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"All things come to tliera that valt, proTidlng they hustla hlla they tlt" -Charles W. Anderson. "Get out of our sunshine," R. if. Boyd,
Vol. II.
No. 39.
"Vj7 1
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the old man's hand. The poison In
jected Into the old man'? blood Imme
diately began Its deadly circuit
through his body. He was taken to
the City Hospital, where he was treat
ed. But Uncle Mitch's age was against
him and he soon passed to his ac
count, the victim of his own folly.
i As Based Upon Information,
of new york, got together
last Wek And eliminated
their differences a pay
ment on property made
UNivERsiTY A Prospective
mr. and mss. h. g. dwiggins,
of Kansas city, kans.,
among home-comers.
Among the thousands of "Kome
Comers" who Visited this and other
cities of Tennessee last week there
was probably no one who enjoyed the
return to the old home more than Mr.
H. G. Dwlggins, of Kansas City, Kan.
Mr. Dwlggins was accompanied by his
wife and little daughter, and while
here they were the guests of his
brother, Mr. D. Dwlggins, who. to
gether with his congenial wife, made
it very pleasant for his brother and
family. . It was a delightful scene to
see the two brothers together, and
Mr. Jesse L. Leach, one of Pearl
High School's candidates for the var
sity football squad, received a very
painful Injury last Friday evening in
a practice against .the High School'3
old stars by the dislocation of his left
Mr. Leach ha3 been confined to his during the time they were here few
bedroom for the last few days unable hours passed that "Meady," as the
to attend his classes at school. Tlis Popular hotel keeper Is familiarly
physician, Dr. J. T. Wilson, thinks he known, was not In the company of his
will be able to he out. In a rnnnle nf brother.
S6CIETY weeks. Ouite a hannv InrMpnt occurred
Mr. Leach hopes to be in his harness when Mr. Dwlggins paid a visit to the
before the game with Sumner High National Baptist Publishing House.
School, of St. Louis. While passing throueh the hnlldlne
he came upon an old friend whom he
had not seen for thirty years In the
nerson nf Mr TlnvtrJ rivMenn nnd
. T.I ... ..... 1 .-.v.-v. l..V.U,
miss uutn uioomer, 01 omsvme, tiey na(1 a happy reunjon. Tney ln
after spending a week in the city as dulned in pleasant chats about old
the guest of Miss Sarah A. L. Jones, times and made an engagement for
1 t """j u Sunday, when they could take a little
Li i , .. , lated In the literary department of stroll over the portion of the cltv Mr
The las barrier that stood between Walden University. While in the citv n 1,1 Z L rJ
R6ger Williams University and its Miss Bloomer. was the recipient ofL ?: n , J
1 UUJ T i "v..v.,a in., bhui
where he used to live, Mr. Davidson
ruture .so far as the University be- numerous hospitalities. Last week
ing located in Nashville is concerned, fche was delightfuly entertained at
was removed this week. The officers "Hillside," the beautiful home of Mr.
ard authorities of the Tennessee Bap- E. W. Byrdsong, 419 First avenue, S.
tii t State Convention, find the Home A two-course menu was served, after
Mission Society of New .York, through which a number of musical selections
thfeir representative ann nzrpements were rpnrtered hv Miss Zorn. Bloomer.
with the owners of the new site, came Those present were Misses Katie Law-
tot an agreement, and judging from rence, of Anchorage, Ky., Ruth Bloom
pointed it out for him. but It was a
a new place entirely. Where stood
the cottage that sheltered him In
those days now stands a beautiful
modern structure.
On Wednesday evening of last week
ing. The menu consisted of lamb
roast, stuffed potatoes, salmon salad,
scalloped eggs, chicken, beaten bis
cuits, ices, cake and watermelon.
The twelfth and eleventh annual re
ports of the Home Mission Board and
National Baptist Publishing Board of
the National Baptist Convention, are
no doubt the largest In many respects
made by two boards or denominations
identified with, and controlled by the
Negroes In the United States. The
Secretary of these two Boards has his
headquarters In this city. He has been
at work as no other man has worked
In Nashville. His report shows that
he has built up two magnificent boards.
The first part of the report shows the
Home Mission Board and Its work. It
contains, first, the members of ' the
Home Mission Board from each state
in the Union, and then goes on to take
Lup the work done by this Board In the
past twelve months. It shows an ex
penditure In the last twelve months of
$42,57G.!H"5. All of this has been spent
on home fields for salaries of mission
aries, tracts, Bibles, church edifice
furds and for the spreading of the
Gospel at our door. The next cart of
the report Is a little more volumin
ous and gives a better Idea of the work
done right In Nashville. It has added
so much to the commercial ' A the
city, furnishing, as It does, em
ment to so many skilled laborers, com
Monday Night, September 30.
Eleven years of arduous and mnaa.
I I II H I i 1 . V-kJV-
Ploy- xr un,,rast0raI Work ln the dty o'
enm- i . ij men.
. i it.. i i ut-ru me iiinsr eneoiirnrino'
leges of this citv. The Publishing w irShS iJJ? PleM5nt mem-
Board and the Home Mission Board Z " a' f the bosom of
combined show a receipt for the fiscal h,? E which
vear beginning August 31, 1!0fi. and "c meniDersnip,
Mr. and Mrs M TV Dwlp'P-fna Pntor.
Lutein a&i cciiiciit, ttuu juugiug nuui icntc. ui auuiiui ukc, iy., ivulu diuuui ..-v-. .... , -irn-irt ituiun ana tne extensive fhrlo
wat is learned from authoritative er, Louisville; zSrk Bloomer, Louis- tained their brother nnd sister at their ;oslnT;j)tr tian Influence of the Uo2Tconl
soVces, a payment was made, and the ville; Mary Dunson, Mesdames Katie home on Seventeenth avenue, North. JZT Clonal Church, closed Monday niht
wnn a very neaiuirni reception. "' "J". ' at twelve o'clock. Manv ro
offn -r.,r, ii i nnp nuarTPr in me vrar nas uie i-1 1 . . . ' vnc dm
tiiKiu noa uuc ui uro f;i ttiiuesL suuai - , oo AAA H "rarfs not Only In this rbiirrh fm in
events of the season and the occasion T18 f.alle.n loYer lhan ?22:000- the citv of Nasbiml 1! f?.r,?L TJ"
shows furtner tne amount or man re- . -, . - "i ur.
neVvly appointed "trustees have been Sloan, Mary Woods, Messrs. Earl Dav
placed in authority of the property, is, Luther L. Miller, Geo. W. Gore, Sr.,
Notwithstanding the closet secrecy has G. W. Gore, Jr., and M. G. Thornton.
guarded every movement of the state
board, which has been meeting almost
weekly, , and which has been joined
byjthe Alumni Association, these facts
leaked out. And it is known positive-
ly-that at the last two meetings held,
the University is now a fixture in
evry respect, and Nashville, as well
as?ihe state of Tennessee, can rejoice
thdt again one of the most historic and
of the Home-Comers" among the Ne-
ik.hhu u 111,1.. - . "l
groes of Nashville has not witnessed d yearly by the Board. The to- ;:t "1!
a more enjoyable time during the mimner or letters remvea 7; hhe Herculean task of VnIHIr.r th
wert, TiiMr 1.. ,r.c hcnntifnn swered last year was 273,181. but the . , "ien asK or minding the
An enjoyable evening was spent at , 7. most startling part of the report is the J " ' e College,
the residence of Mrs. S. G. Dodson, IT' 1 enormous circulation of the Sunday l w:eKS. exTra - preparations
Jefferson street, on Wednesday, Oct. 2, nZ V' school periodicals. For the fiscal ;'L'na,e"r tne entertainment and
Mrs. Charlotte Harding and Mrs. Fan- , ' irs- Cameron conauctea tne ar jrRt rospd the secretary shows 'UI ounnay or Jtev. Bond, but
nie Davis being the honorees. The Jollowlnir programme: hat 10,233.422 copies of Sunday a new watnre arose and a new enter
house was decorated with flowers and ycaI Sol Mrs. D. A. Hart prhool periodicals were mailed out by Ta'n ment was, inaugurated whereby
,i Instrumental Duet , ... .un t, many expressions could ho Va
Si c Zn lnf.tltutlon3 ,f Earning In d U1 , t the fol I Dr. and Mrs. Hartley th"re were b'llt 9,00C.756, which shows 'Pn Tlonfl. Tt was a recep-
tnV South will soon swln? widp Its i J . . .. . ' , tt m,i "lcin ic i v, . , . flon s?Iven In tv,a c.j t.--. H
,v . o,...V ,nl , , . u jujeu uuiu iv late uuui, utii tut
the- South will soon swing wide its delicious menu was served
gatks, giving pupils access to a mag- to
nlncent and beautifully located cam
pu on the banks of the Cumberland
Hiyer, overlooking Nashville, and
open its doors, giving admittance to
class rooms and reeitation halls. Hard
ly feny piece of news received recently Crackers
win add more pleasure and give more
satisfaction to the citizens at large
than this.
he trustee board, as assigned, con
sists or tne following: Kev. vvm.
Haynes, Chairman: Rev. E. W. D.
Sweet Pickles.
Chicken Salad.
Beaten Biscuits. White Bread.
Swiss Cheese.
Vanilla Ice Cream.
Assorted Cakes. Cocoa.
Those present were Mesdames Felix
Paper "How to Cultlvr
for Music" . . . .Mrs.
Vocal Solo Mrs. H. A. Cameron
Instrumental Solo . . .
Mrs. Wm. McGavock
Those present
Isaac, Secretary; A. M. Townsend, M. Dodson, Julia Bumpus, Ula Miller, J.
D..vTreasurer: Revs. C. H. Clark. E. M. Thompson, Mattie Graves, Ottie Dod-
Lawrence, J. L. Harding, G. B. Taylor, son, Sopha Dodson, Octavia Elkins,
WaS. Ellington; J. Bandy, M. D., of Rev. A. C. Holder, Elkins, G. I. Dodson,
Nashville; Rev. J. R. Evans, Milan, Misses Malissie Green, Hattie Dou
Terin. ; and Rev. Peter Vertrees, Gal- son, Lena GVeen, Willa B. Dodson, Cas-
vate a Taste a aln in one year of over 1,000,000 in R,vn the Sunday school room
IT. G. Dwiggins HrVniatlon. ,nf p .1"" on Thursday night. Ful-
...... - -. i iit n nnif J....1
The future of this Institution Is not r-' " ;a!l"""IIIJa mcn 8n(1 men were
only encouraging to their denomlna- I ' 71 ', uon" ' tne occasion and
in h,,t 1.5 hPfrlnnlnz to be looked at u'inguisnea minister. The
i i "'i rt I vsma (YYn m mrt .-11
uwou inrariH wcic iuis. vaillo ny lilt; iliiArna ui tnin vnj art vuv . , . v-' w a.i
Dickerson, Mrs. W. H. McGavock, Mrs. the prominent establishments that will ' ni' Dv ,,r- S. Ca
W. IT. Allison. Mrs. Sallie Thompson, continue to give more employment a3r",,"v.'!'- ocioek when the
Mrs. Henrietta Parker, Mrs. Sarah E. it expands. Dr. Boyd, the manager. 7'' e(l amtina tne festive
T7V.v.nlrt TVT TT-.. Hf. l t, 1 nVinn'O of a ropPTlt ""n "' "'1IU I IIP finnOllTlOrmonf fnm
riiauic, IH13, IUUI.V UUUltlSS, 111 . I HI U1H ICJll. oininn inu, i . v-v.. ,. , . .-.v-.., iiwiu
Sophia Bains. Miss Lena Bovd. Mr. meeting of the Board, arrangements " " .?,er- ur- -arutners, who
M. Wyatt, Mr. Peaslev Jackson, were perfected by which about $20,000 .on tne lowing gentlemen for
nV.arlr.tto TJavrllncr Tfnnn o Tzv a T.nnn . niilUinillU, .Mr. UfO. VV. r. WUltll i U1.11.1U11MJ ... ..
latin. Tenn.
Thus the institution vill begin Its
management with eleven trustees, all
of whom are as ambitious, as patriotic,
as loyal and as determined to make the
old,' university under inew manage-
sie Dodson and little Daisy Belle Dodson.
A popular hymn is Theodulph s
Johnson. Dr. S. M. Johnson. Mr. and and with the new building already unoning uemarks. J. E. Miller: Dr
Mrs. Wm. Bentlev, Mr. and Mrs. D. A. completed and with the repairs con- Mond as a Citizen, Tt. L,. Mayfleld: Dr
Hart, Mr. and Mrs. E. S'mms. Mr. and templatert on anotner. tne estamiHii- ;"'" a raster. ,j. o. Erwln and Mrs
r - m m r I A. tA V Ti n mnct ftPQri It. I II I 111 r 1110 Tin T J . .
;irs. s. i jurner. rroi. ana Mrs. jri. ineni wm u uy iai mc mwai w.. ... w,. umU ns a Jiinistpr.
. a rt1 1 I II TV T . .
A rn moron Pmf nnri Mra Wm nhlo In tne Citv Ot iNasnvnie. mere- v,. rapier: ur. JlOTirl nq T Tr
Rovstcr. Prof, and Mrs. Fl D. Rich- port Is printed anrt (iismmnea in nun. uev. i,. w. Henderson: Remarks
mond, Prof, and Mrs. Wash Graves, pamphlet form, and consists of thirty- Prof. Willistons: Remarks. A. N. John-
Dr. and Mrs. C. O. Hadley, Mr. and two pages, giving a clear insignt to tne mh . ur. nonn as a Writer. TT. Allen
Mrs. E. P. Moore. workings of the Board in tne past novo; ur. Hondas a Man, ' S. W. Crosth-
. .. .. ... twplvp months. wait
Atrer tne programme rerresnments p
were served and then all mingl?d for
a while In conversation before nartlne PAYNE CHAPEL. EAST NASH
for home. Every one expressed them- VILLE, ON A GREAT BOOM.
pelves as having enjoyed a very pleas-
i soon be forgotten.
Mrs. Cameron was at her best, and
ment a greater success than ever be- An glory, laud and honour," belong-
fore. While these eleven trustees are ing to the ninth century, and said to
just selected, it is understood that this have been written by the poet while
number will be Increased as the school jn an Angers prison,
grows, and that various sections of the Th author of "TTvmns and Their
state will be represented on the board. Makers," quotes a legend in relation tne nianner in which she did her part
The contributions and the assistance 0 its use on Palm Sunday, 821, to the I was a sPlndid exhibition of her abll-
rmanciany mat nas peen received effect that when Louis the Pious, 1L n sucn anairs
sinte tne movement to re-estabilsn tne Kins of prance, was at Angers, he On Friday night Mr. M. D. Dwlggins
school was begun, has been kept se-Lnnl. n fnf 11Rnnl nroeession of entertained his brother at a "stun '
cufely in the One Cen Savings Bank. lt nnfl cwv. nna as the proccs- over his hotel on Fourth avenue, cents. Miss L. Stockell, Manager,
The commlttOQ- on ..management and slnn nnRSflf1 tnP niar6 where Theo- North. A very delightful evenins was October 11. The Grand Drill by
The evening was growing late when
the toastmaster announced that Rev
S. E Grlg-s would be the last to
snoai, on ..nri Bond as a friend." after
WhlPh thn TT
ant evening, one which .would not Preparina for the Next Session of the rnr ihp ii'.Lsh... 0y-
i i iiiiou i i 1 1 i tM I ri j" annfflPH aw
Tennessee Annual Conference, ti10 Pvonfne He maA CI IV
Which Will Be Held In Th.s f, ,nstraHons on the me of the re
Church Oct. 31, to Nov. 6. tfr,n? rastor as
Programme begins next Monday -onnd up bv nrescntlng him a beautl
night. October 7. The very populai fnl gold watch. The Insertion on
Old Folks Concert will be given at the watch read. "From members and
Lane Tabernacle. Admission, iu menm 0r Howard ConoroMH!
the?. Alumni Association agreed long L,1nn iha nil3vinn nf Orlonns. had spent. Penrl TTieh School young ladies at h-op J
go Upon the -plans for raising money, , , incarcerated he was seen iTr Dwi?rina with i,Tr nwifrHn Payne Chapel. Miss Lillian Bright, McCoy
standing at the open window or nis and their little daughter, left last Mon- Manager
cell, and there, amid tne silence or. day night for their home ln Kansas
the people, he sarg this hymn, to tne City, Kans.
delight of the King, wno at once or
Those who contributed to the watch
dered him to be set at liberty and re
stored to his see. In some minor de
tails this legend is referred to by
The original Is too long to be sung Jackson street, on last Friday even
in modern services, as It has no ing in honor of Miss Ally Fricrson, of
fewer than seventy-eight lines. The Columbia, Tenn. Those present wer
verses usually found In our hymnals Misses Johnnie Mai' and Ally Powell,
and", upon this as a depository. The
exact date of the opening of the school
has not been decided upon, but one of
the new trustees and an active young
mail In Baptist circles, stated that It
was the intention of the trustees to
open school not later than November
I l...i il-.i 1 IJ i LttllO LlilO
i.Ul u Hi ii tuum nut y.dv. ma ' other writers ag well
auve ine siaienieut lur puuucauun.
More than a half dozen students ar
- rivjd In the past two weeks with the
avmved purpose of entering Roger wii
Hams., and when this fact became
krtftwn it quickened and encouraged
th&U movement toward the opening.
Tlie foolish pranking of an old man
krfywn as "Uncle Mitch" with a rat
; tlpnake last week cost him his life.
The snake was the property of a sa-
lnlst. who had been nranklnff with ette street. Thursday evening. The
".It. .Seeing this, "Uncle Mitch" was evening was spent very pleasantly,
cimnlo pnonirh tn trv to Imitate the Cream and cake were served. Those
owner. His snakeshlp did not take present were Mesdames Bessie Gooch,
kindly to this new Josher, and resent- Mattie Farrell, Laura Bunch, Annie
eel fastening. tl3 deadly fangs in Gooch and Mr. II, Owens.
A delightful afternoon was spent at
the residence of Mrs. P. Bells, of 1309
'). KrWln T? TTorrl
T. N. Lee. Thn Dnrrfo e,n,
Admission, 10 cents. Pevton. v. B. Vassnr. Rev O W TTpn.
October 28. A great "Beau con- "rsnn. rr. R B JefTerson rr r v
test" will be conducted by Drs. Jno. W. Bovd Marshall ChePthnm. Wm' Nlch
Bright. and R. T. V,Toodfon at Payne P. w a flams. Rev. S. Ti. Grlggq
' ' Noel j. TT. Crawley. R. j-j.
are but a fragment of the original
hymn, which, with more or less ab
breviation, has been used as a proces
sional for many centuries. Exchange.
The Social Circle met at the resi
dence of Mrs. Annie Gooch, 142 Lafay-
P.essie and Ethel Frierson, Josephine
Andrews, Cassie Dodson, Corinne Mc
Gavock and Ally Fiierson, Messrs.
J. demons, E. Fiierson and W. Morris.
Miss Mollie Thompson, of 31
Eighth avenue, North, gave a dinner
Friday evening in honor of Miss Tenr
pie Johnson and Jennie Mae Thomp
son, who left Saturday for Chicago.
From that city they will go to Florida,
where they will reside in the future
There will be a public discussion at
the Meharry Auditorium Sunday,
October 3, at 3 o'clock p. m. Subject:
"The Necessary Qualifications for a
Ohri.nian Leader." The discussion
will be led by Messrs. J. G. Kyles, J.
L. Shirley and G. B. Williams, fol
lowed bv as many others who may
wish to speak upon the subject brief
ly in the time given. The service
will begin at 3 o'clock p. m. sharp and
dope at 4. The public Is cordlali
invited. W. A. HOLMES,
Vice President.
Crawley. J. J
T. LnTigstnn.
Games were the tcatury o the cycu- J next week,
Miss Lady Emma Louise Phillips
and Bishop C. IT. rhillips are still ir.
Texas. They are expected to return
the latter part of this week or early
Mv. TT. A. Camprnn r
Tpirdv TPith ri ttt'
Cnit.W. E. R. Carney. MatVoung. T.
JT. Wright. R. T, MnrfleM. .T S. Mar
tin. Rev. TY0cf0T, Tpvor Rpv
AToor-. .f P. Rhines. Dr. q. p Paruth
fT.r,S,T',r,fMr MnrP- Rv- T- T wnrrti
R. llinsrton p. d. Strntor Prof D
p" fP,s-". Allen BovS? R.v
R. TT Bovd. J. O. NinW. m rn,J
son B. T, TTendry. B. TT. Gray '
On Snry the crowd that visited
the church n(! 1IpfeT,P(1 f0 fhp fo
v-ell cormon of RcV. .Tarnp,
hv far or)0 of fho ,arost ,n fhp
of the church. Dr. Bond preached one
jV icpt sermons wr heard from
e nulntt. P7MInp n? his fert "Stnd
In Hip faith qi,it yourselves Ue
The Collection for Rnmln
V TH att f n
? 13 it

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