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. .. . s- - TIIT1 NATrVTT.T T? CT nnp rninnr. nniiAr,nr,....-.,
Brady played his old time game for
the CuLs at right tackle.
John Warren, the Cub's full back
and line plunger, was out of the came
Saturday on account of hill3 and
Two of the Cub's best players are
yet to report Uarry Myall and -John
Corner Fifth Ave. and Church St.
kj, )rj&N9
W mi
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Meharry Notes.
Meharry's football team is hard at
work in. preparation for the season's
games which are fast approaching.
The men are getting into form and
many are showing some fine football
knowledge. Captain Dobson is hav
ing the first and second teams line up
against each other every afternoon so
as to get a line on- the men who are
to fill the vacancies in this year's team.
The backs for this year are showing
up well; they are very fast, in fact, It
is sure to be the fastest backfield that
ha,s ever defended the red and black.
The Walden Scrubs played a rather
ragged game with the Pearl High
School Saturday, and by luck won 5-0.
There is much enthusiasm over the
coming games among the rooters, and
each day at practice many are out to
see the work-outs. The Freshman
Class Team has been out, and will give
the 'Varsity some hard work, as it is
composed of good, strong fellows who
have had some experience in football.
The Athletic Association is to give
a concert at the Auditorium Friday
night to defray some small expenses.
Terry, Allison and Carr are the back
field so far, and make fast running
mates when they get. to going.
The Meharry Quartette made its first
public appearance at the First Bap
list Church Monday evening. They
will be on the program Friday night at
the Athletic Association's concert,
which will be in charge of J. Champ.
Diekerson, and is destined to be a suc
cess. The best talent of the college
will appear, also the Meharry Band.
The band, under the direction of C. B.
Johnson, plays some very catchy music.
The Facts of the Situation.
"The season is growing old and as
yet we have not had any representa
tive game of Jootball among our local
schools. The public has grown hungry
and if the management of the differ
ent teams don't hurry, the public will
have lost their appetite." This is the
expression of some who have not taken'
the matter under due consideration.
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. ( (
is not a fellow who dissipates, he ls who do not know of the games yet
in fairly good trim now and would
By Leon.
Fights Mike
Donovan a
only have to train off superfluous flesh.
There will be no trouble in gaining
Johnson's consent, so if Coffroth feels
that the match is worth $25,000 to him.
there is a possibility of the fight be
ing held at Ocean View on Thanksgiv
ing, when the racing season will he in
to be played.
Football among Negro schools is
played under great disadvantages.
Some of these disadvantages can be
remedied by the management of the
different teams, while others can be
remedied only by time. The colleges
of the North arrange their schedules
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Domestic Training.
"Black Jack" Blackburn, of Phila
delphia, and Mike Donovan, of Roches
ter, N. Y., fought six fast rounds last
Friday night, Oct. 18, to a draw before
the Industrial Boxing Club at Phila
delphia. The men were very evenly
patched, and at the finish it was gen
erally agreed that the honors were
about even.
In the first round the men went at
e&ch other cautiously, but in a moment.
both had warmed up and from that
time on it was give and take all over
the ring. Both fought for the body in
the earlier stages of the fight, the Ne
gro seemed to have a shade the best of
it. In the sixth round, however, Dono
van rallied and had all the best of the
finish. It was a good fight.
Johnson and Burns Will Probably
Meet Thanksgiving.
full swing at Emeryville. Tommy said one season for the next and nothing
that he would cancel the Gunner Moir Prevents their playing 'those games,
match if Coffroth or any other pro- While the negro schools wait, as a rule,
moter offered him a $25,000 purse to untl1 ine beginning of the season to ar
fight Johnson. range their schedules. Their reason
Jack (Twin) Sullivan thinks Tom- for this is twofold. They cannot af
my Burns is trying to sidestep him by forcl to lose their money, in their con
making the talk about meeting Jack tracts so they have to wait to see
Johnson. Jack says he made Tommy what rates they can get;- then the fac
back up in both of their previous bat- "hips of our schools are more active
ties, and that Burns is not anxious in football " matters than in other
to again enter the ring with -him. schools, and we often have to wait on
Ex. . . ; their actions; so often we are neces-
Walden Cubs Vs,
High School.
In one of the most stubbornly con
tested games seen on Braden Field in
years, the Walden Cubs Eleven, Satur
nay atternoon, Oct. 19. defeated the
-carl High School boys 5 to 0. The
Pearl High School boys outweighed the
Cubs a few pounds.
ispau) s,;
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Whpn .Top fJnns nffevpri tn liff 5r OOil
Next Term Begins Saturday, September 21st, 1907. that Peter Jackson could defeat Tom-
mv Burns in a fisrht. to a finish thp
WRITE FOR POiPiiJPJ S. fan,,n c(,l If un
a Negro boxer he wouldn't start in
with Peter Jackson, but would take on
Jack Johnson first. In Los Angeles
Burns said he would sign articles of
agreement calling for a fight with Jack
Johnson before the club offering the
biggest purse. He said that if Pro
moter Coffroth would hang up the $25r
000 purse originally tendered for such
a match he would accept it, the fight
to occur within a reasonable length of
time. The challenge hurled at him bv
Gans on behalf of Jackson is what
stirred Burns up to action, and he says
in order to convince the public that
ne is not afraid of Johnson he will
take him on.. Tommy will, however
insist upon an 18-foot ring, as he feels
that in a 20 or 24-foot ring the Negro
champion will resort to runaway tac
tics that will not only rob the fight of
interest, but will also cause him to
get leg-weary and foot-sore chasing
him. "A 10-foot ring would suit me
better than anything else," said Burns
"You couldn't make the ring too smal
for me when I fight Johnson."
While Tommy claims to have had
prosperous theatrical tour, he undoubt
edly finds the grass a trifle short i
his new pasture, and is anxious to re
turn to the field where he can gather
in the mazuma with a little more regu
Jarity and in larger wads. As Burns
id SJw
Satisfied !!
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sarily held.
But apart from these disadvantages,
which we cannot avoid, there are oth
ers that we can and ought to remedy.
When we have our mind made up as to
what step we are going to take, we
could expedite matters by answering
our letters promptly. We could get to
practice early and work hard so as to
be readv rarlv for a hard name and not
The Cubs were demoralized by the delav a came on account, of our failure
absence of John Warren, their star to be ready. These acts of negligence
full-back and line plunger. ire sources of much unnecessary delav
The Pearl boys played the game of r"onS 0l,r schools.
their life. It is hard to sav which of A 1 1 b Oil "ll WO hflVP hnrl nr iwmso vot
v - - - - - - - v. au..a w f-s L. 1 1 1 V fcj T V. V
the Pearl boys carried off the honor
All of them played great and snappy
ball, though the work of W. Davis,
Davis, Franklin and Hurt was no
ticeably fine.
Ihe Walden boys seemed to be
somewhat up in the air in the first
half, but they made up for all this in
the second half.
L. Morrow, C. Alexander, It. Dill
and Chas. Williams- were the most
spectacular, while Rhines, Chappell
and l'atterson were hardly inferior,
t walden line up; Pearl's not given:
Robert Dill, Center; Perry Right,
Guard; Bryant Brown, Left Guard;
J. Wyman Brady, Right Tackle; Pat
terson, Left Tackle: Van Watson,
Right End; Chas. Williams. Left Knd;
Chappell, Quarter, Morrow, Captain.
Fullback; Alexander, Right Half;
Rhine, Left Half.
Referee, Prof. Brown, Fisk. Urn
in October, we have one on the 2Gth
which promises to be only second to
the 1 est. Then we have three games
in November which will be the great
est games of the season. The schedule
is as follows: Nov. 9th, Pearl High
vs. St. Louis; Nov. lGth, Meharry vs.
Tuskegoe; and the Meharry-Fisk
game, the great society event in Nash
ville, will likely be played on Thanks
giving. All of these games are going
to be games unon which great honor is
at stake and they will be played with
all the football genius that can be put
in action among our schools. Let every
body attend nil these games and I
think the public will feel that after all,
although Into, the season of 1907 has
been a grand success. Fisk has thp
most strenuous season of all. She plavs
Athnta nt. Atlanta on Nov. 2;"Knox-
ville at Knowille on Nov. 10, and Me
harry as before stated. Her men are
pire, Dr. Lanne, Meharry. Time of 1 " I10-.y she hopes to keep
halves. 20 minutrs. Tmirhflnwn AW ul "t'i lepmauon.
Walden was greatly in need of a
right end.
Chas. (the Cincinnati Kid) "Williams
played the game of his life at left end.
The game Saturday, October 2fith-
will be played on Fisk uampus by Me
harry's stroii s: Freshman class and
bisk second team that downed Pearl
High 17 lo 0. Both teams are strong
and about evenly matched, ns it is the
first game of its kind of the season n
large crowd is expected.

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