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lirislmas Tree
Fine Parafflne wax, assorted colors; red, white, blue, flreen
and yellow. Three sizes furnished. Cut shows exact size of
of eac, .
PRICES Postpaid.)
No. 507 J-H. (See smallest cut at side.) Box cuntiiius ;iG cnn-clle-for4(ic.
two Boxes, 60c.
No. 072-H. (See Second cut at side.) Box contains 24 cnixlles
for 40c. two boxes, 60c
No. 7073-H.I See largest cut at side.) Box contains 18 candies
for 40c, l Wo boxes, 6Uc.
No boxes broken.
TheHe Banners or Streameis are made of colored tissue pnper,
many sheets in thickness and fringed the entire depth A fine cam
bric ba d extends the whole length to arid tothtir xtrcngth ftnd to
nid in putting tip. The lette1 lug is in coloia. The banners arc
e ihS to 11 f-ct in lcm tb and 14 inches in depth. Can be used
either for inside or outside decoration, nnd aie very effective
No. 5063-G "Merry Christmas."
Prtc. 600 each, postpaid.
I I "Mill I 1 1 I 1 1 1 in
No. 5067-G "Welcome." Price, 600 each, postpaid.
5066 "Happy New Year.
Our Paper Bells and Santa Claus Masks
' Price, 60c each, postpaid.
A New and beautiful room decora
tion whiih should be included in every
on tit ordered. Not a picture, out a
real bell mane of ninny sheets of tissue
papei , so constructed that it cun be
ldedinto small compass and used
again ;nd again We fur ish two
styles solifi red and solid white. Also
two sizes small and luige.
"r ,-VV -V- .- .' .-
N'o. 5056-H. Large size solid red bell 1-2 inches
hig aid Hi inches in circumference. Price, 25 Cts.
cnch. pos : paid.
No 5057-H.-Larire size solid white hell. 9 1-2 inches -UJJJA ' Z"'"
h ri a 'd:i7 inches in circumference. Price. 25 Cts.
Ciich , postpaid.
No. 5058-H. Small size solid red bell. 7 inches high and 25 inches in circumfei cn e
Price, 15 Cts. each, postpaid
No. 5Cb9-H. Smiill size solid white bell, 7 inclus high and 25 inches In circum
ference. Price, 15 Cts., post paid.
N. 5075-H. For Chnir. inns Santa Clause fare. Strong papier
mache, p iirted face, long white beard-.
Price, 40 Cents each, postpaid; two lor 65 Cents.
No. 5CB6.- Covers face and head, forming a coin
plce (liguie. Paple'-macht painttd face, colored
cambi ic hood, long white beard.
Price, 60 Cts. Each, postpaid; two for $1.00.
If there is anvthin in the lino f V U
Christmas goods that you want and can't find,
write us, as we have a complete line of Christ
mas goods.
Our Santa Claus Log and Brick Houses
Give the Little Ones a Nice Time.
No. 6128-H. For Platform
Decorations. Size of house is
fcfett wide, 7 feet de p ami 7
feet high. Consisting t light
wood framew. rk front and
both ends covered w ith brick
paper Roof of loose bonds
covered with cotton, the lattei
sprinkled with Snow Sp.-irk c,
to givi- a frost effect. House
trimmed with preen papci
festooning. We furnish :B
sheets of brick paper, sntlicicnt
to cover one side an two end s,
and for making chimney; also
fivetntel sheets for door and
window 11 itels, and four small
wind iws the outfit for
,,i-1i..'ii!ipiiiFi!,i j(!v.,i!.7'i;:OTWTIIP
----iiiiiiAiiii fafh ,'1
. v" ;I
''1 WJl
No. 5125-H. Large sheets of paper. size32x44, printed in colors. A perfeetimitatii n
otlogs 1-or making log cabins U'r.nnewo k to br of wood), size of ca in 8 tect
(i inches wide, 7 feet :i inches deep and 7 feet 1 inches high. Ouifit consitS of R sheets
of Log Cabin Taper, i Windows, Ked
linck Lhimmy I'uper, nnd lull ilirec
tion for buil ii'game. For the roof,
boar are to be usi the front cov. red
with cotton batting, etc. Price of out-lit
f... T rLJ a (lev
WW v-aum noveltv.
will create gre it inten st at Chriv
Ivn tertniomcnts or church frMiv.i
When uicel put togethi-r. as it can
. und
In an v i' EC ious nt rson, it will a itrnct in
nni h attention and be a ipecial de
light to tin- chi'dren our P ip r Kitooning can be
log house as shown in cut elsewhere.
used in connect on with the
National Baptist Publishing Board,
R. H. BOYD. D. D., Secretary,
523 Second Avenue, North,
Nashville, Tenn.
Chas. Stewart, the Celebrated News
paper Corerspondent, to Deliver
a Special Address.
Arrangements for a special address
to be delivered to men only at the
Mount Olive Uaptist Church on Sun
day afternoon, December 22, were com
pleted last Friday, when Rev. C. II
("lark, the pastor, asreed that the
mectma could be held in his church
Mr. Chns. Stewart, an associated .press
correspondent, a man of wide experi
(nee who travels continually through
out the l nited States and a man who
possibly known better than any
other layman in either of the denomi
intions anions the Negroes, will de
liver the address on this occasion. Mr.
Pivart is a speaker, a writer and a
business man. The securing of his
r-rviccs for this occasion was a de
fii'cd hit for the men of Nashville
His personal acquaintance with
conditions and his wide experi
ence with every section of the
country fit him for the duties
he is to perform. The various
organizations of Nashville, benevo
lent, secret and religious, will be
askd to send their male members out
on this occasion. The meeting will be
held at 3 i). m. Rome of the speakers
already engaged are Prof. John Bur
vus and Key. It. 11. novo, while no
lengthy .addresses will be delivered by
"itlior. they have kindly consented to
bplo out during the day. Male voices
in the choir and the organist of Mount
Olive V?-:Hit Church will furnish mu
sic. Hence the indications are that the
'weting will lie a success. A special in
vitation to call churches, regardless of
denomination, is extended through the
columns of the Globe. It is honed
trat the male citizens of Nashville
will attend and fill the auditorium,
which is the most spacious in the ci'y
Some weeks ago a white rape fiend
m agent for pictures and living in
this city, entered the home of Mr
P.caslcy. who. with his three little
motherless girl children, lives near
Orcenwood Park, and finding no one
there but the little girls, pounced
i!'o:i the eldest child, who is but 12
years of age. and raned her. That devil
has not yet been arrested, as the pub
lie knows. P.ecause he is white is no
earthly reason whv he should not be
hunted down and made to stand an
swer to the peonle for his "nameless
crime." He is none the less of a brute
because be is white. He has outraged
the public, and the outraged public de
"amis that punishment be meted to
him for bis brutal deed. Where is
Uenslev. the father of the little girl?
Ifnd be been as active as he should
have been, long ere now that scoun
vi l who butchered his little innocent
HP. would have been behind the pris
,, l C 1 . i.v nvl4
on doors, me ouicce ol me cuniempi auu
of cverv law-abiding citizen of
thi, community. There is not a decent
white (iti'.tn in this city who would
!ae objected to Hcasley bringing the
villain Avho desecrated his home to
just ice.
Great School at Normal, Ala. A
Noble Man at Its Head.
Rev. V. S. Ellington has returned
from Normal, Ala., where he went to
preach the Thanksgiving sermon he-
fore the faculty and students of the
A. & M. College. He was delighted
with all that n-: saw and heard. He
says that the A. & M. College is one
of the best disciplined schools under
the tutelage of colored teachers. He
was greatly delighted with the enthu
siasm and scholarly zeal of the stu
dents, and with the cultuie and re-
iinement or the teachers. The various
industries mi given their merited
niace. while the intellectual and re
ligious life of the students are assidu
ously cultivated. Rev. Ellington is
specially loud in his praise of Prof.
Council, the honored President of that
great school, who has done a masnifl
cent work and is worthy of the confi
dent c and the profound respect which
he enjoys.
According to previous plans, Pres.
J. W. Johnson of Roger Williams TJnl
versify, has moved from Columbia,
Tenn.. to this city. Prof. Johnson
will have his oflice and headquarters
out at tho new school. He has al
ready begun active woik, completing
tp any little details necessary for the
opening, which has been agreed upon
Tre was very busy Wednesday, as Pres-
'dent Haynes of the Stato Conven
tion, Rev. A. O. Kinney and other3
were looking about the grounds and
building trying to arrange for the in
stalling of heating apparatus. Steam
heat will lie used in the present build-
ng. Work on this wll! begin within
the next eight or ten days. Prof
Tohnson is determined to have the
opening or tne school on the date
agreed upon, and to have everything
'n readiness for that time.
All Styles and Prices.
The United States Club gave their
annual entertainment at the resi
dence of Miss Mary h. McGhee, 1213
Miibnmn stiwt. last Thursday even-
in;'. The officers are as follows:
T-esidpnt. Mr. Overton Carter; Vice
Picsident, Miss Mary L. McGhee;
Mii-s Mammie O. Johnson, Trea&urer;
Miss Marv E. White, Secretary. Th
t ill fx W'.IS beautifully decorated with
cut (lowers and ferns. A three
course menu was served. Games and
dancing were the enjoyment of the
evening. Those present were Mlsseu
i, rnio MrCica Cassie Bryant. Annie
Mc-'ullough, Louise Hunt, Ruth Toads
v !!!'(' Ashford. Percilla McCruthern,
Tmnio Gilliam, Manie Miller, Katie
Ovuton, Hannier Perkins, Fannie
b-bnson. Willie B. Davis. Messrs.
("Norge Harris. James Fly, Lnk Will
bins Samuel Bryant, Nolan Spann,
ino. Overton, Horace Vaughn, Portei
erson. Charlie Wntkins. Arthur
lemming, Lawrence Buford.
Mr. Chas. II. Calloway, one of the
leading members of the Kansas Citv.
Mo., legal fraternity, has been a visi
tor in the city this week. Mr. Callo
way arrived here Friday, being called
borne on account of the illness of his
father, Mr. Calloway, of Tenth
avenue. South.
Mr. Calloway is an old Nashville
oy. having graduating from the city
Hish School, after which he finished
he collegiate course at Fisk Univer-
Mlv, srrnduating with the class of
1101. p.om Fisk he went to St. Paul,
vinn.. where he took a. course in law
if the Fnivevsitv of Minnesota grad-
lating with high honors. Ivating in
''ansns Citv, he begnn the practice of
Hs chosen profession nrd is now mak-
ng an enviable vonntalion on account
of bis legal a! ilitv. He not only
tands high among the most learned
members of the bar in Kansas City,
but is raeidly pushing to the front in
all lines in which the welfare of the
'-aee is .concerned. He has been re
peatedly honored by the various se
cret societies af which he is a mem-
' er, being at present the Grand At
torney for the V. B. F's, one of the
Wrongest fraternal organizations In
that state.
Mr. Callownv possesses a host of
friends in this city and though the
mission neon which he came to Nash
ville fo'iaip any formal social affairs
in his honor, he avhs entertained in
'onvally bv several of his intimate
frirnds. His father's condition hav
'ng improved so much. Mr. Calloway
bft Thursday for his home.
Mr. Fred J. Ewing, who for a num
ber of years has been assistant fore
man of the composing room of the
Haptist Publishing Houe, has severed
his connection with that, institution
to accept a position at Tuskegee Insti
tute. Mr. Ewing will leave early Sun
'iv morning for his new place of
It you could sit in the most com
l'oitable seat in all '-Moondom" with
i earch-light as powerful as the sun
which you could direct at will upon
each of the worlds great toy stores as
thev paraded, panorama-like, before
you"; with a telephone at hand through
which to ask prices and place orders;
with a glas at your eye which would
reveal the "teenist" detail of each toy
in each shop, you would, in twenty
four hours, see just about every vari
ety to be found in the Phillips & But
torff Mfg' Co's great Toyland. 217-22H
Third Ave., N., and scarcely anything
Neither would you get a price that
would tempt you more than theirs.
Remember they buy direct through
resident buyers who take whole fac
tory outputs for distribution among
r-ix mammoth establishments.
The world, both old and new, con-
tni ute their best to this vast
ti-m of the verv things the
For fastidious tastes, see our art
roitcrv. bi ic a-brac, marbles, bronzes.
fine china and rutglaw.
Have you
Walter George Blankanship and
Georgia Smith.
Dock Davis and Ada Maskctt.
William Thomas and Laura Greys
by. W. D. Boyd and Nellie Hill.
Cus Davis ami Ra-hcl llolloway.
Webster McHenry and Mary Jen
nings. Sam ;ctnator and Mamie Ruckner.
Alex. While and Mary ll.ar)cr.
Orcston Webb and Lula Fergnrson.
Berry ('onipion and Kllcn Carter.
Ross Fllieit-.' and Ida Keith.
Frank-Spurlo; k and Carrie Wilson.
1 1 years.
Harry I Tab:
nue. North. 1"
Mary Brigh
So'Mh. vm
-.-c I
Rtherly. ."0d Liehey avenue,
!cr. f 1? T Eleventh ave-
yra rs.
. nt Seventh avenue,
is. D-nelson street, 40
street, 1
nue. South.
Porter, 4::s Ninth avenue,
B. Dorris, 421 1-
St nd i van t.
"IS Third ave-
i year5'.
i, 1T rr-.
v;i memof:r
F. i -
XDc are prepared to make
all kinds cf badges for sc
cieties and associations a
. 1
puces mat
can b(
as reason
UJ arc made of tl:e best
;;.tiu ribbon, stamped with
gold leaf and trim
ni:cl t;
Write us for ;::
stating the ntrubcr of badges
you want.
Pujiishint, Boar
li. II. iH)Vi). eo'y.
;JJ Scmnd Ave, N.
Sylvester Bryant, Cowan and Cruth
er streets, 22 ymis.
Lizzie II. Oral, :i9 Willow street, 45
James Pcarmen, COO Fourth avenue,
North, ."0 years.
Martha Gregory, LouLsville, Ky., 5
Lizzie E. King, St. Louis. Mo., 43
David Fuitcher, Jr., CO.") Ewing ave
nue, 22 years.
Infant of Edward .and Susie Good
loe, SI 3 Sith av:ivi South.
Infant of James and Sarah Haley,
Sir. Seventeenth street. North.
P.urrell Jaekscn, li Bucks Alley, 5S
Thomas Lin.ton. ISO Ninth rpTi,i
North ; TO y.r
, t
fi ,..r1
7 1..

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