest drug stores not
Greenwood Park was filled with
thousands of laborers, members of col
ored labor organizations, their fam
ilies and friends on Labor Day, Mon
day, September 2. Most fittingly was
(lie clay spent by the colored toilers of
the city at this beautiful pleasure re
sort. Thev went there to enjoy them-
selves as they felt free to do, and in
Tees and cake were served the guests,
Many valuable and useful presents
were received by the happy couple.
Mr and Mrs. Holland left Thursday
night for Chicago, where they will re
side in the future.
tions than have colored ministers, v only in that city, but la tns. West
Thev left at 7:40 for Denver, their
omt Tf r Uiirtsnn Ipft ttie rltv Run-
day morning for his home In Selma, 0r twentv days, and while in the
Mr. Charles II. Rurrill, Secretary
and Dean of the Globe Publishing
pany, will leave Sunday morning to
nay a visit to his home. New York.
Mr. Burrill will be away about fifteen
best wishes of their many Nashville
It is learned that Mrs. Noel and
The International Order of Twelve
of the Knights and Daughters of Ta
bor opened the first session of the
twentieth annual convention in Boyd
Hall, Tuesday morning at half past
ten o'clock. After the usual prelimi
nary opening, a public meeting was
It is learned that Mrs. Noel and held at whlch time the following pro.
in infuiv u.t vs. uim wunc 111 uio f a. mrnrnr. iviikh . pnnip na.vn miiv lit;-i ....... ,
.... . , i. . i . . .i ' i cram me was carried our.:
? .uiL-jr wcul uio i Ala., alter navmg sptuit auuuu n wecu ast, win visit nis iormer Dome ana elded to spend the winter in tne west. Mucin
- ki.v.i tx.j ---- - i nere. nut. nuuiu uum unu iv. unLiipiin.L, riuviuciR-B, iv. 1. no wm inis action was tanen aiter me ue- wpi
enjoying themselves they honored the if the late ,Prof y. L. Cansler as Sec- also spend a few days in Washington parture of Henry Noel, Jr., for Den- ri:l.,
ij .great national holiday. By Proclama- retary of the National Baptist Conven- and Philadelphia. ver last Saturday. Mrs. Noel thinks
... H n n o nf mnnirinnl statfl and tne led-In-.. mi u i,,in in r off. n sii t ii, .. ... i , at. i i i IVcJ
Behalf of
& tions of municipal, state and the fed
eral government a specific day is dedi
cated each year to the Nation's toil
ers for assembling togetner ana eu
Hon. Thus he was here looking art
er the affairs of that office. When
seen -by a Globe .representative, who
i i ...1J.U Vm i- 4-1,
i o in. n...u,...0 v0 -1 nad a conversation wnn mm hl me
joying themselves after the manner of Natibnal Baptist Publishing House,
1 1 1 V- 11 UH u "
tion of this day sacred to toil, there is
no oilier national holiday so wholly
and universally appreciated and com
memorated. It appeals to the senti
ment and appreciation of the Nation's
greatest productive force Its laborers
upon which it depends for its pros
perity and general welfare
Afr "Rnrrill n'Virk ta nnn nf tVlA Tnit I i. ...ill Kv iwhaIi V.fif l-r. Via,, orwn'a
Hlli I'liiun, ii mr i.i .yiiv. ui. i.vy i.wMv, VV111 Uv 111UV.11 UllvTllv VJ llvl ova o
efficient proofreaders this country has I health, as well as recreation' for her-
produced, is one 01 tne most inueiai- self and daugnter, to sojourn in tne
liable workers upon The Globe forcie. Western country where the', winters
Thoufrh his name has been brought aro Ion? and tho climate Ideal. Thev
and who asked him whom the Conven- hfore the public less, perhaps than will possibly go via Chicago and spend
L 1 . . . 1 ,1 rxlLrtl. 1 TV "PtVlf P'lTlclDr C I ln'n Vior. nnnt nO-inf aA rt I 1- O 1 . ... 1 1 V. VIA.JM !, .
11U11 WUUlU citL ii iii. vimu.v.. I HIlj UI1 intyi; n 11111 mi.n iajui-iiuuicu a COUwIt? Ul Wceiva lilt
place. Prof. Hudson said, "You have the success of the paper, he has done and from thence to Denver.
asked me this question about fifteen more to place the paper upon a high
days too soon. I can only say that plane than any one associated with it.
for the present I assume the duties or jje has a wide experience covering a
elcome Address "On
Rev. C. H. Clark.
Response, Sir P. F. Hill, Nashville,
Welcome Address "On Behalf of
the Temples and Palatiums," Sir J. E.
Response by Sir J. B. Willis.
Welcome Address "On Behalf
o- n f I weicumv! vuuress un uenau
a couule of weeks with friends there, Tabernacles and Tents," Dt. Anna
n ti rl frnm fVionfo tr Donvpr I t 1
i Response by Dt. Jennie White.
. , . - . .. : Tuesday was a busy day for the vis-
tne omce as seuiewij, nu i o""' ponon ot iony yws upun houi ui vvnat proveu w u ui i uhj wwh, i jtorg ag ey all had to locate their
iipuu wiuui m u continue in this until a successor is the leading papers of the country and elaborate affairs: of the. season . was homes. Many of them had never
1 f, T ThT con7wntni fppiinB elected, which election will not oe ls endowed with a special sense Tor the dinner given by . Miss Mary, u seen this city before.
wMrt ?hl ' cnn enS lt held unl Monday. September 16 the news, which has made him almost in- Clark in honor of . Mr.:-A.,T.. Landers The Wednesday morning session
TwS thnnfveTsarfnDreiatL last day of thft Nattonal Convention valuable to The Globe. Thursday evening, August 29, at the was devoted to business of the Order.
S !L;vfv ? Ir which l Increas- its twenty-second annual session at Mr. Burrill will bo accompanied on home of her parents, Dr.. antf.Mrs. C. The delegates were to have gone out
the dignitj - of labor wnicii is increas Washingtont D. C. I feel that very his trip East by Mi. J. 0. Battle, ed- H. Clark, 610 Jo Johnston avenue.,The to Greenwood Park, but on account of
inh dim ii's t v uifaiii F.ii .few men lft the uenominatIon would itor of The Globe, who, besides spend- house was effectively decorated, with the general press of business the trio
. ... . . i un tna inTPrP'ftT. inn uuueuue. a. wui ikt n tpv r mvs in pw i dtk mttii li e i nnripn n anr. Him cul huwcit. mici uroo ahonri-
No class of American citizenship I Pul
.Ion t I", A 1
aa th work in the 'office that Prof.
Cansler did. We may be ambitious,
but we have not had the experience.
I would consider It an honor If I was
selected for the place." Prof. Hud
son was pressed for more, but would
tint talk for nubllcation. It is learned,
however, that he is the logical candi
date for the positlo
leading men In
fnvrvr htm. He
ciotn rf ALihnma. where ne holds
was more susceptible to the lessons of
patriotism, frugality and optimism
which the occasion suggested than
were the colored laborers who spent
Monday at Greenwood. All day long
the people poured into the Park, which
had many features of amusements fo
their enjoyment. There was a bij;
game of baseball between the National
Baptists and the Giants, which was en
joyed by an immense number of peo
pie; there was the skating rink with
its big throng of skaters and specta
tors; the shooting gallery with its vo
taries, and the merry-go-round with al
" . a:.. z hRnnnP- Mr. Jolinson ls aa old ac- friends.
The management of the Labor Day quaintamce of Prof. Hudson, having
entertainment at Greenwood should br known each other years ago in Aia-
congratukted on the manner in whicr I bama.
ivs in New YorK and tne potted plants ana cut nowers. r Alter was abandoned.
nthpr cities to bo visited by Mr. Bur- a dellsrhtful musical program the
rill, will visit his brothers in Camden, guests were invited Into' the dinlng-
N. J., and spend a few days at Atlan- room where a profusion of flowers and
tic City. other attractive decorations greeted
the eve. Here was seen . the. work
-A 1 1. - 11. i. . M.nl-AMAM H Y win T)V Hln
uniiiiuu i 11 w i i
Wednesday niirht at S n'rlnnk thA
Annual Sermon was preached by the
C. G. 0., at St. John A. M. E. Church.
On the third day and night the G.
T. and T. held business sessions.
To-day at 2:30 p. m., a grand street
i i Mint i un wild ik uiiHui Hiru 111 uci 1 lia runn wi in ;p nmro ar nio-nr a
The Earnest Workers of St. An- speciai 'nne. The , color-scheme was banquet will be given at the Boyd Hall.
n, and many oi tne cirew s rresoyierum mm;u iiu yellow and white. The,-ttaDle wltn a Line of march: Procession will form
the denomination win very successuu mwuas, un 2 superb service or sliver and ctiina, naa on Cedar street, move east to Cherry,
n. f.ivnre.T son In the before last at the home of Mr. and
fnv Itci iontorntpo a hftfliiUfliT Batten- I nni-th rn fTliprrv tn Tn Tnli ntfnn mro.
Mrs. Henry Bosworth, on Patterson
state of Alabama, wnere no minis mis. nem lundouu M, square over, yenow, noiaing a nue, west on jo jonnston avenue to
manv important positions amonig the street, and one last week at the home cut.gia9s vase filled with dahlias and McNairy street, south on McNairy
Baptists. He was entertained' while or Mr. ana Mrs. iioweis on vvuau ferng scattered over the table were street to Broadway, east on Broadway
u K,r -McViviilA business men and avenue. The interest at these meet- eisi,ro- r-anttar on vollow and white to Vine street, smith mi vino ctrPt
wnv?'rrnShin- rrowdl wd riders Nf by Mr. A. N. Johnson, the undertaker, inga is good and much good is being doiHes filled mintg ,and burnt to Lee avenue, east on Lee avenue to
ways i j iihuiuo uuwuo aiiu ii . j nno.p,i n in the Bovd done bv the members and their Limmo Tho nlaro enrda wp.ta of Summer street north on Snmmpf
white embossed with yellow flowers, street to Cedar street, thence to thr:
During the wine course Mr - J. O. Bat- Boyd Hall. Chief Marshal, Sir W. T.
tie, who hod been chosen, toastmaster Beck.
of the occasion, offered the- toasts, Secretary J. E. Edwards stated to
which were heartily responded to by a Globe representative that the meet
each one present. All, with a min- ing had proven a success in every
gling of joy and sadness, drank to the way. Delegates are in attendance from
health of Mr. Landers,, bade him nearly every state and from Cuba.
Godspeed and good-bye.- Those in- me international Order Knighta
vited to partake of Miss Clark's hos- and Daughters of Tabor is one of tho
pvervthine was conducted. There was
not a single fuss, fight or other dis
turbing incident to mar the peace and
. pleasures of the occasion. At some oi
the other parks (white) there were
v murder, fights and other disturbances
Pdv Mr. Pn.rtee. a Methodist minis-
tap nnmlll ptinir a series of revival
The fall term of the Colored De
partment of tho Tennessee School tor
tho Blind opened Monday morning,
September 2. with the largest enroll-
mont of out-of-town pupils ever re
nces ter conducting a series or revival cornea in me msuu-y tu uiu uwl l vited to partake of Miss Clark's nos- waugineis oi iaoor is one oi tne
1Ki,n nf thn dav mwir in Gibson County recently, 'Mis wouia nave i;uSn suu yuw ,t tv w3re Misses .Nellie K. King, umm in me country, ana
i So the colored oeople of the commun- was subjected to severe treatment at for the fact that -Monday was Labor Uvinla !McLem0re, Belma Mahan. has accomplished much good for hu-
S jty who assembled at Greenwood the hands of a mob last week because Day and many pn rents wou.u noi .mu Ruth Pearl MdKinney, Mr, and Mrs. J.
J ity who assembled at ureenwooa the hands oi a mu iai. utvu.....v i......j t , ' ; uiim rean muimiwkj, jh. uim mis. o.
- ? should fed proud of the fact that they 0f his utterances on the subject "So- the children on account of the heavy B,alne Boyd Messrg. FreKi; j.' Ewing,
--'passed the day in perfect peace and cial Equalities? of the Races." travel on that day. The faculty j Q Batte( D Bumbrey, Lovell
f: harmony, without a disquieting inci- The following evening after the ser- changed Just a little since last term. Landers, B. J. Hadley and L. S. Gray,
rtent mon referred to and as Rev. Partee The Principalship is still in the hands A of five C0Uirses consisting of
I - i .
was on his way to church, ne was in
tercepted by a gang of rascals ana
cruelly beaten, ne was mreatemu
Mr. V Hnnnnh nf 91 TwMlt.V- I With death, It IS Sa.lU, IL lie uuiimiimi
n Mr h nt.M ut his meetings. With tho prospect or
mW evenin such cutthroats
of her brother, Mr. Joseph Brown, of meetings for the so e Ppjse J murf
Indianapolis, who is here visiting for lerlng him for tho least : not
n few weeks. Games were the main to their liking, or which '1 bcnt
feature of the occasion, and an en- .they would be si . e to "lJon
ioyable evening was spent. Fruit, a pretext for carrying into execution
cos and cake were served. The guest their hellish f-T P
list included Mr. and Mrs. P. OHeal, tee could not choose it leave. On
nnfl Mr. .T. W Mavnerrv. Mr. reaching his home at Milan Tenn lie
of Mrs. S. M. Lowe. Prof. Neal has
tho fihon and Industrial work. Miss
Mvnie Mae Hunter, the Literary De
partment, while Miss Quenett Comp
ton has the place made vacant by the
resignation of Miss Wells. Tho pros
pects aro bright for a good year, says
Mrs. Lowe.
and Mrs. W. Manlove, Mr. and Mrs
It. North, Mrs. F. Bramlette, Mrs.
Wm. Perkins, Mrs. M. J. Smith, of
Louisville, Mrs. J. Childress, Mrs. E.
Laws, Misses Addle Allison, Sallie
Bramlette, Mayme Allison, Tu -Ella
Mayberry. Messrs. Ivo Street, Walter
Hoilins, Clarence LaPraae, Samuel
Hannah, Tom Bramlette, Oliver Dis
unite and Peeples.
One of the most simple yet beautiful
wA.lflinsrs was that of Miss Addle An
il nrs on nnn Mr. Thomas Hollands,
which took place at the home of the
hrirlp's mother. Mrs. Lizzie Anderson,
on Highland street, last Thursday
afternoon.. The shades were drawn
fm,mi nut. from threats being circu
lated that he was to be subjected to
Pm-tiior nprsocution by being driven
l III niv t" - - , ,
from his home in tnat town uy imi-
lums there in sympathy wit.u tne
other gang who had throttled tree
The creatures that prowl around
colored people's revivals in the coun
try, go there bent, on maiung iroium
n vih lprberous designs. One of
" .
these two purposes accounts tor ineir
presence at such religious meeting
ic nf nlni-Prt nconle. TllCSO S0111C
cvnika would reidilv murder colored
men were they to have the temeritv
m he haneing around the meetings of
white people.
It is not believeable that Rev. Mr.
Partee made use of any remarks so
Last Wednesday afternoon at half-
past four o'clock 'Miss Willa Maud
Hadley. of this city, and Dr. E. Lang
ston Faulkner, of Denver, Colo., were
quietly married at the home of the
bride. 1 HOO Phillins street. The wed-
the following was served;.
Fruit In Canteloupes. ;
Chicken. French Peas.
Asparagus. Hot Rolls.
Iced Tea.
Wine. .
Tomatoes. Ilollandaise Sauce.
Cheese Straws.
Ices. i Cake
Mints. Almonds.
The many friends of Air. Tolm IT
Caldwell, who was a student in the
high school department of this city,
will regret to learn tho sad news of
the death of his mother, which oc-
cured in Milan, Tenn., on August 17.
Mr. Caldwell had spent the summer
at Monteagle, Tenn., and was making
all preparations to be in Nashville for
I the opening of the school Monday. He
was summoned to the bedside of his
j grandmother, who resides in Milan,
Tenn., and was reiorted dangerously
ill. His mother, Mrs. Caldwell, who
jwas then in Chandler, Okla., was at
the same time summoned to the sick
patient. In fact, all members of the
The Lily of the Valley Club. No. 2.
gave a grand reception atthe. resl-
mue, i;'m i-iumps um, i nu '- dence or Mrs. Doney uiser, nib uay j ,. . ' , ,
1! U t- mni.4 VlOQU. . .. . j1.a rrl llTamllV hll 1)CM1 e'lllCll llOTIlfl llllf llO.
uii wiis vi-ij' Mimm, iuu Uv...i. street Monday mgnt. mose preseni . ;. - . , : ' V-. . .
ttn u,nuAi rniir tiii fnm. . ,c- irin..n -i fore tne arrival of Mr Pn i wp h e-
were Aiaaams iihv isutrt'ii. iwiitoii . . . . . .
Milam, Iena Roland, B. F. Milam,
Misses Alice Huddleston, Nellie Ram
sey, of Dickerson, and Miss Anna J
t if ul in its simplicity. Only tho fam
ily and very intimate friends were
Before the entrance of the bridal
party Mrs. C. O. Hadley sang a solo,
"As the Dawn." Then to the joyous
--trains of Lohengrin's Wedding March
fhe bridal party entered. The bride
'vas triven awav by her brother, Dr.
H. T. G. M.
Miss Hazel Thompson, of 209 Eight-
mother had re.nrhed the herlviflo nf
her mother and was suddenly stricken
with a fatal ilness. She ' died be
fore Mr. Caldwell could reach her, but
his grandmother improved rapidly.
The remains of Mrs. Caldwell were
taken to the new home at Chandler.
Mia.. tor nurl'il. It Is a so learned
tho ceremony that made them one. the young ladies enjoyed themselvs
After congratulations and a pro- listening to entertaining stories told
gram of music from Mis pes Sadie j by the wizard of the club.
1 i i
uereavea memners or the turn v nrn
well and favorably known in Nashville.
th In

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