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modern, strictly high class and dls-1 "It affords me great pleasure to com- NASHVILLE MAN SERVING ON
' . . i t.tV. nA) dltWora nf TMochvHIP I Tur nniiiiirmn.. ......... ..... .
tinct vely the best, liow couia we nope iu lu w,..
to succeed if we did not give tne Desi: xeuu., uu. wuol ttU11UJ ,
'There is room at the top, write one a. ix. ouuuauu,
fl J- ln.,ltnrr ua rt h la MtV SlgnCQ.,
T,f iv, rviono havfi taken in "James T. Peterson. The fact that Nashville would he
llldb 1 a3 LUV fcJl v " I 1 '
;BPv, irp" Aug. w, xu. . representeu was not known until Frl-
aay or last week, when a telegram
oub disadvantage. From Dr. R. F . Boyd, A. ax., m. u., irom rroi. t. j. (Jalioway was re
VirtUU UOILUJ WUUOvHUJ ui jviaii, vi vv.,vu ui lino t-icj Ujr dUi . l. Kj. XSiX
..mi. . i 1-1. n Vl a I nnl.IVA Tonnnaaon OTlH ClinrOTnW I nlpr Invltlnr i i T)i rv ii I. nfni - r.nt4tA
ine Stranger lauuis uuuci vnittiitAio vi icuucooot aLAiu uujivmi, .w. mm w t,v;v;cy, ti, liumuuu
great disadvantage of not being ac- Medical Register and Surgeon General on the juror's stand for awarding
-..,T,fo mt fco hna nn pnemies to nf Knights of Pvthlas. N. A.. S. A.. E.. Prizes. Mr. NaDior ap.pp.ntert hv xurc
uuaiuivu, ajiav "w i u i. - . I ...... J . . .. v.
. . , . f in. 1 i-loli o a I A A A TT O Toll TJVivc ..-..an a n n l nnri liff i ! -t. lrt,.A. 04 1
punisn, tnereiore, wjlu guuu nau a,, a. auu a., j. o,n iuj"uuu uio i.ii., ia&i. oaiuruiijr sveu-
for self and others, we ask that the surgeon in Chief Mercy Hospital and ing for Norfolk and Jamestown, where
T.eonle whatever their station in life, s. s. K. and D. A.: ' he is at present serving with the
come and see our outnt ana piaco oj. -ao vvnom xnxa may vvnwm; commission, ah oi tms week is be-
business and see us ana sausiy uicm- -n giyes me pleasure w rauiumcuu syeni, in awaraing tno most wor
selves wnetner we are wurwj -i air. a. in. jouuauu, nuvm i eAiumtuis ana exumits prizes.
confidence and support. See li we known well and favorably for a great This is but another recognition for I
nr. in iht standard. There man v vpara as a flrat-class business Tennes?PA at lnvp-a nnfl Kachvillo in I
illCAoUl C v , - - " 'w w A MMJU w
will, no doubt, be the usual prejudiced man and upright citizen. He possesses particular. It is learned that when
and misinformed, so if interested, and an excellent training in anatomy, it comes to selecting men of brain.
in doubt, ao us trie Kinaness iu uuiucpvnicn piaces aim in tuo nuut lumva prominence ana intelligence, many
j a no Tn nthAr Wfirrtfl. Wft WOUld I oc on F.mhalmftr. Hft has been a SUC-Ipvoq oro tumoH frMrntl-. flrt hlnrU
H UU OCO UOi v vu- , . w , - - 1 w - - iwjvn M. v VU vu TT U.1 U.O VUCi 11 IV
UC giaU LV IXXV jw. vvwufcu umuv v. - " " ' V. 4ltti3UUUC XT1 , lULJiCl Will
. Ala, and Mempnis m mis siatb possibly visit the National Convention
and I believe him worthy of confidence in wnshi
I - - I wtw-- .0 wvu. MUbUtUUJ V A f m 1 I,-
and business support among my peo- day. ne js ue to reach Nashville
uci I .VMAUfM MEN SAY OF 4" .. ... "ijf ubai ween.
V V E k. k. W T ' I
"R. F. Boyd."
Rev. Dr. Welch, Presiding Elder of
Tuscaloosa, Ala., Sept. 1. Eleven
itv ac xn wis ability AND the A. M. E. Church, says: thou
i 111 " - - I . , -.11 v u..v .S '4VJ .UV 11M
ao uic ariiitv and "I am prompted by my personal college .located at Birmineham. in
L-r a Mni m p knowledge of Mr. A. N Jobnson's busi- one effort ls
t .'STANDING. i ness ability and practical experience achievemfcnt oI the Afro-Americans of
i i a-. i ina nnc i n oaQ i. V 1 tyi 4h& ToirnrQhlfl nrtri. ... .
Ave nave kuuwu uu uuD i u mmcuu uim tv uw Alabama in tne Colored Methodist
AVith Mr. A. N. Johnson for a number sideration of my people as a first-class EpIscopal church, in a great educa-
'years; we nave always wuuu mm unaerumer ana ruueiui uwecwi.
r.i wahle in his dealings with us, and "I. H. Welch."
' tidej him reliable and a man who
is k ble of carryins out and wh0 From Mr. W. W. Banks, Head Wait
will i 'nry out any contract ue ui.j er Maxwell House:
Memphis Coffin Company,
J. T. Willingham, Pres
"Nashville. Tenn., Aug. 14, 1907.
"To Whom It May Concern'.
tional convocation held here last
week. This represents the largest
effort ever made by Afro-Americans of I
the South to collect mcnev for their
own education, and the fact that Buch
a large amount of money could be se
cured from the meager purses of the
. i- T . . y.V rr Vio IMrv I 1 s fiii n A Viirvi f Vio o trnni I . .
President w J- uuwn- 'aJ'a 1UUUU w UG a liisnop K. s. Williams, of Augusta,
Bank & Tru' uomyituj, ni.i, t,a.v,aw uyiJ6Ut ttUU WU3UCUWUUO uuw0 ua tne jjiStl0p o ttie diocese in
hi. hanvi,,; business was done, says man. He is thoroughly reliable, fully which Mues Memorial Coliece is lo-
that he is "a prosressive substantial capable of putting into execution any cated ed the hosts f black Y lQ
... ff rt"vn i mi iiiim irnn r.,1111- i n mjiiu i u i i i vi v i-iiii i r'lii inti r. n.nii iitu i x i ii i a j. i. i . .
man,, with edu. w " .rrr'7' una ooaie io mis accompnsnmenL sim-
I I Tl (J I'M H ' V HI 1 1 1 Mill I I IV I.U lUCrL O.L1 V I 1 I. 1 I XI il . A
, . . iny uy snowing 10 mem ine urgent
and every obligation he may deem to necessity of concerted action in order
T f M i.
A MAnIT11C3 1 11 I il T"- I 111 I I I M M K lit.a 1111 1 i
rir Prtniror t vvasningwn sap. - , mat a creuitaDie cnurcn insutution
,.r-v??k!' 7- r,nv neople from ' I take great pleasure in commend- ja. q erected in Alabama, and
vve uavtJ a veiv j- , v.,f ir,tr him aa a man nf hnnnr and in-1 . ...
the South whom ve co.nia e ". ,7; PhrTnTpntil Iro.m. every PesiQing eiaer s district
runnAi nnrn Mr i ohrt.son wBO v w '"" ana trom every minister came money
7,r "Vrr ' : thrt fttle and man
ounfiDcci'til aa well nS Cftni. XJj6ni-OUO
DILVVjLUIi UO 1 ' V. "11U
, v ....v... ... vuivu iium uie meager uursea oi un
TViic ia i-n nortifv that T havft Irnn-wn i i. i n.. .m
. pwyit). byeaKa vuiuuies iur tne win
mr. a. juuuouu iui iud icui mtwu mgness or tne Southern black peo-
r . nivt-Awi v.Anva nTii miirincr Trior tittio i . . . . .
uic lu ueii uitjmstjivtjs
Parlor an
One of the most beautiful pictures in the home, a
church or a Sunday school, is an organ one that
is built to suit the home, the congregation and
the financial condition of the people. This is what
a National Baptist organ will do.
"W. W. Banks."
men in the entire Southland." v
From Hon. C F. Johnson, Disi rljj
Grand Master Grand United Order ;
Odd Fellows, No. 23 Jurisdiction .
Alabama, and General Manager Union
Mutual Aid Association:
"I am delighted to add a word of
testimony regarding Hon., A. N. John
son, whose business I have watched
for years, noting its growth and de
velopment, and in my extensive trav
els, it was far in advance of any I
have seen in this country. I congratu
late the citizens of Nashville in cap
turing a race man of his ability, re
liability and stability, and hope his
operations will be attended with the
degree of success he merits and de
serves. I commend him to the Frater
nity as a worthy member of Hobart
Lodge, No. 4813, and faithful to the
Order in Alabama."
From Rev. A. N. McEwen, D. D., Ed
itor The Baptist Leader, President
State Mission Board of Alabama and
pastor of Franklin Street Baptist
'Hon. A. N. Johnson is one of the
best business men in this country,
and without a superior in embalming
and funeral directing. He kept the
finest funeral cars, carriages and am
bulance in Mobile. He is the greatest
directing genius In conducting funer
als I ever met. His handling of the
corpse, the mourners, the officials at
the home, the church and in procesr
sions always won my admiration. He
is peerless in his general conduct of
funerals, always on time and foremost
in the ranks of his profession. ua
is worthy of the highest success,.
"A. N. McEwen.'
From Hon. James T. Peterson, the
largest owner of realty in Alabama:
To Whom it May Concern:
"I have known the Hon. A. N. John
son since 1887, and during that period
of time I have had unlimited oppor
tunities of judging his character and
standing in this community among
both white and black, and I can can
didly say he is one of the leading men
of the race, not only in this section,
hut thronchout the entire state. He
bears what I might term an enviable
reputation among all classes of citi
zenship for honesty, probity of char
acter and open and straightforward
"Mr. Johnson is considered an ideal
business man, practical embalmer, a
thorough undertaker in every sense of
the word, being courteous, affable,
tlemanlv in his bearing. I know
"Nashville, Tenn., Aug. 24, '07.
"To Whom It May Concern:
and from every minister came money
that represented the hardest difficul
ties in their earning and the sheerest
sacrifice on the part of the donors.
An extensive program was rendered
during the week of the convocation,
if crinco m a th PTpntPst nleasure I ,i-,-.,i n., j v.. niv,
av b o - - wiuuicooca uuug ucuicicu uj xjiouup
i A n nt net m nn v In Vinh n 1 f I r r ta t a t- t-v-
lw u a YTuiu ui ii.ouu.uuj - 1 isaac .uaue, ur. jumes a. uray, ui.
nf VTnti A M .Tnhnson. thfl new under-1 tv, nr rmm.) ti,. n it TnMno
IUL , I tj villi V . UUUClti A1. J. 11. 1UU1H9, 11 .
taker, who has decided to locate and N c cjeaves, Dr. J. D. Hammond,
.ii Vmalnoca In NnshvUle. T can sav I c..i-.,.. t.- j . s ht tr nv.....v.
v iiuwvm. " - i ot'ci t;uii y kjl Aiuujaiiuii, m. iu. vjuuiuu,
A.tlilti Viof la trnrirl nf him nfltn I n i. j n mi.- 1.1.1
;jrfcu"6 ' aoutn, anu many otuers. ine votai
I a Citizen and business man. I have amourit of money in actual cash con
nn him from boyhood and nave tributed at the convocation was $11.-
every opportunity to study and 3o4.49. Of this amount the ministers
wn oIs character. As a business Isters themselves, in the two Alabama
learu , . i,Qa nrt cnnprlnr and few ui.i.j i ht
man i " ioniei KIiCCS, UUUUlUULeU iJi,J.J.I.
fnno'i. Reliable, 'honest, intelligent, prof James A. Bray, President of
nn.tn da.tP ' be Is oWy capable u College, Jackson, Tenn., was
UP-tO-date, xTnaVitrnio rat.rlnaa BPrvlffi , . . . . r
nf o-ivino- eiectea rresiaert o: ine Miies iviemo-
?n hiJ line As a cl' h! WJ1 ""n rial College, and will take charge of
1 m t dili W9 ftddUl0D t0 ?S the work as soon as he can be re-
ItSk for him f4?prt,Mlh"Jli leased from his duties at Jackson,
co ODeration of ?l thAf ?ple,w JL? Miles Memorial College has been re-
him ti be woitl v of tUelr full6St Cn" cently removed from Booker City to
fidence fend estee 8Dectfully
T "P. G. Smith."
" Sept. 5, '07.
iNasnviue, ieu use and geR
I have had occasion Tohnson at
the services of Mr. A. ,Khliy sat.
Mobile, Ala., and they w ere n. h
jsracTry in every yi""""-" d rea-
iv r at
Rasti artfully.
, F. A. Stewart, A. .M., M. D.
Nashville, Tenn., Aug. 21, 1907.
To Whom It May Goncernn
I takie pleasure in stating that 1
have kn own Mr. A. N. Johnson, late ot
Mobile, Alabama, for Quite a number
of yeans. I have htvd considerable
dealing with him and nave
nloooiiro nf vialtlnir his Place Of bUSl-
ness wh.ile he was located in Mobile,
Alabama, and I make no hesitation in
c..,irw. 4 r.nf T nnnaliW . T. JOUnSOn
oai ill: 5 .uiu .
among the foremost busint w men 01
o.n.inlnlan(a T filRfl Pfin 'SJfler uim
a nvin of tact and push, and f1"1"
shoi ild he locate in the city 1 Nan
vin that the citv will be cratly
ben jefited, and those who come 1 'Con-
1 .ii-u vim nnn malro nn mlstl viB in
Lav. L W1U1 mm van au" ,
im posing the highest confidence i u
ho nesty, integrity and promptness
Respectfully submitted,
1 R. H. Boyd,
Sec'y Nat Bap. Pub. Board.
The parlor organs are in three
Style No. 2 is 5 octaves, action
Bt oak case only.
Style No. 3 is 5 and 6 octaves,
oak case only.
Style No. 5 is 5 and 6 octaves,
case is oak or walnut.
Style No. 75 is our new de
sign. It is quarter sawed, golden
oak polish and is put up in a six
octave case.
Birmingham, and now enters upon an
epoch in its history that bids fair to
1. A11AJ UU m.. 9 v.ll'V. A nA
ue lineu wim cveuw ui pirn auu mu-
ment in connection with the uplift of I
the youth in that great church.
Mr. and Mrs. IT. B. Burrus, of Four
teenth avenue, North, entertained
R. H. BOYD, Secretary,
t U T. Pnn1pr nf KhatoHU Tfrmn.. STIRRED UP.
hrv ilnv,l Mnrris Northine- havine been duly aDDOiatftd amd tuali- East NaehvUle ls stirred from cen-
etATi . J - " - ... . x - i- i m tn u j n
- 1 ,!,. Tinti IXKir t'nrrla! nH QO o1TnlnlQTrTnr fVT T.H MIJUH Oil I ur lu dri: u uiir 1 euutj. laveuuvuj lO
.-111.1 111.-! I r II.. .1111 I X V , 1 . lliii I 111,11 (1.1 UAiUilUAU V W b i. - . - - -
with trames. and dancing was also in
dulged in. At a late hour they were
-shered into the dining room where
elaborate menu was served. Those
nt were Mesdames Maud Blank-
UO IbUUilUAUbt MW Wfc " " " I - -
i Aihfirt wnnr,s Kdwnrd W. L. Cansler. deceased, kerehy Btlfy on nettles. Little groups can be seen
, , i iv- l- U .
')i,., w ' rr r n i I 1 1 i(nt. i on TAftronTi o mnpnTPn rn i m .h ul i n nil i.nr.i t. . nuiim lli avaaa & iu iluuvi
ton, of
Y WUS, 11, U. UUl I Ul LJClDVllO luuuivu w " " I " v
iTierson i r Boge llyie Misses the deceased to sttl the same with tonea and others proclaiming to the
r, a i'. HatUe Polk, Josephine hue, and all persons having claims top of their voices. Never Deiore m j
Rosa Anarew. Frlerson, Willa igainst said estate are kereby notified the history of Nashville has such ex- I
ir" VV inn Ft el Frierson, Annie, to tile their claims with me witnin T.ne citemeni reinea in uie jobl Dmw.
T- n..!.,, Hnn usi ''ifOlo. luuiuao Lime jicin.iiuvu u; ", v I - .
Eriima, laiDy mn s George Jordan, same will be forever kwred. caught the fever of excitement and
" 1 ' - ll't .me n 1 I r n r- M T-1 U r I HT1 Tl A1TF . 1J I M 1 .T 1 . I ,111' I 11I 11IILS1 T 2L2111111L1 L.ilt;il lUUUll
t nl.V Thnnillii uiuinuio, to.i-i naouiuiu, vu. -"o 1 i - -
J.ames Black, inom.u. 010 4 nnirti nupst.lona. But trv as thev
mav. the information desired can only
lie had bv askinc Rev. Win. Flacjr or
some of the reliable members of his
7 T . itt at wooas, uuvia
Wanhliipton. W. Prazla". Valter Mor-
4JU1U1 , , .
Tll 1-
ti Ki warn x uuv, ii-
i ienrv 1 nif-i dh, - , .
lv 1 -.-.-..I rpt,nr,intnn .Tnmes
TiPQt Frierson. ii.an mumy - uu.l uubm - . .
TTnrfihi Noah Spain, Isaac .Williams, Lrt6U8 affair occurred Monday about
Jiaruina, iuan r 1 TVin.i ii. . v . iwhtri
Joe Saullers. Sem v imams .uiu
nie Param.
P.rom Prof. J. H. Clarke, President
if rMnpinnati College of Embalming:
"1'our ability and skill will sure,
"bring you success in Nashville."
nt, Tho funeral services over the re-
' naa..J
ti',,0 Mhprt?, Pone were sol
ctanizod at Plo.asr.nt Green Church
. . t rn. . ,1 .lll I'llllll-'l il L. n- V,
lUSt Buuiuii, "... , a
. i,.,.v tjovo .T c Ficm3 ana A.
ir ,nn,iiirtpd the ceremonies,
church was filled with sympathizing
frlipads who came to iook upon uie
aip. and Mrs. George Perry, of
. - t a.i a 1 . .
.Pearl Btreet, etwriaineQ - . """r " .-Vv beloved rirl for the
gentlemanly in nis ub. 1"; 1 t, nnd n.r timp nn earth. The (lower girls
he enjoys the unquannea connaence 01 conv ersauuns :;r - . Montague. Evera
the leading business men and women. ; at a late . -r r IKvans ,ond Mabel Mur
in this city and has enjoyed sucn conhiioust. was Deauuiuiiy ucu. , r' MceiOTcS a father
fidence for the past twenty years, tiairenia. mose xc tmjuy lu uu.- iu; vr ,tP(, two brothers
nf iiTinanai fntnillirRnr.a ftitd I itfM were Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Nor- mother, throe sisters, to Diouers
.13 Ok UiftU VI VAAV.V . . a . - - "
ability and has, by his industry aad tonr !Mr. and Mrs. A. L. VQ rhees, Jur
accumulated ' considerable
and1 Mrs. Beady Eayne, o.d Mr. ana
relatives and a host of friends to
mm, v or loss. The remains were
Interred in Greenwpod Cemetery,
nn. -1 1 i 1 1 n p ... I rhnroh
inat miUb navs uu . imj ----- ,
- . j ikA-j.- BTinnf a n orvp renresenTr?.Live not inxo ui
nous auair uwuueu itiuiiuj 7 " " o t
i',:15 oclock at the ooraer 01 msdui wimuvuv.0 i i,. it, auU "J.b"::S
.j t Ti,, -A.nAo whon a st him an inkling about the great Old
Cecilia car of which the motorman t oiks concert mat win ue icuuwcu at
Pavne Chanel A. M. E. Church on
must nave il uvuui, ...vi ci , it?
71!U1U .,nrv Til .OT. VQQ OmWrt- iUOUUdV UIKUU O C 1 J Ul UV' 1 XV.
'jlSUl.ll ilVCUUC AUU A" " I - : , ,. . .... i :
. , ..ui. 4,. Bincr vrnmo fmm cannot afford tc miss it. for lust think.:
ju wiui iieuyio jut fa-wAAi .. i iV, i-f . m
..1, r.A nrViar It rodPhert .In . OnTi- YUU Will fttL lill UUO llCtll, : 1U1
WUI iV, YTlltAl lli I viAVUVi. v " JJ
t. ., i,nnnj mr on i urai KULB. UUC UiUltr.
mmpfl in a northwestern direction, On the Fourth Sunday in Septem
going into the porch of one of the ber there will be a grand rally-
houses on Eighth r.venue. Aien werw
thrown from tne piauormB uuu iu- p, caqant affair
. 1 1 nr the nn eCQrnpri
endeavoring to escape. wim ubu 7". '
a TTrv.rt -nrno nn thft hpr residence. 1014 Gay street, in hou
scene and saw the whole affair, upon or of her schoolmate, Mr. Ed. Kennc
investigation found that the few coi- ay, 01 mcago, aiuuuay eveiuuB,
ored nassengers In the Jim crow cor- lemDer . muse yiut kwc
ii on hn rnnm to Willie Mai Flowers. Lydla B. Caste'
TA-niu nut kftdr thfl men had been Messrs. Frank Ransom, Isaac W a ,
., .v, -r, r,iotfnrm Thpv ldns fi.Tid Charlev Vaugnn. A thrc'
rjirown l uiu uao iu iian.wiuM - "- .
haiv fHirhtMied. however. ' course menu was served.
jItsv '.James Haxru . i .

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