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Grandma's Wonder Bread
Is the Sweet, Nutly kind, and we bake it Fresh every day.
The price at any of our seventeen retail stores
It gives that satisfied feeling after drink
ing and it is the best value you can get.
Roasted daily by us and for sale at any
of our seventeen stores.
The football outlook at Meharry for
the season of 1907 is very bright, for
the fact that the new material shown
up so far Is a husky bunch of. young
sters. They are hard, rueced lookine
fellows, and have shown up well In the
preliminary workouts. The men are
out with Capt. Dobson every after
noon, going In the usual hurry-up
style. The preliminary work has been
of a light character, consisting of pass
ing, falling on the ball and running
through signals.. Scrimmage will be
gin very soon. .The rooters were over
joyed to see the old stars Phillips,
Allison, Dickerson and Capt. Williams
of last year back in camp. Nothing
has been heard from our fast left half,
the "Terrible Terry :" but It is honed
he will be found in harness soon. The
hardest schedule of the red and black
is to be played this season. Manager
Landry has already arranged to play
Tuskegee and Talladega, also our an
nual game with our old time rivals,
Fisk. The boys are determined to
twist the Tiger's tail this season. All
of the old men seem to be in grand
form and faster than ever. The meth
od this year is strictly after the "up-and-at-em"
There are a few positions to be filled
this year, mid. by. fast men. The for
ward pass is to be used greatly this
season, and requires very accurate
men to execute it. Capt. Dobson says
he intends having the best team in thp
history, of the jjpd and black even
better than the 1905 bunch, under Capt.
Ford. The rooters are with him and
pledge their support. Manager Landry
seems to be on to his job and is a hard
worker. ITe means that the boosters
shall see thebest teams of the South
in action during the season of 1907.
A. Home School for Girls. Literary Courses
Domestic Training.
Next Term Begins Saturday, September 21st, 1907.
Seldom if ever has there been a
and fathering of men in this city in which
mere was sucn a display 01 wu, or
forensic ability and bonhomie as that
which met' in Harding Hall last Fri
day night to do honor to Mr. H. M.
Dwiggins, of Kansas City, Kans.
Seated about the festal board, with a
most tempting supper, served with all
the frills and" furbelows of fashion, yet
with that precision that is known of
first-class caterers, the occasion was
one that will long be a bright spot in
the memory of every one present.
Dr. It. TI. Voorhees was toastmaster
nnd it seemed as if he had a penchant
Cooper, of Memphis, J. Alexander,
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Anderson, Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. Noel, Mr: arid MrS, R. O.
Neal, Mr. D. It. Battle, of Virginia
Mr F. Patton, Messrs. L. Black Har
ris, Wm. Fox and Misses M. Greyson,
M. Daily, H. L.. Woldrldge, F. Moore,
Mary Wal,kfet Ware, of Virginia; Ida
Walker, of St; Louis, Md.
A Worthy Undertaking-En-tefpf
ising Young Men of
this City Make AriEf
fort to Please
the People;
Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Liner, of 414 Ce
dar street, entertaisbd a number , of
friends on the evening of September
24, in honor, of Miss Drusilla.M. Hill,
a sister of Mrs. Liner, who. has jagt
arrived from a pleasant trip id St.
Louis and Chicago. The evening was
nlonsnntlv cnptit fiamAS and dancing-
were the features of the occasion. Old Home Week' .was thoroughly eii-
At an appropriate hour a two-course Jcved by Nashville and the "home-coni-
menu was served. ers" an N is natural that thepleaS-
Among those present were Mr. aid Ure-loving people should begin to look
Mrs. Major Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. D. for the nex- occurrence. In other
S. Liner, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Lyetr words; it is like, human nature to be
son, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Cook, Mr. and alWays looking for something better;
Mrs. Clarence C. Bright, Mr, and Mrs. j-to fk yourself "'What next?" Nash:
G. W. Hill, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Parks, vlllf ,ls enjoying an unprecedented
Tra Aiiofl TinhcnTi Mr w tt wni period .of prosperity, This , id true lu
Mrs. Lena Johnson, Misses Drusilla
M. Hill, Ethel Merrill, of Franklin,
Letha Johnson, Lula Robb, Maggie
Poynor, Beatrice Hill, Velma Moseley,
Anna Mai. Anthony, .Charley . Alexan-
many respects, and especially Is it
true among the people that constitute
this great commonwealth just ndw.
One writer has said that "When it
rains, it pdurs, and another that
" . IT . I I f rfl.1 a V. rtA nMnlAliJriJAJ I'
der. Sallie Duvall, Willie Mai '"u7; ; Vcl r? '"faT"a"ucu
Flowers, Maria Atkins, Mesdames
Anthony Porter, Hugh . Box, Rich
ard Perkins,. Currln . Hill, .George
Hill, Jr.t Robert.. Hill, .William
Bryant, Dennis Irving, U. M. Hublt,
Robt. Murdock, of Franklin, Joseph
Webster, Melvin Hays, G. L. Jackson,
Jr., W. J. Johnson, Fred IMcBride.
Bishop Evans Tyree, of 15 North
Hill street, has returned to the city
after an extended trip through Indian
Territory, Oklahoma and Texas. The
Bishop visited many of the Important
That this is true, no one denies or will
attempt to dispute. The same thing 13
true, it is often said, about blessings.
They never. come single-handed. When
this remark is made and Wheri it is
applied to the pleasures and the ar
rangements for pleasure being made
for the people of Nashville, it should
be taken into consideration that .it
strictly refers to the coming society
event heralded each week and , posted
in magnificent placards "Coming Horse
Show and Negro Carnival." That this
will be one of the greatest society
events that Nashville has ever known
is well demonstrated by the interest
already manifested on the part of tjvfr
nnintc! In thnco Rta oa arA anar-v.
where he went the people thronged d and yung' thf, ricn d e Por
to hear his instructive sermons. He
shows signs of having worked hard
and has returned home to rest before
beginning his Conferences, the first of
which will convene early in Novem
ber. Bishop Tyree has been invited
to preach at St. John A. M. E. Church
the second Sunday In this month, but
has not given a definite answer, fear
ing that he might Impair his health.
The finest piano that money and skill can
produce, extra massive case, extra finely fin
ished; made only in the finest fancy figured
burl walnut and finely figured mahogany or
quarter sawed oak; double veneered inside
and out, is what the National Baptist Pub
lishing Hoard offers in their many styles of
pianos. Such as styles 5,0, 10, 12 and 14.
The tone of these instruments, is unexcelled
for its exquisite quality.
are pre-eminent. The tone is clear, liquid,
mellow and well sustained and affords in all
the registers a harmony clear and equal, and
of that sympathetic nature which, under the
hands of an artist, arouses the enthusiasm of
the listener. The prices and terms arc with
in reach of all.
National Baptist Publishing Board,
Misses Carrie and Mary Page enter
tained in honor of Misses Elma and
Satie Williams, of 'Murfressboro. and
for picking orators who in language Miss Minnie Johnson, of McMinnville,
more fiowerv than than which ever Friday evening, at their residence 14
proceded from the mouths of the. most Soilth 11111 street. 'Music and games
polished speakers known to history, weie tne amusements. Those present
voiced the welcome of the assembled were 'Mr- and Mrs. Battle, Mr. and
bnnquetters to the guest of honor. Mrs- R- O'Neal, Mr. and Mrs. Jones,
Rcnoonteuvs there were and they added lr- ana m's- Bisiiop, Dr. J. J. Lay,
more zest to the banquet than even the Miss Eln,a Williams, Mr. West, Satie
snnrklins chnmnnene which was Williams, Mr. P. Davis, Miss Johnson,
I ---. - - I T i . . . . . . I UC X UIAICUIL LU LI1C lllCLlltXCUlll I. Ul
served with the other drinks. Manv -ur- JOiaan, .miss rentins, Dr. (JOVlng- tua A,it Mma
of the guests responded to toasts and ton Mlss Morrison Miss Mary Ware, consistlng as it doe3 of some of the
Mr. r)wig,gins made a very appropriate M 88 Lucy. Iyes, Mr W J Blanton, m08t enternHalnir voune men of the
replv. which held the closest attention P ss 1 ae Pae- Mcheons, rityt to not give proper notIce and at.
the society as well as the business
men. No better time could have been
selected than the present date which,
it is learned, will be October 7 and8.
Many people have said that owing to
their work they were not able to at
tend celebrations in the day time. The
management of this first horse show
and Negro carnival appears to have
taUen advantage of these obstacles and
contentions. Their unique arrange
ment to have this carnival and horse
show pulled off at the beautiful Ath
letic Park on Monday and Tuesday
nights, is certainly taking precaution
for the benefit of those unable to at
tend during the day. Their program
will include the two nights. Arrange
ments have already been made, so it
is learned, to have the well known
park beautifully lighted.
Precautions and preparations, too,
have been made in case of bad weather
to protect all the ladies from the storm
or rain, as well as the cold. It would
be a discredit to the management of
or nil present. Those present were
W. TI. McGavock, M. D. Dwiggins. P.
V. TTill. James It. Anderson. Dr. C. O.
TTadlev. Dr. W. A. Reed, Robert Gior
dan, Dr. R. IT. Voorhees Prof. J. C.
Crawford, Hon. R. L. Mayfield, Dr.
Misses Matilda and Mildred Pyles.
Croquettes. Tomato Sandwich. I
Peas. Biscuits.
J. J. Lay, J. 0. Battle, P. D. Streator, Irish Potatoes with French Dressing.
Jno. .Cunningham. Frank Bailey,
Berry Cannon. Scott Davis, Luclan
Malone. E. W. D. Isaac, Jr., Isaiah
Smith. Jr., A. W. Fite, Sam Harlan,
Robert Martin M. S. Freeman, Ran
dal ITTardiman, tMoses McKlssack, A.
S. Hill. Luther Bowling, Mooro,
Toe Patterson.
, Cream. Cherries. Cake.
Cigars and Gum.
Colors used were Crimson and Red.
tention to this coming event, as they
have furnished from time to time
amusements for the whole people.
Their football games, their baseball
contests, as well as their carnival last
year, have already brought out their
ability to furnish entertainment. Some
well known features, as well as persons
are noted on the program. The big '
parade each day will no doubt be one
of the largest drawing cards, and when
this is over Nashville will have en- j,
1 1 f 1 1 . . X X t
jujeu itn gicatcftt auu uiuoi cuici ittiur
ing event of the season. The horse
owners of this city have never had an
opportunity before to display their
Tt. has been annonnoprl tViof iha vn.
canay in the Endowment Board of the beautiful stables and magnificent rigs'. .'
Grand Lodge Knights of Pythias, Tennessee is not a mean state, and does
caused hv the ripath nf Prnf w t. not laite a secona piace ior tnorougn
Allen A. Carter, the popular railway Cansler. has been filled hv the nnnnint.
mail clerk, and his wife, whose resi- mfnt of Pmf a t inn nt n,,ioci,? canital is easily in the lead. Some of
Hence is No. 138 Wharf avenue, were The position of Secretary of the En- the men here enJy tne reputation of
both seriously Injured In a street car dowineut is one of the mnst imnnr- having as fine a breed as can be found
ncctfent on Jefferson street, between tant ia the Grand Lodge and since in the state. Dr. Noel, Dr. R. F. Boyd,
Ninth and Tenth avenues. While on the death of Prof. Cansler, who had Mr- J- - Napier, J. B. Kennedy & Son,
tneir way nome, arrer caning on held the office sinre this inHsdiptim. ). s. Martin & Co., Boyd & Battle, and
had assumed the management of the a score 01 others too numerous to men-
endowment, speculation has been at uon nave as sood a breed of horses as
white heat as to who would secure the ran be found in the United States. No
plum. While there were many aspir- ooubt these with a host of others will
ants, the friends of Prof. Hill, who onter m this nrst show and carnival
friends, they boarded a car which
subsequently got beyond control of
the motorman. who ran to the rear
nlntform, leaving the car to its fate.
Rushing on at terrific speed, the en-
tiro front end enveloped In flames, at know of his ability, were able to land Tne Indications are that as summer
Mie next switch the car jumped the him. goes from us, and fall enters, thus
The appointment of Prof. Hill to dosing the out-of-door season, it will
the Endowment Board will cause ,ie stamped more indelibly upon the
another change in the personnel of rninds of the lovers of out-of-door
the Grand Lodge officers of the Or- l10rt-
der. Previous to his appointment
I'rot. mil was a Grand Trustee. His MRS. BALLENTYNE LEAVES FOR
promotion left a vacancy in the Trus- THE WEST.
tee lioani wnicn was filled by the ap- Mrs. J. D. Ballentyne, of Cedar
polntment of Mr. 4ohn Cunningham, street, had an enjoyable time on her
a member of Stringer Lodge, No. C, recent trip East. She visited Roches--
this city. This appointment, like that ter, New York, Jersey Citv. Philadel-
of Prof. Hill, will give satisfaction to phia, Washington and the Jamestown
a large majority of the membership of Exposition. Rev. and Mrs. D. T. Rlv-
the Order throughout the state. Mr. ers entertained her rovallv at their
Cunningham has long been indent!- home in Washington. She was also
fied with every movement that tended entertained by the Ladies' Treble Clef
to build up his individual lodge and Club of that city. At the Exposition
benefit the Order in general. He is she was the guest of Prof, and Mrs.
conservative, yet Is so endowed with J. W. Work, who also looked out for
progresslveness along rational busl- her comfort while en route to Nash-
ness lines that he will undoubtedly ville.
prove a tower of strength to the Grand Mrs. Ballentyne left this city Thurs-
Endowment day for Topeka, Kan., to take charge
track, ran into the curbing nnd broke
trolley wire pole. It continued
nlnng the sidewalk until stopped by a
fonre. Mrs. Carter sustained a frac
tured rib, besides numerous cuts
about the face and body. Mr. Carter
received a contusion on his back and
several bruises on the body. Both
will be confined to their home for sev
eral weeks. They were the only pass-
en rrers on the car.
A reception given Sunday evening
in honor of Mrs. D. Greyson. of Mc
Minnville, at the residence of Mr. W,
J. Blnnton. 1307 Ilynes street. The
evening was spent In pleasant conver
sit ion. The dining room was beau
tifully decorated with pink carnations.
which made a very pretty decoration. Trustee Board. The
Ices and cake were served. Those headquarters will r.rohably remain as of the musical department of the To
:5ent were Teprfnraeg Turner, herctpfore in Nashville, peaa. Industrial Institute.

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