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! he Nashville Globe.
Friday in the Year. Room
Washington, Mr. Conway went to Cia- The Senate Committee on Military
cinnati. In the latter place he was Affairs has resumed is investigation
pastor of an Unitarian church and dur- of the Brownsville Affair. It is to be
ing the week he traveled through Ohio hoped that the committee will find the
i. Odd feilowi Hail, ro. 447 oina at- ana irequently crossed Into Kentucky, culprits and incidentally turn up the
Telephone 43'J-U
J. 0. BATTLE Editob.
las matter January io
ioo6. at the port ofiice at Nashville, Tennea- pers of the day.
ace, under the act oi v-uiigic w ,
No Notice taken of anonymoui contribu-1
ery. He was also a regular contrib
utor at this time to the Cincinnati
Dial and the Boston Commonwealth,
two of the most noted abolitionist pa-
Shortly after the out-
claims is following and fattening upon
the investigation.
One Year H JO
One Month
Single Copy
The Springfield Forum remarks
"When we cet Tennessee and Missouri
ureaK 01 tne war ne went to angiana converted better close tbe revlyal
10 cnampion, Dy nis iorceim oratory,
the cause of the North. Later he ac
cepted a pastorate in London and re-
mained there until 18S4. The latter
part of his life was devoted to litera
ture and to delivering lectures upon
those other states are doomed." Con
verted to what? The W. C. T. U. is
trying to put this state in the Alabama
and Georgia class, is this what Broth
er Rogers refers to? If the Forum re
fers to the prospect of the state leav
ing the democratic column, he should
know that we have been converted
once since the reconstruction period,
Yonr Old FiirnitnrA Taken Tn Fvrimncft.
H. E. Corner Hroatov ami Third Avcnne, JMIfflUE. TEH.
various topics which had come within
.... . I hia xvMp rflticro rt nKenri-QtiAn
Notify the office when you tau to get your ""v. waw
paper. 1 nougn woncure Daniel uonway
was not. ns wide.lv known as Oarrisirn. , .,,,,,. , .
RATES FURNlSHfcu ' Dut oacKsua Deiore tne man eieciea
APPLICATION. Plumps ana other, noted members or M Govern0r could be inducted into of
afcAUini. me UUltU UISIUU U.UUUUU111.U glOUp, A lmnl-.cH, U la coiA a horH
5 cenu per bne fa wh uiaeruoa. ... J nis name deserved to be cherished bv L ,v,J
line iti '"kiuv. - iu itxuuvcn, uuu especially is una
8 ccnU per
"Contract for i,ow lines to be taken in a
ear. made at 3 cenii per line.
Advertising copy should be in the otnc
tot later than Tuesday, o a. m.. of each week.
.Any erroneous reflection upon the charac
ter, standing or reputation of any person,
firm or corporation, which mar "
columns of THE NASHVILLE GLOBE will
be gladly corrected upon bang brought to the
attention of the management. .
Send correspondence for publication so as
to reach the oilice Monday. No matter in
tended for current issue which arrives a late
as Thursday can appear in that number, as
Thursday is press day.
All news matter sent us for publication
must be written only on one side of the pa
per, and should be accompanied by the name
f the contributor; not necessarily for publi
cation, but as an eridence of good faith.
all America for the great work he was
instrumental in performing. He for
sook home, friends and kindred for
the cause of humanity. A greater de
votion to right can no man show than
that he place his life upon the altar
that the principles of justice shall pre
true when he wants only a part of his
body re-converted.
Little Gem and The Bee
We wish to say that we are now better prepared
to accommodate our patronage, as we have two
barber shops. We are successors, to M. W. Uu
ford, 117 Fourth avenue, South. This shop Is
known as "The Hee." The Hee is a beautiful shop,
supplied with entirely new fixtures The best feature
of it is it has three of the best South Nashville bar-
CHAS. STRINGER. bers. Ch tries Stringer conducts this shop; and FRED. THOMAS,
our other one, "The Little Gem." located at 417
Fourth avenue, North, is conducted by Fred Thomas. The Little Gem is yet the leader
of the up-town shops. Call to see us at whichever shop is convenient to you.
With a successful Horse Show and
two colored fairs, things will bo hum
ming in this burg next year.
The speeches of President Roosevelt,
James Bryce, ambassador to thi? coun
try from Great Britian; Andrew Car-
ditions just the reverse. It is not
stretching a point to say that he
preaches one thing in the glare of the
noonday's sun and practices another
in the sombre shades of night. One
could lay a safe bet that the 'promi
nent business man" of Clarksville, the
Ruined by "Prominent Business White
Man" of Clarksville.
To The Nashville Globe:
The young colored girl who came father of Louise Miles' bastard child,
nnoio iho mi1 f l-mlll i nrt q 1 ra rVi lion, here recently- from Clarksville to hide is a stickler on social equality.
hmnict niha fnr. hc shame, gave birth to a child which Louise Miles is treading the wine
thropist, and many others at the for-1, hid ' ... Rtena f of her sln with prominent
tieth anniversary of Howard Univer- nome 0f the people with whom she was business man" alone, and alone is she
sitv and the installation of the new stonniner. This method of trVine to drinking her cup of gall. This is true
We are pleased to note the interest nresIdent of that institution Dr WH- dispose of her offspring, the ocular and the end is not in sight, for she
being shown by the business and pro- . n,Mrtla1. ., nf evidence of her illicit love affair with may be given a chance to mentally
fessional men in the movement to or-
a "prominent business white man" of munch over her career with the
courasenient to our race, strucdinc in v, ni-.wmn 'Wmninpnt hnsinpsa man" u-Mlc sIir
ganize commercial organization. we jtg upward march from slavery and other chapter in her story of crime, expiates her heinous crime cf infanti-
wouid particularly uige upon cvcij p()Verty to the hignest rung of twenti- another step in her downward course, cide in the penitentiary.
business man 01 tne race in uie city 10 th rpntlirv Hvni7iHnr Th ihrwl ttome one wnere sne was stopping
nttPnH thesA meetinea and helD bring . v. discovered a bundle under the door-
a miTtn outcome 1 stePs which doubtless from a know!
the effort to a successful outcome. u d successful rocn The nf ... flnnMrnTlflft MnA.
Everyone is invited and none should flrst( ag a poiitician and man of let. tion gave rise to suspicion, and an of-
stand back because he has not re- ters. the second ag a historIan and
i i i i ij.i.1a fnn-. i-Vi I
ceivea a special mvuaium uuiu u diDlomat. and the third, aa the found ar
The Game at Louisville.
To The Nashville Globe:
The football game between
and Central of Louisville is
now a
committee. Let's get together. The of one of lh ereatest industrial en-
better we know each other the greater terprises in the world; all of Ihem
amount of good we can do for the race, have had wJde range for observat-ion
.1 i
and, in worKing ior a ciosr union oi an(1 what they gay wiU not be takeQ
the race on commercial lines, we are lifrntlv
ficer was called in. The contents of
fant. When the girl was confronted i."1"5," v , b
point. Financially, it was a failure
1 11. 4. .i.llr, lrnJ fha
oil KV.o -aica toVon tn tha Ptr Ha. UWaUbB Ul Slieci trtl DLiin-c n.cyl lixc
pital, and when her condition will crowa away
with this evidence of her shame and
crime, she broke down and 'confessed
3 Ladies' Felt House Slippers.
3? 49c
t Men's Velvet and Kid House' Slip
Ladies' Fur top Slippers
-j $1.50 Quality 98c
ij Men's House Slippers, Tan and
People were afraid to
nit f it h fco totnn tft tt,0 ride. One, two, three and sometimes
Police Court, where she will have to lour PO"cemu mm w iu w yw
working for our own individual bene- WW h t M Roosevelt RnM mav answer the rharce rf lnfanHrlriA. car to keep down violence. Socially,
fit. We make this appeal especially be charged to an effort on w, part to Here are two paragraphs from nie tolS
to the man wno is aoing nusiness on a aliay the resentment inspired by his ac- "litest hey s igniflcantly of necessary, but unfoitun-
small scale. For many of these -who tiong ln the Brownsville affaln No ul. ..Sd Sfl ' slsnIIicantly ate termination of the game. Cold-
read The Globe may not be reached by tpHfir mnHv(ia Pan ha O0.rfs0,i t t- Thn criri ni,imo ot n,rOH i ness, disappointment and disgust
Carnegie nor to Mr. Bryce. The latter's Clarksville and was sent here by her efd lhf LJfl-SSllSf
think they are not wanted, uome, RtntpTnpnf ihat tha A., VnM parents wnen ner condition was dis- LW." v"r. r.""-. "r"
1 '-v-w i"U.n XlllVl IV-
each one of you and help ln the good
Mr. Bryce is one of the foremost living
mi i ,1 . n - W ! I 0
ine aeam oi luoncure u. ..onway, in st.ulents of the hlstory of racps and
Paris, last Friday, marks the passing tiong and would scarcplv be ,u f
of another of the abolitionists who making guch a far reaching statement
fought so hard and so successiuny ior unles9 he felt certain that hls nsser.
the liberation of the slave in the
esro .. j c1,n o ,f Mm. From a standpoint of sport and ath-
has accomplished more in the forty Lent business man is the father of her letics- and of building up a feeling of
vears of his fvwflnm than wo OVOr o.. LienH cho DvMwtn,i o inttor trt good fellowship between the faculties
complished in the same length of time the officers from her mother in which "
bv the Ansrio-savnn nw .nnHi. tne writer said mat tne gins iatner - r,1 r,.:'
O - - "I'uvi UUUl 1 I 1 . . ... B .
,. ... ii,,- Ililu ant-auy bol a. 101 01 uiuuey iroui
nuns, m veil i y especial weignt ior ug -white man.
"The officer declined to divulge the
name of the man mentioned in the let
ter, but he says he is prominent all
right enough."
United States. Mr. Conway, who was
of an old Southern family, was born
March 17, 1832, in Stafford County,
Va. Graduating from Dickson Col
lege, Pennsylvania, in 1847, he began
the study of law at Warrenton. Va.,
and at the same time contributed many
tion was backed by facts.
Statistics prove that the Negro is
making giant strides in hi3 upward
This miserable failure along all lines
can be attributed to two causes. 1st.
The playing of men on the Central
team who were not bona fide pupils.
2nd. The unreasonableness and over
bearing disposition of the umpire, to
Heaven pity the children of such sa nothing of his dishonesty in penal-
parents as Louise Miles had (for that lzmS e fueari lm wiLuuut uBC
is the name of the unfortunate girl). ever umH Viey 1 , f rr
The mother that could sit down and 11 wai imvw "
deliberately write her daughter InJ s. lo any disintertsteu spectator ii
HVip wouiu at least ayijeai &uayn-iJuo lu
fAi'minnr 1 1 n. i li a f Vint. fotVtiaT.
climb and one can not but feel opti- daughter's) is bartering in her shame, penalize Pearl Ave times and to inflict
mistlc for the future of the race when that is, exchanging it for cold cash, a no p,enalt1v n Central at all.
s,h as James Bryco, Andrew Car- m."X Side,atlo, sho,-s that rt. , Jf f'L S!S,!! '5525 'SZ
Ti,,iA,.n was ever unnt to oe a motner. Ana " , ' ;
and Theodore Roosevelt men .,a . a. . . wan to hear rumors that Central
whose mental vision has been Dronerlv Lnota v,nt a loc tv,Qr, team was packed with outsiders who
articles to the press in defense of the f ... . . .ftvW.wMA vnnriim f Ln- havi t.00n r,t t a had entered school and enrolled their
I ' ' 7 Mviivi "luu I'liw " IVU(-,v Vi 11V. IV1 HUTllI VU. lib W IkV U .CUUWA I - , ,
South's position on tne slavery Ques- thp Hstnrv nf ftt mir wnn(1or. instead of the world being too small names ior no ou er reasuu timu Li
Old Ladies' Comfort, Felt Shoes. .
$1.23 and $1.48
33S On the Square. 33S
tion. lie soon gave up the study of fuj progr(,SSi
law, however, and began preparing
himself for the Methodist ministry.
A man of strong individuality, he
changed his opinions upon many sub
jects during his long and eventful life.
His first most notable change occurred
when, under the influence of some
Quaker friends, he forsook the Meth
odist faith and went to the Cambridge
Divinity School, where he graduated in
1854. While in Massachusetts he came
under the influence of William Lloyd
Garrison and other noted abolitionists
which completely charged his views as
to slavery.
for him and his ruined girl child and "vowed purpose of playing the Central
her seducer, the public, through his fotball games and when the games
u-lfVa lottPr in thplr Pvllo onr? oHmiv. Were OVtT, U1CSB pupils uioaiJiicai 01
ctinci fimirrhtpr is rnarif. .nwnro nf thp never to return. Hayes, the best play
for.t hot ho iQ tvntur,,, inta nt mnnov er uentrai naa, auenaea scnoui uue
fmm ti10 u'HtP HhprtinA onp ftf day. This is wnaL tne majority of the
r-iovL-cvUio'c 'nrnminont hiieinoca" iacuuy oi L;enirai cans a uuua nue
Tunica AHIoq' fathor chnnlH Pll. 1 liere WCl'e IOUr OtnC.o ixO COlllll
J V 1 kJ miivg AUH-UA JAvru-4 1 . . TTi 1
he regaraea as ingn
. . mm -n i linn i.-o nnn i imin iiviw mh h it-ii iiiiiii
that hia pnnalit nf oil in Pn hnf Am I xt v V.4 will Vv the Hitrh School in 190G. Eubanks
the law" was limited to white men. the sanctity of his home against a white graduated in 1907. Hopkins had at-
lnnilor o! nn P .- v nnrl !0 cnrplv OS lenQCU SCHUUl IWU ccivb, wVV uau at
against a black one is a moral as well tenaeu two uay. aim wmic um uui
as a physical paltroon and pigmy. The play, he had on his suit ready to take
officer who read the girl's letter would his place when called. This condition
t 1tv1n tV,n nomo nf hor u-ViltP OI aiiairS Was KHOWU IU 111U cnnuitrii
imt it is nvpcmnpii thai hp of the school. What a terrioie lnnu-
Bryan has announced that he is will
ing to accept the democratic nomina
tion for President for the third time
Urypn, as a democratic nominee, men.
?n, as a democratic nominee, men. Louise Miles' father should p- J7a2a b
Id not be such a bad choice and if bave at least, exposed the villainy of not proper y be regarded as
Id not be such a bad choice and If te thg ,nent bnsi. School pupils, Hopkins, Davis
could not read between the lines ncgg or committed suicide. The hanks and Depp Davis graduated
chances are that he would poll a large
Negro vote on that issue.'
While Mayor Brown is enforcing the
laws which nrevent loot-black3 and La. i nn minima nr erm nips nhrnt Hv. ence for dishonesty and- untruthful
Mr. Conway returned South after his others from working on the Sabbath, ing her name, as it appeared in the ncss was this living lesson of deceit
raduation and the first thing he did we hope he will see if he can And a Banner's account of the affair. Her and chicanery upon t hemori al charac-
grauuauon anu me uim uiin we nope
was to befriend Anthony Burns, a in- jaw which prevents white men from
gitive slave, who had escaped t.o Bos- looping their Negro strumpets in re-
ton and had been brought back under Upcctable neighborhoods.
od hv novornmont agents. His ac
tl i i v, v. j
tions in the case so aroused his neigh
bors that he was compelled to leave
Falmouth, where he was then living,
to escape their wrath. He went to
Washington where he became pastor
of an Unitarian church but was soon Teddy keeps up his warfare on the
compelled to resign because he was trusts. He has removed the trust from
charged with preaching politics. From the new ten dollar gold pieces.
o,vm onvLPnt-Q Wp fnr thp vprv Pnnd ters of the children! Better never to
reason that every Negro woman who win a game man to ieu tne umuitu,
HVi onv vih Hp man whose minds are impressionable, see
should be known-and exposed. The and understand that sharp practices
white libertine's name however promt- must be resorted to in order to win.
t hncnca hp innv hp would nn. Victory in such a case is worse tnan
Cortelyou must have his eye on the near here with the girl's if it were but defeat. During the intermission, in-
Presidency. He is learning how to
make public addresses.
of this city is now
for the
THE Wofil'sixCIIME
For Latest Styles in Hats, Ready-to-?
Wear Garments. Fashionable Dress
making. Ladies' and Gents' Furnishing
Concert and Thanksgiving.
Monday night there will be quite -a
unique affair in the way of a New
Comedy Concert by the Cuban Belle
Concert Company.
Admission, 10 Cents.,
Thursday will be Thanksgiving at
It a. m., preaching by Dr. Halgler;
3 p. m., Conference of Ministers, both
traveling and local. :
7:30, Grand Concert and Tom
Thumb Wedding. Mrs. S. E. Griggs
and the two choirs of Payne Chapel.
Turkey served by ladies of the
church day and night.
Admission, 10 Cents.
known. She must bear the brunt of iormauon was icivcu ".x
scorn and disgrace, while he, because and reliable sources that the rumors
the tram heard were true ana neyona
man," goes free. That "prominent dispute and that the Central llin
i...so0 r,ion tiimicrV) whitp rppVs Srhool faculty naa spin up UU
out a Negro home to desecrate with question. Manager Washington im
his lust. No man in Clarksville would mediately called his men from tne
i . i. ..ii v, v,0 ,,,,. n. floiri The Renre stanainc o w o. cu
I I'll II H IIIIIII I I I 1 1 1 IV I I I 11.111 lie. VT V 1 V LUU I KLIVti a.v "
tral has played three games with Pearl
and in every game without a single ex
ception the Coach has run in illigiti
mate players. The general sentiment
now is that no future games will be
played between the two schools until
the Central team is controlled by an
honest and conscientious management.

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