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'All thins come to them that wait, providing they hustle while they wait." Charles W. Anderto. "Get out of oar unahla." R. JOT.
No. 41.
morning, where she will make her
Miss Vadis Claybrooks presided . at
the niano, dancing was the feature
of the evening. At a late hour a two-
course menu was served. Those pres
ent were Misses Mary L. Chrismon,
Ora L. Copeland, 'Mary , M. Sykes,
C..mK!. A.,- t,: urine Kidd, Lena M. Fulton, Fannie
OWeeDind UVer ttllS tOlll'U. ""ris, Vadie Claybrooks, Estella
t I TT ct 11 IT T'NT1 T4Vn
rianiiuu, oamutuu v. inwuciii, jei ma
Travis, Yola Doleson, Estell Dennis,
Lennis Nelson, Edna Lyrle, Marie
Scercey and Bessie Travis, Messrs.
William Hightower, Thomas Ringo,
, Joed Chrismon; Worthie Good-
win and Walter Cairo.
Shot and Killed by Rival.
Joe Edwards was shot and 'killed
sometime during Saturday night, Oct.
12, and his body was found Sunday
morning in the yard of Patty Ballen-
Davidson County Institute.
The Colored Institute of Davidson
County met in regular session last Sat
urday with a good number of teachers
present. Prof. W. H. Card, President,
was in the chair and expressed his
ability to be there as being little short
of a miracle, because of the cowardly
attempt of a would-be assassin. He
is suffering from a painful wound.
Rev. Mr. Purdy was introduced to
the Institute, and. spoke of his Re
formatory School and the good results
being derived from the same. His
school is located in the Boyd Building,
and the teachers were invited to call
in and see the work. Prof. W. C. An
derson, the Superintendent, expressed
himself as being right well pleased so
far with the work being done by the
colored teachers over the country.
The following program is to be ren
dered in the next session:
Recitation by Mrs. J. E. Miller; Na-
Monday evening Rev. Preston Tay
lor, of the firm of Taylor & Co., left
the city for the Pacific Coast. He
went from Nashville to St. Tvouis. His
route reads: Kansas City. Kans.. Den
ver, Col., and from thence over the
beautiful scenic road of the Union Pa
cific to Los Angeles, Cal., where he
expects to spend a fortnight. From
there he will travel as far up the coast
as San Francisco and Oakland. This
trip, no doubt, will give him much
needed rest, as he has been working
unusually hard this past year, being
one of the foremost business men in
Nashville. He has no idle moments,
and this trip is taken only after the
earnest solicitation of his family and
ntimate friends.
Dr. Taylor stated to a Globe re
porter in reply to an inquiry how long
he would be gone: "
"I do not know; I am going away to
see ir l can get some rest. It may
be that I will get back in fifteen or
twenty days, and my trip may keep
me thirty days'; but I shall he hack
and will have had the rest needed,
because it is my intention to give
more time next year to fixing up
Greenwood Park so that it will be the
best in the city."
His return trip will not vary much
from the one going, as he will return
over tne '.Northern road, coming
through Salt Lake City, Utah, down to
Denver, Col., and thence back to
tine, who lives at 1406 Hamilton
street. He was struck by two bullets, ture Study, by Mrs. E. W. Benton; Solo,
one entering the breast and the other Miss McGavock;, Oration, by Mr. J. E
the stomach. It is said that the shots Hill. Fifteen minutes will be given
that' ended his life were fired bv Ster- to Superintendent W. C. Anderson.
line Weems. The men were rivals Music by Institute.
for the affections of Patty Ballentine,
it is said. Weems and the woman, it
seems, were out together and were
seen by Edwards, who disliked it. He
followed the couple to the Ballentine
woman's home and started the trouble
by throwing rocks. After that act of
belligerency on his part, Weems
By mistake it was published last
week that this Institute meets on the
third Saturday; but it is the second
The annual Convention of the
promptly brought his gun into action, American Mission Association was in
which ended the earthly career of Ed- session this week at Cleveland, Ohio,
wards, his rival. and the Fisk Quartette, composed of
Aftor ttm Khontlmr Wpptti.s mndfi his Prof. J. W. Work, M. W. Rider, A. lr
escape and has not been apprehended JCing, an( J' Mye? we!f thJ!Q sing"
vt Thp Tlnllpntine woman ill sol aimed mg ior me occasion, lvir. iviug was
any knowledge of the killing, but
despite that she was arrested and is
being held at the police station until
more can be learned of the tragedy
and her connection therewith. The
woman who tries to play the Dr.
Jekyll and iMr. Hyde role is sure to
come to grief and bring others to the
same lamentable strait.
Despite the fact that some men see
the double game being played by their
lady-love, they persist in bing deaf to
the voice of reason, hence the almost
weekly sensational homicides1 whicn
shock this community.
The undertaking establishment of
Alsup & McGavock took charge of
Edwards' remains and prepared them
for burial.
Duel to the Death.
A duel to the death was fought be
tween Ed Beard and Clarence Burnett
on Saturday night, October 12, at the from now on
wi ii ci vj t. n io uau if iunuj auvIDi nvitvu
The men fought with knives. Each
was savagely carved up, but Beard got
the better of his antagonist in the
fray. He succeeded in. inflicting a
stab wound which caused the death of
Burnett in about thirty minutes.
The trouble was brought on by
what almost invariably lies at the boi-
torn of all serious difficulties between
men a woman.
That was an instance where two
were company and three a crowd and
the crowd would not harmonize. But
now there is neither company nor
crowd. 'Burnett is dead, Beard is In
jail, and the woman is abroad to ac
cept the attention of other company
This last sentence points a tale, and
were men sensible, who are disposed
to wrangle over the affections of a
woman who does not know whom she
loves, they would consider the moral
it teaches and be wise. Beard was ar
. rested, but being too badly slashed up
by the man whom he had killed, he
had to be taken to the City Hospital
to be patched up before being carried
to the police station. Beard claimed
that he had fought to death Burnett
in felf-defense. He was tried before
Judge Baker and bound over to the
Criminal Court.
in Tullahoma, Tenn., but came here
to join Prof. Work and Mr. Rider,
while Mr. J. iMyers went there from
the Exposition to join the party. It
is this Association that contributes
so liberally to Fisk each year. The
personality of this quartette is wel
known to the members of the Asso
ciation, as they have more than once
furnished music for them.
The Economical Laundry this week
installed a very large water tank
which will increase its water capacity
This tank will enable it to keep on
hand a plenty of filtered water which
will make the washing look much
Another new washing machine is
beins: installed and will be ready by
the first of next week. It Is one of the
latest built machines, and it will show
a marked improvement in the work
Your patronage is so
used the Episcopal service. The whole
affair reflects much credit upon Miss
Dunson, who has proven herself tin-
tiring in her efforts to help the finan
cial situation of her church. Quite
neat sum was realized in the selling
of the tickets, three little gir's running
for prizes. The first prize, a gold
watch, went to little Charlie Mai Ma-
one,, who led with the amount of
$36; the second and third prize, gold
rings, were won by little Lorell Young
and Dayton Aribella Hart respective-
The wedding will be repeated
at the first Tiantlst Church Monrtav
night October 28, for the benefit of THE SIXTH GIVEN IN HONOR
mat viiurcu.
The appointment of Rev. A. O. Ken-
nev as Custodian for the new Roger
Williams University site and prop
erty seemed to meet the general ap
nroval of all. It became necessary to
nut a Custodian on the grounds in or
der to protect the Interest of the TJni-
ersity and to look after the build
ing. Then. too. there are some new
buildings to be erected before the
onening of the school, and since Rev.
Kenney is an expert carpenter and
contractor, he can look after this mat
ter with advantage for the Trustees.
People wanting to see this site can
also be shown through the grounds by
The beautiful and artistically fur
nished home of Prof, and Mrs. S. P,
Harris, of Jefferson street, presented
a scene of beauty on Tuesday evening,
when the doors were thrown open for
an evening party in honor of their
niece, Miss Mattie A. Booker, daughter
of Prof, and Mrs. J. A. Booker, of
Little Rock, Ark.. The interior of the
house, which is one of the most rich
ly furnished in the city, was decorated
with a profusion of cut flowers, the
color-scheme of pink and white being
carried out in tne masses of carna
tions which filled large vases through
out the rooms. In the reception-hall
stood Mrs'. Harris and Miss Booker,
assisted by Misses Belma Mahan and
John D. Thompson, to welcome the
guests. The honoree appeared in a
beautiful gown of white chiffon over
silk. Throughout the house the
beauty of the decorations was largely
enhanced by he pretty costumes worn
by the other guests. Miss Booker,
who is a musician of some note, ren
dered several masterpieces on the pi
ano. Card-tables were in evidence
and many amusing games were played
Ices, cake and fruits furnished s
tempting menu, served at a late hour
Among those invited to meet the hon
oree were Mesdames II. A. Cameron
W. B. Vassar, J. II. Kelly, Misses Bel
ma Mahan, John D. Thompson, Dewitt
Shorter, Grayce Frank, Georgia Wat
kins. Ruth McKinney, Emma Shorter
Mollie Berry, Nannie Sumner, Janie
Benson, Mattie Winfrey, Mary Clarw
Elnora Berry, Messrs. Wm. Fox, J. O
Battle, Fred J. Ewing, Wm. R. Pleas
ant. S. L. Carter, Wrm. Davis, J. H
Kelly, Wm. A. Fitts, R L. Redmund
T. F. Smith, J. N. Bowden and Wm
Mrs. Nelson entertained a number
of young folks at her residence on tiic
corner of Lewis and Short streets in
honor of Miss Samuella V. McNeal,
who left for Indianapolis, Ind., Sunday 1 Bureau of Printing and Engraving.
East Nashville K. of P. Building
Committee and officers of the Twenti
eth Century Company No. 8, of the
Uniform Rank K. of P., gave an elab
orate dinner to Mr. A. A. Bennett on
Friday evening, October 11, at the resi
dence of Oapt. and Mrs. J. T. Shelby,
527 Lischey avenue. The arrange
ments for the affair and the decora
tions of the house were perfect in
every detail. At 10 o'clock the guests
were invited to the dining room, where
the following menu was served:
Oyster Soup. Celery. Crackers.
Raw Oysters. Hot Slaw in Peppers.
Bread Stick and Man-go Pickles.
Broiled Chicken.
Stuffed Egg Croquets. Pickles.
Beaten Biscuits, etc. Olives.
Cream. Cake. Fruits.
Cheese Straws.
Nuts and Cafe et noir.
At the conclusion of the repast a
committee, composed of Messrs.' Town
send, Baker, Elam and Vaughn, of
fered the following resolution which
was unanimously adopted:
"Resolved, That we tender our sin
cere thanks to our host and hostess for
tbe kindness shown us this evening
and also for he pains they have taken
to make our dinner a success."
Mr. Bennett left the city Monday
night for Washington, D. C where he
will fill a resnonsible position in the
The Physical Culture and Tom
Thumb Wedding given at Spruce
Street .Baptist Church in Monday
evening under the able direction o
Miss Jennie P. Dunson, proved to he
m overwhelming success. The Phys
leal-Culture drill, led by Miss Annie
Henderson, was beautiful in every de
tal, ten young ladies presenting a
pretty picture in snow-white robes
going through the exercises to the
strains of enchanting music. After
the drill, it was announced that
fashionable wedding would take place
Before the entrance of the brida
party little Miss Milberta Webb san
"I'm all for you" in a very sweet
voice. Then, to the strains of Mendels-
sohn's wedding march, played by
Miss Laura Brooks, entered the ush
ers, numbering eight, and six brides-
maids and groomsmen, marching al
ternately in opposite aisles, followed
bv the four little flower-girls, Charlie
Mai Malone, Annie Mai Dunson, Day
ton Aribella Hart and Txmise Taylor.
Then came the pillow-bearers, Lorell
voung and Annie Gertrude Thomas.
The maid of honor, little Miss Mercy
Leah Buckner, as were all the brides
maids, wore a beautiful creation of
tarlton, with o court-train. The
srroom Master Claud Toney, entered
with his best man. Master Leonard
Smith. Then came the bride, little
Miss Alberta Thomas, attired in a
white silk princess with the conven
tional tulle veil. Master Valda Kelly
acted as the officiating divine and
Scene of Brilliant
participated in by promi
nent women and men,
friends of the pastor
eloquence, wit and song
delighted the hearts of
all present tables beau
tifully decorated were
laden With a sumptuous
repast grand occasion.
M DC mon D CTI I DKIQ Trt LI l A r
- - -. - - . . , . . i.
Mrs. Mary Ford has been in the city honor of Ppv t w tw mi,
visiting her sister, Mrs. Thomas White. Memorial "Methodist Episcopal
Dunn!? hpr stv sni wna tn rAHnlpnt I nt i. . . . 1 - - 1
0 . pnurcn Auanorium, uctouer w, a
of many hospitalities Among some vast audience assembled to do him
uimri uusa oi menus mw enwrwineu honor. The following Program wis
iir-i ncic mrauttiuca r itc, iuu uui uau, i rendered
jenerson, Annie weDsier, Minerva
Watkins, Maria Bosley and Misses Min
nie Daily and Minnie White.
Ford joined her husband and ;(l;;l";l7'Cl;I;l,
son Sunday, where she was welcomed
nto her own home with many kind
thoughts of her friends in Nashville,
who made her stay among them the
most pleasant feature of her Jife.
Song "Bless the Lord".. Choral Class
Prayer .....Rev. D. T. Burch
Song "Pleasant are thy courts"
There was a quite wedding last Wed
nesday night at the residence of Mrs.
Marie Davidson, 137 Eleventh avenue,
North. There, were a number of friends
present. Elder Klrkpatrlck, of St.
Welcome address on behalf of the
city ministry
Rev. C. H. Boone, of St. Paul A. M.
E. Church.
Song "Leaning on Jesus" s
Choral Class
Welcome on part of the Stewards
.Bro. James Mitchell
Welcome on behalf of Trustees . .
.Bro. N. T. Green
Original poem and song
.Mrs. G. A. Kelsv
John Ba.nt.lat Church, nerformed thp
ceremony. Mr. John C&ston Olvin Is Welcome on behalf of the Sunday
from Vicksbure. Miss. Miss Mamie school Miss J. Blackwell
Beatrice Gains is of the city. They m Denair 01 Pworth League.
will reside in the future at 1108 Grun- Mrs. M. A. Green
dy street. I n Denalf of the class leaders.
W. A. McKissack
In behalf of the Ladies' Aid Circle
.Mrs. M. B. Lewis
Remarks by Master of Ceremonies
.IMr. E. E. Gibson
Introduction and response by the
new pastor Rev. T. W. Johnson
"There are no sentences in the Eng
lish language that can fully express
This keeps their minds in a studious my appreciation of your kindness ex-
attitude and brings to them informa- tended to me on this occasion, but I
(ion that will be of use to them in hope In some humble way to render
teaching their classes. The High you further service, such as will still
School teachers will study Chemistry, hold your esteem and respect. This oc-
the Grammar teachers will study Test casion causes me to be filled with the
Problems In Arithmetic, and the lower tnougnt or the vast responsibilities
grade teachers will study Primary that rest upon a minister of such, a
The Teachers' Normal Meeting was
held in this building on Tuesday of
last week. The teachers of the entire
corps were divided Into classes and
the work for the year was mapped
out. It is the intention of the Super
intendent to have all the teachers
study some subject as long as they are
connected with the Nashville system.
Methods In Reading.
The new brick walk across the front
yard has been completed- and adds
greatly to the appearance of the school
grounds and to the convenience of the
metropolitan church as Clark .Memo
rial; standing at the head of the Ten
nessee Annual Conference, and one of
the first churches of Nashville. The
intellectual, moral and religious pow
ers should not lie dormant but should
High School football team. I be roused with the thought that we
as the Washingtonians, met are weighed by what we do and not
thPir nrst defeat on Bennett Field last ny wnat we say. There are three meat
Saturday. The Fisk second team de- charters of the world The Magna. The
voured them to the tune of 17 to 0. Declaration, The Emancipation. All
Spectators say, however, that the Pearl three of these were necessities of in-
boys rdayed a good game, being out- vention that men of nations and races
classed in weight and age. The game might be put on a level to show that
was an enjoyable one and no one re- all men were born equal. That among
grets seeing it: but expressions could these there were rights of individual
be heard among partisans of both sovereignity that must be respected
teams that it Is a pity that a team of and regarded as an enfranchisement,
nearly equal calibre as to weight, size, that must not be trampled upon. This
age and experience cannot be made was in the light of the intellectual, the
nn among the colleges around Nash- moral and civil premises produced
ville so as to make the game between
Ihe High School and college more In
teresting. The public would attend in
larger numbers.
rrom these three great charters. The
leader of the Magna Charter was King
John, the leader of the Charter of the
Declaration was Jefferson, the leader
This school will be decorated next of the Charter of Emancipation was
week for the coming of President Lincoln. These charters only refer to
Roosevelt. The Principal has asked the civil, political and moral aspects
for a number of flags and 150 feet of of the world.
bunting to adorn the front of the build- There is another charter of which I
inc. flip windows will be draped in desire to speak to-jiight, and it is not
Tod, white and blue. An opportunity a charter of reproduction but of origl-
for a lesson In patriotism will be given nality, springing forth from the
bv the President's visit.
The school was favored last week
bv a visit from the following persons :
Mr. T. O. West, of the. Post-Office De
uartment; Mr. A. P. Beattv,
Tmiversitv: Prof. McNeal.
source of the great Sovereign of ihe
Universe: the Charter of redet-inl ion,
which makes all men equal by thn ap
preciation of the blood of Jesus. Iich
of Fisk of the first three snoken of will income
Superin-, obsolete, but the last one is eternal.
tendent (Mty School ot iviempnis. . auri wm last through all ages. Su-h a
Mr. Theodore Garrett, after a long charter is the basis upon which Clark
spell pf, sickness with typhoid fever, Memorial is founded: .Christ Jesus be
bas recovered and entered the Junior ing the Chief Corner-stone.'
A Class of the High School.
The basement of the church was

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