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t'iiu .,;.iiwLLU CLOliii, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1907.
The Nashville Globe.
outh. had put him hors de combat, through the hotly in the region of the
President Roosevelt toured the South heart
In lOUo and fell into the same trap of There is no consistency whatever In
llJ 3 . , I . ..
Published Every Friday in the Year, Room ul3 predecessors, ana wem uacK to me a statement that tries to snow one
i, uua teiiow Ha , o. 447 towrtb Are- White House prepared, not only to dis- man advancing on another and trying
Hue, iNorth, Nashville, lenn., lux I
tuarge iwo or mree nunareu coioreu 10 strme mm can te snot Dy tne latter
soldiers on a charge against a dozen in the back. If the man turned his
of them, but to keep them discharged, back, as is apparent in this case, the
though the charge against these few officer had time to reflect and had no
was unsustalned by proof. right nor cadse to shoot. The law
We have not the temerity to risk plainly and clearly defines and ex-
any sort of prophecy as to what kind presses itself in such cases, allowing
of treatment the colored man may ex- nothing in favor of him who attempts
pect at the hands of the President to or commits murder "UBuei such circura
place the South, after this second vis- stances, having had ten seconds in
it. which to reflect.
. i
At all events we shall see him, read Men employed at the car sheds of
him, weigh him, judge him as best we the Nashville Railway and Light Com
can from whatever vantage ground, pany were eye witnesses of the inhu-
Notify the office when you fail to get your and then await his return to Washing- man shooting of Charles White by
PaPer- ton and future developments. Rinklev. Thev condemn th willful
and brutal act in unmeasured terms,
JOE GANS WINS. by the very fact they positively state
Telephone 4333-I
J. O. BATTLE Editor.
Entered as second-class matter January 19.
1906, at the post office at Nashville, Tennes
see, under the act of Congress of March 3,
No Notice taken of anonymous contribu
One Year U 60
One Month 15
Single Copy 05
w nan. xHna Thi rpHnnMnhif. that be made no attempt whatever to
cents per une tor eacn inscruuu. . . rpsist the officer. White falHnsr. the
. - ...... 1 ... 11 .... n in.nr.inn in anv i . 11 . ur- uctdii icnuc .1 1 ' 1 i-i .1 r- 111 u hu - ' .it
Contracts for 1,000 lines to be taken in a
ear, made at 3 cents per line.
Advertising copy should be in the office
ot later than luesday, 9 a. m., ot eacn ween.
Anr erroneous reflection upon the charac
ter. stnmlin? or reDutation of any person,
firm or corporation, which may apear in the manly art in the fistic arena through
columns of THE NASHVILLE GLOBE will 0
title as
champion of his class in defeating offlcer stood over and cursed him and
Jimmy Britt, his last hopeful antagon- ordered him to get up and go on.
1st, in San Francisco, Monday after- XVnite obeying started on, when he
I 1. J 1 A A. ? 1 1 J
noon, September 9. Inscribed on the "dU une uui a iew l umiaey ue-
Gans' pennant in letters big enough "berateiy shot him In the back; he
to be read by the admirers of the tnen ran and feI1 int0 one Plts
in the shed and Binkley went up to the
be gladly corrected upon bang brought to the out the world: Cans, the Champion.
MT" " rn"e8eforoubiication so a, To the victor belongs the spoils: so
to reach the office Monday. No matter in- Gana gathered in the lion's share of
tended for current issue which arrives as late ,
as InuisuaY can appear in mat uumuci, s i uic uuuaia. nc noa vui iui feiuij xha
TAUdnyews Serpent u, for publication the shackles and Dame Fortune en-
must be written only on one side of the pa-1 Hrclpri 1iJs hrow with the rhnnlpt of
per, and should be accompanied by the name
f the contributor: not necessarily for pubii- victory and filled his pockets with the
cation, but as an evidence of good faith. ciipbpio
Twelve thousand spectators saw the
star of Jimmy Britt, the Californian
idol, go down to defeat in his battle
with the wonderful black gladiator,
Joe Gans. After Britt's seconds saw
that there was no hope nor help for
their man, they must have counselled
him to throw up the sponge by feign
ing a broken arm. However that
may be, Gans won, Britt lost, and we
are proud of the results.
It will be sometime to come before
another can be persuaded to believe
he can take the measure of this
His Excellency, the President of the
United States, will pay this city a vis
it, as is scheduled in the program of
his Southern itinerary, Tuesday, Octo
her 22. His stay will be of three-hours
duration. In that time he will pay a
visit to "The Hermitage," formerly
the home of Andrew Jackson, popular
ly and affectionately known as "Old
Hickory," and a former President of
the United States.
President Roosevelt will deliver an
edge of this pit and fired another shot
point blank at the prostrate form of
the wounded man.
The life-blood of colored men slain
by officers on the smallest pretext and
for the most petty offences cries to
fair-minded and justice-loving men to
set in motion a healthy public sent!
ment against the criminal acts of these
armed terrorists.
Vacation is over! Monday morning
witnessed the beginning of another
school year with its arduous duties
for teachers and pupils. There is no
grander force for good in our civiliza
tion than the earnest, straightforward
and conscientious teachers. If they
measure up to the high standard of
their lofty calling, the young people
who come within the radius of their
influence will receive that moral and
address at "The Hermitage," which t Qf wWle (intellectual strength which will stand
uuuu w tells ten ln the four-squared fistic cir-
presence 01 teeming inuusu.ji.us at uiv 1
old, revered and historical place, ine
people who have not had an oppor
tunity to see the man who wields the
"big stick," the strenuous, busy man
them in good stead in after years.
A splendid representation left. Nash
ville Monday night, in a . sleeper over
the I. C, to attend the National Bap
tist Convention which convened in
We will close out at cost and below cost all Spring and Summer
clothing for men and boys, also underwear, shirts, hats, men's,
ladies' and children's shoes.
Don't forget the children's school suits and shoes.
We arc sole atfents for W. L. Douglas' shoe $3,50 and $4.00.
The Most Up-to-date Shoe Made.
I !
The spitting or expectoration of
who has done so. many contradictory mucug matter upon the sidewalks of Washington, D. C, Wednesday, Sep
things as to attract world-wide no- thig city is a grave and serious danger temixir 11, and will adjourn on Sep
..toriety, the man who has preached the which i3 a menace to the public tember 1C. Many prominent in the
"square deal" and "open door of hope" health. There should be enacted by affairs of the denomination and high
doctrine, will leave no chance slip to the law-making body of the city an up in the official circle of the Conven
see him. ordinance asrainst the nrevailins: orac- tion were among those who left. Many
The colored people of this commun- tice of -widespread habit which is friends of those who were going were
ity will be very anxious, indeed, to so unsanitary, so loathsome and so at the station to see them off.
i see the man who, at the beginning of dangerous in all of its bearings.
his presidential career, fulminated in front of chean restaurants or eat- OFF TO THE NATIONAL BAPTIST
against all forms of injustice and ing houges , store3 an(1 saloons .where CONVENTION.
pleaded for fair play for all men, yet is a great deaj of hanging out A sPecial Pullman car left Nashville
fell in an evil hour as did Lucifer, hv 1(llprs. thfi sidewalUs. as a Pnmmo lonua n sil.w,m e,veri
- - ' mn'nii r n t r t i i -t- ntii run n ctiudim i
never to rise again to the high plane and usual condition, are drenched Lav rMPh atbichPd. both cars- beine
of exalted statesmanship upon which with sPittle. charged with all kinds of filled with delegates en route to the
ten million American citizens thought Pffete matter, presenting a disgusting National Baptist Convention at Wash-
ctnn,! liv vivtnp nf his Inftv nreach- .t-u mu. n v,.. ingion. u. u. mere was a touu 01
..v- owv. j - I SlU UL. 1UB SlUeWillKS Ut'lUilK LU Ulf I . . , , , , ...
. w nust iirty delegates, wnicn incmaeu
ijiriita. iipnnip n njmsa.e'p wavs rnr tnpir usp i i Ti....:i i -v,
r- - i iitjciny et-r.v oiipusi pii.sLur 111. une
it is a noionous tatt uiat uie wny. and are supp0Sed to be kept in decent citv. together with the B. Y. P. U
running diplomacy of the South has and sauitary condition, and not as cus- Board Secretary, Secretary of the
succeeded in duping every Republican ;dora where one w ou( wapust ruDiisning ioard ana. a tew
nint whn h pvor prnRPrl the ... . . ... oi me employees 01 t-ne uapubi ruu-
J ' ow tuoereuiosis germs or oiner ais- hiehinsr tTourp THpv will R.r.Pnd a
Mason and Dixon line. The hospital- pa p narnsitps for transmission to his ,-,nir ' in V.Q Matirwri,1 Ponltcl Rnme
ty of the South, which is proverbial, nelghDor. There are all classes of of them will make side trips to Phila
mtweighs all other
'lelphia and New York, returnfiig to
! 11
consiuei dllOIlo I ,Pnni0 wVm ore nnnnspd tn this nhnnv.
vith a visiting Republican President, rtllB f flUll anA ,irrtllK1 VlQ iort iNashvilie by way or tne jamwiown
.l V,. '.,l- ATo0V.lr.rri Vl C ... UA WDIUUU. '" i """n, . u "
u.u xi bufB u w faW t0 see the nuisance abated In some learned, was joined at Knoxville by
uost ueceiveu oi an ine ueteivtu, ue- effective way. another delegation, and they proceed-
. i - ... -
ieving he has made an impression Th n father? could do no more ed from there to Salisbury, where
pon the cast of thought in tne sunny beneficent thing for the benefit of pub- .ey Y.er a.T, acn, 10 SI'Ta' u?
wwie in fact, tht- ... .me iNasovnie aeiegauon is accept
,uu nc neaitn ana decency. tnan to spread POnsnIpI10,ia nlnco in th Con
vention now in session
Those in the Pullman car: Revs. T
J. Townsond, S. E. Griggs. V. 'S. El
lington, E. W. D. Isaac, C. II.' Clark
and wife, R. II. Boyd and wife, Mr.
S. II. Johnson and wife, Revs. J. C
Fields, E. M. Seymour, T. J. Gooda.ll,
J. L. Harding, G. B. Taylor, A. W.
Porter, V. E. Shlpp, Mrs. Fannie
8oap:o, Miss Belma Mahan, Katie A.
Boyd, Mrs. Susie Bowman, Mrs. Mary
outh knows how to turn the trick, It the cIty statute books a law
. 9 t . A 11. .1 I.,. ik., nV.-.n 1
ummistera ui uupe m iub anaue against snittine on the sidewalks, and
urrahs and hospitality and send him lhen gce that u be txecuted to the
' a.ck to the Nation's Capital hypno- ielter.
zed on the "race question," and he
ready to follow any suggestion made
the South with reference to the
oatment of the colored American.
Offenders of the law should be pun
President Harrison came South, it ished for any violation of which they
oled him, but in a less sort than it are guilty. But the taking of a man'f pri(ie', T. G. Ewing, Sf.,- Rev. H. A.
1 those who have rouoweu mm. hfe, because he makes a break foi Bovd. Rev. George Vance, Rev. L.
csident McKinley came and yielded liberty for some minor offence is. in- Kirkpatrick. Mrs. Susie Turner, Mrs
thp Rlrenie treatment and huzzas ,1ppH m,i of oil ..rHinn tn mon nnie Ihomas, Miss l.eorgia a. lsrau-
en him, and ever afterward left the justice. A man was fatally shot Mon
ored man to his fate, refusing to day by an officer for the misdemeanor
v 1 V 1 1 11. tT!1 I .
r a word witn regard to tne vvn- ot nur oininc a ham anrl whpn die
ngton, North Carolina, massacre, covered running away, he was fol
shot Spain off the Western Contl- lowed by the officer, who. claiming
it for its barbarities and attrocitles that he was attacked by the offender
Cubans, but citizens whom he had with a bar of Iron, shot him in self
. .. . 1
irn to defend and protect, he left defense, tlmusrh thp hullPt fmm his
ed to their enemies. On the ques- handy gun struck the human tarzet
ford and Theophilus Boyd, Rev. L.
Those on the dav coach: Rev. Wm
Hnvnes and wife. Rev. E. M. Lawrence
vnrl wife. Rev. J. C. I ott rnd wife
Rev. G. K. Wilson, Bev. D. P. Pear
con, Murfreoshoro, Miss Ella Kenedy
Columbia, Rev. A. A. Mi thews. Rev
T. C. Harding. Rev. G. Hill, Lebanon
Prof. G. W. Hvncs. Mr. Sim Nolan
Mrs. Carrie Dickerson. Mrs. Annie
. . ., . ,. . j ... I - . . . 1 tilicia. HULCH'.nui twin
01 justice to tne coiorea man wej nusn m the back ana ripped Its way slaughter.
The finest piano that money and slcill can
produce, extra massive case, extra finely fin
ished; made only in the finest fancy figured
burl walnut and finely figured mahogany or
quarter sawed oak; double veneered inside
and out, is what the National Baptist Pub
lishing Board offers in their many stdes of
pianos. Such as styles 5, G, 10, 12 and I t.
The tone of these instruments is unexcelled
for its exquisite quality.
are pre-eminent. The tone is clear, liquid,
mellow and well sustained and affords in all
the registers a harmony clear and equal, and
of that sympathetic nature which, under the
hands of an artist, arouses the enthusiasm of
the listener. The prices and terms are with
in reach of all.
National Baptist Publishing Board,
Mr. Chas, II. Bu.rrill, head of the
proofreading department of the Na
tional Baptist Publishing House, aft
er an absence of several years from
his home In Brooklyn, N. Y., is now
enjoying the genial, society of his fam
ily and many old friends of happy by"
gone days.
Mr. Joseph 0. Battle, the well
known editor of this papei, acompa
nied Mr. Burrill. It is hoped by the
friends of these two "fellows-well-met"
and strong factors in the destiny of
the Globe, that their trip will be ono
of rest and pleasure, which will fur
nish them pleasant mental food for
many a retrospective hour after they
shal have returned and assumed their
places at the head of their respective
Oklahoma City, Maggie and Malissa
Green, Katie Polk, Len and Sallie
Gren. Messrs. George Jordan, Lewis I.
Jones, Sam Perkins, Edward Polk,
Sam Tinner, Joe Clemens, James San
ders. Robert Hilit, John Lowell, Eddie
Whittaker, Mayberry and Sauarrial.
Last Monday night a. club of young
ladies gave a very enjoyable social at
the home of Miss Mrytle Owens, of
141!) Jackson street, in honor of Miss
Annie Mai Harlins, of Columbia. , The
house was beautifully decorated with
ferns and cut flowers. Mr. Lewis I.
Jones presided nt the piano. Dancing
was the program of the evening. At
a late hour cake and ices were
pervert. Those present were Misses
Johnnie Mai and Alice Mai Powell,
Sadie l,0scal. SMinuella Armstrong,
Rubble Burrus, I let tie Fowler, Cassie
Hudson, Carrie MeGavork, Fannie
Austin. Myrtle Owens, Marie and Vir
ginia Whittaker, Geueva Mayberry, of
Mrs. F. A. Turner entertained the
Carnation Club Monday afternoon at
her residence, 915 Ninth avenue,
South. The house was tastefully dec
orated throughout. The Club guests
were Mrs. Florence Nelson and Hattle
llramlctt. Arter the business hours,
were over the guests were invited into,
the dining room where an ice and fruit
eourse was served. The table was
charmingly decorated, its centerniece
being embroidered bachelor's button,
on which rested a stand of bachelors
buttons. Those present were Mes
rtanies II. M. Burrus, Robert Ralph,
R Pullen. Hal Duff, Clyde Woods,
Geo. Ward, Sam Holland, C. L. Coper,
F. A. Turner and the club guests, Mrs
Floreneo Nelson and Miss Ila.ttie
Mr. John Henry Primm and Miss
Nina B. Sanders were united in mar
Ha?e lspt Sunday nuirning at Spruco
Street Bartlvt Hunch, after Sunday
school adjourned, p.ov. T. J Towii
send officiated. The happy couple re
turned to their homo after Ihe 11
o'clock services. The family was
spellbound when the couple an
nounced that they ,were man and wife,

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