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All things come to them that wait, providing they hustle while they wilfV-CarJ W. Anderton. "Get out of our tuMhlne."-. tf. Boyd.
No. 42.
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Quarterly Conference at St. John A.
M. E. Ohurch Favor Him For
Secretary of the Sunday
School Union.
. Will Begin Its Sessions
Wednesday, October 31.
The fourth quarterly conference of
the St. John A. M. E. Church was held
last Monday night. Dr. I. II. Welch,
the presiding elder of the Nashville
District of the African Methodist
Church, preached Sunday morning and
night. The session on Monday night
was a very busy one. Every depart
ment of the church was well represent
ed. At the close of the regular business,
Dr. Haigler, the pastor, stated that he
desired to ask for Mr. D. A. Hart, who
was aspirant to the secretaryship of
the A. M. E. Sunday School Union, the
The Tennessee Conference of the Af
rican M. E. Church will converie In
this city at Payne Chapel, East Nash
ville, uctober 31. Bishop B. F. Lee,
D. D., of Wilberforce, 0., will preside.
Special interest attaches to this ses
sion, as it is the winding up of the
present vfiiadrennium, and the dele
gates to ine General Conference, which
meets in Norfolk, Va., next May, are
to 'be elected.
Rev. Vvni. Flagg will , entertain the
coming session. He and his congre
gation have been putting forth their
best efforts to have everything In readi
ness when the gavel falls next Wednes
day morning, and to this end they
have succeeded admirably well. The
church has been renovated and pre
sents a comely appearance. Homes
have bcen secured to accommodate all
who attend the sessions. Dr. Flagg is
untiring in his efforts to make It com
fortable for his guests1.
Evry pastor of an A. M. E. Church
In Nashville is now getting ready to
receive the conference.
The election of delegates will prob
ably be held Friday. This will be the
storm center of the session. There are
candidates galore. Not more than six
are to be elected, and there are as
many as twenty-five candidates. Dr.
T. W. Haigler and Dr. D. W. Denny are
prominently mentioned In Nashville
They are both able men, and would
represent Nashville creditably at the
General Conference In May.
Rev. H. L. P. Jones, Presiding Elder
ACCOMPLISHED GREAT THINGS fair play merit and worth
endorsement of the quarterly confer
ence. He made a motion to that effect
which was seconded. When the ques
tion was put the conference voted
unanimously to endorse him for the
position. "
Mr. Hart said he thanked the con
ference for the honor and could not
appreciate the same any more if it had
come from the highest conference in
the Church. He said, "For if you who
know me could not have this confl
dence In me, the Church at large could
not. I will ever remember this ex
pression from you, and whatever sue
of the Shelbyville District, is a strong res I may attain will be largely due
candidate and mav lead the deleea- lu UUI cuuuiacmcui ncic lu-msut
In the Columbia District are Dr. J
Q. Johnson, Presiding Elder, Rev. G.
11. Norman of Mt. Pleasant, S. L. How
ard of Columbia, D. -W. Wells and T.
W. Hampton, of Columbia.
Th'j man receiving the highest num
ber of votes is the recognized leader
of the delegation, and all the candi
dates are seeking this honor.
Bisiiop Lee will be the subject of
Mr. Hart is at present general fore
man at the National Baptist Publish
ing Board, and manager of the Globe
Publishing Co. He served his appren
ticeship at the A. M. E. Sunday Schoo
Union, and has made the publishing of
Sunday school literature a -specia'
many congratulations upon the great patton, who died
y work accomplished .in the interest of Thursday, Octobei
The remains of Miss Minnie Lee
in Harrisburg, 111
Ortnhpr 17 reached here
education during his regime, under sntmvinv mm-nint d wpio mn
his leadership a new college site has veye(i to the reslclenCe of Mrs. Sara
been purchased at Shelbyville and a Pae Harding street. Miss Patton
new two-story building erected, con- was a teacher ln th county schooi
tain ins iweniy-seven rooms, ineiuu nB here or a number of years. She went
rooms and dining hall. Considerable
.attention will be given to the subject
of education and much interest will
center in the report of the President.
Dr. J. A.' Jones, formerly the pastor of
St. Paul, this city, has been at the head
of the school during three years of
Bishop Lee's administration. The in
stitution has made marvelous progress
Dr. Haigler Replies to the Statement
In the Banner Has -no Inten-...
tion of Leaving the
I have no intention of resigning the
pastorate of St. John, or resigning
from the ministry I am an A. M. E.
minister, and my appointment will be
II I J C n r Mi'imoiei, mm my appointment win be
HO U O X l)Onterfinr,fiS flXed by my Conference. The state
iiviu VJli uumulGIIWa ment ln the -Banner as to mv ft
. w & 14 V V.
Before Returning Home.
mv future
intentions, is false." "Et falsus in
una, falsus in omnes" (False in one,
false in all.) I am a candidate as a
delegate to the General Conference,
but I wont put a straw in a brother's
way to defeat him; it must come by
That article In the Banner Is a
rtanerermia hlow at tha nadnro t of
$10,925 RAISED IN GREAT RALLY John and St. Paul as well as the con-
FOR PAUL QUINN COLLEGE Stations, endeavoring to lessen or
I II' no Iran thA HnH. . 1 1.
""-oncn mc uuum uiuuey anu oiner
Conference claims, for my telephone
has been ringing constantly, and let-
Welcome Him in the Most
Enthusiastic Manner.
On next Monday moraine at seven
o'clock Bishop Evans Tyree will leave
for Oklahoma and Texas to begin the
winding up of hia second auadrennium
as a bishop in the African Methodist
Church. In May, 1900, the General
Conference of hia church saw fit to
lonor him with the largest vote ever
given to any man by that connection
for the high position he now holds.
and after the excitement had subsid
ed, and the new bishop had had time
to reflect, it dawned upon him the
greatness of the honor conferred and
the magnitude of the task before him.
Ie was seen to be making his leiaure-
y walk out one of the streets of his
toric old Columbus and to pause as If
to meditate for a moment. After-
wards it was learned that he uttered
Pastor of St. John A. M. E. Church.
President Roosevelt has' mad hi
visit to Nashville. The man who hn
challenged the admiration of his fel
low-countrymen and electrified the
world with his masterly statesmanship,
has come and gone. He reached the
city Tuesday morning. Oct. 22, at 9
o'clock scheduled time md was met by
the reception committ.e of the Board
of Trade whose guest he was.
There were but three hours in which
he was to do many things and no time
was lost in getting into action. The
occasion was a great one, and long be
fore the President was to pass through
the principal business district of the
city, the streets along the route were
wueu ami jiatKeu wun one-uense mass
of humanity. To ,the outpouring of
a short prayer while standing ' there ters and notes asking Is that Bann er nnn,,i a ,.,i,s
i f.i, i o- o - i i wwicu aim uilc. weie
mat nas lonowea mm mese seven mcutirue; My answer was no; it added other thousands irom the coun
years of hard, consistent labor. His is; false. Even some of the members fv and every hamlet village and town
colleagues had done all they could do. St. John have called at mv offlrp iriiappnt a ni ,...,n.. i...
but to cope with the situation he felt others at my residence desirini? tn mart Afmn0,.li qhh nnr,... .
that he was not able without 'help know why should I change my mind, of learninir - 1
from an invisible source, and. with my work, etc.. that thev will not
tears streaming down his cheeks, he their Conference money if that is true would furnish a footing to raise one
made tins request of his Creator: wnat mey saw In the Banner. T snMUn as-fn,eoo wrt tv.Q i,0n,i t
'Lord, make me a bishop." Whether no; an enemy has opened his hpart slirroil rifling rn nPnnlo waa olrnn
ui nut ins riuest was answerea can some to ian and others to advantage of. It was a time when
oest oe ioia Dy me results acniered. w"-
uisnop i yree s nrst Diocese con- o irue preacner would dare' to
listed of the states of Arkansas -and write an article like that; only a med-
anssissippi. tie tound the work ier ana a raise prophet, an instigator
there in fairly good condition except of trouble and confusion. That nrti.
as to the educational institutions, cle was calculated to injure both nas- wronirht into diiforpnt forma ami nirt
Shorter University in Arkansas and tors and congregations, and to launch Glory, large and small, was everywhere
Campbell College in Mississippi were forth the selfish desires of a wolf in in evidence. Also here and there along
sorely ln need or funds and were sneep-ciotnings, nothing more noth-
barely able to keep their doors open, ing less. The writer had better been
Four years under Bishop Tyree these praying instead of advertising falsp.
two institutions were put In excellent nooa.
shape, the conferences in the states T. W. HAIGLER.
lalsing from ?8,000 to 510,000 annually
for educational purposes.
The last General Conference saw fit ru EXPLANATION OF MYSTERY
to change his diocese and hence sent
him to take charge of the work-in
Oklahoma and Indian Territories and
height counted for much in the way of
The route over which the President
passed was profusely decorated with
red, white and blue artistically
the route -were pictures of the President.
The President was received by the
waiting thousands all along the route
with wild bursts of applause and en
thusiasm. He was the object of all
vpc Tip ninf flip p-ltirl npr'lalma nf iho
ncople with a graceful wave of hat, or
. vigorous wave of the hand which in-
lipated the strenuosity of the man for
Texas. Oklahoma and Indian Terri
tories then contained one conference
visit her relatives and while there be
came ill with heart trouble. Her sis- j
ter, Miss ura mtton, ot Texas, was
sent for and was with her when she
breathed her last. Miss Patton was a
young lady of a charming personality,
which won for her a host of friends.
She was a consistent Christian and
was a member of the choir of the
dtm ...
mere is nothing new under Mip
sun," once said Solomon, the reputed uhicli h" is so universally known. As
wisest of men. However that may be, nP stood in his carriage, turning from
ine ract remains that at intervals -Ide to side, acknowledging and re-
each, the only difference now being along the pathway of time there have Hprocating the people's patriotic wel-
that the two territories are considered been mysterious happenings which "me, he looked every inch a prince of
as the state of Oklahoma; lexas nas have baffled the understanding of men mcn
four conferences. Paul Qulnn College, and which by no known nrorpsq of The sight of this capable man of na
at Waco, Texas, was the most in need, reasoning could they furnish satisfac- pional and world affairs was not only
and being the largest in his diocese tory explanation. hn object lesson to the white boy to
One such mystic occurrence is now ,iut fo,'th his best efforts to meet life
mystifying the people of and around manfully, but also to the colored boy
the quiet little town of Glasgow June- fo 1)0,1,1 ul nis ll0Kt energies tc round
tion, Ky. out a useful lifo bravely and rourag'
Last Mav a stmn on BOncfinnai h?osly. No teaching is greater or more
murder was rommntpn- thpro Von effective than teaching by example,
- " ....... a IrUVIV.) T UJ1
Smith killing his half brother,
Vilnius Lino I" uvu. iuiuvi iwi iuui I . ... t . v 4
Institute was born within the bounds ?irst ?aP?t Church, from which her
nfifcTnnnQP.rWPrPiif.p hnPP this mnerai iook piace last ounaay auer
conference feels a peculiar interest in
the school, although it is now a crea
ture of the three conferences, all of
them contributing liberally toward its
support. Dr. W. B. Denny is the larg
est donor to the college of any indi
vidual at one time
noon, the services being conducted
by the pastor, Rev. W. S. Ellington.
Loving friends sent many beautiful
floral designs. The pallbearers were
Misses Ruth P. McKlnney, Laura
Stump, Mamie Brown and Mary Pet-
way. The body was interred at Green-
This r.rnmisrs to be an interesting wood Cemetery by the side of her fos-
mcrting from many points of view, but ter-mother, who died only a few
local lv the annointment of pastors will months ago.
predominate especially so far as con
cerns the members of A. M. E. church- Minnie Lee Patton was born De
,os. No church in the city, it. is be- cember 11, 1881; died October 17,
Moved, will ask for a change, but ru- 1907. Age 25 years, 10 months,
mor has it that some will be made. days. She was reared by an aunt,
Bishop Lpe is a very resourceful man, who died the 1st day of last March,
and is always looking to the interest Since that time Miss Patton worried
of his churches. His administration quite a deal and her heart became af-
and one of the oldest in the connec
tion, Bishop Tyree turned special at
tention in that direction.
When he returned home a few weeks
ago he had just closed his fall rally for
educational purposes in Texas, and
she has raised this year in Texas $10.
025 for Paul Quinn College. Two ral
lies were held; one in the spring and
one in the fall. In the spring he raised
$5,300.25; in the fall, $3,534.15; he con
tributed $25.00, and when he reached
Pine Bluff, Ark., Mr. W'm. Clark, whose
wife is a student of Paul Qulnn Col
lpgp, and who kindly took an agency
to raise means for the school, met Bish
op Tyree and reported $65.C0, which
he had forwarded to the treasurer of
the school, which footed up the total
Hartley. The murder created a great
stir at the time, but after Smith, sent
up for a long term of penal service.
was taken to the penitentiary, the last
chapter in the affair was supposed to
have been finished, but not so. Recent
ly a strange thing has been discovered
which revives the whole bloody crime.
A mist, heavier than dew and almost
amounting to rain, is falling upon the
very spot where Bartley was murdered
and this mist or rain has been falling
continuously since it was observed and
has marked a great epoch in the his
tory of African Methodism in Tennes
sop. There is a movement on foot to
have him returned for another quad-ronnium.
footed, causing her death. She pro
fessed religion about four years ago
nnd lived a true Christian. During
her illness she used to speak of her
pnstor and church. She called her
relatives and friends to her bedside
Mrs. J. L. Cheatham, of 819 Eight- and said, "I am not afraid to die.
centh avenue, South, is able to be out When the general roll is called, I'll
again after a few days of illness. be there,"
amount stated above.
The people of Nashville and the state s h h , nn k
m J flint r-stc iiie caucviiiuisij jiiuim ui
this brilliant son, and are deeply; in
terested in his success. Men in every
diocese of his church are asking Jhat
Bishop Tyree be sent to them forthe
next 'piadrcnnium, and his many
friends hope for him great success in
his work hoon to begin. Mrs. Tyree
will accompany him the entire . trip,
and while away will visit her son.
Rev. Herman Tyree, who is pastoring
in Texas.
The ladies of Third Avenue Biptlst
Church surprised Rev. J. L. Harding
last Tuesday night with a grand re
ception at the church. A luncheon
was served and he received many val
uable presents.
and this visit of the President and the
honor shown him have put more in
spiration and more hope into the
hearts of colored boys as well as white
boys to make the most of their chances
than the reading of whole volumes de
scribing the doings and achievements
of bis strenuous life. Seeing and hear
ng his words of wisdom will have a
wholesome effect upon men and women
as well.
The President at-Ryman Auditori-
mi made a short. 1 , vigorous and elo-
Hient speech in which he made a plea
for the protection of the colored Ameri
can in his rights which was cheered to
the echo by the colored people who
wore present. The spntiment of which
nlea, it is hoped, will be followed by
liimsMf when he gets back to Wash
ington in restoring the brave colored
soldiers who, though innocent, suffered
by bis hasty, ill-advised order.
After the President left the Audito
rium and on his way out to the Her
mitage, he passed by Pearl High School
on Fifth avenue. South, where the pu
Mls, neatly dressed, wore drawn up by
the faculty to oh. per and wave their
"cleomc n(1 adu'u to him. As the au-
toninhilo vn nnprrlinr bv hp arose nnd .
Mr. and Mrs. Silas Perkins, former- j responded heartily by waving his
ly of Marshall street, has moved j hat to the routing salute given him by
to their new homo, 1215 Welker: the enthusiastic pupils and teachers,
street, (Continued on Page 6.)
This wpird phenomenon has created
almost as great a sensation or excite
mont as did the original crime. The
falling of this mysterious dew or rain
is being witnessed daily by all the
countryside and other chance passers
by. Despite Solomon's asseveration
the people who have witnessed the
strange sight of a rain falling con
tinually even on clear days only upon
trie spot wnere a numan lire was
blotted out in a tragic manner, think
otherwise, or, at least, this mystery
is new and inexplicable to them.

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