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New Styles Cheap and Endurable.
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Comfort and Beauty m Combined.
UNTIL the large number of pepple who are never seen in churches can be assured that every
church in this vicinity will have a set of seats that will be clean, comfortable and inviting,
. they will not be seen inside a church. Many churches will supply this long-felt want if
they could do so at prices and on terms within their reach, thus increasing their attendance, draw
ing on the unusually large number of people who do not attend the churches, and which would evi
dently result in every service being crowded. A barrier has been in the way in the form of high
prices, shoddy goods and no terms. This barrier has been removed by the Church Supply Depart
ment of the National Daptist Publishing Board, which has presented the new style church seat (its'
own creation and its own make). These seats are constructed of the best grade of hardwood.
They are built by the best skilled mechanics and have proven to be the most comfortable ever of
fered at the prices. The terms on which they can be purchased are so easy that any church, re
gardless of its financial condition, can secure a set of these by a small cash payment, have the seats
installed and pay the remainder in monthly or quarterly payments to suit their own financial con
dition. How long, with such inviting inducements offered, will it be, before every church in and
about Nashville will get a set of seats? Peferences can be given to the Nashville churches by re
ferring them to Rev. L. Kirkpatrick, lstorof the St. John Baptist Church, Pearl St.; Rev. J. L
' Harding, pastor of the North Third Avenue Baptist Church, both of whom have seated with new
style church scats; Rev. G. B. Taylor, pastor of the Second Baptist Church, corner Stevens and De
luge Sts.; Rev. Wm. Ilaynes. pastor of Sylvan Street Church, Shelby Avenue, who have installed the
church pews. & jt jH jt jl j '
Feb'y Rules, 1908.
SON. In this cause It appearing to the sat-
isfactlon of the pourt that the defend-
ant is a non-resident of the State of
Tennessee, therefore the ordinary
process of law cannot be served upon
him; it is therefore ordered that said
defendant enter his appearance here
in at the next term of the Davidson
County Circuit Court, to be holden at
the Court House In Nashville, Tennes
see on the 1st Monday in February, it
being the 4th day thereof and defend,
or said complainant's bill will be taken
for confessed as to him and set for
hearing ex parte.- It is therefore or
dered that a copy of this order be pub
lished for four weeks In succession in
the Nashville Globe, a newspaper
published In Nashville.
L. M. HITT, Clerk.
Solicitor for Conr.pl ainant.'
10-11 4t
Under the authority vested in me
by a deed of trust executed by Jno.
Rutland, Jr., and wife, Hattie Rutland,
and William Rutland and wife, Delia
Rutland, dated August 11, 1905, and
registered in Book 338, page 139, of
the Register's Office of Davidson
County, Tennessee, made to secure
certain indebtedness therein specified,
I will on
'Tuesday, the 26th day of .November, i
at 12 o'clock, noon, at the south door
of the court house at Nashville, Ten
nessee, sell to the highest bidder, for
cash and free from the equity of re
demption, certain property in David
son County, Tennessee, together with
all the buildings, appurtenances and
hereditaments thereunto belonging;
said property being a tract of land
. in the 5th Civil District of Davidson
County, Tennessee, known as the
. Ann Rutland Place, and descrbed as
i follows: Beginning at a rock In the
south boundary line of J. G. Fulghum
(afterwards Shields) running thence
south 4 1-2 West 44 poles with the line
of a tract of land once owned by
William Simpsonto a stone or rock in
the line of a tract of land once owned
by Mrs. Alice Gadsey; thence North
85 1-2 West 23.8 poles to a rock being
5 the corner of said Mrs. Gadsey's tract
and a tract once owned by Reuben
Thornton; thence North 2 East 43.6
poles to a rock in the said Fulghum's
south line, thence south 86 1-2 East
25 1-2 poles with said line to the be
ginning. Being the tract of land de
Vised by Venus Burnett in her last
-'will and testament to her grand
daughter, Ann Burnett, for life with
remainder at her death to the heirs
of her body.
E. B. JEFFERSON, Trustee.
10-3-07 5t
, Having qualified as administrator
of the estate of Robert Robertson, de
ceased, all persons indebted to said
festata are hereby requested to come
Baptist Publishing Board, S
H. BOYD, Secretary.
forward and make settlement without
delay. All creditors or other persons
having claims or demands against
said estate are also requested to file
same, duly authenticated, with me at
No. 449 Fourth avenue, North, within
the tlme prescribed by'law'or be for
ver barred both in law and equity.
Administrator of the estate of Rob
ert Robertson.
J. C. NAPIER. Attorney.
(Continued from Page 1.)
ville, had paid during the year and ;
a half a total of $633.73 on its loan
and that the Ninth Episcopal District
paid more interest in proportion to its
loans than any other district in the
Prof. H. T. Kealing, editor of tke
A. M. E. Review, delivered an address
Monday night to a crowded house at
St. Paul A. M. E. .Church, on "How
Much Should a Man Weigh?"
The lecture was full of apt Illustra
tions and beautiful figures, all tending
to throw lights of ornamentation over
facts otherwise dry and uninteresting.
He enumerated the physical princi
ples governing the weight of matter
and applied them to the metaphysical
and psychical entities. In the course
of his remarks, the speaker said:
"There are spiritual weights as well
as avoirdupois. Indeed, the greater
weight of man is spiritual. There are
weights which assist and weights
which beset or hinder. There are
weights which drag and weights which
"There are a few fundamental prin
ciples applying to material weight
which apply also to spiritual weight.
Indeed, all natural things have their
spiritual counterparts. It was the fa
vorite idea of Ralph Waldo Emerson
that each material thing is intended
to symbolize a truth or spiritual es
sence. The smallest bodies often hold
the largest souls, and those who weigh
least in the world of contention and
politics, count most in the uplift of
the home and the human soul.
"Who can estimate woman's weight
in this regard? Who can count the
weight of a pure life, a sympathetic
heart and a helping hand in the com
munity? Who can weigh the, influ
ence, softening and sweet, of a little
child in the home devoid of wealth
and ease?"
Bishop Lee at the close of Prof.
Kealing's address read the appoint
ments after reading an instructive
charge to the ministers. The appoint
ments follow:
Nashville District T. W. Halgler,
Persiding Elder; St. John, B. G. Gor
don; Salem, I. J. Edwards; Payne
Chapel. W. M. Flags; New Town, T.
D. L. Ledbetter; Hartsville. A. W.
White; Gallatin, C. H. Williams; La
fayette. Albert Whltworth; Smith
ville, E. E. Keys; Rlddleton, J. D.
Frlerson; Bellevue, Pay ton Crockett;
Egdefleld, U. S. Brown; Springfield,
E. Johnson; Brackentown, J. W. Tal-
South Nashville District G. L.
Jackson, Presiding Elder; St. Paul, C
Ii; Boone; Bethel, W. B. Denney;
Ebenezer, N. Smith; Franklin, Tyree
White; Woodbury, W. M. Reedy; Leb
anon, J. A. Dunlap; Gladeville, T. J.
Etherly; Mt. Juliet, S. J. Howard; Ce
dar Grove, D. W. Binford; Rock Hill.
G. W. Bond; Rockvale, Jos. Childress;
Brooklyn, C. C. Campbell; Murfrees
boro, E. R. Reed; Trinity, G. J. Stan
ford; McVey, Isaac Alexander. .
Columbia District--J. Q. Johnson,
Presiding Elder; St. Paul.'S. L. How
ard; Mt. Pleasant, A. P. Gray; Bethel,
T. W. Hampton; . Wiliamsport, Jas. A.
Crump; Lelbourne, W. C. Hunt; Ca
naan, W. II. Porter; Lynnville, S. W,
West; Godwin, C. W. Norman; Sandy
Hook, G. W. Perry; Culleoko, N. Wil
son; Lawrenceburg, J. H. Kerr; Santa
Fe, B. N. Murry; Haywood, J. C.
Smith; Columbia Circuit, J. P. Sebas
tian; Clifton and Mannie, A. T. Coop
er; New Hope, G. W. Gammer; South
Columbia, I. Gholston; Waynesboro
Mission, W. J. Young.
Shelbyville District H. L. P. Jones,
Presiding Elder; Shelbyville, D. E
Johnson; Wartrace, A. J. Lrath; Bell-
buckle, J. T. Gilmore; Pulaski. G. R.
Norman; Cornersville, B. A. Bailey;
Lewisburg. W. V. Hawkins; Chapel
Hill, J. H. Upshaw; Prospect. .1. B
Foxhall; Unionville, Edmund Broth
ers; Brown Chapel, M. G. Wright;
Vail Mill, G. W. Hodge; Haley, E
Smith: Pulaski Circuit, D. W. Wells
Allen Bethel, M. D. Ivory; Shelbyville
Circuit, A. D. Nelson; Fairfield. W. G.
Miller; Oak Grove, A. J. Tolk; district
missionary, J. C. McAdams.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Petway, of No.
85 Lewis street, entertained last Fri
day evening in honor of Mr. and Mrs,
George Hill, of Annapolis, who are
here in this section on a. bridal visit
to friends and relatives. Mrs. Hill be
Ing the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pet
way. The affair was very elaborate
in every detail, and many were the
friends present who enjoyed the hos?
pitality of the host and hostess. Mu-
tic was the feature of the evening.
Mrs. A. E. Momtague. of Fourth av
enue, South, entertained at dinner
Sunday In honor of Mr. .T. H. Jumner.
of Hughes, Tenn. The dinner, which
consisted of four courses, was dainti
ly served. Those present were Mi
J. H. Jumper, Miss Mary Barry, Miss
Carrie Stewart, Mr. Whitney Ray and
Mrs. A. E. Cartmell.
The Heliotrope Circle had its first
meeting of the season at the homo of
Mrs Oh as-. C. Cotton. Fogg street, on
Friday last. The following officers
were elected: Mrs. S V. Lofton,
President ; Mrs. A. J. Dodd, Vice Pros-
ident; Mrs. C. C. Gotten. Secretin-
Mrs. Franklin. Treasurer: Mrs Du
ra nd Huston, Critic: Mrs. J; B. Batte,
ING. There is all evidence that the Negro
business men of Nashville are awak
ening from their long sleep, and have
determined to co-onerate with one an
other for the benefit of every business
enterprise in the race. This fact was
plainly evident at an enthusiastic
meeting called at the rooms of ithe
One Cent Savings Bank Wednesday
evening. The purpose of the meet
ing was to organize or to discuss the
advisability of forming an organiza
tion that would serve this purpose.
Many efforts have been put forth from
time to time to meet these require
ments. For instance, the Local Busi
ness League was supposed to have
covered this particular field, but ow
ing to their failure to do so, it be
came necessary to perfect another or
ganization. Quite an number of busi
ness enterprises and organizations
were represented at the meeting. Dr
U. S. White representing Belleview
School; C. N. Langston, One Cent
Savings Bank; G. F. Anderson and P
W Adams, the Colored Bar Associa
Hon; J. F. Battle, representing Boyd &
Battle Livery Stable, with .the Nash
ville Horse Show and Athletic Asso
ciation; A. N. Johnson representing
the Johnson Undertaking Establish
ment; Henry A. Boyd, the Church
Supply Department of the National 1
Baptist Publishing Board, and the
Nashville Globe; J. C. Napier, the One
Cent Savings Bank; T. Clay Moore,
real estate aent; E. B. Jefferson,
dentist and Dr. C. V. Roman,
eye, ear, nose and throat sneclallst:
Dr. F. G. Smith, representing Ithe Ten
nessee Educational. Industrial and
Agricultural Fair Association, and Mr.
.1. li. Boslev.
Judging from the important talks
made it seems to be the sense of the
meeting to go into permanent organi
zation. After the selection of J. S.
Martin as temporal airman and Dr.
R. S. White as tempo. ry secretary,
a motion to this effect was adopted.
A committee of three was selected on
constitution and by-laws and will
report on Wednesday evening,- No
vember is. Every business man in
the city, as well as ithe profession
among colored people, is solicited to
he present a,t the meeting, which. will
be held In the directors' rooms of the
One Cenlt Savings Bank.
The colored people ..of Hamnton
Station have jusit completed a church
building valued at Fifteen hundred
($1,500) dollars under the able lead
ership of Rev. G. W. Hampton as pas
tor. Rev. Mr. Hampton is a vouns man
uid his ordination dates back to the
rear 1001. He is a scholar and a
man of broad,- liberal views, having
attended Staite Normal, Frankfort,
vy.; University of Wilberforce. Roeer
Williams University, and Is now a
:tudont of Fisk University.
Since entering the ministry he hna
served creditably as nastor of Bant.ist
churches at Erin and Woodlawn,
Tenn. Since early' last, snrinc he h,n,
devoted his entire time to erection of
this church.
Hamnton Station is situated four
miles from Guthrie, Ky., on the Mem
phis division of the L. & N. Railroad.
Tits location is ideal and makes a last
ing impression upon passengers on
trains as to thrift and enlightenment
of the community. It is modern in
structure, complete in its appoint
ments; and Fitands as a monument to
the untiring zeal and ceaseless ener
gy of Rev. Mr. Hampton.
iSunday, the 3rd Inst., the church
was taxed to its utmost capacity. Sue.
eial services were he-Id. Rev. T. J.
Goodall,' pastor of Fifth Baptist
Church, Clarksville, Tenn.
Miss R. J. Carter, a missionary un
der auspices of Home Mission Board,
New York City, and others assisteo.
in services. Quite a nice sum was
given by the congregation to the nas
tor. The church does not owe nnv.
thing for building.
Mrs. C. C. Winstead entertained the
Carnation Club Monday afternoon at
her residence. 100.0 Horton Rt.rwtf.
The house was charmingly decorated
with flowers and ferns. The hostess
was assisted by Mrs. Lawrence Moore.
After an hour had been sjent in work,
Mrs. P. A. Washington and Mrs. L. E.
Ra.t'tle rendered several musical se
lections. At 5 o'clock the
invited into the dining room whore a
two-course luncheon with ices wn
served. The table was beautifully
leroratea witli its drawn linen Hn,th
having a centerpiece of embroidered
roses on which rested n iKt.inri of
rose?-. The Club's guest was Mrs T.
E. Battle. The club will moot, with
Mrs. Ceo. W. Ward, corner of Riss
and hwing avenue, nevt Monday,
present were Mesdames H. M. Burns
Geo. W. Ward. P. A. Simnis, Hal Duff
W. S. Amos, Sidney BoihL. P. A. Wash'
ington, C. C. Win st ea.-L F awron
Moore, Roht. Ralph, C. Ba'tle, Wm.
MlX. Alev Tlwmi
. uvmuj.owu MJLI tiUlHl
Informally tit tha residence of Mr. and
All Styles and Prices.
fel Member $
( ti n li
I U t7 ii W P
TjDe are prepared to make
all kinds of badges for so
cieties and associations af
prices that are as reason
able as can be had any
where. & X &
; .V r- ,!.
v vn"; v r.-t ifi-
S"ftei are made of the best ' k
satin ribbon, stamped witlv
v t
pure gold leaf and trinv
med with imported gold
bullion fringe, x k
Write us for prices and specification
stating the number of badVes
you want.
National Baptist Publishing BoarJ
R. II. HOYD. fec'y.
m Henri Maxinc Campbell,
Underwear Sets; I.injrc-rie Waist a
6H Jlnury Strrrt.
-n7 tf ...
Mrs. Albert Anderson Friday night, '
in honor of Mrs. Lounle Allmnn, of
Chattanooga.. Those present were
Mewlames Lonnif ' Allman, Albert i
Anderson, James Davis, Jesse Ham- n
hrick, Misses Lucy Hnrwell, Bessie -s."
Hooney, Josephine Harris, of Atlanta, best
Ga Drs. Rortfwrs, Olas. Ilrothersjaldon
Undsey Carr, Peters, Yarbrough, Weil con
ton, Hill, Hawkins, Haskins an& cordially
AixisrKon, v

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