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'All tilings come to them that wait, providing they hustle while they wait" Charles W. Ander$on. "Get out of our sunshine." R. H. Boyd.
Vol. II.
No. 36.
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New Jersey; the Woman's Xuxiliary tire denomination. All the delegates C. Bright, Ida Johnson, Amanda Alex
Convention, Louisville, Ky., Miss Nan- await his hour on program. It is ander, Clara Hightower, Bessie M.
nie H. Burroughs, Secretary; The Na- learned here that on account of break- Carter, Helena Lowe, Myrtle Blake,
tional Baptist Publishing Board, Nash- ing down while reading his report at Emma Thompson, Pearlie Dogan,
ville, Term., Hev. R. H. Boyd, D. D., the Convention two years ago (which Alice White, Clara White, Messrs.
LL. D., Secretary. Dr. Boyd is also was caused irom me heavy mental John Woods, Jesse L. Leach, Stanley
Secretary of the Home Mission Board strain and the continued incessant la- Cox, Ernest Brown, Thomas High
to the National Baptist Convention, bor performed by the Moses of the tower, David Alexander, Arnette Cof-
but its headquarters are in Little denomination), he will not attempt to fey, Samuel Meredith, Porter Davis DKILLIAiN I oULttSS DOLT NG
Hock, Ark. read his report this year, but this duty and Ira Davis. Mr. Jack Harris pre- .
One of the beautiful features of the will be devolved upon the Assistant
Convention is the magnificent music Secretary and Field Secretary. Dr.
A choir of one hundred voices marked C. II. Clark. Chairman of the Publish-
Cnmp Of ThP AhleSt And MOSt PrOm- the opening session. The choir was ing Board, will possibly precede the
sided at the piano during the evening.
inent Men Of The Denomina
tion In Attendance. .
One of the most Important deals in
dianapolis, Ind., Musical Director of the Convention will be given over to the annals of church history in Nash
the Convention, who has been in the religious exercise and a sermon, ville has just leaked out A Globe re
Washington for the past two weeks re- while Sunday will be a busy day with porter learned from a reliable
hearsing them for this occasion. The all the churches. A Mass Sunday source that the All Saints Episcopal
Major General Of Eastern And West
ern Hemispheres Received By
Major General Jackson.
NO AGENCY HAS DONE MORE TO musical and official program is much school will be held at the Metropoll- Church, which has been located for SUPREME CHANCELLOR cTAoife
in ivuMonno as pooh rleWcte la sun- hn Tlantist Phnrfh Tho TVriaolT, ... . i-mi nnitLLUK O I
imcdidt thf DFNOMINATION 111 v,,uw",v' , " 7 -v..... v.-.-. ..v, ulll,Uu, years at tne corner oi vvnan avenue ,,.,
INSPIRE TMt utiNuivn.NMi 1 pHed wUh one and the congregation Mass Meeting of the Foreign Mission and Cannon street will move in the MAKES GREAT RECORD DAILY
UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF joined the choir at each service. This Board will be held at S:00 o'clock Sun- near future to the beautiful church ed- PRESS SPEAK5 in mrurcr
FOR WHICH Tnt pih i iwmnu wun more 01 a reugiuus oiuer, aiiu
furnishes it with sucn singing as is
now being listened to.
Officers. nno nnrl Rivth avenue, Smith. This
church was formerlv occupied bv the
BIRTHDAY PARTY. white consrreeatlon and was commonly
Master Arthur JWjelvln Townsend, known as the Holy Trinity Church.
Washington, D. C, Sept. 12, 1907.
Special to the Nashville Globe.
The second day's session of the
Jr., was host of a beautifully planned The building has a commanding loca-
oirtnday party 1 uesday aiternoon, tion in South Nashville and is a beau
from 3 to 6. Promptly at 3 the pret- tiful structure, but the congregation
tily dressed little girls and boys be- that once occupied it outgrew the ed-
,.pf voMrmnl Pnntlst Convention waq 5 w..v-, .vpuuus, wwih-do i nce ana since mere was no ruom iui
fZHZX at K ! Si" and ??. - addition, they were forced to find new
...... i- i - -1 cv-mTn ns Mpnarrv IJnfvtvrcltv anI I x timi. it. ix t
10-00 nYlnek- this mnrnnz not.wit.h- ." - . '. rj . (umnwrs. vv uu iu aasisuiuuc i
tandine manv of the delegates had . , . x x.n.. xuuCCU, uvure ,iisnop uanor tne ah &ainis nurcu At Lieder kranz Hall Louisville
S lnZJ: 1? Jf;!S ot his parents was more than attract- succeeded in eettine this desirable Ky.. Mondnv mnmJ t' n il,
listened to the enchanting music from 'jf fJJ fle ? 5?r Q 0 Thf P?ien d ' e!?th session of the Supreme
I " r - . . I " --v-0. iuij,uia Ul i YLUiaH,
Special to the Nashville Globe.
Washington. D. C. Sept. 11, 1007
Tiip larirfiBt and most representative . . . ... . ta y,nr more homes. About 4:o0
organized body of Christian workers Vthers had arrived this morning! the Photographer, was on the scene Coombs, when asked by a Globe re- the largest and strongest organization
in the world, opened its twenty-sev- n,pst of th(?m were ln their paceg ind grouped the children for a pic- porter when they would move, said in the world, came tn order when Su-
pnth annual session in tne ftieuui"- aR(, listened with attention to the re- lu,- ?11.TUUU8 TZ,. l7Zt Upended altogether upon now soon preme Chancellor Fl ulis for the fifth
tan Baptist Church, "ii" sireci, inoi ui- t Qf the Foreign Mlsslon Board by s,e, B",m IUI Uto au- the building could be prepared. Miicn time struck his gavel. There sat be
eign iviission worw uy iiisiiiisuisiicu 1 , , , , 1 " t lioc xxxcu uu iu meir
delccafs and active workers in for- ca e' candy ancl bananas- The ,color the inside, which will begin at once, several communities have stood the
. .. , I scheme wns rel and white Nesrn I iwrn " niin.mj tPTtVion. Pwmha toot oni r.w.n x 1, . .
eisrn ric'ds. rne entire ciay as pro- , . , " vc tuuuuu '"'' v.w, v..,w tu ue it-aaers 01 ineir
rranimed was carried out in proper ,VC" , , u "tnat our cnurcn nas ueeu. gieauy ycupie ana examples ot business integ-
stvle. Thousands of men and women "-uc movnuou. penemea ana tnat our iueiuuersmy inj. me jnignts or Pythias is a bu-
serged to and fro around in and out Hearts, line aoors, can ope with ease, win grow rapiaiy, Decause we wm ue wm'ss insiuution. rne Supreme Pre-
tinn includes North America, bouth
America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Porto
men. Australia and insular, posses
sions of the United States. This Con
vention has a woman's auxiliary con
vention in connection, and rfcpresenta f building but on the whole the To very, very, little keys,
more centrally located, and many of! late, C. D. White, invoked the divine
. . I. i I ' L Llil. V i . .4 . m I -' I ' . I . . ' .
t rnmi.ined membership, accoiuin0 u .,,,,,(. tntnrwtaA rpmainpH in Hnnrs And don t foreet that, two are these.: our members can attend that have Diessings and the real mnrhinorv nt
the latest statistical report, of about notwithstanding the building is not a 'I thank you, sir,' and 'If you please.'" heretofore remained away from the organization which directs the
two million and a nan
mated that fully 5,000
half. It is esti- tMrd Jarge enougn to accommodate Many and choice tokens with well- church." There will be few congrega- uniform ranks which has attracted
,000 Visitors ait n ,,,i nurlinnpp The Rprmnn to-1 tions in this cltv occupying a more much favorable attenti
iere. Special trains reached the city was an eloquent one, it was de- were presented the little man from desirable spot of worship than the All mng its sessions last Sunday, had be-
ast night and this morning from At- ivem, by Rey A g JackS0n, D. D., parents, relatives and friends. Choice Saints. Sn to move.
ant?, fin.. Chicago. 111., NeW Ulieanb, n.11na Tp..a TTp tonlr for his sub. m 1 the bupreme Chancellor nmii t PC.
La., and otner noun ; "n Meet. "The Triumph oi His cross," Winchester and Pulaski. Five dol- MRS
..utinns were concentrateu, turn siuo.
trains made up. Some of the most
prominent members of the race are
here either as delegates or as visitors,
unr an elaborate program, which has
already been arranged, promises to
hold the National Capital spell-bound
tVivmnriiniir the sessions.
The 'President of the Convention is haye bcen thrown open for the recep
ltev. E. C. Morris, D. D., of Helena, . . vistors Denominational lines
making a scholarly and well delivered Mora jn monev was nresented him.
sermon. Washington is doing herself which will be deposited in the "One
honor, and is deporting herself admir- Cent Savings Bank' on interest. The
ably by the nospitaDie way in wnicn following is the guest list: Carrie
she is entertaining the distinguished Hodce. Herbert Fite. Adam Crowder.
visitors within her gates. She is weP
deserving the name and place she oc
cunies in the nations. Their homes
1 f xu Jrtnnt n
ah.- whn is serving nis luihccuiu
' it was he that
consecutive iciui. -
called the Convention to order to-day,
after the interesting praise service
conducted by Rev. C. H. Hughes, ot
Alabama, and Wm. Hightower, of Mis
sissippi. The addresses of welcome
and greetings from local organizations
were all of the highest order, and por
trayed the hospitality of the residents
in the nation's capital.
Rev. M. W. D. Norman, A. M., u. u.,
pastor of the Metropolitan Baptist
Church, where the sessions of the
Convention are being held, delivered
an address in behalf of the church;
Commissioner B. F. McFarland, in be
half of the District of Columbia; Rev.
n.c.r. Waehimrtaa-'Lee. D. D., LL. v.,
m, nf the Mt. Vernon Baptist
Church, in behalf of . the 1 Mm islets
Union; Rev. W. J. Howard, in behalf
of the churches of the city; Rev. S. L.
rwnthers. D. D.. in behalf of the de
nomination; Mr. Thos. L. Jones, attoi
ney at law, in behalf of the young peo
i0'q nfieties. These were followed
by responses in behalf of the Conven-
tion, led by Dr. vv. n. iuu, .
This convention 1 i"'u"1
boards with .secretaries
n j1 -
in fharsre OI lueht;
different cities
here, and will
1. 1U n,v iron 1 1(111
,,,.11-p their reuoris iu uw wu
rr!, President's annual address was
delivered at 2:30 this aftevnoon to , a
hi house. It was received enthusi
. .7, 'u , w his hearers. He made
: recommendations for the better
ment of the denomination and the
Z"Llnn. He has repeal edly been
stv 0 1 as one of the best pari amen
Srians and presiding offers in tin
The report of the National Benefit
n.,i Rev. A. A. Cosey. Correspo.m
c.'. krv nf Mound Bayou, Mis
was made and followed by an add ess
,ua ' ti Tnnn. of Jackson. Miss.
UVl other Boards of the Convention
,nko their reports during
llul " T ; renresonted as fol
lows' ThoVoreign Mission Board, lo
10 x T....0viiifi. Kv.. Rev. L.
caie t , R ' tarv: National
iorv7 tt 'nnnvA. located at Nashville
In M R.W. D. Isaac, P. D See
.,.. the Baptist Educational Board
Rev. D. S. Kluh; D. D., Secretary
Henry Hill, Tennie Odie, Ellen Odie,
Cordelia Stockell, Lillie M. Tyler,
Samantha Jones, Geo. Grady, Levy
Grady, H. Talmage Chappelle, L.
Palmer flhm.nnelle Pnherta. Tlrtstie
have been erased, and all are Baptist Mattie L Bostic, Helen Johnson, So
for one week. To-morrow will be giv- nhla Linton( Rosa Bell Stubblefleld,
en over to tne report 01 uie u. 1. r. u. R M Darden K. M. Darden, Willie
Board, itev. w. w. v. isaac, v,unr
spondirg Secretary, the most eloquent
man in the denomination. In the tore-
noon a sermon will be delivered by
Rev. J. W. Goodgame, of Anniston,
Ala. The afternoon has been set
apart for the report of the Education
al Board by the new Secretary, Rev.
D. S. Kl
a heated
port, as nothing has been done con
cerning tne esiaoiisnmem ui me iv-
tional Baptist Theological Seminary,
which the Convention voted last year
tn locate in Nashville. Tenn. It will
into inany
and managers
Boards located in
These secretaries are
Toseph McClennon. J. W. Bostic, Jr.,
F. A. Stewart, Annie Stewart, Winnie
Corinne Hart, Dayton Arabelle
Hart, Kizzie Lillian Hill, El
bert Vaughn, Theo. Fite, Jesse Co
Mitchen, Daisy Martin, Hardy Mc
Cullough, Jr., Marie Hill, Cornelius
I TY On A Min O XI .
MOORE RETURNS TO HER "u"ua ttiJi"u-s 01 tne memoers an-
nOlinepd that a Ti.ii-1
HOME IN TEXAS. known ag the Eagtern and Westen;
Mrs. E. M. Moore, of Waco, Tex., Hemisphere, had withdrawn from that
who has been visiting Mrs. E. Tyree, organization to return to the mother
of 15 North Hill street, left for her lodge, and that the representatives of
home last Saturday. While here Mrs. the only Grand Lodge in that particu-
Moore was .the recipient of many lar jurisdiction had come to Louisville
courtesies, and expressed herself as to bo re-obligated and to take their
being very much elated over her visit, places in the original institution Afri-
She visited some of the Important can Pythianism.
Places in Tennessee and made a fly- The regular dress parade took place
Ing trip to Louisville, Ky., to attend Monday afternoon at 5 o'clock and
the biennial session of the Supreme throngs of people were present. At
Lodge, Knights of Pythias. night two thousand attended the grand
Mrs. Moore is a teacher ln the High military reception and promenade at
school of Waco, and one ot tne ieaa- tne coliseum.
ing women in her State in every good
The Louisville-Courier Journal had
the following to say editorially con
cerning the meeting:
B. R. C. SERMON. ine colored Knichts nf Pvthiao nt
A new organization known by the J"5 World, in session here this week.
organized by Mr. Ben ,,avc " aitogetner excellent im-
.ra uy me uCv. 0-.e .,, vaiurhn. Robert Tipton, . R. D. Hall, A new organi
thigh. It is expected that quite . a,',. c A . T 'narno nf n p r
Ed discussion will follow his re- . c, r.n ioP v,nH itc firct cermnn nrenehe Pressiou. the orderly method in which
. m in rY V - o hnon firxno PrtTl- I ' ' - 1 1 1 . . . I tnov nnira . A A 1 1 1
Gray, Daisy Bradford, Sunday afternoon, September 8, at y " meir ousiness,
ton, Walter Anthony, Nebo Baptist Church, by Rev. John e gentlemanly manner in which
Brown. Luth9r
J. B. Singleton, Jr., Jno. W. James and Slaughter. After the sermon speeches y've borne themselves, and the
A. M. Townsend. ... were made by Lawyer J. W. Grant r ,J, 1 appearance tney
F N Greene. The members of '""cmeu 111 paiaae, nave elicit
organization wore beautiful f general comment and commenda-
hadeeR of blue. They have for their 11 Pleasure to note such
After the young set had departed and
i u..nA fViof rv-if riavirl Ah
ue ''"'."'o at th time their several homes the following the
ner. Jr., of Texas, was at that time x.. . . ' ua
elected Secretary, but was no Mtive. q Townsend's birthday, which object the reformation of the young, fjid noes of p, -ogress on the part of
hence Revs Klugh was selected, but rwnw ru- o . their race, and the Courier-Journal is
nothing in the way of opening tne 7 ' oxr ... M?iad thus to voice the good will of the
school proper has been done. I A' Vr " Miss KAnrvo nuiwncu, city toward them."
1 T T- l i -r-v A "T T i.
n.mn i tn he addressed bv 'riRgs, i.aura .i. unoues, v. a. tiart,
f-, I Ctl 1 .,Jilviniwii - .
1 hursday,
Pmf Pooker T. Washington, ot lus
kogce Institute, Alabama. This will
I t '1 I rlin I .. ... .aa I - " - -
... i I mm f r. I ,1 I Xr. rt..WrrA I Li"" - - ..w. . uiUL II V JlilS Illll. SHPI
by right of his connection witn tne ae- lCrt 1Jli.nWa u u, present were Misses Lillian in many a year and perhaps the fare-
nomination, and they have in these essrs creim and cake, w arermejon, , stoclell Marle stockell, est and most imnressive in the hictr,,
. .. v.! n nm-ilfn I HI IIS .III VI I (IV. A I Pn Vt'H I.IlRni-l ' .... . . I . .. -- . - ... ...v. "i.tuii
past rnree years nivt-u unu a v.w.wi.. -- - - . - -w ------
, J. B. Singleton,' J. B. Bostic! h?,nor,fS Ulliai1 "tJI w aT"f lhe1colorert KniS,,ts f fythias!
n Misses Battle Bender ,md vllle- last Friday evenin e no,use who "ave been so largely in evidence
- i i i .an i I WHX I lt-H 11 I.I 1 II 1 I V liriAil QLCU LllO LUIUiO I III lil NV II Hit M'tin I.' ll'nn H T 1 1 . J-t K.
i ' v, nnncopntlve venr that Dr StOCKeilS, Mrs. lOWnsent . A tempt- ' . . ... ,ot, . quinary
he.the third consecutive year tnat - xhrMUniirM moilll ,irna cvn, ' being green and pink. The table was day, and such a day for both visitors
Washington has addresseu mis o gmi- Vinm ehie en tnffer decorated with white and pink oarna- and for Louisville! There was a pa
ction. Dr. Washington is a delegat" I . JJr"?', i . ... .- tions. A two-course menu was served, rade like which that, citv hlt J
rfUK, uiVilll, 1CU It'll, piCKies, MUUt'd T,TJccnc Lillian l
invitation to accent this prominent
place on program. One of the largest
auditoriums in the city has been sa
nircd for the occasion, and it is ex
"ected that the crowd will be larger
then the one in Memphis last year,
selves highly and departed at a late
hour, wishine the doctor a lone and
prosperous life.
where fully ten thousand people neaid their annual party Friday evening,
him sreak when he was at his best. ApotlPt .10, ,nt the residence of Dr. and
Aside from this the most important Mrs. p,, jy. Bandy, on Lafayette street,
work will come Saturday afternoon Tjle home, with its beautiful furnish
when the Secretary of the Home Mis- intrs. the handsome young men and
sion isoniu oi me (."nvniuim i"' wiunnu pins in their summer
?ecretnrv of the Publishing Board will -tresses, all with smiling faces filled
Beatrice Vaughn, Tobitha Claybrooks, of the Negro race in freedom There
Rosa Shelby, Irene Nixon, Geneva were 5,0(10 people, including 3 500 sol-
Bender, Ella C. Darden, Anna L. Rob- diers, who marched like veterans be-
inson, Lula Kissell, of Clarksville, hind inspiring strains of martial
Messrs. John Flemmlng. H. McPrlde, tunes. The streets through which the
Miltnn Darden. P. Stephens. D. San- rarade passed were lind u-uh ,.n;
The young nien's Oi ill Club gave derS( g Turner, Samuel L. Carter, three and four feet deep.
Samuel Houston, Dr. Lynch, Mark Bsides the soldiers, the parade con
Bonner Wm. Wade, B J. Hadley. sisted of the Supreme Lodge officers
Thos. Cotten, Orlando oorhies and Supreme Representatives ?n,
Perry Bond. Lodge members and the SnnrPm,
f x y x" . '
i.ouri ot caiantne
BLIND HAHRI8, two miles of
mate his report. Dr. R. H. Boyd, u.
D. LL. D.. of Nashville, Tenn., occupies
the position as Secretary of both
Boards, and he has conducted from his
office in Tennessee the gveat work
that has been accomplished by these
two Boards.. It is known that
w'th plensure.p resented a scene to.
which even Aladdin's wonderful
'amn might make obeisance. The
decorations of ferns. Japanese bn-
'erns and flowpirs were all tastefully
"ranged, wh"e the lovers of the
Trn?icborein art. trioped the licrht
. . . . , 1 u-.. - I
Dr. Boyd in his report maKcs .im u fnntn-PtJc toe until twelve o'clock
the only substantial showing in the wben fl dPl2:ntful three-course menu
way of business enterprises that the waR PervH Mrs Bandy, the hostess,
dcnom.iration can boast of. His re- ,m.Pfl Pafi, s0?t wlth dpicious Irap.
r-ort at tne i (invention last jmi no Tnow nrewnt were Misses here has been elected to teach in the
the greatest in the history of trie en-iKittle pavlS) Cockrill Loola'clty school of Oklahoma City, Okla,
Then came the
Carriages containinf
Blind Harris, the Pianist and Vocal- 'hose who came to visit the Sunreme
1st, who is somewhat kown to the Lodge and the colored citizens of Lou-
people of Nashville, and who has trav- 'sville, who followed. On the steps
eled extensively throughout the conn- "f the old Jewish synagogue, at Sixth
try giving recitals, is visiting his sis- nd Broadway, where the troops passed
ter, Mrs. Sarah Ca&e, iwi liardin.,' I "i ieview, tnere were banked several
street. ' mousana people, and on either side of
the streets ton bjocks each way a
'-owd of people watched the parade.
There- were no end of cheers.
Booker T. Washington addressed a
large audience on Friday evenisg,
Miss Salome Harris, who for quite
i while t?ught in the county school
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