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The Nashville Globe.
resented and that, too, by able busi- should now condemn it and open up
nesa men. - a street for .which there Is no need. We
The men who organize these various hope the bill will be defeated, but even
I no ftnol innvom rir i a V o ttq Vi J crVi I if -i f i i-o rv .... ,-.4. t
Published Everr Friday in the Year. Kooa " """" oow nC yllBi iuui uiuwu,
i, ydd Fellowt Uaii, M. 447 ouna a- but It seems to us they put the stress true to nis declaration that he is to be
nue, Xsortu, isasnvnie, leun . ,1,NT, .ana icA t i, r. ..
it iuua itv . xitoLLau ul oiuii-i iuo jiajui ui cvciy citlZcIl, Will Veto
ing with local organizations where the the measure.
common people of the various communi
ties wm oe interested in me ODjects Comnlaint has heen to th Tn-
Telephone 4JJJ-L
J. 0. BATTLE Editob.
Entered as ' ccond-5:las matter January 19.
of the organization and a united effort terstate Commerce Commission that
i9o6. at ?f'jxyx1 a11 tne race can be made for a Slven the railroads discriminate against Hat-
see, unUer tae aci n I nnrnnsp thev usually heeiTi and end n..i mi.. , n
-f j 1 o - ufsuuis, iuiss. me commission ougui
eoatrib a natlonal meetInS &t which t0 give anyone a bonus who discrim-
Nashville Portrait Co.
J. W. TOLIN. Manager.
The only up-to (kite picture enlarging house in rsnsliville
where customers receive cordial treatment. First-class
pictures of all sizes. Lowest prices.
Telephone, Alain 371 4-Y. , 118 Fourth Ave., North.
Notice taken of anonymous
One Year -W
One Month 1
Sizzle Copy
only the well-to-do can be present, and
at which they represent only them
selves. These various organizations
are all good, but their primary work
is not so much to call the attention of
America to our condition as it is to
inates against that section of Missis
sippi. '
The colored schools of Washington
are forever and eternally in a broil
over something. The latest racket is
, -. . I ni' n 1: (in It. in ifaal? a ronllrinHnil I
Notify the oa.ee when you uu w i yo . .w between W. Calvin Chase and Itoscoe
paper. or our present standing, mis can be
accomplished only by local organiza-
. m nATCC villi All H 11
AUVHK11S1.-VO ' Hrmu TTntU tW ora nntlvn 1rvQ1
reading m&ttxb ETs. bodies to back up the pronouncement
Conkling Bruce, the colored assistant
superintendent. ' Politics as usual is
the cause.
s cenu per line g h insertion. 0f the national meetings these nation
a cenu per line kv each insertion (black
al meetings will not be worth, to the
race as a whole, the amount of money
paid out for' transportation and for
having a good time during the meet
The paramount political issue in the
Vontracu for lADJ lines to be taken in a
ear, niade at 3 ceats per line.
Advertising cod should be in the oHk
ot later than Tuesday, 9 a. m., of each week.
Any erroneous reflection upon the charac
ter, standing or reputation of any person,
firm or corporation, which may Pf ? the
bna brought to the
attention of the management. South at present is prohibition. The
I miKIUttrtnn A ft I
whT1Zi: sTS C temperance wave is ingulfing that por-
tended for current issue which arrives at late
iis 'ihuisitay can appear in that number, as
Thursday is press day. ... .
All news matter sent us for publication
onlv on one side of the pa
per, and should be accompanied by the name
f the contributor; not necessarily tor puDii
cation, but as an evidence of good faith.
AlND general house furnishing goods.
Your 011 Furniture Taken In Exchange.
Mayor Brown speaks out like a man
that intends to be his own boss and to
be just to every man in the city. In
111A lUCOOUtjC Lilt RT fl sfl H v 1 TtW 1 I
recommended some progressive legis- W. E. COfRCr BfOay ailillllird AVCHUC,
lation that is much needed.
Financial physicians disagree as to
the cause of the flurry in Wall street,
but every one agrees that the effects
have been felt throughout the country.
Its a mighty fine thing though tq have
tion of the country south of the Mason
and Dixon line so -completely as to al-
- " 1
most give a new meaning to the solid money t0 worry aDout-
South. Georgia goes dry on the first
of next year; Kentucky, the first of all The new editor of the New York Age
the whiskey producing states, sells is Mr. "Freddie" Moore. Moore the pity
spiritous liquors legally in less than a that Timotheus Thomas Fortune got
Movements for the improvement of dozen counties; after the first of next out.
conditions under which the Negroes of month only three cities and one town,
certain portions of the United States viz.: Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga
are compelled to live seem to be a fad. and Lafollette will license the saloon to
There are leagues, councils, move- do business in this state. Texas and
ments, brotherhoods and other organi- most of the other Southern states have
zaiions almost innumerable, all dedi- restrictive laws which have placed them
cated to the purpose of improving our in the same catagory with Tennessee.
:: y
:: i.'-.. i
; . ' J. !!. Copcknd, IVop.
The Palace Shaving Parlor.
Hot and Cold Baths,
We Respectfully Ask Your Patronage.
114 Fourth Ave., S.
Elijah P. Lovejoy, the Martyr.
To The Nashville Globe:
November the seventh will be the
epvpntipih nnnivprsnrv nf the Martvr-
race mentally, morally or financially This week Jefferson County, Ala., in dom of Elijah P. Lovejoy, he whose
and to securing tor our race mose wnicn is located Jtiirmingnam, one ot lite was immolated upon tne altar or
ri.rhta Pnnrantppd under the Constitu- the most Droeressive cities in the freedom, a sacrifice to pro-slavery hate.
itu.i otno vn mn. k..h oi His was a noble and unselfish life dedi-
11 .... , m. , . cated to the noblest of causes that of
tent with the work 01 an tnese secuiar inai pronioition nas provea a sue- hunian jihertv. Along with Freder-
organizations, some of the members of ce&s in the rural districts few will hck Douglass, Wendell Phillips, Wil-
'A j
our race are bo earnest in their fight deny, but whether it is practical for Ham Lloyd Garrison, Harriet Beecher Fourth avenue, North, i con.iuruu by Fred Thorns, t
..... u L,. .... . .. Stnwe WhittiPr. the noet. and Henrv 'the uP'l,,'n shPs- LaU t0 ,,s ut wh,chuvr 8hoP
f.. I'itrlita that thov WOllld I thp larp-pr rltlpa la a rmoeHnri mvrn
Wl UU1 "bl . 1 Ward Beecher. the greatest divine
even make, a lever or our religious wnicn opinion varies, me experiment America has ever produced, he set him
bodies to obtain the desired ends. The of removing liquor from the larger ci- self to the task of reaching and awak
race is weighted down with sterile na- ties, such as those in Georgia, Knox- ening the public conscience to the hein
Little Gem and The Bee
We with to say Unit we arc now better prepared
to ae.conimoclale our patronage, us we have two
barber shops. We are .ue'ei-soi, to M. v. liu
ford, 117 Fourth avenue, South This shop is
known as "The I'.ee." The lieu is a hi autilul shop,
supplied with entirely new ilxtures The best feature
of it is it has three of the best .South Nashville bar
bers. Charles .Stringer conducts this shop; nid
our oilier one, "me i.mie licm," located ut 4:,
lie Little (Jem is yet the leader
is convenient to you.
. a.. ..j .r ..mi. 1 i. . . . . . . , 1 nue rinip nr tiip pprmirifis avrv.
tiona organizations, yei me euu ui vine in mis state, ana mrmingnam 1Qi.iri un.,n
0 . . . . , . . A11 r . . , . , . He waa not insensible to the personal world, lor the good of mankind, have
their formation is not in sight. in Alabama, will be watched with in- danger t0 be incurred by'his espousal been fought out by the mind, resulting
ii, ,f 1.,. -op1.- tho Tfpv Dr. Allen terest throughout the South. If these nf Hip m'hsp nf the downtrodden and in" victories no less renowned than
Mip'nsworth until recently a chaplain cities do not suffer commercially, it oppressed black man. But, after count- those of war.
in ti,p Knifed States Armv. issued a Wl11 be only a matter of time before
call from Los Angeles, Cal., for a meet
ing at which certain phases of the so
called Negro Problem will be discussed
and, if found advisable, plans made
for the segregation of our race in some
one portion of the United States where
we would be free from "Jim Crowism,'
and disfranchisement.
Without entering into a discussion
of the merits of the plans or the sub
jects mentioned by Dr. Allenworth for
discussion, we are constrained to ask
have we not sufficient national organi
zations with practically the same
avowed purposes as those announced
in the call? It would seem to us that
either the Niagara Movement or the
Afro-American League might very
properly discuss the questions outlined
in the call if Dr. Aliens worth, as a
member, would bring them up for con
sideration. This would at least save
the formation of another organization
Most if not all of these movements,
leagues and other organizations of a
like character, national in scope, are
forces from which no tangible results
are obtained. They have high ideals
but fail to accomplish anything. The
main delect with most of them is that
though tliey are planned on democratic
lines they are really aristocratic in
their workings. For example, take the
. most successful secular Negro organi
the whole South will be dry.
ing up the cost, he felt that if by Some expression of appreciation tor
throwing his life into the scales it the sacrifice made by Elijah P. Love
would help arouse tire nation from its joy seventy years ago should be made
lethargy to the immensity of the evil by our people on November i.
The Superintendent of Letter Car
riers at the local post-office, comment-
of slavery and would ultimately result
in the liberation of his suffering broth
er in black, he resolved that the sacr
ifice would not be too great. That he paid
the price exacted of him for his de-
ing upon our criticism of thejnvidious fense 0f the helpless is history, glori-
distinction made in the placing of the oiis, immortal history, sacred to every to say a few words in regard to Pleas-
Honor to Whom Honor is Due.
Editor of The Globe:
Please allow me space in your paper
colored carriers at the rear of the gov
trnment employees in the parade in
honor of President Roosevelt, says:
"The Negroes participating in the pa
rade took their positions without as
signment at the rear of the line;" and
further: "The carriers participating in
black man throughout this country, ant Green Baptist Church
and will be to the last syllable of time. The wilier has for the last five years
The names of such martyrs as Attucks, carefully watched the manner in which
Lovejoy and John Brown will live ftev. Mr. Fields, of the Pleasant Green
through all time, the emblazoned ex- Raptist Church, has taken hold of his
ponent of the highest, truest ana no Work. He has already gone beyond
blest motive that ever stirred or actu- our expectation. The church has
aled the human heart. marched on with a steady step. Her
Thcop nipn wpre mnre than mere spiritual, moral and financial condition
the parade did so voluntarily."' We heroes as is implied by the common is better now than it has been since
have it from an authoritative source acceptation of that term, for by chance the days of Ilev. Vm. liaynes. itev
.... . .. . . . ... !.li ., I lirvl,! la (rnllF O C Vl Ol ill Ofll VlO InVPC Vlll
mat it was ordered particularlv that 01 accmcni men me buuuuico nucu ncm 0.,,...., ..v,
... . into the limelight as heroes, without church and proves his love uy 111s care
snuuiu appear in ciean uni- , 1,! nf what is for them. Not onlv does he care for
rorms. inis raises a question of ve- a))0nt to transpire in which they are and love his church, but he takes great
racity between the Superintendent and to take such part as to merit the hon- interest in the community and has the
the "authoritative source" which they ored appellation and the admiration of esteem of North Nashville. There has
,nv thr.eh ,,t w, !,,,, their fellowmen ; but it. was otherwise been a radical change in our commun-
vYe happen to know that other car- 1hp tnut bPSt sense. Thev wondered church. The standard of Christian
riers coming late and taking their well the task before they attempted its living has been lifted the spiritual
nl n era at th runr nf the lino wo-o ,ch. accnmnlishment : but once their minds tone of the church is even changed
. ....v- ....v, v. uo.l .... , . . ... . , . . , 1 1 J 41, l
were made up, they pushed onwara and this cnange is nouceaiue auu mis
with will and determination toward change is noticeable to tne isiur.
wm-ifth!' nut the desire of their souls marked change in the manner ot serv-
till death cut short their efforts. ices bespeaks the wisdom of this
ti,.,i u ,n.r,.c.c.i Tilt ho-i,f worthy divine. Services are conducted
I M i l) I IT' II IUI I nOlUll. 1 11L LllUtllll I "
of this communication is intended to
touch upon the duty owed by the peo
ide who once were slaves of commem
oratina the martyrdom or the man
ered to positions where they would be
in line with men of equal height, the
superintendent to the contrary not
tie that greatest human pronuncia-
n-.ento: "That all men are created
eoua.; tlyit they. are endowed with cer
tain inalienable rights; that among
A bill introduced in the city coun
cil by Mr. E:-.ghaus, of the Ninth Ward,
zation in the country excluding, of to condemn certain property runnin
course, the secret organizations the from Broad to Grundy street, is an ef
National Negro Business League, and fort to accomplish the removal of a
it is evident to the most casual oh- colored church from one of the main
server that much of the good that the streets of the city, that should fail.
body attempts is neutralized by the There is no special need for a street these are life, liberty and the pursuit
fact that so little stress is placed upon at that particular nlaee and the Wis- of happiness." It is a fact that the
I l 1 1 i. I. i J 1, w, P
4U, ,.n..t-nHrm Tfm-o in Mach. Motive K,.oV. ,. ,.!.. 4 ' 0 lie SUOUld I1IH in Hie llttliiw ul outu
int- iuuu uiMi"".nin:ii. i.v.iv- ... ...j.. . iuuii uimn.li ui uui tliy Kuverillllf III ,. ., ,i . c i,:4
, , . .. . , 4 , , , , , . , . . men uie. iney are me ricnesi in ncm-
vine tne lorai organization is uumuun. snoiuu not oe usea to accomplish the s nnfl should he transmitted from
It 'ins been asleep so long that one is private desires of a few individuals, generation to generation. The lives
almost justified in saying that it is The members of the church in ques- and sacrifices of such men should fur
dead. Yet, when the time for the na- tion have struggled to pay for their "is.h the !oft,iest f jnentives to the
ional meeting comes, NasHvllle is rer property and Jt ii unjust that the city 'Vm7of tne Kreatest battles of the
with some system and regularity. We
believe that the Holy Spirit sent Rev.
Mr. Field to be the shepherd of this
church. He has done a most excellent
1 1 ..I. il.i. mild lrvoo nnr
whose services and death did so much worn a wo. k , . ;3
to open the eyes of the nation and know-oniy one who 1, m n -
to point out the stealthily creeping munity can fully understand and ap
T..4 1,1 mnh.n 11 Vl m . n V PC 1 il C UIC liUUU 'J .......
ld.II I UU vilj'ini uiruiuaii u'iui I , , , i l . ., f ,1n1t
rue cnurcn is hiuivij "m, -
and plans are laid for the renovation
and minting of the cnurcn next sprm;.
We fed that other people should Know
a little of this good mans (!'m!h and
life as a true shepherd. May the Lord
bless him and hi schurch.
A Flu K.N 1.
street and Eighth avenue, North, had
a parlor concert, participated in by
the little ones of the school on 'last
Monday night, at her . residence, No.
4Uy Eighth avenue, North. A good-
-ized audience, composed of parents,
elatives and friends, was present to
witness the exercises, which were en
tertainingly rendered. At the conclu
sion of the program several friends of
the school made short addresses com-
i:limentary to the teacher and children,
and encouraged them in their good
work. This little school is worthy of
consideration, and parents would do
well to send their little ones to the
Verdi Kindergarten it will be a great
help to them.
f t"
"i. -.1"
Miss Mattie F. Mathews, teacher of
the Verdi Kindergarten at St. An
drew Presbyterian Church, corner Gay
From the cheapest that is good to
the best that is made. Let us
show you how to get swell shoes
335 - On th: Square - 335
Next to Transfer Station.
. I . . 1 l VI . t - I
. - '

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