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ENTERTAINMENT BY KNIGHTS answer to the African letter ha3 been
OF GOLDEN LINKS. written by Miss E. J. Pinkard. our
The Knights of the Golden Links, corresponding secretary and will be
an organization of South Nashville,
entertained its members and a few
friends last Tuesday evening.
Speeches were made by several. Mr.
Hendricks was master of ceremonies.
He made a very interesting talk con
cerning the Society and its work and
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At the tomb of Andrew Jackson at
his former home. . The Hermitace.
President Roosevelt delivered another
great speech eloquent with reminis
cences of the career and achievements
read at the meeting and then sent to
Mrs. Althea Brown Edmison. Lueh
Congo Free State, West Coast of Af
rica. It Is hoped that all the members
will be present, Six names are to be
voted upon, We are very glad to be
encouraged with additions of good of Old Hickory, the hardv old battled-
tiie good that could De derived tram women wno are aDie ana willing to lift scarred son of Tennessee.
being a member of the organization, as they climb. All classes of men took delight in
Though young, it has done a great A his club is undenominational and honoring the Nation's Chief the three
work for the people. Mr. M. H. Free- the only one in the city in the Nation- brief hours he was here, despite the
man made a very interesting address, eueration tnat we Know, it is now dlfierence of opinion held by most of
also Rev. Mr. Stanford, pastor of Trln- in its fourteenth year and it is the them and him. He was the President
ity A. M. E. Church. After the busi- hope of the ladies to make an effort to of all the people, black "as well as
ness was transacted the guests were secure a home known a3 the Phillis white, and all gave him a right loyal
served ices and cake which had been Wheatly Charity Home. The club was welcome such as would have made any
organized by Mrs. C. S. Smith. An mortal proud
account of the work already done will He left soon after noon for Chat
be written very soon that all those who tanooga, his next stop on his way back
ask and wonder what the Phillis to Washington,
Wheatly Club has done and is doing
may be fully informed. Don't forget
the October Meeting on Thursday,
October 31, at Mrs. Fanny Thompson's
residence, 118 Eighteenth avenue,
MRS. G. L. JACKSON, President.
MRS. L. J. HARLAN, Secretary.
Grandma's Wonder Bread
Is the Sweet, Nutty kind, and we bake it Fresh every day.
The price at any of our seventeen retail stores
prepared by a committee of ladies,
Madams Goodman, Nelson, Murphry
and I. Goodman.
Mrs. Mary Burton, who resided at
811 Division street for a number of
years, died Thursday morning after
an illness of several months. Mrs.
Burton was well known in church
circles, where she devoted the great
er part of her time in doing service
for the cau.se of religion. A son, who
lives in Portland, Oregon, and a
daughter, Miss Emma J. Burton, of
the bookmaking department of the
Baptist Publishing House, survive her.
The President In Nashville.'
While Nashville was entertaining
the nation's chief, the man of strenu
ous life, the ever determined Theodore
Roosevelt, decorated as it were with
stars and stripes, national colors and
bunting of all kinds, 'and its streets
thronged with thousands and thou
sands of anxious people, eager to get
one glance at this distinguished guest,
the Negro citizenship was cringing un
der possibly the greatest insult and the
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Harper gave a
pound party last Friday afternoon in
honor of their daughter, Mary Ellen.
Games and dancing were the chief
features of the occasion, after which
a tempting menu of cake, candies,
ices, etc., was served. Those present
were Misses Mary Edlen Harper, Clara
Armstrong, Priscilla Harper, Mattie
The first monthly recital for the
term of music classes was held In the
parlors of the Music Building at Wal- ninRt nhsolute disregard of their citi
den University, Thursday evening, zen's right they had ever been sub
October 1G, with the following pro- hprtpH tn There la no denvine the
It gives that satisfied feeling after drink
ing and it is the best value you can get.
. Roasted daily by us and for sale at any
of our seventeen stores.
Ariel Waltz Kern
Miss Sewilla Lindsey.
Torch Dance Ruffner
Mrss Mary Page.
Les Myrtles Wachs
Miss Beatrice Stewart.
Violin Solo
fact that it is the right of every
American citizen to say "Our Presi
dent," but this right, when it is re
served to party lines, is strictly a pat
ent word of the Republicans. Yet that
party of late years has tried and is
still trvine. from all aDDearances in OFFICEi 428 Fifth Ave., N.
the last campaign, to add or prefix Pythian Temple, Phone, Main 4J5U-Y.
"Lily white" to it Yet "Our Presi-
Mr. Matthew Thornton.
L. Patterson, Nora Armstrong, Cora pian0 Solo. "The Butterfly". .. .Merkel LJ- a 0wt,i i th PpihHPnn.
Buford, Cornelia Watkins, Josie Rob- Miss Lucile Cleaves and notwithstanding he rolled up the
mbuu, luciumu ousutn, ueicuuc mu- 'rne PUPUS Were - entertained Dy OTMoct maWitv over repnrriert it ia
Daniel, Messrs Geo. Harper Jordan teachers, Profs. D. E. Johnson, who knowu that tne Negr0 of the South
Dixon, Ldward H. Wray, Herschell played "Rondo Capriccio" by Mendels- the Middlewest and in the doubtful
Crowe, Robert Cook, Harry Taylor sohn, and by Prof. I. J. Berry and stat contributed no little to this
9 to 1 1 a. m., 2 to 3:30 p. m., 7 to 8 p. m.
and William Allen.
The burial services of Mrs. Katie
Carter Williams were held last Satur
day at 2 o'clock, by Rev. S. E. Griggs,
at her parents' residence, 507 Lischey
Miss Alberta Smith, who played a
two-piano number, "Waltz Caprice,"
by Wilson G. Smith.
Hopkinsville. Ky.. Oct 21. Dr.
handsome majority. While the South
a3 a rule, especially through the press,
was heaping criticism upon top of
criticsm, calling the candidate upon
the Republican side every conceivable
name, and advising the South as well
as the North that it would be a dan-
dr. j. a. McMillan,
RESIDENCE: 67 FIRST AVENUE, S. Phone, Main 2595.
10-11-' U0
7ls 'tvtvtvlvtvlvtvlvtvi vivi vtvivtvlv
aeuue. .mi n. Huiiaius wu wiiuciijr james uona, iormeny pastor oi tne geroua thing to return such a man to v
Katie Carter, of this city, but has colored Congregational church of the office many of them declaring that &
ttu v.un..ii,u iui jcais, tuiu i iasnviiie, was in town to-aay wuiuus was dangerous, uncertain and un- Ty
met ner ueatn suacieniy at mat piace. f0r a suitable Bite lor the location or. rPnahiP vet the. Neero voter with that si
Mrs. Williams was a consistent Chris- the colored branch of Berea College, determination and with that silent ad- -tian
and a good church worker, having The legislature recently prohibited miration with which he has always i"
professed a hope in Christ about elev- the education of white and colored held the Republican party, cast a solid i
.--- "to" "v. SLUUt;Uia iu me oauro Dtuwi, oiiu mo Straignt DailOl IOT our ritssiueut.
of Rev. Dr. Venable. She was twenty- board of directors of Berea plan to MQnv of them hnnpd that, the time i
fivp vp:ira of nirp. and was married to I
Mr, Jodie Williams about five years negroes. The leading citizens, both opportunity to show a greater devotion j;
ago. She leaves a mother, father, white and black, unite in civine all onH a Mtrhor PsJppm. Thi time was l
four sisters and two brothers, and a encouragement to the location of the set for when the President came South,
host of relatives and mends to mourn school at this place
her loss.
opportunity to get a respectable repre
Mr. Vardaman, who opposed President
Mrs. Anna Grant, of Chicago, is ia
the city, having accompanied the re- A large number of Knights of Pyth
mains of Mrs. Katie Carter Williams has were present last Sunday after
here for burial. She will probably be noon to assist in conferring the Page Roosevelt, has said many hard things
in the city two weeks. rank upon about fourteen young men, against him, and from the present dis-
who are to be in the new lodge of this natches it would seem that he is stand
Mr. Frank Carter, son of Mr. and Order being instituted by A. W. Fite, ing alone and still contending and ob-
Mrs. Aine carter, Wi uscney ave., Deputy Grand Chancellor for the Mid-Meeting to even meeting .with mm
was in the city last week, attending ne of Tennessee. Sir James Blaine, But in some sections of the South,
the efficient C. C. of Damon Lodge, the men that have belittled him, warn
No. 2. presided ; Sir J. O. Battle filled ing others against him and advising
the V. C. station and Sir R. E. Gee that the government was not safe with
filled his usual station of M. at A. him as its chief, have been among tne
The secret work of the Order was ex- first to run over each other in their
emplified very forcibly and quite a endeavor to give him the glad hand
DEATH OF SOLOMON CHEW. deal of enthusiasm was inspired in and a sunny south smile, his recep
News i -oat-hod Nashville Sunday of the voune men comDosine the new tlon in Nashville was an instance to be
the death of Mr. Solomon Chew, inhere. The Convention contains a referred to. The long list of 250 mem-
whose native home was in Palestine, large number of active young . men bers of the reception committee was
Tex. Mr. Chew was a young man Lnd Mr Fit a ia nf tha nnlnion that it peculiarly conspicuous, and will go
about twenty-nine years of age, and win prove to be so progressive that it down in history with the record that
was nrominent in the sporting world, win srvm Rumnsa manv nf the older not one Negro was appointed to serve
esneciallv in baseball circles. He was hnHo-Ps in memhershin. The second on it. Hence there are no Negroes in
. i i i. j t . .t 1 ... . . lT.i .mi m n j- v o t1 r fd nnrr 1 .
a pitcner oi national reputation ana qnd third decrees will be conterrea iNasnviue, so as itu . uiamj jwt,.
If you care to economize, why go elsewhere and pay
the big prices for Fall and Winter shoes when you can
buy at the BIG 4 SHOE STORE at factory cost and
save $1.00 to $1.50 on each purchase. Great bargains for .
I 625 Church St. A. Whiteside, Manager. $
u-iu-..a, u(
hut it wa5 nnt tn bfi so. Thev were not F V-
ho cylvan thia renrpspntntinn. and
LU , UV. blTVU wv.w-j " v v - . . ,r,r rrL j.j -ir ji -jumiuuuinannjvrAi
especially were they to be denied every
the funeral of his sister, Mrs. Katie
Carter Williams. Mr. Carter was for
merly of this city, but is now a prom
inent citizen of Evansville, Ind. He
left Monday morning for his home.
:: ;V. 1
J. II. Copcland, Prop.
The Palace SliaviiiK Parlor.
Hot and Cold Baths,
We Respectfully Ask Your Patronage.
114 Fourth Ave., S.
had played ball in some of the fastest
teams of the country. As a pitcher he
ranked with such men as Mose
. "Doublehead" Foster, Gatewood and
others. He had played on such fa
mous teams as the Waco Yellow Jack
ets, AVaco, Tex.; Hot Springs,
Ark.; Birmingham, Ala.; Tyler,
Dallas, Houston and San An
tonio, Texas. He had mny of
fers to go with St. Ixniis, Chicago
and New York, but he had peculiar
notions about living in
Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock
Mrs. Horace Wade entertained at
her residence, 1035 Stevens stret.
The evening was pleasantly spent in
nlavine games. At 11:30 p. m. the
tlon were concerned, If Mr. Roosevelt
were to judge from the personnel of
the committee, that received him,
which was composed of Germans,
Italians.. Jews. Inlanders, Swedes,
and, in fact, all the mixed Americans,
save the Negro.
Seeing that the most loyal part of
the riti7PnRhin of this nation was
30 .
Little Gem and The Bee
We wish to say Unit we arc now better prepared
to aecommodiile our patronage, us we have -two
bin-he r shops. We are ouceefsor, to M. W. J5u
ford, 117 toui-Ui aveni.e, South. This shop is
known as "The Hee." The ISee is a beautiful shop,
supplied with entirelv new tixtures The best feature
nf it. is it has three of the best South Nashville bar
bers, t'hailes Stringer conducts this shop; and FRD. THOMAS,
mir other one. "The Little Uem," located at 417
Fourth avenue North, is conducted by Fred Thomas. The Little Gem is yet the leader
Tiifvts wprp invited in the dinlnff
room and were served an elaborate about to be ignored, a meeting was of the up-tow,.' shops, can to See us at whichever shop is convenient to you
luncheon. 1 ne tame was aecoraiea caiie(i among the Negroes and it was
beautifully with ferns. Those pres- -wp,! at once to make a protest. Ma-
the South. ent were Mr- and Mrs- Wade Mr- and lor Wills, a veteran of the G. A. R.,
and Mrs
Mrs. John
Miss Ten-
n:e Parrisn, Mr. ana Mrs. iuoneison,
Miss Mollie Wade.
n . 1. L Tn1Vi If M
linroa 1, vvriil.l ripvor vptitiirp tn as- -MIS. iwutu ixaipn, uu,
eiof in i,.,,.i,!in pii-fios with thi teams James Coffee, Mr. and
omU thP M.nsn.i :md Dixon line. He Hughes, Mrs. Thompson,
UVl vn" -..v..-...- - -
was also it very accomplished musi
cian and a sweet singer. His death
occurred at Dallas. Tex., and he was
buriul at his old home in Palestine,
under the auspices of the Heart of
Oak Lodge, K. of P., of which he was
a member.
The September meeting of the Phil
lis Wheatly Club was held at the home
of Mrs. L. .1. Harlan. Many of the
members were present and a number
of visitors, who gave short addresses.
The program was a rare literary treat.
At the close of the business affairs, etc.,
refreshments were served in two
courses. Miss Miranda Winter and
Miss Florence Jackson assisted the
Tim rvtnher meeting will be at Mrs.
i!w,v Thompsons. 118 Eighteenth
ovPTinP. North, on Thursday, October
31 1907. The program for this meet
Mrs. Henry Hyde and Mrs. Mary
Moore recently entertained Miss Eliza
Haddox of Indianapolis, at 1015 North
High street. A menu of three courses
was served. Those entertained were
Drs. C. 0. Hadley, Gray and Sparkes,
Miss Millie A. Abernathy, Dr. I. It
King. Mrs. Dora Beale, Mr. and Mrs
Price. Miss Anna Hopson. Mrs. Anna
Spenca, Mr. and Mrs. Batson, Mrs
Mary L. Cantrell, Mary Ella Lloyd
Bettie Hyde, Margie Hill and Emma
Williams. Miss Jennie Baty. Mr. and
Mrs. John Moore. Mr. and Mrs. Robert
son. Miss Mary E. Buckhanon, Miss
Etta Warfleld of Hopkinsville, Ky.
Mr. T. Buford, Mr. Isaac Rucker, Mr
M. W. Bunch Wardy. Music was fur
nished by Mr. Phillip Carter, Mr. John
and the incumbent of the post-office
Postmaster and Custodian)) was con
sulted on the matter. He was asked if
there were to be any Negroes on the
eception committee, to which he re
plied. "I do not know, inis mauer
does not come under my part of the
work. The board of trade invited the
resident here, and they will have the
arrangement of all the program. I
would refer you to the board of trade.
Mr. Shannon is the Secretary and you
could possrbly get the information
from him." A representative oi me
rmnmittee cot in direct communication
with Mr. Shannon of the board or
trade. He was called and when asked
If there had been any Negroes ap
pointed on the committee, he replied
in the negative. When asked If there
would be any. he stated that he did
not know. That this matter would
come up before a special committee
that was in session, of which one Mr.
Wrenne was the chairman. The rep
mittea in their behalf and urge that people as the loyal supporters of the
two Neerots be named on the recep-1 stars and stripes and who had con-
tion committee to meet the President
Air. snannon assmeu me iciiimcum
tive that this matter would be looked
alter, and that he would be notified;
that much of the detail matter, such
as the appointment of the committee,
hnH nnt bpen arranged. This was
Thursday of last week. And judging
from the two daily papers of this city,
the committee was not named until
Friday or Saturday. Thus the Negro was
deliberately and intentionally denied
any representation on the committee,
or any manly showing during the
President's visit. Yet thousands of
I them perched themselves on street
corners and .in windows along tne nnc
of march, craning their necks for one
peep. Many of them did not, however,
but not for any disrespect for the
President; but on account or tne com
ne was the chairman, ine t tmMlt t0 -which they were subject
tfltlVfi OI ine INtSKrUfa uunuuiiuc A, VHo wrin nraa
" . i . I OH I i V I II H III U l 11C 1 111 vnmv, i is
asked Mr. Shannon, as president oi ine r - , to' show himself and his
v...j tn trn Vpfnr the com-1 cttoci vui
tiibuted little or nothing to his elec
tion to the exalted position in the na
tion. That Nashville paid high tribute
to this distinguished visitor was evi
denced on every hand. The entire
city, save a few exceptions, suspended
business, but Negro business houses,
and Negro institutions, for causes
above mentioned, took no prominent,
or active part in giving him a wel
come. Yet in the distant future when
some will ask "Why?" the facts as;
given will be its cause and the answer:.
The names suggested by the committee
of Negroes to the Board of Trade were
representative business men with na
tional reputation. They stand as high
financially as lots of names in the 2b0
that did serve, and are a credit to
Nashville, where they have lived
for the past twenty-five years with
clear, clean, good records. Negroes
should have been represented.
ing la a very interesting one
iWilkerson ana Mr. um wuuwm.

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