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Women's and Misses' '
Rich and Distinctive Fall Attire
Our Cloak and Suit Department is crowded to overflowing with stunning new garments. Business increasing at a
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newly pleated skirts tlegant
plain and fancy
New velvet Suits, with semi-fitted
jacket effects, double and single
breasted, plain or wide silk -braid,
trimmed in colors black, blue,
brown, green, I28,
I32. ?3S-
New models of lovely Coats and Raincoats. Ask to see them.
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r Home School for Girls. Literary Courses and
Domestic Training.
By Leon.
FOR 1907.
Length of Game.
scrimmage, and puts it in play by
kicking it forward or snapping it back. -
The .scrimmage does not end until the
i ball is dead.
The Line of Scrimage for each side
is an imaginary line parallel to tfye ""
goal line and passing through that
Section 1. The length of the game
shall be 70 minutes, divided into two
halves of 35 minutes each, exclusive
shorter duration by mutual agreement "nlf ,ot the baJ1 nearcst the sldesown
,u. t .igoal line.
Next Term Begins Saturday, September 21st, 1907.
Section 1. The game shall be playea
upon a .rectangular field, 330 feet in
length arid 100 feet in width, enclosed
by heavy white lines marked in lime
upon the ground. The lines at the
By Special Request:
risk and Walden students and our many customers, that we serve a six
o'clock Sunday Dinner from 6 to 9 p. m. We will serve our Opening Dinner
on October 20th. From this date you will be able to get most anything that
you want. Ice cream ami soda water all winter. This is the only place of
this kind in the city.
between the managers or captains of
the contesting teams.
In case no such agreement is
reached before 10 minutes after tne
time scheduled for beginning the
game, the Referee shall order the
game to proceed and the full time
fen all be played.
Section 2. There shall, be ten min
utes intermission between the' two
Section 3. Whenever the commence
ment of the game is so late that in
two ends shall be termed Goal Lines
Those on the two sides shall be termed the opinion of the Referee, there is
Side Lines and shall be considered to
extend beyond their points of intersec
tion with the goal lines. The rectan
gular space bounded by the goal lines
and the side lines shall be technically
known as the Field of Play.
Section 2. The field shall be 1
marked off at intervals of 5 yards,
with white lines parallel to the goal
lines, and also at intervals of 5 yards,
with white lines parallel to the side
lines, beginning at the center.
Section 3. The goal shall be placed
in the middle of each goal line, and
shall consist of two upright posts ex
ceeding 20 feet in height and placed 18
feet 6 inches apart, with a horizontal
cross-bar 10 feet from the ground.
Goods to Suit, Terms to Suit, Prices to Suit,
The Peoole to Suit You,
Nashville Furnituro Go.
Telephone Main, HOI.
Wesley Cunningham.
Walter P.racy.
lv. G. Cullum.
2 IG Third Avenue, North.
Will Todd.
L. B. Hughes.
Esq. Win. Crump.
Section 1. The foot ball used shall
be of leather, enclosing an inflated
rubber bladder. The ball shall have
the shape of a prolate spheroid.
Players and Substitutes.
Section 1. The game shall be played
i by two teams of eleven men each.
Section 2. A player may be substi-
any likelihood of the game being inter
fered with by darkness, he shall, be
fore play begins, arbitrarily shorten
the two halves to such length as shall
insure two equal halves being com
pleted, and shall notify both captains
of the exact time thus set.
PENALTY For refusal to abide by
the opinion of the Referee under
Section 3 Forfeiture of the game.
Section 4. Time shall not be called
for the end of a half until the ball is
dead, and in the case of a touchdown
the try-at-goal shall be allowed.
The game shall be decided by the
final score at the end of the two
halves. The following shall be the
value of plays in scoring:
Touchdown, 5 points.
Goal from touchdown, 1 point.
Goal from the field, 4 points.
Safety by opponents, 2 points.
Section 4. A player is Off-side when
the ball has last been touched by one
of his own side behind him.-
Section 5. A Fair Catch is catching
the ball after it has been kicked by
ou3 of the opponents and before . it
touches the ground, or in similarly '
citehing a "punt-out" by another of
the catcher's own .side, provided the
player (except in cases of punt-out,
where no signal is necessary), while
advancing toward the ball, signals his
intention of making a fair catch by
raising his hand clearly above his
head, and does not take more than
two steps after making the catch.
It is not a fair catch if the ball after
the kick was touched by another of the
catcher's side before the catch.
The mark of the catch is the spot
at which the ball is actually caught. '
Opportunity to mnke a fair catch is
where the player is in such a position
that it would b'1 possible for him to
reach the ball before it touches the
Section 0. A Down occurs when the
Pcferce blows his whistle or declares
the ball dead.
The Referee shall blow his whistle
or declare the ball dead:
(a) When a player having the ball
cries "Down";
(b) When any portion of his per
son, except his lruids or feet, touches
the groun.l while he is in the
of an opponent ;
(c) When he goes out of bounds;
(d) Whenever he is so held that his
forward progress has been stopped;
re) When, on a forward pass, the
ucnes r,
grasp -vJ
Section 1. A Place-luck is kicking a". P:,sfe forward,
the ball after it has been placed on the "nnes w giouiui ueiore uiu5
ground. A Kick-off is a place-kick u"ei.eu nv a i n- a eiuier biue.
from the center of the field of play. ?,n'; ' n(,.own 18 1!lu
A Punt is dropping the ball from the WI1' tnona.ii nwmiiy in possession m
f r..?:.
I We
J. H. Copcltind, Prop.
Having qualified as administrator
of t ho estate of Robert Robertson, de
ceased, all persons indebted to Baid
estate are hereby requested to come
forward and make settlement without
delay. All creditors or other persons
having claims or demands against
l. .1 1 1 . . i 1 1 il
tt0,i fnr ,n nil,,,, t n t ,J n hnnri n mi l.-ifkin- it before n " ls neciaicu ueau uy uie ivei-
lin. u ivji till win, i til, dlljr Llllic, 111 OUL11 1 vi .-- n - I i , P ' i- 1 r
n p.. co ho onhem,,tn mcf m Utl it tmir-hs ttlP Pmiini nil-. .Ili.y MH ui it mill uii, auuic
tho Tjofpr nnri ronnrt vimif ho. A Pnnt.nut is a mmt made bv a ,)C"in the opponents goal line.
In rvlnr nlrxu. I nlovor flf flip CldP Wll fl IIIIS 111 fl ( 1 0. n
has been replaced bv a substiute mnv touchdown to another of his own., side lnt. not w here the ball is carried
not return for further participation inl for a fair catch.
the fnmp A llrnn-kick is droppinc the ball
fmm Hip hand nr hands and kick nsr "'" lrt 1 1111 Lllc calcu-
- " c n. ..: i .. 1:..-
PENALTY For not sn renortinn or it the instant it rises from the ,J1 i" " ". 'h Kru afc L 10
for further participation Loss of 15 ground.
yards. A Kick-out is a drop- kick, place-
1 .
kick or punt made by a player 01 tne
Section ?. No plryer having proiect- side which has made a satety or a
ing nails or iron plates on his shoes touchback.
or any proiecting metallic or hard A Free-kick is any kick when tne
substance on his person shall be al- opponents are restrained by rule from
lowel to play in a came. If head advancing beyond a certain point be-
fnrn thp inli is put in plav. and In-
papier mache, or other hard or un- eludes Kick-off, Kick out, Punt-out. " ' "l 1L; "l ',l c !v,,rt
vMMntr matprtni hnii ho ,,Qn,i in th.ir Kick from a Fair Catch, and Place- t,,p ,K,n b( lini11 ,,1c oal line just
said estate are also requested to file construction, and all other devices for kick for Goal after a touchdown. -s 11 " uu' nci(' 01 piay.
same, duly authenticated, with me at protectors must be so arranged nnd Section 2, Snapping the ball is put- It is also a Touchback when a
No. 449 Fourth avenue, North, within nadded as, in the judgment of the ting it back from its position on the kicked bull (other than at kick-off or
the .time prescribed by law or be for- Umpire, to be without danger to oth- -rround with one quick and continuous 1 place-kick or drop-kick passing over
Flic . Palace Shaving Parlor.
Hot and Cold Baths,
Respectfully Ask Your Patronage.
114 Fourth Ave., S.
point where the side line crosses the
goal .line.
Section s. A Touchback is made
when the ball in' possession of a player
guarding his own goal is declared
deid by the Referee, any part of it be
ing on, above or behind the goal line,
provided the impetus which sent it
to or across the line was given by an
ever barred both in law and equity.
Administrator of the estate of Rob
ert Robertson.
J. C. NAPIER, Attorney.
er players. Leather cleats upon the motion of hand or hands or of the foot.
hoes shall be allowed as heretofore. Section ?,. A Scrimmage takes place
PENALTY Suspension, unless the when the holder of the ball places it
f?ult is corrected within two min- fat upon the ground, with its long
utes, axis at right angles to the line of
the cross-bar) goes over the goal line
either on the fy or after striking the
ground (before being touched by a
a player of either side.
(Continued Next Week.)

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