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Diamond Shaped Paper Garlands
View of Garland Partly Open.
No.5064-H. One of the finest, nea till most tffective
decorations ever devised. It is made of imported" tissue paper of
a d irk. "Christm.is green," and red. Each Garland is twelve feet
Ion when extended.
l'liey are easy to handle. When closed they occupy little
spu-e. Their extreme lightness reduces transportation charges
to minimum, thereby cheapening cost to the purchaser. After
use they can he quickly closed into compact form and thus readily
preserved for future occasions. The possibilities of this devise
are almost without limit. Fur decorating churches, schoolrooms,
ha Is or pi ivate residences, these Garlands may be used with the
fin.'st effect, ilieir flexibility permitting the carrying out of many
different i eas.
Price. ICach Garland (12 feet in length) 10 cents, by mail,
One dozen Garlands (144 feet 1 $1.00, prepaid. In ordering
mention No. 5064-H.
' ;
Superior to any other material for producing a brilliant decorative effect.
More elegant than real Christmas green and less costly to start with.
Is much cleaner; does nut dry up and litter the carpet.
Can be us d again and again from year to year for an indefinite period.
One investment will avoid the usual annual expense for Christmas
I'.eside Using for festooning, may be easily made into various
designs -monograms, mottoes, letters, figures, etc.
Three Colors: Solid Green. No. 3049-11; Solid White. No. 30-18-H; Red, White
and Clue. No. 3015-li.
When not otherwise requested, all orders will be filled with
solid green,
Price, per roll for ten yards, 25 cents, charges prepaid by us.
Owing to the lightness and strength of this festooning, it is easi
ly put into p .-.iiiou, and gives a harmonious and beautiful effect,
when w auid around letters, ball, and other decorations.
Order Liberally. Nothing else in the line of decorative ma
terial will give any where near the satisfaction for the money jn
$.1.15 lays fur li ) yards ( 1 3 rolls', orcoald which will go far towards making a large
church look d 'li.!it!ul.
M)l.-this ftsiDuiiinq b Ipi) maJe of light tissue paper,
transiwrliitlnn. but can he (-ulikly rrs.nrcd by passing the roll
shoulj be Joined liuher l,y t)ing
the ends with a bit ot curd.
R. H. BOYD, D. D., Secretary,
(February Rules. 1907.) i
In this caufc it ' appearing to the
satisfaction of the Court that the de
fendant is a non resident of the State
of Tennessee, therefore the ordinary
process of law cannot be served upon
her; it is therefore ordered that said
defendant enter her appearance herein
at the next te-nn of tho Davidson
County Court, to be holden at the
Court ,1 louse in Nashville, Tennessee,
on the 1st Monday in February, it be
ing the , and defend, or said
-complainant's bill will be taken for
renfessel as to her and set for hear
in r-c exparte. It is therefore ordered
that a copy of this order be published
fur foi:r we !;s in succession n the
Nashville (Hobo, a newspaper pub
lishr.l in Nashville.
Solicitor for Counplalnant.
(October Rules 1907.)
In this cause it. appearing to the
satisfaction of the Court that the de
fend nit is a 11011-1 esiilent of the State
Tennessee, therefore the ordinary
pivots of law cannot be served upon
him: ii is theici'ore orde:od that said
'efcnil'iit enter his appearance here
in -it tho next term of the Davidson
County Circuit Court, to bo holden
at lie Court. House in Nashville, Ten
nessee, on the 1st Monday in Feb'y,
it l-.e'ng tho 1th, and defend, or said
complainant's bill will be taken for
r onf' s-ed as to him and set for hear-
0:: paite. It is therefore ordered
cpy of this oider be published
weeks in
accession In the
newspaper pub-
:v!'e Mene, a
l's'H'd in Nashville.
!.. M. IUTT, Cork.
T. 1 "win
;)':. ior for Complainant.
D I", E N T W 003 NOTES.
I!: v. C o. Mania, of Nashville,
:;- lrd at Riook's Chapel M. E.
Clnw h ia.u .-"md-'y hum rung at 11: ;.
V:!s. '. C. Ciawb y, of Locust Lawn,
'rv! a. Hi') I- autifal Huff Orpington
;Pl(ts v T' 1 to lit r l y her father, Rev.
T. A. TIh" ;n!i. of Louisville.
T':""':'s V'!'1V r p-ade a Uyfpg
t i 1 V- ')' li". K, last week to the
.-, j 1 , p, , )'i 1'.
If' v. v' r. Ii as :'.i c r. pastor of
E. Chinch, is in-
H, osed.
may bo somewhat crushed In
through the hands. Sections
Thanksgiving services were held at
all the churches on last. Thursday.
Rev. Gregg nreached an pxrullpnt
sermon at eleven o'clock on last Thurs
The members of the A. M. E. Church
have bought a new organ for their
Mr. King, who has organized a Jubi
lee Club, turmshed music Saturday
evening tor the Baptist Church
Rev. Collier and Swift administered
the Lords Supper last Sunday.
Term examination was held in the
public school last week
Mr. .Jones spent Thursday in Nash
ville attending the Grand Lodge
business meeting.
Miss S. Price, principal at Estil
Springs, visited her last week.
Rev. Collier attended Quarterly Con
terence at Shelhyville last week.
Mr. Childress is indisposed this
The Epworth League of the A. M. E
Church is doing excellent work.
A final meeting prior to the "Bee
Hive" entertainment for the benefit
of raising money to purchase curtains
for the new Roger Williams Univer
sity, was held Monday afternoon from
to 0 at the residence of Mrs. E. M
Lawrence, 1027 Anient street. There
is a continuous growing interest in
the club and under a stirring president
like Mrs. G. II. Bandy the ladies can
but expect success to crown their ef
forts. They meet with some few ad
vetsities some few hills must be
(limbed yet they are never daunting.
incy are looiung tor their reward
from Hie public. That reward they
hope will come to them, in the appre
ciation of the public and friends of
the school for the strenuous effort they
are making towards the re-establish
meiit. of Roger Williams University
December is here and before the issue
of another copy of the Globe, the "Bee
Hive" Entertainment will have passed
from the scene and new ideas will be
Mlling the minds of the readers and
new thoughts will be crowding for
m eer d' nee. Hence, let all please bear
in mind the "Ree Hive" Entertain
nent at Spruce Street Baptist Church
December !), ! and 11. All prepara
'ions necessary for the success of this
1 ntf tcinment have been made and
v) li lub can do is to. wait the re
t club desi'cs all of its members
tu unper at the "Bee Hive" Mon
'nv ri -lit. Vr. nnd Mrs. Young, as
'i-t'd by Mr. Ri'dsong. of Mount Olive
'!rc'lst Ch'.'iwh, will serve an exce
'' rt sTue'' iid M' sda"ics Yonng nnd
'""l! will inv tho chiPP-en of North
"v'st and South Nashville to render
Tin; c oncert Monday night will be
t rr
free. So don't fail to come out and
hear the children.
Tuesday and Wednesday niehts will
be equally as interesting. The chil
dren of East Nashville are working
nara to entertain all in a pleasine and
creditable manner. The Meharrv
Band will render several favorite sel
ections. Wednesday night. Mrs. Tart,
one of our Nashville girls, who has
traveled extensively and won for her
self .much fame, has kindly consented
to give us her support. The Booths
will be artistically arranged and the
Novelty Booth" will be filled with
choice holiday gifts. The "Doll Booth"
will please everybody. Price and
beauty will go hand in hand. So don't
fail to come out and buy the Xmas
dolls from us.
The tiny sock (made of purple and
white) that we sent to our many
friends will be good only for Tuesday
and Wednesday nights. The club
hopes that its friends will multiply
the number of sock you wear by 2, and
not the number of shoe you wear.
The club desires all of its members
to meet at Spruce Street Baptist
Church Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock
to arrange the booths.
The club will hold its next meeting
with Mrs. R. L. Miles, HOC Twelfth
avenue, South. It is hoped all mem
bers will be present at the meeting
December 16.
Miss Cora Fulton, of Bay Springs,
Miss., is visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs.. S. F. Fulton, this week.
The following young people spent
hanksglving in Poplar Bluff: Misses
Edna Iloberson, Ethel Davis. Messrs.
'. Grant Walker and C. B. Walker.
hey attended a football game in the
afternoon, and a social in the evening
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Crane, of S20 Garfield street. The fol-
owing were present: Misses Pearl
Gatlin, Lucile Fails, Mabel Finn, Min
nie Finn, Ugia Carter, Irene Williams,
May Carter, Alma Freeman, Ora Pet
tie, Ethel Davis, Mary Walls. Messrs.
afe Scott, Wm. Freeman, II. A. Lay
den, Thos. llollis, Geo. Martin, Gar
utiu iuuui oauiiio iv .medium, i,
Wilson, E. Wright. Chas. Wyatt. T.
Grant Walker, Dr. Percell and C. B.
Walker. Games were the feature of
the evening. A two-course menu was
served at a late hour.
After one year's absence from head
quarters, Sister .1. P. Moore will re
turn irext Wednesday to visit the fam
ily and friends once nio.e. From here
she will spend a few days stopping on
the way to Tampa, Fla., where she
plans to spend the winter. We hope
the sisters and friends may see her
during the thieo days planned here
The Workers' Conference will defer
the usual time of meeting and instead
will meet Wednesday afternoon at 2:110
o'clock and meet our Sister Moore.
An the holidays approach one nat
urally liegins to think of some appro
priate present to gite n friend close
by or far away. It is not alway3 the
most expensive present that Is more
highly appreciated; in fact, it is never
the intrinsic value that is to be re
membered or thought of, but the occa
sion as well as the one who gives the
token. Many people of rank ana
wealth (-end only Christmas cards
which are kept for years and years as
gentle reaninders of some dear
friend. A beautiful and appropriate
Christmas present that would be
serviceable, ornamental and beneficial,
one that would lend much to the hap
piness on Christmas and revive the
record made by one of the race's most
prominent authors, would be a book
selected from the many productions
of this noted poet and author, Paul
Laurence Dunbar, needs no introduc
tion to the reading world, yet many of
our people have not had a copy of this
book upon their shelves, and, since his
:leath, to purchase one of these would
be a rare treat and a valuable pres
ent. The following 19 a list of his pro
ductions with their prices:
When Malindy Sings $1.03
Poems of Cabin and Field 1.50
Lyrics of Love and Lau-rhter 1.07
Folks from Dixie 1.25
Lyrics of Lowly Life 1.25
Lyrics of the Hearthside 1.25
The Stiength of Gideon 1.25
The liOve of Landry 1.25
In Old Plantation Day 1.50
The Uncalled 1.25
The Fanatics 1.25
Candle Lightin' Time 1.50
The Sport of the Gods 1.50
Joggin Er Long 1.50
Li'l Gal 1.50
Call on or write the National Baptist
Publishing Board, 523 Second avenue
North. Naphville, Tennvee.
It is hoped the Baptist women and
other friends will not forget the rally
o be held Sunday afternoon at 2:30
o'clock in Roger Williams Hall for the
'enefU of the school. We hone to
raise one hundred dollars. Pleas
I come and help.
A wedding which was Impressive
and beautiful in its solemnity was
that of Miss Laura Belle Streeter
and Mr. William Armstrong at 3:30
o'clock last Thursday afternoon at the
Methodist Episcopal Church, Shelhy
ville, Tenn., Rev.. Mr. Ross officiating.
There was present an assemblage of
friends of the bride and groom. The
altar was banked in palms and ferns.
The wedding march was played by
Mrs. Bobbie Hughes. The bridal pro-
esslon was led by little Miss Pauline
Davidson, carrying a bouquet of white
chrysanthemuius and little Miss Chris
tine McGrew, who carried a silver
waiter bearing . the license. The
bridesmaids were Miss Blanch Mor
ton, of Shelbyvllle, who wore a beau
tiful tailor-made suit and picture hat,
and Miss Mary Ewlng. of Nashville,
who wore a handsome tailor-made suit
and a black picture hat. Mr. Melvin
Hayes was best man. The bride.
who Is the adopted daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. W. Davidson, with
whom she hs made her home, entered
the church with Mr. Davidson, by
whom she was given In marriage.
She woire a becoming and lovely brown,
tailor-made suit, and brown picture
hat and a champagne net waist with
gloves to match. She carried a beau
tiful bouquet of white chrysanthe
mums. The bridal ia.rty Immediately
eft the church for the depot to take
the 4:20 train for Nashville. The re
ception was at the home of the
grooms parents. Rev. and Mrs. Wil
son, 28fi Fillmore street.
A pretty home wedding was that of
Mr. Ozie Beasley and Miss Jennie
Goodloe at the home of the bride's
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Jordan. Bright
816 Tenth avenue, South, Thursday
evening, November 28, at half-past
eight o'clock, Rev. Dr. Ferrlll offi
ciating. The bride was gowned in
white silk mull and real lace made
over white taffeta silk. Miss Corlnne
Bright, sister of tho bride, presented
the license on a silver waiter. She
was dressed in whit embroidery.
Miss Eva Murrell played the wedding
march. One hundred guests were
preseut. A course of ices was served.
A course of Ices was served. Many
ueful and valuable presents were re
ceived by the young people. Mr. and
Mrs. Beasley will reside at their new
home, 733 South Eighth street. East
There was a quiet marriage cele
brated at the home of Miss Maggie E.
Hargrave, of :110C Twelfth lavenue,
South, last Tuesday . afternoon two
weeks ago. The couple was , Miss
Florence L. Kirk, of Murfreesboro,
and Mr. W. II. Davis, if Atlavta. Ga.
'o one witnessed the affair but Miss
Hargrave, her mother and Miss Alice
Porter. Dr. Wr. D. Denny officiated.
A pretty home wedding was that of
Mr. Sam Streeter and Miss, Mamie
Burkeen. which was solemnized Sun
day at 7 o'clock at the home of Mrs.
Hattie Cooper, of 51t Sixth avenue
South, Rev. Wilson officiating. The
hride presented a pretty picture in a
gown of blue silk with lace trimmings.
The attendants were Miss Robbie
Tillman, a sister of the groom, and
Mr. Willie Dones. An elaborate wed
ling supper was served. Mr. and Mrs.
Streeter will remain in the city a few
On Friday, November 29, tho "Jolly
Crowd" entertained at the residence
of Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Anderson, Lewis
street. The house was merry with
laughter and music from 7 o'clock to
a late hour. Music and dancing were
the amusements of the afternoon. At
a late hour the guests wore invited to
the dining-room, where an ice course
was served. The favors for the guests
were the catch of the reason and
showed -much skill. Mr. Stokes ren
dered music through the whole after
noon. Those present were Misses
Peat rice and Roberta Walker, Carrie
Richardson, Frankie Caldwell, Lottie
Anthony, Mabel Scott, Mary Carter,
Lizzie and Marie Stock ell, Clara and
Hattie Hodgkins, dolden Perry, Sarah
Garner, Edwina Smith. Eleanor Bat
tle, Tennie Hughes, ILirriet Hill. Otil-
la McCall, Pottie Haygood, Messrs.
Scovel Richardson, (leo Darden, Dor
se.v Cranberry, Ira Scott, Walter and
Ira Davis, John Selby, Andrew John
son, Nicholas Owens, John Abernathy,
Willis Summers, Theodore Garrett
Waldo Alexander, Virgil Cook, Charles
Campbell, Harry Boston, Richard
IVrrvman and Luther Johnson.
x'r. David Butcher, ,Tr , the son of
ine of Nashville's old residents, who
-'i'fl horre from Denver. Colo..
Friday, November 29, where be has
lived during the past four years try
!ng to repaln his health, died Saturday
Dry Goods and Carpet Go.
Third Avenue, between Union Street
and Public Square.
Carry the Best Stock ol Carpets,
The Best Assortment ol Silks sad
Dress Goods,
The Handsomest Line ot Cloaks
and Suits.
I R. DeGrafenried
Strict Attention hid to Ladies' Work.
430 Ceda St., Nashville, Tenn,
7- 2-08-tf
Richard Hill
Pension Vouchers and other impor
1 tant papers fixed with prompt
ness and dispafh.
Is your life insured? Is your hous
; and furniture insured? Aren't
, you tired raying rent?
Office Thone, Main 1SS1 Home Thnnc JIain 2S12
OFF I V K 4 I O- J C K DA It S T.,
Xashville, - Tennessee
Hie will kumii COAL DEALER
JAMKS McCOODK, is delivering coa
daily wholesale. Come at once and giv
me your order for the winter. Office
409 Kighth Avenue, North.
.Horning :it 4 o'clock at his home, 005
'""wing avenue. Mr. Butcher had been
in. failing health for about five years
and se: ioisly ill about one month.
He was 2? years of age, a very de
voted son and brother, and is survived
bv h! mother, father and threo sis
'ers. The funeral services weri con
ducted at his home, followed by inter
ment at Greenwood Cemetery. The
finiily desire to thank through the
columns of the Nashville Globe the
manv friends who so kindly assisted
them In their hour of bereavement.
; Bishop Evans Tyree, the resident
Bishop of the African Methodist Epis-
vopal Church, will return home Tues
day, December 1, from Texas. Since
having home the latter part of Octo
ber he has held six conferences in the
Tenth Episcopal District of his
church which comprises the states of
Oklahoma and Texas,
i This has been the banner year of
Bishop Tyree's administration in that
district. In his educational rally he
raised nearly $11, 000 in the state of
Texas alone, which was turned over to
the trustees of Paul Quinn College at
Waco. This amount was contributed
by the Negroes of Texas, not a single
contribution amounting to $100. The
conferences were organized thorough
ly and put to work, and each presid
ing elder was delegated as a captain
or chief of his district. Two rallies
were held; one in the fpring and one
in the fall, and each time over $5,000
raised. This docs not include the con
nertionl money for education which is
collected on Easter Sunday of each
The Texas conferences are making a
- strong bid for the return of Blshon
j Tyree by the next General Conference.
fa "I" BE
IB 1 IS V?
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