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to ttem that wit. providing tier bustle whlta they wJt."-7ftirle W. iwer. "art ott ol our MMhine." R. fl. BoirA
"All things come
No. 37.
tlon there the largest enterprise in the TURNER NORMAL AND INDUS-
race. excepting Tuskegee. '
We protest that we do not desire to September 24.
arrogate to ourselves' the right to The fall opening of the Turner Nor-
"name the successor to Dr. Chappelle." mal and Industrial Institute on the
It has been the custom of the General 24th Inst, at Shelbyville, Tenn., is
Conference to do this, when Brother looked forward to with much Interest.
Thompson permits it, and that excel- a new college building is just being
lent organization has not shown any completed on a twenty-acre tract of
disposition to relinquish this prerog- land just west of the town. This will
ative nor any disability to attend to be the administration building. It will
its own business, and our humble ef- contain the assembly hall or chapel,
fort was to make this suggestion to recitation rooms, dining room, kitch-
tho rnnfprpne. We did this pretty Pn. recention room, dormitory for fe:
AftlYTlFFtNllS HIS RIGHTS TO FREE much as Mr. Thompson makes his vo- males only, and the President's office.
luminous paragrapnic suggesuuua uu a strong racuuy nas oeen secured ior
the Negroid universe, running in the present session,
scope from the higher criticism of the ; Dr. J. A. Jones, the President, has
Bible to the latest prize fight. ' traveled extensively this summer, In
Mr. Hart's friends will be perfectly n.e interest of the school and the re
eatisfled if the Conference elects him sult Is shown in a number of students
and they will see to it that the Con- already on the grounds preparing for
ferenre shall have abundant informa- entrance. Dr. Jones states that he
in an editorial in the morn
tist Church. Following the ceremony
the bridal party and the guests re
paired to the, residence of the groom's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Floyd.
Hawkins street, where the . reception
was held. Here the lawn was beauti
fully lighted with Japanese lanterns,
and behind an embankment of palms
and flowers on the veranda was sta
tioned a band of musicians which fur
nished enchanting music throughout
the entire evening. A host of friends
and! relatives had assembled to con-
crrotula t o tho hannir rrmnlfl Thf hrido
was attired in a creation of white silk I LITERARY DEPARTMENT TAKES IP
mulle over silk with trimmings or rib
bon and lace, her veil was caught with
a -chiffon pon-pon and her bouquet was
of bride's roses and ferns tied with
white satin ribbon. Miss Sumner wore
a gown of cream Bilk Porte DeParis,
with , fagoted insertions and ribbons.
Her bouquet was of bride's roses and
ferns. The bride is the third daughter
of Mrs,, A. Priscllla Robinson, of Bos
ton, Mass.. and has been connected
with,, the National Baptist Publishing
Board, as stenographer, for several
News, replies in unstinted terms to
the recent remarks of Mr. - Thomp
son in the Indianapolis Freeman con
cerning Mr. D. A. Hart, the general
foreman at the National Baptist Pub
Jishing House, and manager of the
Globe Publishing Company. Mr.
Brown writes as follows:
In the performance of our editorial
tion concerning their aspirant to di- has fears that he may not be able to
-ect its deliberations. Surely Mr. accommodate all applicants, as most
Thompson will not blame them for 0f the room in the dormitory has al
this. . ready been engaged.
In the last issue of the Freeman School will open for registration and years. The groom is the only son of
the versatile correspondent broke out classification on the 23rd. The formal vfr. and Mrs. Joseph Floyd, of this
in a fresh place. This is what he opening will take place the next day. ejty ,ans Is also connected with the
:aid: at which time mftny prominent minis- Publishine Board, being a valued em-
"It may be mentioned in passing that ters of the A. M. El Church wllL be pioyee In the press room. A large and
Mr. 'Dock' Hart, of the Baptist Publish- present to deliver addresses, among handsome collection of presents was
'ng House at Nashville, who has been whom will be Bishop B. F. Lee, of Wil- received. . The young people will make
sprung by Editor 'Phir Brown as a berforce, O., who is the President or their home with the groom s parents.
Tne following
, Mr. Phil II. Brown, editor and pro
prietor of the Hopkinsville Morning can(ijdate for the Secretaryship of the the Board of Trustees.
. M. E. Sunday School Union, Is a ministers occupy places on the pro-
nephew of Bishop Evans Tyree."
We desire to correct the first state-1
mcnt. that Mr. Hart is a "nephew of
Pirhon Tyree." He is Bishop Tyree's
half brother. Now, we reluctantly
ris3 to this point of information: Pray,
gramme as speakers: Rev. A. Brooks
of Fayetteville, Rev. T. W. Hampton
of Columbia and Dr. A. J. Gray of Pu
laski. Other ministers from all over
the state are expected. The opening
will also be the signal for an educa-
Among the out of town guests present
was the bride's mother, Mrs. A. Pris
cllla Robinson, of Boston, Mass.
in what way does Mr. Hart's kinship tional rally in every church in Ten-
to the illustrious prelate affect his can- nefsee of the African Methodist con-
duties, the editor of the Morning News Ljidacy? Surely this is naught to be nection. Dr. Jones has issued a call
recently saw fit to call to the attention
of the A. M. E. Church the brilliant
availability of Mr. D. A. Hart, for
the Secretaryship of the Sunday
School Union at Nashville, Tenn. Mr.
Hart is a remarkable young man, sin
lshimetl of. Here follows the last ob
"There are Baptists curious enough
to wonder why Dr. Boyd does not per-
nit the Methodist Publishing House
't Nashv'lle to enjoy the rare talent
for $3,0.00 and he is hopeful of great
This institution speaks volumes fof I similar business in Mobile, Ala. Fully
i .
All durine the day Monday there
was a stream of people pouring into
the new undertaking establishment
opened in the Boyd Building by Mr. A.
N. Johnson, who formerly conducted a
gularly above reproach, a son of the ot Foreman 'Dock' Hart, and make
great Methodist organization and a
man thoroughly conversant with the
affairs and machinery of the publisn-
ing concern at Nashville.
Our editorial calling , attention to
Mr. Hart's availability as the logical'
successor of Dr. Chappelle, the pres-
room in his own establishment ror
ome skilled brother of the strict Bap
tist faith and order."
And now we must insist that this
last paragraph is the most inconsist
ent of all. Why should Mr. Thomp-
ion. nimseii a man ol ieiiei&, iuwCi
the material interest of Shelbyville.
Tt was established several years ago,
but has only come into prominence in
recent years. Dr. Jones, the presi
dent, is a product of Nashville. He
was at one time pastor of St.' Paul A.
M. E. Church. He has proven him
pelf worthy of recognition as one of
Mie foremost educators of the day.
Some of the leading ministers of the
A, M. E. Church in this city are con-
one thousand people attended the open
ing, which was. the grandest ever wit
nessed In Nashville. There is not an
other undertaker's establishment in
the city, white or colored, which has
finer funeral supplies to meet the de
mands of the people than has Mr.
Johnson. Not only are his funeral
supplies superb, but the building and
its furniture are Inviting. In the
building you will find a beautifully
ent incumbent, in the . event that that h intelligence, desire to pander nected with the institution In official furnished waiting room and a library
distinguished neison should be ele-
vated to the Episcopacy, was generally
received with grateful effect. Practi
cal men in the church firmly and
pardonably believe that should a man
of practical experience be placed in
charge of the publishing house at
such silly sectarian prejudice? opacities. Dr. T. W. Haigler, pastor filled with some of the best books
Probably Dr. Boyd desires to retain 0f St. John A. M. E. Church, is chair- which you can read wnne you wait ana
Mr. Hart s superior services in me nran or tne liomrti or acuuy; nev. i.
wonderful work they have built up to- n. Welch, presiding elder in the Ten
aether. No doubt if the A. M. E. Gen- nesse Conference, is chaliman of-Trus-eral
Conference awoke to its opportu- tee Board. Dr. Jones believes that
nitv to secure the services of D. A. the work this year will surpass all
Nashville, that a large measure or lIart as Secretary, the Sunday school others.
success would be the outcome, l nis, nnj0n would develop into a great ln
of course, with due and profound apol- ,titutlon Like Dr. Boyd's. But we are
bogies to Dr. Chappelle, who is making onstrained to say that there is only
an excellent record at the institution, nne wav that the Sunday School Union
but we were speaking of Mr. Hart, can secure the services of D. A. Hart
Hoffman Hall School for girls opens
-n Saturday,- September 21, ,
The Sunday services in the Chapel,
whom we think should succeed the ind that is for him to be elected Sec- t0 which all are welcome, will be as
Doctor when the latter enters into
his episcopal reward, which should
happen next summer.
- Our good friend R. W. Thompson,
who for fifty-two weeks a year causes
the columns of the Indianapolis Free-
There is no member in the entire!
organization so singularly fitted as
D. A. Hart. Truly he is the one in
a million.
R. W. Thompson, being a practical
man to sparkle with brilliant wisdom, man SUrely he believes in practical
has caused a rift to occur in the lute
Mr. Thompson in discussing Mr.
Hart's candidacy has the following to
say on one occasion:
"Editor 'Phil' H. Brown of the
Hopkinsville, Ky., Morning News, has
invaded the ranks of church politics
and brought out as his candidate for
Secretary of the A. M. E. Sunday
School Union, one Dock Hart, a fore
'hings. Why shouldn t he join
procession for "Dock" Hart?
The members of St. John A. M. E
Church have been celebrating all this
man in the printing department of the week their forty-fourth anniversary.
National Baptist Publishing House at
Nashville, Tenn. We have long known
of Col. Brown as a political Warwick,
but did not. know that he had devel
inner circles of Methodism sufficient to
warrant him in naming the successor to
the astute Dr. Chappelle, who may him
self have something to say on the sub
ject. Would 'Dock Hart be satisrac
tory to the present
'Union' Toga? An
The entertainments opened Monday
night with a "Martha Washington
Tea Party," Mr. Charles Kelly and
Miss Brucie Mai Fiwing representing
Mr. and Mrs. Washington. There
were represented wives of Presidents
Tohn Adams, John Q. Adams, James
K. Polk and Abraham Lincoln. The
wife of the present incumbent of the
I .
I 1TTLI1. I I . . ...ah HAntVnnrt T fl 1 111 V VU
wearer 01 tnei vvnue uuut; was ici)icocm,i.ii "j
nmniAri stntfi. Gertrude Mayberry. with Miss
follows :
9:30 Holy Communion Sermon.
3:00 Sunday School.
4:00 Evensong and Catechizing.
The congregation of All Saints will
worship in the Church of the Holy
Trinity on and after the second Sun
day In October. Formal opening serv
ices will be conducted by Bishop T.
v. Gailor on Sunday, November 24.
Holy Trinity Church is a very beautl-
"ul and commodious stone building
situated at the corner of Sixth and
Ewing avenues. The Rev. A. G.
Combs is in charge of the work. Rev.
Mr. Combs has only recently come to
Nashville from Georgia, but has al
ready produced a most favorable Im
pression in this city.
rest. Next we come to the show room,
which cannot be surpassed by any, the
caskets and couches being of the very
latest style.
So often there are homes which are
not suitable for funerals, and Mr. John
son has thought Of this and has a
chapel handsomely furnished, in which
services may be held. Mr. Johnson
tlldr not give his visitors, as had been
expected by many, a coffin as a sou
venir, but fach one was greeted with a
welcome word and smile and served
punch and waffers. The ladles were
"iiiven a red carnation as a souvenir.
Mr. Johnson does not wish you to wait
intll sadness comes to visit him, but
you are welcome at any and all times
On the 11th at a familiar and much
frequented spot at 8 o'clock p. m. the
beautiful pleasure wagon of one Mr.
White stood. Curious persons won
dered, bystanders gazed with admira
tion, but ere long delusions were con
cluded, for a merry party of young
reople emerged. They filed in, each
boosing for himself a favorite spot
with his Eve. They were off! Peals
'if laughter, strains of music (for there
Mrs. Davie Coldman, who has been
visiting her sister, Mrs. Henry Court
ney, of 97 Green street, left for- hei
home in Chicago Sunday night. Dur
!ng her stay in the South Mrs. Cold'
man visited Knoxville and Harrlman.
While here she was the guest of Mrs.
Wednesday afternoon at the Me
hary Auditorium a large number of
people gathered, the occasion being
the formal opening of Meharry Medi
cal College. Dean G. W. Hubbard pre
sided. Miss Mamie Bra den, instruct- -or
of music in Waldon University, and
the choir, furnished ; .:::( for the oc
casion. Fully two hundred students
ire enrolled in Moharry this year and
this promises to be one of the largest
Utended sessions in the history of the
school. Dr. J. A. McMillian, who has
been at (he Freedman's Hospital for
the last five months, has returned to
';ive the students the best instruction
possible along his line ot work, hav
ing accomplished himself very thor
oughly in surgical ' work.
Rev. Bond, of the Congregational
Church, offered prayer. Rev; T. John-,
son; pastor of Clark Memorial Chapel,
said that he wished to impress upon
the young men the uses of the princi
nles of justice and benevolence. Dr. G.
W. Henderson, dean of the Theologieat
Department of Flsk, discussed the re
lation of the medical profession to the
ministry. He said that the physician
's the right hand of the minister, be
cause of the vital relationship of the
soul and body. - Dr. J. G. Merrill,
President of Fisk University, said:
"The secret of the success of a phy
sician is knowing what Is the matter
with a patient and treating him for
the same." Dr. J. II. Holman, Dr. W.
D. Chappelle, of the A. M. E. Sunday
School Union, E. W. S. Hammond,
Revs. James Bond. W. S. Ellington,
C. H. Boone, J. A. Swift and L. M.
Moor'es also spoke.
The different members of the facul
ty made very interesting talks relative
o their line of work. A solo was
sung by Mr. G. W. Miller. The Me-
hary quartette also sang a very pleas
ing song.
The literary department of Walden
University will open on the 2")th of
Mils month, and then every department
will be in full swing on this old his
toric spot.
Walden University can point with
wide to many of her noble sons and
laughters all over the country who
have ma:lo commendable records since
receiving their diplomas from that In
stitution. While the university has
had a great setback due to tie disas
trous fire of .some years ago, it is be
lieved that this will be fully overcome
was a string band) were heard as
'hey jogged along through the streets j n the ne.Tr-future; ajul Walden ' Uni-
qnd along the pike, until they at last crsity will again bo in ihe brightest
reiched Greenwood. Imagine how
surprised and bewildered -when they
reached this point and fqund tjie gate
barred and everything dark and dis-
rays reflected by .educational insti
tutions. ' ' "y
Fisk University will open !for. the
ccenlion of boarders on the 2isth ot
ment from Warwick Brown or a ring- Irvin as Miss Ethel Roosevelt. The
ing endorsement, from Dr. Chappelle young ladies in their quaint costumes
would tend to clarify the atmosphere deserve much credit for the success ot
on this point."
With a complete absence of pique
the editor of the Morning News re
escnts the suggestion that we are "in-
. vading the ranks of church politics."
We happen to be of the fourth genera
tion of Negro Methodists and are In
clined to assert our right of sugges
tion. Referring again to the foregoing ex
pression of Mr. Thompson, we volun
teer the further information that D.
A. Hart is not "foreman of the print-
Monday nteht
Tuesday night there was an anni
versary class meeting. A great num
ber of members and friends were out
and a great meeting was held.
Wednesday a doll drill under the di
rection of Miss Jennie P. Dunson,
proved very interesting to the large
number present.
Thursday nlsrht there were class
leaders' contest, anniversary of oldest
members and a biscuit sale. There
was a large number out on this night.
f . L. Weser, and was entertained by another charm to the evening. Very
mal. A plan was hit upon which gavelthjs month, and the examination for
idmittanee this being executed, udded
Mrs. V. Rankins.
I soon they were seeking some a cosy
corner, some the games, while others
praised the musician.- There -were
i baskets, boxes, jars, cans, dishes and
nlates disposed of by the wholesale.
Thev had a good time.. Those partic-
A marriage of much Interest to the
many friends of the contracting par
ties was that of Miss Margaret Louisa , t, were Mr Walter Clark, Miss
uobinson 10 Mr. nenry riuyu, 'wunu willa B. Dodson; Mr. Wm. Starnes
was solemnized Wednesday evening. MJga GeorRia Buford: Mr. Richard
September is, at tne resiaence oi iurs. M.on Visa Alberta K. Stubbs: Mr.
ing department of the National Bap-hnd quite an interest was manifested
tist Publishing House at. Nashville."
He is Superintendent of the Manufac
turing department and directs the ac
tivities of seven "foremen" and is the
head of 138 colored working men and
working women,, skilled and unskilled,
!nd by his great constructive ability
lias succeeded in making the institu-
in the contest. This was under tne
direction of Miss Maggie Mayberry.
To-night there will be a grand con
cert under the direction of Miss G. A.
Lofton, with a country store conducted
by the young ladies. This will close
one of the most successful entertain
merits the church has bad,
Fanny Lucas, 523 Jo Johnston avenue.
The housfe.was decorated with ferns
ind palms. Promptly at 8 o'clock, the
hour appointed, Miss Ruth P. McKin
ncv began playing the wedding march,
n the strains of which marched first
. i i ir T.. ,1 1 T?iarlnrr
'Z Slit ta ;ote White, A. WhUWnd V. WU.ia.s.
doors, followed bv the bride and tier
Mahlon Carter, Miss Lula Grant; Mr.
Brackins, Miss' Bessie Chester: Mr.
I MRrcirs Bonner. Miss Virginia Whitta-
iker: Dr. II. W, Lynch. Miss Mamie
Whittaker: Misses Lucile Bryan, M.
Stubbs. Messrs. Bobt. L. Williams. E.
only attendant, Miss Nannie I. Sum
ner, as maid of honor, through one
r'oor and the groonv and his best man,
Mr. Fred J. Workfrom another. The
coremonv was performed-" by Rev. W.
S. Ellington, pastor of the First Bap-
' Mrs. Pusle Cole, of Melrose, enter
tained on last Monday Mrs.- Nell
vkes." of Decatur. Ala., Mrs. Mitchell,
of Pulaski, and Mrs. Goodwin. Tees
and cakea were served.
classes will begin the 2IHh. On Wed-'
nesday, morning, The' University
will begin its year's work.
The Globe representative, was . in
formed that already more Had applied
for admission than can be' accommo
lated. and every indication shows
that this will be one of the most pros
nerons years in the history of the in-
In a few das what, had been barren
buildings and campus for-the last
fhreo months will be crowded with
mxious seekers for knowledge. Nash
ville is proud of Fisk University, and
can well boast of being the educition
il center of the South. Dr. Merrill, the
"resident, has surrounded himself
'vith an able faculty, and is always en
'eavoring to add new and better fea
'ures to the work of tht university.
Thre is yet a faint hope that Roger
Williams University will be re
cstablislml in this city, and every citi-
7.cn would hail wiih doiigut ;;ik'U u.i

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