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New Styles Cheap and Endurable.
Comfort and Beauty Combined.
Y YNTIL the large number of people who are never seen in churches can be assured that every
J church in this vicinity will have a set of seats that will be clean, comfortable and inviting,
they will not be seen inside a church. Many churches will supply this long-felt want if
they could do so at prices and on terms within their reach, thus increasing their attendance, draw
ing on the unusually large number of people who do not attend the churclu s, and which would evi
dently result in every service being crowded. A bafrier has been in the way in the form of high
prices, shoddy goods and no terms. This barrier has been removed by the Church Supply Depart
ment of the National Baptist Publishing Board, which has presented the new style church seat (its
own creation and its own make). These seats are constiucted of the best grade of hardwood.
They are built by the best skilled mechanics and have proven to be the most comfortable ever of
fered at the prices. The terms on which they can be purchased are so easy that any church, re
gardless of its financial condition, - can secure a set of these by a small cash payment, have the setts
installed and pay the remainder in monthly or quarterly payments to suit their own financial con
dition, How long, with such inviting inducements offered, will it be, before every church in and
about Nashville "will get a set of seats? References can be given to the Nashville churches by re
ferring them to Rev. L. Kirkpatrick, pastor of the St. John Baptist Church, Pearl St.; Rev. J. L
Harding, pastor of the North Third Avenue Raptist Church, both of whom hive seated with new
style church seats; Rev. G. B. Taylor, pastor of the Second Baptist Church, corner Stevens and De
luge Sts.; Rev.AVm. Ilayues. pastor of Sylvan Street Church, Shelby Avenue, who have installed the
church pews. &
J jt Jt
National Baptist Publishing Board,
R. H. BOYD, Secretary.
Excitement and enthusiasm have
reached a high pitch in this school
over the great game of football be
tween the High School boys and the
team of Burrell Academy of Florence,
Ala., which will be played on the Flsk
Campua Saturday, November 9. On
account of high railroad rates, the
Sumner High School of St Louis de
clined to keep its engagement and the
game was transferred to Burrell Acad
emy. Arrangements have been defi
nitely settled and the game will be
pulled off as scheduled. High School
pupils have engaged all the tally-hos
in the city for the occasion. Pennants,
sleeve-bands, hat band's, canes and
school colors in great numbers are be
ing made ready for that day. Mr.ny
out-of-town visitors will be present,
Former graduates and undergraduates
have written to the principal from Mur-
freesboro, Winchester, Shelbyville and
Clarksville that they will be on hand
to yell for the cherry and white. It
was at Burrell Academy that the Prin
cipal of this school received his early
education and it was through his in
fluence and persuasion that the game
was given to Florence after St. Louis
Mr. A. E. Howell, president of the
Board of Education, visited the school
on Monday. He congratulated the
principal and faculty upon their work,
and spoke also in high terms of the
Manual Training Department. Mrs
Lawrence Lewis, mother of Master
Mercer Lewis, a pupil in the 9th
B grade, also honored the school with
her presence on Tuesday.
The front fence and the tin roof of
the building are now looking new and
pretty, since receiving a fresh coat of
paint. The school painters have spent
about three weeks around Poarl and
are not yet through with their work
The principal visited a local wall pa
per establishment on Monday and se
lected material for papering the rear
hall of this building.
All Styles and Prices.
Feb'y Rules, 1908.
In this cause it appearing to the sat
isfaction of the Court that the defend
ant is a non-resident of the State of
Tennessee, therefore the ordinary
process of law cannot be served upon
him; it is therefore ordered that said
defendant enter his appearance here
in at the next term of the Davidson
County Circuit Court, to be holden at
the Court House in Nashville, Tennes
see on the 1st Monday in February, it
being the fourth day, and defend,
or said complainant's hill will be taken
for confessed as to him and set for
hearing ex parte. It is therefore or
dered that a copy of this order be pub
lished for four weeks in succession in
the Nashville Globe, a newspaper
published in Nashville.
L. M. HITT, Clerk.
Solicitor for Complainant.
10-11 4t
. Feb'y Rules, 1908.
SON. In this cause it appearing to the sat
isfaction of the Court that the defend
ant is a non-resident of the State of
Tennessee, therefore the ordinary
process of law cannot he served upon
him; it is therefore ordered that said
defendant enter his appearance here
in at the next term of the Davidson
County Circuit Court, to be holden at
the Court House in Nashville, Tennes
see on the 1st Monday in February, it
being "the 4th day thereof and defend,
or said complainant's bill will be taken
for confessed as to him and set for
hearing ex parte. It is therefore or
dered that a copy of this order be pub
lished for four weeks in succession in
the Nashville Globe, a newspaper
published in Nashville.
L. M. HITT, Clerk.
Solicitor for Complainant.
10-11 4t ' -
said property being a tract of land
in the 5th Civil District of Davidson
County, Tennessee, known as the
Ann Rutland Place, and descrbed as
follows: Beginning at a rock in the
south boundary line of J. G. Fulghum
(afterwards Shields) running thence
south 4 1-2 West 44 poles with the line
of a tract of land once owned by
William Simpson, to a stone or rock in
the line of a tract of land once owned
by Mrs. Alice Gadsey; thence North
85 1-2 West 23.8 poles to a rock being
the corner of said Mrs. Gadsey's tract
and a tract once owned by Reuben
Thornton; thence North 2 East 43.6
poles to a rock in the said Fulghum's
south line, thence south 86 1-2 East
25 1-2 poles with said line to the be
einning." Being the tract of land de
vised by Venus Burnett in her last
will and testament to her grand
daughter, Ann Burnett, for life with
remainder at her death to the heirs
of her body.
E. B. JEFFERSON, Trustee.
10-3-07 5t
Having qualified as ' administrator
of the estate of Robert Robertson, de
ceased, all persons indebted to said
estate are hereby requested to come
forward and make settlement without
delay. All creditors or other persons
having claims or demands against
said estate are also requested to file
same, duly authenticated, with me at
No. 449 Fourth avenue, North, within
the time prescribed by law or be for
ever barred both in law and equity.
Administrator of the estate of Rob
ert Robertson.
J. C. NAPIER, Attorney.
Z , 1 k V fl h' ick for the past three weeks, is
of the inability to be present, from . ' . v
tin pi u ifS
Mrs. N. E. Townsend, who has been
Mrs. ' Tennie Randolph and her
many Sir Knights abroad. The guests
V ei "V i, , f a fZZ daughter, Adlure. have returned from
LT ffl 8 I l:,ih! Caruthersville, Mo.
unCBcuna Mr.. M. W. Brazier, one of the hus
lnA eXC?aniL?I f iling merchants of "this place, has
, ti . L Zt h v Z H"st Put In a fresh and up-to-date
t.i riootia tJaii K,r I ,lrie OI groceries.
. n..j ..jT.uu! . Miss Ethel Zenobia Davis visited
ti:.' t t.v Pier sister, Mrs. Grant Gravely, of Pop
ir. a .11 n,anpiinr 'ar Bluff, Mo., last Saturday,
n ,n a nf Pmf tt The rally given last Sunday for Rev,
" rr: o;m7n,0 ro;,;;' P. W. Williams was a marked success
1::,:r The people of this place like Rev.
Maceo Lodge, and is now serving his Mr- Wlllhnw and hope he will be re
frf, y V ronconnfluo form o n whn ant. I lUrTHMl.
n. no Mtn, nt r0mnni Th. m. Prof. Theodore G. Walker spent
i.,,rnW rom w.Ja arveA n,,t intpr. Mt Saturday in Poplar Bluff.
spersed with music: 0 Misfs (ln,a Itoljrson ami
' . oi tt tt ornelia Davis spent last Sunday in
i. welcome r raters oir . ii. I v&oivenrnia
Thomnson. M. C
2. Our Progress Sir N. N. Rey
nolds, Pulaski.
3. The K. P. Prophecy Jno. C.
Crawford, G. C. C, Nashville.
4. The Order of Merit Sir A. W
Fite, Nashville.
5. What Is Necessary for the Pres-
Mr. Henry Layden, the up-to-date
tailor of Pophr Bluff, spent last Sun
day in Neelysville,
The school at this place is in a pro
gressive condition.
Mrs. S. F. Fulton is on the sick list
this week.
Mr. C. B. Walker will leave for St.
ervation of Unity in Our Ranks?-Sir TjOHls soon to enter the rvlce of the
a. j. niuier, Aspen nui.
f. The Preservation of Harmony be
tween the Races Sir T. P. Turner, Pulaski.
7. The Importance of a Board of
Pullman Company.
Rev. Wm. Lusk preached an elo-
K. OF P.'S
Under the authority vested in me
by a deed of trust executed by Jno.
Rutland, Jr., and wife, ITattie Rutland,
and William Rutland and. wife. Delia
Rutland, dated August 11, 1005, and
registered in Bonk 338, page 139, of
the Register's Office of Davidson
County, Tennessee, made to secure
certain indebtedness therein specified,
I will on
Tuesday, the 26th day of November,
at. 12 o'clock, noon, at the south door
of the court house at Nashville, Ten
nessee,' sell to the highest bidder, for
cash and free from the equity of re
demption, certain property in David
son County, Tennessee, together with
all the buildings, appurtenances and
hereditaments thereunto belonging;
Special to The Globe:
Friday night, October 18th, was a
memorable date with the Pythians of
"Old Giles." Every Pythian's heart
welled forth with emotions as big as
funt Jemima's soap kettle. There
was hurrying to and fro everybody
got busy the occasion being one to
do honor to the appointment of Grand
Chancellor Sir J. P. Crawford, in the
personel of Sir A. Thos. Hill, the ef
ficient Keeper of Records and Seal of
Maceo Lodge No. 24, as successor to
our lamented Sir Knight W. L. Cans
ler, Secretary of the K. of P. Endow
ment Bureau.
A grand ovation awaited the invited
guests from all portions of the Vol
unteer State, on ehundred and fifty
invitations having been issued by Ma
ceo Lodge.
The 7 o'clock train Friday evening
assured th'e Reception Committee that
the invitations had not gone out amiss
or had not miscarried in the mail
Prominent among the arrivals were
Sirs Dr. J. P. Crawford, Grand Chan-
cellor; A. W. Fite, Chairman of the
State Delegation, and Jno. Cunning
ham. Grand Trustee, all of Nashville;
Sir S. J. Butler, C. C, of Aspen Hill,
and Sir Cortez Sykes, M. A. A., of Ath
ens, Ala. The Reception Committee
received telegrams and letters in reply.
Trustees and their Duty Sir John nuent sermon Sunday at 11 o'clock
Cunningham, Nashville. theme was the "Prodigal Son."
8. Greeting to our Guests Sir A. rrs. Harriet Campbell spent Sun-
Thos. Hill, Endowment Secretary, Pu- div here. She dined with Mrs. Hug-
laski. gins.
The addresses of the distinguished Prof Ford Green was in town Sun-
visitors were highly entertaining and flay morning. His lecture to the Sun-
instructive. New lite is inTuseo in ,iav. aohool wis interestlne and full
Maceo's gallant band of Knights. They of ROOd thoughts. Rev. Mr. Smith
heartily enjoyed the rare treat given har1 htm to repeat it at 11 o'clock,
them by these dear frnfrs; they have Prof an ls a Freat w0rkor anions
written high and in Mters of burn- hi people and seldom declines when
ished gold and Indelibly stomned "nor, a,led to porform duty
their hearts the names of Sir Knights The membCrs and friends of the
Crawford, Fite and Cunningham, and church are rejoicing over the improvo-
assure mem mat me laicn siring to mpM of thft nnrsonnire. Mr. Alien
our generosity hangs on the outside of Copeiand dW the painting.
ine resiuence oi every ryuimu iu Messrs. H. Wilker and llugans will
f'i'es- arrive home Saturdav and will resume
After the rendition of the program their stmes at Walden University,
the Master of Ceremonies announced
that, "From labor to refreshments"
was next in order. The invited guests ELABORATE DINNER,
were escorted to thp table and seated, Mr. A. J. Dodd and Mrs. Chas. C.
the Knights then filing Into their Cotton and children spent the day Sat-
places. Grace was said bv Knight Rev. urday in picturesque West Nashville.
A.. P. Gray. Then business in ear- The ladies before noon took a long
nest began. stroll over to Now Town. At noon
First course Oyster stew and condi- an elaborate menu was served in their
ments. - spacious dining room of their hostess.
Second course Barbecue (Southern The tablecloth was of large raised
style). flowers and in the center was a cut
Third course Cheese, crackers and glass Vase of cut flowers on an ex
side streamers. nuisite hand-em broidere 1 centerpiece.
Fourth course Hn'-R. Ad Lihitum On their depar'mo both ladies were
ami tapers in roiovc. presented a bottle of nicklcs from
The merry b""vS Hid with the Mrsi. Tinnir, and basket of vegeta-
(U'narture for t no-th-i'ound train. I bles from 'Mrs. 'Sniit.h.
whidi bore our --rcto wnv from us
on their home'"-'l flht. Come again MRS. WADE, Or SMYRNA, RE
and again, "p"- -oottM mat an TURNS TO HER HOME.
of tbp one hti-J fifty could , , ,,. ,
jvirs. jonn i. if. ' i niii.viii;i
not be present,
t,tit live the merry
Tenn. returned to her ho"io Monday
mq-Hng, after srcn'Mns Feveral days
in ttii city. She wts one among tne
party to stonr: Mrs. M'iggie Brown
MT. o. I. Dodsn is ill at her home h1"1 hcr motnpr. Mrs- Marv
on JelTerson street. . Wednesday night, October 16. ihoso
OA :.--::i ......
i. k B &
r r . j f j.C.li J
Wc are prepared to make
all kinds of badges for so
cieties and associations a
prices that are as reason
able as can be had any
where. & M ttf
TiWj are made of the best
satin ribbon, stamped with
pure gold leaf and trim
med with imported gold
bullion fringe. h
Write us for prices and specifications
stating the number of badVes
you want.
M o -Addivss
National Baptist Publishing Boar
U. 11. ilOYD. fec'y,
523 Second Ave.. N. MSIIYILIE. TiNN
Miss Henri )ku tail HI,
riKlonvciir 'is. Lingerie Vnist a
SM'eiallj .
(is Minir) street.
present to enjoy the occasion weio
Mr. and Mrs. John I. Wade, Mr. and
Mrs. K. W. Ridley, Miss Esther J. Gor
don. Miss Hot tie. W. Drake. Messrs.
Albert Kucker. John Tt. Ridley, Levi
Pierce, Mrs. Pierce and Mrs. Brown.
The same party in addition to Miss
Georgia Loath. Mr. Fvvin Wade, Mr.
and Mrs. Richard l.oath were served
an elaborate o'clock tea at the home
of Mrs. l.e':th Sunday in honor of Mr.
and Mrs. Wade.

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